Thursday, June 6, 2019

Scott Books for RESEARCHERS to LOOK AT

2010 This website sells reprints of various out-of-print genealogies.
Their list includes the following ones for the surname Scott.

Scott A Genealogical History of the Scott Family. Descendants of 
Alexander Scott who Came to Augusta County, Virginia… - by Vercoe, 
Josephine M
Morgantown, WV , 1939
Price: $20.91

Scott Alexander Scott and his Descendants - by Vercoe, Josephine McCord
Columbus, OH , 1940
Price: $10.84

Scott Antiquity of the Name of Scott - by Scott, Martin B.
Boston, MA , 1869
Price: $10.84

Scott Descendants of Thomas Scott - by Lewis Scott Dayton
La Moille, IL , 1956
Price: $10.84

Scott Descendants of William Scott of Hatfield, MA, 1668-1906 and of 
John Scott…. - by Allen, Orrin P.
Palmer, MA , 1906
Price: $35.50

Scott Dorothea Scott, Otherwise Gotherson and Hogben, of Egerton House, 
Kent: 1611-1680 - by Scull, G. D.
Oxford, England , 1883
Price: $27.01

Scott Genealogical memoirs of the Family of Sir Walter Scott, Bart. Of 
Abbotsford with a reprint of his memorials of the Haliburtons - by 
Rogers, Charles
London, England , 1877
Price: $15.48

Scott Genealogy, Samuel Scott of Martinsville - by Scott, Ruby T.
n/a , 1953
Price: $10.84

Scott History of the Scott Family - by Lee, Henry
New York, NY , 1919
Price: $12.74

Scott Our Clan: A Biological and Genealogical Account of the Family of 
Rev. Andrew Scott, Its Ancestry and Posterity - by Scott, Thomas Jefferson
Lancaster, PA , 1920
Price: $14.18

Scott Pedigree of the Family of Scott, of Stokoe: Reprinted From the 
Original Edition 1783, With Introduction, Continuation, &c. - by Scott, 
William & William Robson Scott
London, England , 1929
Price: $10.84

Scott Richard and Katherine (Marbury) Scott - by Clark, Bertha W.
Boston, MA , 1955
Price: $10.84

Scott Scott Family Letters: The Letter of John Morin Scott and His Wife, 
Mary Emlen Scott: With Notes Relating to Them, Their Ancestors and Their 
- by Scott, John Morin & Mary Emlen Scott
n/a , 1930
Price: $42.63

Scott Scott Family Records - by Seaver, J. Montgomery
Philadelphia, PA , 1852
Price: $10.84

Scott Scott, 1118-1923: Being a Collection of "Scott" Pedigrees 
Containing All Known Male Descendants From Buccleuch, Sinton, Harden, 
Balweary, etc. - by Scott, Keith, S.M.
London, England , 1923
Price: $37.03

Scott The Descendants of John Scott from 1777. - by Scott, Walter T.
Warner Robins, GA , 1965
Price: $13.07
Scott The Scotch-Irish and Charles Scott's Descendants and Related 
Families - by Scott, Orion C
Berwyn, IL , 1917
Price: $19.17

Scott The Scott Family of Shrewsbury, NJ - by Cole, Reverend Arthur
Shrewsbury, NJ , 1908
Price: $10.84

Scott The Scott Family: An Account of Lieutenant Colonel William Scott 
of Peterborough, N.H. and Greenfield, Saratoga Co., N.Y., and His 
Descendants Through - by Harrell, Mary Edith
Cincinnati, OH , 1967
Price: $10.84

Scott The Scott Genealogy - by Holman, Mary L.
Boston, MA , 1919
Price: $46.06

Scott The Scott Genealogy: Descendants of William Scott of Hatfield, MA 
- by Godfrey, Almon T
Ann Arbor, MI , 1914
Price: $10.84

Scotts The Scotts of Linsanelly and Lisnamallard: Volume II, Part II, 
Margaret Scott - by n/a
Glasgow, Scotland , 1932
Price: $10.84

Scotts The Scotts of Linsanelly and Lisnamallard: With Some of Their 
Connections - by Scott, Margaret
Glasgow, Scotland , 1924
Price: $20.83
Ian Scott

