Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wordless Wednesday Well, maybe

Wordless Wednesday my friends may say, wordless ?, not Susi she always has something to say.

We had 10 members at the Lemon Grove Research Group tonight and we all shared map marking.

It was a eventful evening with maps, pens and markers and our genealogy to guide us where to make a mark.

This brought to light the topic of boundaries and changes and not moving and some actually moving :>).

Let's do a map, lets mark the families in different colors, see where they intersect so you can see where they maybe met and or married. I think it would be fun string art.

Wordless no not today.

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  1. I hope everyone considers how important it is to include the "county" name along with the word "county" or the abrreviation "Co." when recording place names. In some cases the town and county name are the same. In some states more than one town has the same name. Without the county information the folks who read our genealogies won't really know what place we were talking about.