Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Party during holiday

I never thought of our get together as a Christmas party it was a family gathering on either Christmas eve or Christmas day. Sometimes due to weather and when the day fell we had it on another day. We lived on a major dairy farm and weather and animals had priority for events of any kind. When we had our own home we still were at the mercy of the animals and weather because the invited would be the same relatives and we had our own animals to care for.
We left the bulk of our family in Wyoming when we came to California for MOm's health and Dad to help his new brother in law on dairy since the workers kept getting sent to War. Dad was color blind and they wouldn't take him yet at that level.

My uncle was Swiss Italian and we were exposed to many other dishes besides the normal ones. Turkey and stuffing but they liked oysters (argh) in stuffing Aunt changed it to two stuffings and put chestnuts in the ones for us children. We also learned to eat goose, duck and other side dishes that were of uncle's culture.

We had awesome mincemeat pie the real stuff not this in jar fruit stuff. It was venison and apples and fruits and suet etc. If you have eaten Canadian French Pork Pie it is very similiar. That is a NYE tradition in Canada. Pumpkin pie and plum pudding were also on the table.

We called it our family Get Together. Everyone's life was so busy that was time to stop and chat and share and plan the next event for everyone.

I have only been to Christmas Parties since I joined clubs and other organizations.
We never had that term applied to our Get Together's ie for Christmas, Easter and
normally 4th of July.

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