Ian & Daphne Scott
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Ian & Daphne Scott
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Canada, C1A 3P5
(902) 892-5796

Monday, June 3, 2019

Some Hoffman/Huffman I have Met

Reason/Rezin  Huffman son of Henry Huffman/Hoffman(Sanford's sibling)
married Rhoda Stewart   b 17 May 1828 -buried Mount Zion Cemetery, Bluff, Greene Co. PA
1860 had:           1870 had:            1880 had:
Elisabeth J  5       Elizabeth 16       Jacob   23
Jacob   3               Jacob       13      Vilonea 16
Rhoda M 1           Viola         6

Find A Grave for Jacob A. J. Huffman  Blacksmith, CW Vet
b 14 Jan 1857  d  23 Nov 1932     Jackson Twp, Greene Co. PA USA

Wife Catherine Lemmons Huffman
Children:   Blanche A Hinerman 1880-1956,  Brady Ray Huffman 1882 - 1952,  Gay Moore b1885,   Goldie King 1888-,  Leo Orion  b Nov 7, 1895-Nov 30, 1966,  Hazel Ruth Carpenter, 1900-1961,

{Clarence R. Huffman, Hugo B Huffman, Sheridin 1890. (Shirley)was she a twin ??__} little to no data.

Brady Ray m Ida E Bennington,, I did not meet Ralph or Keith, maybe deceased?

I met and stayed 10 days with Eva Patterson, one of his daughters. She shared pictures and stories and so did many other related kin at that time in 1993. We had so much fun. Katie Santee, Rays' wife, Zenia and Violet Gilbert, Eva, and other Huffman/Hoffman kin did an all night cocoa and cookies and nut breads night. I will always cherish that night of :  Sadness, Happiness, Gay Feelings, Closeness, Amazing kin ship and startling simularities, phrases said, thoughts and how close our genes really showed we were.  Violet reminded me of my Aunt Mae (Cecil Mae Hoffman, dau of Cecil Lee and Inez Scott Hoffman, my grandparents, Jacob was a walking duplicate of my Uncle William Richard Hoffman known as Uncle Dick whom passed last Sept.  I wanted those two to meet so badly. He was a paratrooper during WW2. His walk, his words, his dress,  so amazing.
Katie Santee was a reminder of Aunt Ruth  another of their siblings.

Grandad Cecil Lee Hoffman (1958) asked me please to go to Greene Co. and find the family his DAD  took him to meet before he started school in Iowa.  A few days after I came home  a lady called and said she remembered them coming to visit.  Her name and all was in the old files I fear the internet gobbled up.

I met some of Jarvis Lee's descendants also from Iowa that had moved to CA. About 20 years before my Mother and Dad came.  We came 1942ish .

Hope it helps you in your research.  

Helen Durbin we missed you so much that night but you were still recovering from accident. Love you all.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

More on Paradise, CA Jones Kin and Hoffman kin Genealogy Wake UP

Yesterday's Newspaper the San Diego Union Tribune had an article on the victims.

It started with thousands of Camp Fire victims still with out a place to stay.  What is wrong with us Americans? Of course what is wrong with our businesses and government?

Being thankful that the Jones descendant survived and did not loose their house. This is the third time the fire hit and he said he cleared a larger area last trip and has cleared an even larger area now for the future.  We visited after the previous fire but not since this recent one last summer.  He has also changed the pictures and movie film systems into safer saving. Hopefully between he and his brothers they have shared and split data for family to have. Knowing I have some from his one brother and is very grateful for the data. We grew up together for about 4 years and were close long after we all graduated high school and married. Laughing I copied jumping out of the swing like they did and ended up needing stitches in my face. They landed on their feet. We fed calves and chickens and animals together.  We waded in the dam in the warm weather. They learned to swim. I kept sinking.
Finally mastering it a bit in 1964 in NAS Lemoore.  I do not float but I can swim.

Being sad that the descendants of Thomas Neal and Phebe Hoffman of Greene Co. PA then after CW
moved to IA. Later family came to Oakland then some up to Chico and Paradise, CA. This family lost all their home possessions. Some that had been kept since PA in the 1880's.

