Monday, December 14, 2009

Advent's Fruit Cake

Fruit Cake Fruit Cake FRUIT CAKE

The joys or groans of Fruit Cake. I have eaten Fruit Cake that tasted nothing
like that store bought Fruit Cake so crammed full of raisins and citrons one could hardly stand the odor let alone the taste. I have eaten Fruit Cake that has melted in the mouth and has no taste like many Fruit Cakes, One was a Texas style they called it another was Lousisana style.

I suspect it is a varied topic liked and disliked by region and ingredients.
A true Fruit Cake has Fruit in it, it also has nuts and some alcohol generally for mellowing the fruit and keeping the cake moist.

My Aunt shared a Fruit Cake made with Zuchini and apple and nuts and some pineapple and cherries. NO CITRON which leaves the bitter taste.

Now I like the Fruit Cake cookes made with the candied fruits that are mostly
citron but I add extra fruit candied. I add Coconut, chocalate chips some times,
banana another. It is mostly the citron and excessive raisons that create a wild taste.

I like a good Fruit Cake that has aged and mellowed and has not been unindated with citron the main ingredient. I think we got off on a bad foot when manufacturers took over making and did many short cuts to call it Fruit Cake.
The same applies to Mince Meat.. it is truly minced meat and fruit added. It was a way to preserve the meat.

So read old recipe books and talk to the elders and see what they can tell you about Fruit Cake for the area your in.

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