Sunday, July 28, 2019

Ray Dee Jones Sr and Dorothy Inez Hoffman Jones

This is one of my most favorite of my parents.  I loved that dress on MOM. The shells

were sent by her brother in law, whom was over seas in the Navy.  Around 1945 or 46.

Monday, July 22, 2019

Today Was The Day.

Today was the day 79 years ago that brought about my being.  MOM fell down a long flight of stairs and I was born early.  Yup, that is a fact.

Born in hospital in Greybull, Wyo on this date. I can not remember the time and papers I was to receive I never was given.  Does not matter I am here.  YUP I pinched myself, I am for real.

22 July 1940.

22 July 2019 is almost gone now so thought I would let you know, it did happen.

Today was pretty quiet and the sky was pretty again tonight but not near as pretty as last night with  pink gold stairs across the sky.

So Thanks to all my Family and my Friends for saying Happy Blessed Birthday and let's hope we can do this again next year, next 20 years.

Blessings to all and to all a Good Night.

Susan Carol Jones Pentico since 5 July 1959.   We made 60 years this year. Love my husband and childrens Dad.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

60 Years Can You Fathom That?

     Way back in 1959 I met this marvelous fun and kind person. We married within 6 months and well the rest is History.

      He proposed at least 3 times before I finally accepted. God, I am so thankful that you sent him my way.  He was already in the service for more than 4 years and was wanting to do it as a career.
Fortunately having an Uncle in the USN I was aware of what that life would be like. I also had an Uncle or two that married Dad's sisters in the Army. One I knew was career and I loved that family very much.  So with eyes open and heart pounding, I married this marvelous man.

We made it through deployments, births, extended cruises and all the things that go with Military life.

Chuckling, the only new place I have seen with him military was Hawaii.  All other places my family had been.  We did get to  Iowa after a cruise one time.  Otherwise we or we the family was somewhere in California for all those years, this house since 1970.

We raised five children. An Eagle Scout, works in business with a Degree, a Life Scout, who makes jewelery and worked for the US Government.(Many Awards) and a girl that turned down a full ride Scholarship to a Designing school that wanted to send her to France. She was the first person whom wore her design to her interview for acceptance to the school. Her Croque's were the US Olympic Teams design that next year. , The next child went to Travel school in Florida and decided she didn't want to do it either.  Both have been successful in their alternate careers. The youngest became well known in the Roller Skating World and in County Business since an adult. He and his older brother both made it to Lincoln, NE for Nationals in Skating, Dance, and Figures.

They have blessed us with ten Grandchildren, 8 boys and two girls.

The Grands have started marrying and we have two Great Grandchildren a boy and a girl with another on the way. We have 3 married, 1 engaged and looking forward to what the future brings us.

Several of the Grands have graduated from college and some are still working on their degrees.

 Our home is ours.

Since my DAD said it wouldn't last 2 years, I hope he  sees we are still working now towards 70 years.  Our parents are all gone since 2005. I have one Great Aunt still with us, Wyoming, also my Uncle's wife Auntie in Wheatland, Wyo is still sharing time with us. He passed last fall was a Paratrooper during WW11.

Much of our parents generation were affected seriously by WAR, several of them. It seems no better in our current generation. And no better for the younger generation either.

Blessings to All.  Thanks for all you have done help us to get to this place, everyone.

Love you Fred.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

A Wedding in the Family, Adding a Family Member. 22 June 2019


Recently our family expanded with the addition of a new grandaughter in law.  She became the wife of Andrew Pentico, our grandson, son of Donald P Pentico, son of Fred E Pentico,  son of Arthur Pentico, son of Franklin Andrew Pentico son of Emmanuel E Pentico, son of  Phillip and Mary Rolland Pentico who was the son of John Penticoff and Catherine Young.

With Distant family help we have added this:

John's father was Johann Phillip Penticoff (Benighoff) and Catherine Miller whose father was Phillip Jacob Penticoff (Benighoff) and Elisabeth Margareth Schwarn.

He was born in Bischeim, Rhineland, Pfatz, Germany 30 Jan 1740.  He died in New Tripoli, Lynn Twp. Lehigh Co.  PA. Married in 1766 in Upper Salford, Montgomery Co. PA.

She was born in Montgomery Co. PA 1 Sept. 1752.  Died in  PA pre 1854.

 AS near as I can say it was in Dansville, MI on the home place, of  her parents
Brett and Lisa Kelley.
OK so it was changed by me back to original spelling.