In days of old a letter was written and passed on to the next member to read and add data then forwarded to another member to add and forward.  Many went back to the original sender which was Henry Huffman/Hoffman. He changed name in 1850's learning that the name Huffman did not exist in Germany.  ( I have that in a letter he wrote, Thankfully).   Many of the older children used Huffman.  But think, with a brogue, it could be Houghman, Huffman, Huffmann, Hoffman, Hoffman, Hoofman. O yes there are a few more.  Henry's younger children used the newer/ original spelling.

I found it interesting how the Greene Co. People split this family.  Amazed at the bias that was brought up and discussed which I attempted to show them that concept was not accurate.  We as humans some times really do not behave well.

Why do I write this, to make people aware that the area needs our help if you can do that. Also to make Genealogists aware that we need to protect our data better than most of us do.  I am very remiss in this area. Which means what I have from Margery Little I need to preserve with intensity. Pictures and letters, that can no longer be gotten or shared by their line. Yes she shared some with me.

I have constant contact with Iowa families and am hoping that the tornadoes there do not do more damage to our documentation. A few years ago the CEDAR RIVER went over banks and a 3rd cousin dumped much due to water damage.  If it gets wet, FREEZE IT do not dump it. Our data is shrinking due to natural situations.  ??? Yes and NO.  WE NEED to care for it more properly. Myself included. It had the name of our Indian in the files he had he said also a couple of other vary important data not sure can be located again.  Ironic I have her picture but no name.

So Genealogists it's time to re address our safe method of storages and preserving our data.
If the tree is on a thumb drive share it with people in several parts of the USA. The same for pictures. Firevaults, if you have original deeds, wills etc.   I would love to see a good archivist come and give our society a talk on these topics.  My Deed of 1790s is huge and in picture frame. I do not want to bend it like the cousin did whom sent it to me.  I suspect most societies could have this, a full day topic for an event. Letters, postcards, pictures, Wills, Deeds, Obits, Newspaper clippings, Marriage records and the list goes on.  I do not know of anyone that it all put together but Phyllis Goodwin Learned did one of the best, I have seen.

Virginia Taylor do you think we could find someone to or many to do this????

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Paradise, California has Needs

I have family in Paradise area. The town is no longer there. Having just learned from Dick EASTMAN that they would like to rebuild their genealogical library I  posted it on the Educational Page.
Here I want to tell you of some of what I know that  is happening there.

First I dislike FIRE with a passion. At age 5/6 we were nearly burnt out. In 1966 my parents home was burned all but the house and antique barn. Dad's brand new dairy barn that was to be inspected the next day and insured was lost. There was no recompensation due to not inspected.  All because people were smoking in the hayfield and it was set fire.

My cousin married a young lady I knew, that's home burned before they married and were grown. Sonoma County also.

My class mate was seriously burned 90 % of her body from a fire at age 6. She spent every vacation and some and time off school having scar tissue moved, adjusted or transplanted. My other classmates should remember her. I HOPE.  I would go to SF to see her in summer while she recovered from the surgeries, when ever we could.

Now my family has lost another home and all their belongings. Mom's cousin,  My cousin lost all but his house and was not injured. Of course that is not true. It does injure you when you experience these things.

Their water can not be drank, the amount of those died and burnt are hard to digest.  The news does not ever really tell us all. Many were, as far as I have learned, never found.

I worry about their mail and how they get it. I have concerns for their health for all the chemicals used to put down the fire.  I worry about the water situation and how do you make it safe to use or drink.

I have to give this all to God to help them and ask that you all think of volunteering a book, a binder or something to help them recover and be able to start to live again not just exist.

I am working with a Genealogist there to help them start thanks to Oregon starting the push

in response to ourfamiliesblog:
I have books, quarterlies and others books, our society has removed. Do not understand why but maybe they could use them??? Not everything is on the internet. Susi Pentico, Cousin lives there and recently learned a cousin of MOMS lost their home there and we lost lots of HOFFMAN photos and documents. The LIttle’s of … Continue reading Genealogical Forum of Oregon Challenges Other Societies to Help Rebuild the Paradise Genealogical Society’s Library

Susi: I am a member of the Paradise Genealogical Society living in Chico and am working to coordinate donation of materials. We would love to have your books and other materials. Please feel free to email me directly. Thanks so much, Kathy

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Dad You Are Missed... Ray Dee Jones Sr

 Our Dad was born in Waterloo, Iowa to Victoria Mae (Ida Mae) Foulk Jones and Carl Fremont Jones. 19 May 1913. He was raised in Iowa, and Wyoming, mostly Wyoming.

