Thursday, December 19, 2019

Hoffman/Huffman updates are Happening..

My cousin is posting data on Facebook under Hoffman Huffman Page.

Hoffman / Huffman Family in America ,,,  place in box to access.   I post our lines and others that interlink when data comes across my  files.  I worked 40 +  years on this line. Took a trip to Greene Co. PA in 1993. Met many awesome cousins and made new friends.

Hoping I accomplished what Grandad Cecil Lee Hoffman wanted me to do.  His last trip was when 5 with is Father, Franklin Cornelius Hoffman when he ( Grandad was 5.)

The other key was he wanted to find the Indian his DAD talked about and reminded family they were a part of.  If he knew it was Pocahantus he had forgotten the name.  His father obviously knew this for the great adventure at Cecil Lee  Hoffman and Inez Mae Scott's wedding.

This lineage of Huffman Hoffman's are very large.  They were here for the REV WAR.  They served in nearly every war I have found. Down to my cousins and their children of today.

 I was able to share this data with my parents and it only made DAD more upset because I could not
find his Uncle's and Aunt's he had met, yet could find MOM's kin.

Lots more news on this story but wanted to  post some of Henry's siblings pictures also for you to enjoy.

I did find them and are still finding them on both sides today.

Henry and Elizabeth Higgins HOFFMAN
went by HUFFMAN  for a period of time.

His siblings learned Huffman did not exist in Germany in 1850's and their teacher said it was HOFFMAN. So Henry wrote a letter, I have copy of it. To his children and kin to say the name was Hoffman. Interesting how he stated glad for the name change. Full story.

His brother Joseph and Sarah Hunt Hoffman ie Huffman.
Helen's line.

Sarah Ann Huffman-Rush (1833-1914)-do/f-Joseph-and-Sarah-Hunt-Huffman- w/o Joseph Abraham Rush (1830-1886)

Spencer Blanchley Hoffman ie Huffman.

   Daughter of Joseph and Sarah Hunt Huffman

Keep watching more to come here and there.

Monday, December 16, 2019

Ring a Ling, Ding a Ling, Ding Dong Ding JONES KIN

 Greetings Everyone,

  As I started to put together the holiday cheer, I discovered more information buried here.

  Wondering what it is going to take, to clear the mistakes.

  It is with excitement that I find many new links to our tree,

  Hoping they are as happy as we.

  Having blank spaces, creates many faces,

  Did they die in Albany, or was it Dutchess you plea?

  Did they survive the ride into Albany then to Rensselaer  Co. you see?

  There is no records it so seems.

  Blanks in our tree within the first five Generations are to be:

  Susan Madison/Mattison's parents where are ye?
  24 Mar 1818  b in Vermont, depending on the boundary changes

 Were her parents John Richardson Madison/Mattison and Roxanna Howard?
  1789- 1851 for him  Data came from a Documented tree.

 It says they are buried in Lapeer Co., Michigan

Is Horatio Madison/ Mattison the brother that was implied?

She is the first of four Susannah's or Susanna's  with only Susannah Sweet with known parents.

Silas Jones Sr and Susannah Sweet.  Her death is a mystery?  Was death in Dutchess, or Rensselaer Co? Or even Albany since that is where Rensselaer came from

John William ? another I answer: Pg. 162 describes the Mail. "There was no post office established in the Beekman Patent until after the turn of the century but mail was received at Fishkill and in Poughkeepsie at the printers. The NEW YORK PACKET and AMERICAN ADVERTISER noted that the following had mail unclaimed at the Fishkill Post Office as of March 1783:
Silas Jones and Robert Macy, both of Quaker Hill."

Volume VII Family Names:...See More

Jones, Daniel 354, DAvid, 763, Elias 444, Ephraim 64, 441, Isaac 410, 454, 653,
Jeremiah 193, John 303, Jonathan , 192, Josiah 257, Mary 110 Mr. 753, Nathan 454, Nehemiah 441, 
Rufus 454, Samuel 13, 441, Seth 452, Silas 162, Theophilus  184, Thomas 442, 530,   Walter 110,
Henry Z Jr 193.
Frank J. Doherty's books? I see that there is a volume on the JONES line in Beekman. 

Lots of lose ends there. I saw it June 2018. 

Next comes Ruscomb Jones, Silas and Susannah's  2nd son, whom married a Susannah  UKN b 1779 Dutchess Co..Ny
Their son Noel b about 1785 near Albany marries a Susannah  WHO?? UKN
He puts their son in the records in his hand so we know it must be true with her name.

Noyes b 1809 in records, 1808 on tombstone, their son marries Susan Madison/Mattison.

Noyes had 8 children: Calvin Fay (mine) CW Vet<  had Carl Fremont whom had Ray Dee Jones Sr whom had I.

Six generations farther back all documented. Thoroughly.Including the 7th.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

More on Christmas Thoughts

                                                     More on Christmas Thoughts
Something I truly want to say.  We never had a bad Christmas, but it was celebrated differently when I was young.

Dad and Mom were both very family orientated.  So major holidays meant getting those that were near or almost near together to spend time.  The spending of time and sharing was more important than material objects.

We had our Aunt Etta Jones Morelli's family near. We had Ralph Scott's family a wee farther away but within 2 hours could be to our house after 1948--9..  Aunt Ruth's family lived Oregon and would come when Uncle could get an extra day.  During the War Aunt Bethel Jones Cooper and Aunt Muriel Jones Collins would some times come for a week or more.  Seems the Uncle's spent time at Letterman Hospital in San Francisco, Ca. Later Aunt Ruth's family moved next to us when we were in Valley Ford. This being after 1948 when Dad bought our home in Valley Ford.,CA.
I know Dad shared money for gas for Aunt Ruth to come more than once.

