Thursday, July 23, 2020

As My Mind Wanders, Does Yours Also?


                                AS MY MIND WANDERS, DOES YOURS ALSO?

            My mind amazes me, why does it ask all these questions once one has gone to bed?
            As digging in the dirt and pulling weeds my thinking is of applying the gardening
            method to my genealogy.  Some days it pays alas many days it grabs me in the middle of
            the night on the things one can do when awake to try a new way to resolve a missing
            ancestors Heritage.

            Census Data

            1.  Relook at the Census records for 5 Generations.

            2.  Did one miss a clue on one of those pages?

            3.  Census does not change it has been there ever since posted.

            4.  But boundaries do change in Census, that matters,

            5.  Names of places one learns also changed way back then.

            6.  Nicknames are used, second name verses first, is it the same person?

            7.  Are they living with other people?

            8.  Have they moved within the community?

            9.   Watch for marriages nears parents?

          10.   Watch for deaths in papers and later SS  Death Index.

            You realize that is only ten topics. Betting you can find more.

             Many times we have to relook at our data and see what is amiss.

          Wills Revisited, ditto for Deeds, give it a whirl and let me know what you see.


Sunday, July 19, 2020

Genealogy and Heat O My

Genealogy and Heat, O My Genealogy requires clear head and mind and cool surroundings. 85 Degrees makes it self noticed in my tree. Today I wandered through some other family trees. Aunt Bethel seemed to be Talking to me. By golly up comes a Great Uncle George family tree. Hi Carolyn F. Hi Charles Jones. Right after Dad died ( 1995) I picked up the phone and found some of the other down line kin in Minnesota. Blessed be some how word reached family that had been looking for my Uncle for years and they showed up on my Uncle Gerald's door. They also came to Moms' place though Dad was already gone. It was down line of family he had spent most of his life looking for. It was nothing for him if there was extra cash to fill the truck tank and we would drive various areas he heard they may be. We talked to many Jones's. Don Jones we thank you, I have communicated with many of your kin thanks to you finding Dad's address and Uncle Gerald's in San Diego. No it was Lemon Grove so they kept missing him. I try to reach out to them. Learning more about our family and our traits and likes and dislikes and things they enjoy. Don was in Sacramento, CA. So I have touched bases with Henry George ie George Henry's line the oldest child of Noyes Jones and Susan. Noel the 2nd born has vanished either in NY or Mass or ? William Harrison joined the service with his brother Calvin and they served the Union Army together. Alas Calvin left William Harrison in a grave in Tennessee. I have a picture of his tombstone. I found what I think may be marriage record for him the day before they left. I have never persued it yet. Daughter Arvilla b 1841 in Ny d 1922 married brothers Addison and Alfred Johnson. I had done some research on her before first system back up died. Lois Arvilla Jones Johnson I received this message from Brian regarding Jennie Jones b 1847 d 1874 . He was on bm1316, To:  SusiCP, view conversation Subject: RE: HI cousin Good to hear from you! I am descended through their daughter, Jennie (1847-1874) who married Gottlieb Friedrich 'Fred" Apel (1842-1898) in 1864. They had 3 kids, Minnie, Frances, and Frederic. I am descended through Frances (1869-1958) who married Alfred Williams in 1888. They were my 3x great-grandparents. Brian I NEED TO FOLLOW UP ON THIS LINE MORE: OR MAYBE PETE YOU WILL DO IT. AUNT LUCY LORETTA JONES married WILLIAM FULLER, A line I would love to dig into because we already have FULLER early. 5 girls. Lucy Loretta Fuller Titles and Terms Mrs Event Type Death Event Date 02 Jun 1931 Event Place Monticello, Tama, Iowa, United States Event Place (Original) Monticello Gender Female Age 84 Birth Year (Estimated) 1847 Father's Name Noyes Jones Mother's Name Susan Spouse's Name Wm Fuller Certificate Number 5375 Citing this Record "Iowa, Death Records, 1921-1940," database with images, FamilySearch( : 31 October 2016), Susan in entry for Lucy Loretta Fuller, 02 Jun 1931, Monticello, Tama, Iowa, United States; citing certificate #5375, State Historical Society of Iowa, Des Moines; FamilySearch digital folder Elm Creek Webster NEB 1880 census Wide open for help in research: please and thanks. Charles E Jones b 9 Sept 1850 Renssaelear Co. Ny m 3 Oct 1905 Bremer, IA to Betsey Bartlett recently learned he had 2nd wife Susan Lantz He I have some data on, he took my Grandparents to MINN for them to marry. Somewhere I have the letter she wrote to tell me. And Grandad told me the same. They had Fanny E., William N and Calvin Jay IS Elizabeth JONES their daughter also b 1860 Nunda ILL as child yet I did not find it? won't open for me to recheck this. More to follow. If you are of these lines please communicate with me. Thanks.

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Mixing Things Up for Change.