Calvin Fay Jones b 15 May 1843 Rensselaer Co. NY d 23 Sept 1910, Nashua, IA (his father)
wife was Hannah Julian Young b 13 Sept 1850 Bellidere, Boone Co. Ill. d 27 July 1941, Moorhead, Clay Co. Minn.  They married 5 July 1868. Butler Co. IA.

Noyes Jones  b 31 Mar 1808/9 Rensselaer Co. Ny, d 17 April 1881 Chickasaw Co.  IA,
wife was Susan Madison/ Mattison  b 24 Mar 1818, Vermont d 13 Feb 1881 Chickasaw Co. IA.
They married 1832 Mount Holyoke, Mass.  (this is still tenative)

Noel Jones b 1785 near Albany, NY  disappears after 1810 census as does his wife Susannah.
Listed in the 1810 census as family 1810 1 male under 10, males 16-25  1 male, ditto 1 female 16-25

Abel/Roscomb Jones,  A letter from Jones in IOWA showed Silas, Sr as ancestor. My research implied Abel could be father due to data on Census. If not maybe he raised his brothers boy when Noel seems to disappear after 1810.  Silas's first two children. ** DNA confirms this.

His family descends from  Silas Jones Sr  of East Greenwich RI. Which descends from Teague Jones and Rahamana, descendant of Permaquid Abenaki Samoset and (Margret? )

Silas Jones Sr wife was Susannah Sweet daughter of Benjamin Sweet and Margaret Hammett.
married 21 Nov 1742 East Greenwich, RI.

Silas Jones Sr b 11 May 1721 Greenwich, Rhode Island d 14 Oct 1802 Petersburg, Rensselaer Co. NY
Susannah Sweet b 3 May 1725 Greenwich R.I.   (May have died 3 May 1795, not proven yet.)

(m 1832 Mass not yet proven to my satisfaction)

Ruscom JONES  b 1746  ma Susannah  b 1779 Dutchess, NY  son Benjamin b abt 1810 Rensselaer, NY

Rercem Jones
Home in 1800 (City, County, State):
Petersburg, Rensselaer, New York
Free White Persons - Males - Under 10:
Free White Persons - Males - 16 thru 25:
Free White Persons - Males - 26 thru 44:
Free White Persons - Females - Under 10:
Free White Persons - Females - 26 thru 44:
Number of Household Members Under 16:
Number of Household Members Over 25:
Number of Household Members:


Noel could be his first born child of Roscum but census implies Abel raised Noyes Jones. Following census records.

Have discussed this with many New York Descendants and Researchers. They think the parents died in the 1812 Flu Epidemic.  One is a Town Historian and the others have done much research.
Abel b 16 May 1743 Kent RI  d 1 July 1835 Rensselaer Co. NY 

Would love to nail this down, if you  have any further information I would love to be aware of it.

 I have seen the entry in the ledger of Noyes Jones birth by his father  Noel Jones and wife Susannah is listed or I would not have parents names of Noyes. 

I have much documentation on this family due to  Noel and Susannah disappearing?
Share data with many other lines of Teague and Rahamana Jones.  Very large family.

The two lines not shown are from Teague to Josiah  m Elizabeth Berry to Seth  m Priscilla Hamilton/Hamblin to Silas, Sr.

Love  You DAD and sorry I did not know this at the time of your death. I was looking just small tidbits shown as I dug. 

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Catherine Moyer widow of Phillip Moyer Will & Family Stuff

Cleaning my files up and found.

Catherine Moyer's Will widow of Phillip Moyer and mother of Valentine Moyer.

Berks Co. Court House.

Was sent to me 20 years ago when looking for John's father Valentine Moyer.

I also got John Folk's Will from same office at another time.

I enjoy following the Foulkes/Foulks webpage on Facebook, It shows many variants of the surname.