We played cards, games, and if outside ball games, jump rope too. Yes, they all jumped rope at one time or another both male and female.  Great exercise also.  We would have contests about whom jumped the longest.

Having said that and being a military family, sharing how we overcame much limited funds.
Our first Christmas as a small family brought a major strain to our budget but with family help it happened.  The Elder Pentico's sent us a small sum of money, my parents sent us funds also. We were able to buy the roaster We still have and a small turkey. The store had some cute children chairs from Mexico and Ed fit perfect setting in it.  So we bought it for his Xmas present. Aunt Etta' sent us a candy dish filled with homemade candy, Aunt Ruth gave us their old blue ornaments at Thanksgiving,  and we scrounged for a very small tree.  We then drove to my parents and Aunt Ruth's for dinner when it was the weekend and Fred was off work.  We generally had brunch at Aunt Ruth's the day before the event and on to parents who were farther north because Aunt Ruth's family had moved to Sunnyvale, CA.  We were stationed at NAS LEMOORE. Fred was the 33rd aboard and a PLANK Member.
Over time a cousin moved to Atascadero and that was a stop coming and going when it worked out right.  Ken Foulk drove Greyhound bus.  Dad's first cousin. Ken's daughter was the first baby Fred held, at that time they lived Santa Clara until he moved south to Atascadero. I baby sat his children before I married Fred living in Sunnyvale with Aunt Ruth's family after Graduation.

So back to story at hand.

First the children were given lists and it had 2 columns.  Things they felt that they personally needed.
Like Shoes, jeans, warm jacket, new binder for school.

Second they were to put some of their I would like to have on the second page. Of course in the order of desire and thinking of cost. Many times they were surprised.

Personally I think this a much better way to handle Christmas.  They 1, learned the difference between I want, I got to have and Need. They also received items that they could appreciate a wee longer it seemed.

Christmas has to me always been a giving season.  Seems I read it often in the Good Book also.

The hardest Christmas I remember for our children was the year, all five of them had outgrown their shoes. Two were in Jr Hi and needed PE shoes plus school shoes so that is 7 pair of shoes.  They so badly wanted slippers for in the house. I went to our most used shoe store on 3rd and Palomar and the manager asked me what I needed. I told him. We outfitted all the children with shoes.  Then he went and got slippers for them to try on and later I went back and got those slippers for them. He nearly gave them to me. I definitely did not pay the price of the slippers. The family was very surprised but so excited to have both,  plus the new PE shoes.  Dad came home 2 months later and that was always a major plus also.  That was also the year we had snow on our ground and the boys made a snowman and we put him in the stand up freezer for DAD to see when he got home. It has shrunk about 2 inches but still there standing in the freezer for Dad to see.  We did not have a tree that year, we decorated a manzanita Branch with lights and were thankful for what we did have and then received money from Dad to drive home for 5 days between Christmas and New Years because the children were out of school the first week of January also. God was good.

WE had each other, we had food, we had a roof over our head, we also had my Uncle in Lemon Grove to assist when I asked, when he was home as he was military also.

Did Christmas teach your family the difference between want and need?

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Something to Ponder at This Season's Time

  Something to Ponder at This Season's Time
   Susi Jones Pentico

  Today our Genealogical Society had it's Christmas Event.. There was fun and food and lots of good cheer.  We missed many but were glad to see the new faces too.

  A topic we shared today should be shared.   Everyone was to share a Memory of one of their Favorite Christmas's.

   Thinking it is a good time to do some reflections like we shared today.  Going to share the story I shared with them.

   At the end of the War, we had Christmas and it was more than a stocking with an Orange, Apple and a couple of Walnuts in the stocking.  That is what I remembered from previous Christmas's.

 Dad worked on a Dairy/Chicken Ranch this year we had moved from the Dairy Ranch of his Sisters' family. Those workers were coming back from the war and was to get their jobs back.

I remember going into town with Aunt, Mom and her children also to see Santa Claus at Tomasini's Hardware.  My sister was very young and she saw this doll and she so wanted it. It had brown hair like hers.  Chuckling it was almost as big as her.

When Christmas came my sister got her doll, the surprise was Dad got one for me also with blonde hair. My Aunt and Mom made us clothes for our dolls.  Other relatives whom lived far away in WYO made the doll's bedding and DAD made the beds.  It was a joint family adventure.  I named mine Jeanie. I can not remember what Sis called hers.

 Having given mine away long ago with the doll clothes and bed to someone else to have a Christmas.  After I was married and had boy children I parted with it.

Having gotten my last doll from Dad the year I graduated. 1958.  Sears had these dolls on sale, Sis wanted.  Asked Dad why a Doll, he said, "It would probably be the last doll he gave me." IT was,
again no idea if Sis still has hers. Yes I kept this one. She was a Ballerina and bent and moved and twisted etc. Long blonde hair.  Sis again her's was brown. Dad loved to shop Christmas Eve, he said he always got the best bargains then.  Unless there was something special which was gotten before gone I suspect.

So if you are of the WAR generation or even later for Korea or Vietnam, those times generally Christmas's were different.

Can you pick out a couple of special Christmas Seasons to share with your family?  Reflection is good for the soul.