Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Resolutions, Enhancing my Research, Carnival Bound

Resolutions for the Carnival Bound

As a genealogist, I always have trouble deciding which item to pick, which topic to choose for the next year. One may wonder why that is but for me it becomes really apparent generally early on in the year.

I may pick a surname and area to dig deeper and learn more or I may choose to just lay back and let it happen. I have yet to figure which one is better.

Reason being is that I can choose JONES and NY and go to the library to do research and what greets me is SCOTT in IOWA or Kentucky or Virginia. I can gather my papers and bring the tools. But the ancestors do not always cooperate with the thoughts I was working on.

I am a firm believer in the concept that Hank JONES talks of often in his books. I have found more data helping others, than when trying to dig for myself. I take great joy in helping others. I am always learning something new and different. Sometimes it helps me to restructure my research or helps me to share with others.

So the one thing that I am a firm believer in is Review. January is Review month for me. It has not failed to help me each year I have done this. Our brain just can not remember all the data we have digested and stored to utilize down road if it fits and seems it will.

I believe in a Research Log,the Library, the book, the page, the date I did it. It helps me to remember which time I found what in which book. O yes, sometimes data leads me back to that book for more data on topic I was not aware of before hand.

As a member of the NEHGS group, I can readily say I believe in being a member of a society. One near yourself and at least one near where your currently doing research.

I at times rotate my membership if it is a new region and that data is needed. There are some great societies out there, with lots of helpful faces to meet.

I belong to 3 societies in my area, three in Pennsylvania and one in West Virginia.
I share also a membership in OGS with my sister in law. We have much data in that state to be garnered. I am going to be joining two more this year. One in New York state and another in Pennsylvania since that is the area of research we have chosen to
dig in this next year. Generally the cost of membership is a dinner out with a friend or lunch with two friends. I know it is very hard on limited income to join some societies and worse my heart cringes when I hear stories of joining a society and they do not assist the members or promote the data that they have. Alas, there are still some out there that way. My response to them is generally, go in and offer to do something they are not doing and see if they can become motivated.

So my hopes for the coming year are to review my past papers and data, maintain my
membership in the societies I can help or need for help, also I am planning on going to Burbank in June, and back to the Los Angeles Library really soon.

I am gathering my notes I have written over the years so I can start putting my
memories together for my younger brother whom ask that I share my early life prior to his birth and early years. He asked me some years back, so as I waited for Grandchildren to get out of school, I daily wrote more and more about our families past. I am almost up to the time he requested data on. I may actually get that completed this year but I am not going to make it a resolution.

What I do resolve is to try and be a good Citizen of this country, great Wife and Mother, doting Grandmother, Aunt, Great Aunt, a loving Sister in Law, and friend.

I hope I will be patient and kind and caring to all those whom I meet. In turn may
a kindness to another lead to the knowledge I need. May our Country be Blessed and we remain Free.


  1. Well said. I enjoyed reading your thoughts and plans. May your progress be more than you hoped.

  2. Great goals. I wish you luck, love, and laughter in the coming year.