Had thought of doing one for Moyers/ Myers but time is so limited and I need to clean this all up.

Yes, the Moyers/Myers married the Foulk/Folks to create our line.

I found another whole box of data on our children today. Roller skating and High School and Graduations, pictures and documents and Certificates etc.  Anxious to do the next box..

Vicki Porter's Adams boxes are next.  She is a Hoffman and other surname related. Her Dad was an instructor at Waynesburg College.   I only knew her and met her siblings family when she passed.
Those boxes will cover Greene Co. PA stuff.  She died in 1995.  Fast moving Brain Cancer found and gone in 10 days.

For all reading this :


Monday, May 6, 2019

Limping Along until Repairs Happen. Comparing Some JONES Files.

 We were blessed with Gary Brock's visit today.  Taking away a computer that I hope will move me forward until life changes.

 Update  Eye is still infected. Now on oral and eye drop antibiotics, hopefully this will be resolved by mid next week.

 Having to get seeds in ground so I  am getting more fresh greens. Love the fact we are getting light sprinkles off and on to keep our area more damp.  The tall green grass of a month ago is tall yellow and dry and it sorta terrifies me. NO Breaks near the roads, Areas not trimmed that should be for safety.

It was great to hear Gary and Fred talk about Navy life and the places they have both been and the things done.

Jones files we have some near matches like 3 rd generation. We have two new researchers that I think are going to join the group.

Ironic is that one is way south, but the picture fits into the family very very well for comparison.

I tried to put picture here but it not working.  Under the JONES DNA files on Facebook is a picture of a Jones ..

                    This is DON JONES son of Lamonte JONES... myself,  dau of Ray Dee Jones and Gerald O JONES, sons of Carl Fremont Jones brother of La Monte Jones sons of Calvin Jones of Nashua, IA.  son of Noyes and Susan Madison JONES,  descendant of Noel Jones and Susannah, descendants of Roscomb  and Susannah   son of Silas JONES SR and Susanna Sweet.

 Uncles Front yard: 2940 Washington St. Lemon Grove CA in the 1990's
YUP DAD did not think there were any Suzannes in the tree.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

My system is Failing........ computer needs repairs.

Hi everyone,

Just to let you know my computer seems to need some help.  Having been fighting to get and receive mail. Then things disappear. I wonder about hacking but I pray not.

Having received data on new JONES information, new HUFFMAN/HOFFMAN information, DUVALL information and the list goes on. Even found another link to the Indian and Jones in MASS.

Grandson found my old AOL mail and I am trying to retrieve it and the names of kin I communicated with back then.

Alas has been a nightmare since their fancy upgrade last summer and it is not getting better and once this machine comes from the shop, they better have fixed their broken links and damaged lines we learned about talking to 9 different Cox personal on Saturday whom are all over the USA.

BEAR WITH ME PLEASE.   Maybe after June I can replace the computer. I have learned they should be able to upgrade it a bit.

Our society completed judging the applications for the Scholarship we give.
I created a new sheet for judging the applications, thanks cousin Bethel Williams for the ideas to use.

Fred learned he lost another friend yesterday. He went by the FRA Club 289 waiting for tires for his car to be delivered to Courtney's.  This last month has been implying that God is very lonely.
We have lost friends and family some close, some distant but it's like almost daily. We bury his friend on Sunday here locally. His children went to school with ours.  No word on the new situation yet, nor on our dear friends daughter. Our hearts are hurting. Son lost his father in law two weeks ago.

Yes we have new tires on the car. I shall see how it handles tomorrow.  Fred says better and Dan is looking for tires for the pickup.  I may end up driving the pickup up for a bit. I loved doing it before he parked it. I started with a Studebaker  car then a Dodge pickup then Ford pickup. My first vehicle I purchased was a Ford pickup.

Fred's back seems to be better right now but I dare not say much because it comes and goes.

Also found a home for a bunch of binders and books and am so glad they will be in good hands.

O and the Padres won their ball game tonight.  Fred watched the game, I saw part of it.

MY phone most of you have and this seems to be working you can reach me here by replying to the blog page. OR go to my Facebook page, sorry and Thanks.

My I Pad is just not a computer.  Blessings all.