Thursday, December 10, 2009

Advent's Christmas Gifts

I remember the doll and clothes my Aunt made and Santa brought. I still have her.
I recall as a sophmore my Great Uncle gave me a beautiful Rhinestone necklace set and I still us it and share it with others. The greatest thing we are given is our parents love and respect. The same goes for the love and respect we give our family. There can be no greater gift than giving. Over the years I collected earrings for presents from around the world because of family members in the military. I have kept them even though they were not costly it was the thought and the place they came from. Who knows maybe some are more valuable than I imagine.

I remember the year I graduated my Dad bought me what he said was my last doll. YES, I have her also. He brought my sister the same doll different colored hair. I have always loved dolls and could have collected them but they took up space for military traveling so I did not. Remember the dolls that came in polka dotted boxes from many countries I have 3 or 4 of them. Scotland, Ireland, can not remember the other ones.

I bought my parents a record album DAD wanted one year and MOM still has it. I think I have it copied to my reel to reel. My husband and my Dad enjoyed music sharing.

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