Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Deceased Relatives at Christmas Time

I was not involved in this part of Christmas until I was in Catholic School and we would go to the Church and have prayers said for the deceased. Sometimes we would go with my Aunt whose husbands' family had deceased members that they would take flowers or a wreath to the grave. This did not happen until I was in upper grades of school.

Our families deceased members were in WYOming and IOWA, etc so we did not have any one to visit with at a cemetery. I am thankful that my Grandfather H.took me to the cemetery once in 1985 to show us the cemetery. He had many members already interred there. Wheatland, WYO. I have been to these grandparents cemetery when I was there in 1993.

Grandma H. never discussed her kin but a few of them. Dad's MOM's & Dad's families were in IOWA. I have yet to be to any of of their graves. I have not yet been to Grandad's(Jones) in Casper but have been to Grandma's in Cheyenne.

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