Well, trying to revive your interest in your research and family. So today I swapped things up. Posting pictures of our youngest great grandchildren on my working blog for the people to see them. Noticing there is more sharing in many blogs and since this is the family one, I thought it would maybe generate some participation or fire up your desire to learn more about our family. Our family is large no matter from which side you come from. Forever being amazed at the more interesting people that are in our tree. We have many interesting cousins that keep it hidden. We had many Aunts and Uncles that did the same thing. War was very hard on our family, as it is on most families. Some spoke little to nothing on it and some shared some great experiences. We obviously have siblings that could chatter away if they would also. So much of our history is lost on a daily basis. So what part of our history is worth saving? Does it depend on your prospective or a cousins or Aunt or Uncle and bless us for the Great Aunt that some of us still have. Recently, being reminded to think of the past as a preteen and teen, the mind does some interesting twists. Do you remember incidents with classmates and neighbors that affected your family? Surely you do, but has much or any of these things been shared with other families. Is it in your family data base if you are doing research? Recently found a postcard of our home town of 50+ years from not long before we moved into the town. Then was reminded of some of the citizens whom migrated in a few years after us. Shared school with and some 4-H and some Church activities too. Our school was generally the meeting place. 2 Room school, with lower grades one side, upper on the other. Our town the school was key. Other towns had Community Rooms for activities. Service men came home with many stories, some funny, some sad, some glad. These people were our growing up Uncles, and later wars our cousins and some our spouses. O yes a couple of females were in the mix also. Ironic, my feelings are that it brought most families closer at that time. We mostly knew our families a bit better than today. Wishing that today we could know our kin as well as we did then. But we have buried many, we have married had children and they have married and had children etc. Dad, Ray Dee Jones Sr. said: "Family was the most important thing we have, to keep track of it and do not Loose it."
Ray Dee Jones Sr, and Dorothy Inez Hoffman Jones Will be posting on the various relatives related to them, Mom has Pocahantus, Dad has Great Chief King Massasoit Ousamequinn "YELLOW FEATHER". Dad also has Capt Christopher Jones Jr of the Mayflower fame Captain of the ship. We have many direct links to many Mayflower ancestors on both sides. More to come.

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Memories of Today 4th of July 2020

SENTIMENTAL MOMMENTS, EXCUSE ME PLEASE. Today seems to just keep piling on the thoughts and memories. It is long from over. If you did not watch the MEMORIAL from WDC with our President and Military you missed a very special event in our history. Figuring Dick Eastman's post triggered this memories to come to fore, I thank you Dick Eastman, and I thank my parents for us living where we did, enduring all we did, to survive in a none accepting community. Our daughter came to her Dad the other night and said., "Dad, thank you for raising me in this community and my learning we are all the same." It startled me because feelings have run high in this home for a while now. This child was born in Hawaii but only lived there a month or so. Her siblings walked to school, not to wear shoes indoors and shared their lives with mixed cultures in our neighborhood. We all learned lots and when we were home shopping here, I wanted them to retain what they had learned in Hawaii. It was great with all the military as neighbors, we had 80 different cultures intermixed on this 1 block long street. We also had Welfare recipients as neighbors, which we qualified for but would not use. We survived. WE had block parties and group events and shared stories about our past heritage and learned so much about each other. We had Navy, Air Force, Army, and Reserves on our block and they all have different stories to tell. Around the corner we had a Dr and a Dentist too. Three of us had children the same year and they went to school all their lives together. Two neighbors are still with us. Later as the military moved away to new duties our community changed. Saying I was not happy when I had to give the children rides to Jr. Hi school to prevent beatings,torn clothes and damaged bodies. Remembering my husband was over seas defending our country. The first year they could walk with no dangers after school or before. Later our color was not liked. Because they were not black or dark brown much hurt came about. In Hawaii that was not the case. Ironic is our race does not show on our skin as much as others does. We are American's more than some and less than others. If you were born in the USA you are an AMERICAN of various descents, but American first always. The Lau law really slapped us in the face and set us back 30 years in moving forward with race mingling. It is great to be of Greek or Spanish descent never be ashamed of it but AMERICAN first. Watching the First Lady stand and smile and watch with serious respect was awe inspiring. She was foreign born. I loved when once in a while a smile crept in on her face. When papers ask I write American of:blah blah descent. We should all do that if it is important for you to remind others of your past. So today has become very sentimental for me and ashamed of some's behaviors and proud of so many others. Much goes back to not being taught the true history of our past to our younger generations 30 years ago. Thanks to those who wrote the history books the way they wanted them to read. Yup I worked in the school system for 40+ years. Was able to get one book removed and others modified twice. Our Forefathers fought hard to bring things right to our people. No one was to hold office for but a short time. We have forgotten our Constitution and Bill of Rights and so much more they left for us to copy. I hope your Fourth was more Happy and Less contemplative as mine. May God Bless American and may we stand tall to defend her as our ancestors did. Blessed Fourth of July to our Children and Grandchildren, Great Grandchildren, Cousins, Aunts, Great Aunts, and our friends and country's citizens.

Friday, July 3, 2020


Our country is in turmoil and are hearts are aching, so go out and post our flag. Smile at your neighbor and wish them all a Blessed Fourth of July. The changes are going to have to come from us. We are one human race set on this earth,let us remember than. Wishing you strength and courage and joy and elation for being an American. It is hard, but our ancestors did it. We are here. We made it this far. Let us go on forward. Say the pledge with your family to remind them of what it is and how to do it. Ask for blessings on your food and gathering, small or otherwise. Waving a Flag for our great country. Saying prayers for all. Thanking the Lord for getting us this far and please carry us forward. Blessings to all, prayers for peace for all and we are one race.

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