Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Advent Services We Participated In

Advent Services were attended when we had transportation and Dad was not milking cows.
We would go to the morning services if the milking was done. When I was older I would go with my Aunt and Mom while the men worked. Later we were allowed to go to the Midnight services with a neighbors family because then Dad was working from 5 at night to 1 or so in the morning. I remember sometimes he went to work at 4 and off at midnight which always meant one am.

One year he came home early and frightened us with worry that something bad had happened at work. No, the boss let them off early, we were all so thankful. He worked for a good company back then (Hunt and Behrens) a feed mill. Prior to that he milked cows at 1 am and ususally got in about 8am for breakfast and go out to finish, corrals or calves etc. They were back milking at 1 pm also. Changing milk hours caused a major drop in the cows delivery of milk as expected. The time change always created havoc when they started it. I remember Dad would say it would take three weeks for the milk production to be back to normal.

So Church was a given when available to attend and the Bible would be read and prayers were always said prior to us all eating together. So very very long ago, we have lost so much.

One must remember if you lived in the country and gas was rationed, the use of a vehicle very limited. Family talked about the Birth and the read the story to us.
We were at least 10 miles from town probably farther.

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