Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Cookies A Family Affair

Christmas Cookies were a family affair when I was home and very young. I made cookie making a family affair for our own. It is what I call a bounding time.

Everyone got to take turns cutting out cookies, tasting the raw dough, decorating them and sharing with their friends.

I recall as Cub Scout Leader the group made cookies one year. Some of those boys had never been in a kitchen. All my children were taught to sew, cook and fend for themselves for fear they would move away and not afford help.

A favorite Christmas cookie would be the rolled out SUGAR COOKIE that they could decorate. The second favorite cookie which we eat year round in spurts is the CHOCOLATE
OATMEAL DROP COOKIE.. We made them with or without raisins or nuts or coconut.

It was fun to watch a child master the rolling pin then they could go on to make pie crusts. Sometimes the cookies were thick other times wafer thin and would burn real easy.

We used the Sugar Cookie recipe out of the Betty Crocker cook book.

It will be more fun to tell you about the Xmas the boys Ed and Don helped to make Taffy. OOOHH oooh OOOH.

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