Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Day Hurray

Christmas has arrived, whizzed through the area and moved on.
The family came, yes all of them but MIchigan which came to visit in July.

That was a fabulous event for the year. 50 years and I still am having trouble
believing it. I am pleased to say the MYERS side of family let me know that a few of them have a 50+ track record going for them. WHOOPEEE.

We are hoping everyone had a good time. Waffles, bacon and sausage were shared with coffee, juice and cocoa. Of course. there was many styles and types of cookies to
munch on.

Some went to others homes, some went to the movies, others watched the football game. WHOPPEEE Chargers won. Dad and I stayed home and kept our bark and calm with some left overs and soup.

I think everyone got something that they wanted or needed. This was a year more of need.

Today, Sunday we are both feeling much better. I think the dog bark has left me now.

Happy New Year everyone.... May God bless you all with good will and peace during the new year.

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