Thursday, February 11, 2010

Family Treasures Mom and my Husband

Family Treasures, we have some, yes we do. First today I am going to mention my
Mom. She was born in 1920 and married in 1938. She had four living children, myself
the oldest. My parents bought their home in 1948 and Mom is still there. She has been
blessed and all her children are still alive. We have been blessed and she is still
alive. She has a loving brother alive yet in Wyoming. She is a 5th Great Grandmother
by one of her children, not I. Quite some years back she had surgery and was given a
short time to live, that was more than 30 years ago. So she is a real treasure. We
here, were blessed by her presence in our home this last summer/fall for 5 months.

Last summer my husband and I celebrated a lifetime of 50 years together. He made it
through 25 years in the Navy and serving the bulk of it during the Vietnam War. He
was in country and aboard a carrier both. He was blown off the deck and survived.
He was in harms way many times. Great Doctors and great morale support when times
were rough supported him and his comrades. His military career started at the end
of Korean War. He had many adventures along the way. I am very blessed he survived
some of the adventures not planned. :>)

He is a great Father of five and Grandfather of ten. Just ask the Grandchildren
what they think of him. We really are not biased. :>)

Since this weekend is Valentine's Day I thought I would honor them both. Each day
we have MOM is a blessing and each day I have my husband I am most thankful for.

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