Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Cards for Advent

MOM has some of the most delicate lacy intricate designed cards from the 1940s and on. She even has I think three from her MOMs from the 20s when she was a girl.

They do not know how to make a card today. Or they would be $5 a piece I am sure.

The colors are clear and clean and bright almost 80 years later. The paper is delicate but sturdy.

I used to save all my cards each year but it finally got to much and we moved and I had to watch weight for shipping household goods. I finally kept cards grandparents gave me and great grands and my dcd gfd's. Now I save only the one from hubby and my much older relatives that may be cherished by the younger group some day.

Maybe next time home can take pictures of some of them.

Season's blessings on all.

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