Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Wreath's

A Christmas Wreath was always hung for Holidays. We grew up with homemade from bottom branches of the tree. Then one year gf worked at tree farm and we got a boughten wreath.
Not much difference but bow bigger on wreath.
I have hung old and new wreaths, homemade and store bought. Some years I light them up others I leave with out lights.

We just always have a wreath on door.

Since we bought our home we have hung lights outside on rim of roof along front of house. We have moving lights, stationary lights, blinking ones,& rotating colored ones.

I liked the one year we had music and lights from the system 12 different settings.

Not many lights out there this year watching from bus from Los Angeles to San Diego tonight.
Even Chula Vista where they had parade tonight the town is much darker than normal.

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