Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Advent time at School when Young

All my schools had events at Christmas time. We either did the Nativity scene or we sang Carols and recited poems. I think it had more to do with age than anything. But no school would have been without an event for this time of year. Yup I remember we said a prayer every morning before school started and we saluted the flag also. I remember they would check for clean hands and ears and necks. I remember we were responsible for the cleaning of our room. To make sure our desks were clean, the chalk boards and erasers cleaned and the trash emptied out in the trash bin out side. The Janitor would mop and do major work but the basics were ours. When a play or school event happened it was our responsibility to show we wanted the event by our doing these deeds. It gave us strength and character and responsibility we learned to have you, need to give. I wish schools still did this today.
Fortunately many places still have Winter events so to speak but it has more to do with Christmas than any snowstorm that came about. I remember one year I even sang solo for Xmas.
I got to watch my grandaughter do this last week at her high school. So neat to see students envolved. Fa la la la, la la la

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