Sunday, December 6, 2009

Visting Santa Claus

Now this is a topic I can prattle on for some time but will try not to.
First, yes there is a Santa Claus. From that it will depend on how your brain thinks.
The idea of giving and sharing has been around us for a long time.

The fact that Santa out comments Christmas and Nativity is a sad thing.
For Christians God gave his only SON to us to help us move forward. That is one huge
Santa attempts to touch the hearts of all young children and those in dire need.
Many countries celebrate this on varies days December. Santa has many names in many lands.

I remember an early trip to visit Santa with my little sister in Petaluma, CA.
We had heard he was coming from Thanksgiving time until we went to see him about a week
before Xmas. Santa's name was not mentioned until about 2 weeks before Xmas. Newspapers did not have big adds or displays until after the 1st part of December and stores that advertised (?) to early were somewhat ignored for being to fast to jump the gun.
My parents and Aunt and Uncle had a huge discussion about this when they thought I was asleep. I had pretty well figured out the situation already but I found their thoughts very long lasting.

I remember standing in line holding my sisters hand and my MOM near us talking to neighbors whom had brought their children to see Santa also.

When it was my turn he asked me to set on his knee and asked me what I wanted for
Christmas. A doll was my answer. He was very pleasant and friendly. I do not think
I had ever seen Santa before that Christmas in person. I was about 6 years old.
We had lived in the country in Wyo and Christmas was not commercialized back then.

Santa gave me a candy cane and then I got down and my sister he lifted up on his knee.
She was excited also and wanted a doll and carriage. I remember we both recieved a doll that year.

I only went back the next year to help my sister with her visit. more to come on this topic.

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