Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thanksgiving Memories and Some in the Making

Thanksgiving Memories and Some in the Making

This is 2015, late November with Turkey Day 48 hours away.  Am I ready for Thanksgiving Day?
You bet I am.  Having attempted to look at the bright side of the negative events, it has been a challenge this year.

Such grand plans were made to spend time with sister in law Mary Pentico. We are so glad she is alive and getting better.  I  think that ladies will be doing Black Friday shopping at stores, this year, but only as make believe.  

Surprise was cousin Carolin Forbes came in last night and was seeking refugee from a storm of damaged tires.  So we had time to discuss our Jones Lineages and shared many pictures that I had gotten from Mom from Aunt Alvina Foulk Kerns' passing.

Yes, Aunt Bethel Jones Cooper and Hazel Jones definitely could pass for almost twins.  Hazel is Carolin Forbes Mom.  All these years we have heard of this comparison. Carolin was amazed at how much Aunt Bethel looked like her Mom.  My sister was amazed at how much Carolin F looks like Little Bethel, Aunt Bethel's daughter.

The common denominator was Calvin and Henry George Jones were siblings.  Their shared parents were Noyes (Noice, Noyce) Jones and Susan Madison ( Mattison).

3.These two boys had other siblings. William Harrison whom we lost at Stone River, Tenn., 36 Illinois Infantry. Co. "H". Place of death   12-31-62
GRAVE NUMBER:         N-5569

Regiment lost during service 11 Officers and 193 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 1 Officer and  127 Enlisted men by disease. Total 332.

4. Noel JONES born in New York and did not make the trip to Illinois, family said died in NY. In 1850 he was 13 in New York on census and never to appear again. 

5. Arvilla whom married Addison then Alfred Johnson

6. Lucy whom married William Fuller

7. Jennie whom married Fred Apel

8. Charles born NY. 9 Sept 1850  Renssaelaer Co. Ny and died 26 Sept 1916 Waterloo, BlackHawk Co. IA
married 21 Feb 1869 Janesville, Bremer, IA
Betsey ( Elizabeth Bartlett) b 3 Sept 1847

Their daughter  Fanny  married William H.Drew*

I have been to their* homestead in Wheatland, Wyo.  My father and his brother and sisters knew this family in Wheatland, Wyo.   When Grandad Carl and Ida Foulk Jones lived there. 

It was fun to see my family look at the pictures and compare the faces and surmise on how we all tend to so look like each other in certain ways.

The topper was my sister and her husband arrived and shared the afternoon with us and Carolin and Bertie (Bobbi) (Roberta), scanned the pictures and looked at the resemblances and then shared some medical knowledge. Amazing what in one line is truly  in another. 

Dr Koop was right when he said to share your medical knowledge because it affects all in your family.  Of course we had already done some of this on the other side of family and learned how 
many shared the same situations and tolerances. 

Those that do not share, can truly hinder a kin getting well, many times it is a positive feedback 
that helps the Doctors to know what direction to go. Or even a negative tells of the lack of tolerance a family lineage may have.

So hope you spend time sharing a wee bit about yourselves for the future of our families.
Blessed Thanksgiving early.  God Bless You All.

 God, Thank You for the incidents that created this time to happen and family to meet and discover we really are not so far different from each other.