Monday, December 28, 2009

Saturday, Sunday and NOW Monday.. Scott's

Yes the clock is ticking and the breeze is blowing.
Somewhere an old man is snoring.

Tick tock, tick tock of the mantle clock
The weather in many places is playing block block.

Here is sun and clouds and forcast for future rain
Do not believe it, it is a weather game.

Friday has come and gone Saturday has too,
Sunday was catch up and Monday is new.

Genealogy is awaiting in the wings
information to share and to win.

Hunting for the SCOTT, Ydna links

Kentucky added MORROW and TUTTLE
to the mix.
Great Grandfather Cornelius F Scott added WARDEN,
Grandma Inez SCOTT mar Grandad Cecil HOFFMAN.

The HOFFMAN was HUFFMAN and before was HOFFMAN again.
from Maryland, Virginia SW PA region.

SCOTT was Pittsylvania Co VA. 1750's? gone by 1770.
Family moved to Cumberland Co KY by 1800 to 1810.
Depending on family member.

SCOTT we learned matches with a SCOTT born in Canada
many years later. I wonder if the common link may not
be in United Kingdom and one line went to Canada and the
other to VA. Though I have learned they were also (Canadians) in
NY for a stay.

Thomas Scott whom was your parents? I wonder if you will share that knowledge this
coming year.

Cynthia I wonder who was the ancestor of your line, if the link is not at that
time. It would be maybe one back one line.

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