Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Tradition Some May Follow

Christmas always brings to mind the Boys Town in Nebraska. My Dad knew the Priests and helped them hunt each year to bring meat home to the boys that were in Boys Town.
I have always sent them funds except the year we had none.

Dad's life was not perfect as a child and many days they went hungry, so he was well
aware of the need to assist the priests when they went hunting.

I suspect Dad was more hungry and in need of clothes than some of those that
were at Boys Town when small. His family was finally assisted and they were split so everyone would have a good home. Neighbors, to day we know some were relatives who took some of them in. Some were just neighbors doing the right thing.

Dad was about 11/13? years old when he went to live with neighbors and his brother went to live with another neighbor. His sisters stayed with the parent and neighbors
helped them to cope. The girls found awesome husband's when they were very young.

Yes, they were great husbands and super Uncle's. I knew each of them and one really well. My Uncle's are all gone now but not all my Aunt's.

My Dad and his brother kept in touch with their supportive families until they died.
I was able to meet Dad's and I helped my Uncle to write to his when ever he was ill.
Some remarkable stories came out of those events.

To teach younger children the true meaning of Xmas it would be nice if everyone chose a program (Charity) and had their children help pick out something to help another family. Another words instead of getting for yourself your learning to give of yourself.

Some people work soup kitchens or are kettle ringers or phone callers to contact elderly, offer rides to those who can not drive, there are so many things one can do to
make Christmas a real meaningful time.

I am very pleased our Genealogical Society helps the Salvation Army with toys, and food to give to families in our community. I am also pleased at the way Starbucks
works to help the families in their communities at Xmas time. We are happy to be a part of those events.


  1. I lived in Bellevue, Nebraska when I was a boy. We moved to Kansas in 1954 after my freshman year of high school. My mother's parent's lived in Mead, NE where they and my own parents are buried. When we went to visit grandmother we often drove past Boy's Town. On my a recent visit to Omaha I visited my cousin in Millard. I drove over to Boy's Town to take photos and visit the museum and the chapel. I believe that was the first time I'd ever been there.

  2. Hi Susi,

    To me "Xmas means Charity" I have always teached my both children to make the needy one's Xmas more enjoyable. They assist me in distributing cloths and sweets to the needy people.

    Thanks for this post.

    - Vincent