Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sorting Saturday Sort Of

Sorting Saturday Sort Of

Yesterday I was given the chance to talk in depth to a person about writing. I have always liked to write.
I did a lot of it in High School and in College and even had a book printed long ago on technical terms used by schools. This was so the parents that we were working with could understand the jargon of the school people.

Now I am learning that to write, the world has changed.  I am not sure I totally agree with some of what I hear.  I  am still reading the many kinds of books I read as a teen, young adult and older adult. Themes and content vary but the the lay out generally appears all the same. I love many themes and types from intense ancient history, to a murder mystery or a casual intrigue.

Having three books on the Family's history in  the works, I am sorting through the thoughts that were tossed my way about writing today.  My Aunt wrote and was published often. We always wished Dad would have written the tales he would tell us so connecting to his and his siblings youth. We did not have recorders to use either alas.

Sometimes wondering if a Hypnotist could pull the stories from my mind, I think of doing that.
So this morning has been spent sorting thoughts in my mind about my writing, my family history,
and whether it I should try to reach a book company or just blindly go on my own.

One book is very documented, to much so I think, it removes the flow of the story about the past.
Do you have trouble with getting a story to flow if you are intensely documenting so people know you did your homework?

Do you think writing books has changed so much in the last fifty years?

That I would really like to know.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday's Mystery's Susan Madison JONES

My mystery lady on my 5 Generation Chart.

Long ago in a far away place, there was born a baby girl. She grew up and married, had children, lost a child or maybe more and moved to far away lands from where she was born.

24 March 1818, is supposed date of Susan's birth in, either: MASS, VT, NY and one son said CT.
She married, all the family said they were married.  They practiced the Baptist faith. Records seem to be Nil.
Time of marriage according to descendants was about 1832 prior to first child's birth. Place supposedly via family knowledge was near Holyoke, Springfield, MASS.  Many years of researching has found me nothing. Nor for two other cousins of this lineages researching was anything found.

Name of husband was NOYES JONES b 31 March 1809 in Petersburg, Rensselaer Co. NY records and 1808 on tombstone in IOWA.  YES, his birth was recorded in Town Records by his parents: NOEL JONES and Susannah JONES.

Their second child NOEL was born in MASS, according to family and census records. This same child is killed/died prior to full adulthood according to family.  The first born and all other born children were in New York,  as near as determined in Rensselaer Co..

After 1855 they are no longer in New York.  They are then in Nunda, McHenry Co. Ill. After the Civil War they move to Chickasaw Co. Ia area.  Having lived in various places.

Alas, even in death they were moved due to road widening.  All the children that we have records of married and had children and lived somewhere between Nunda, ILL and IOWA, MINN, and the DAKOTA's.

Susan MADISON JONES died 13 Feb 1881 in Chickasaw Co., Iowa. or on boundary of that county.
It seemed their land was mixed counties.

They are now interred in Oak Hill Cemetery, Nashua, Chickasaw Co. IA.  He died 17 April of the same year.

She had  five boys and 3 living girls.  The second boy died in NY / MASS pre 1860.

Children's names are:  Henry George( some say George Henry), NOEL (dcd young),  Arvilla,  William Harrison died in Tenn CW, Calvin Fay my ancestor, Jennie, Lucy and Charles E. whom ma a BARTLETT also from NY.

Family said birth was 1814, 1812, 1816 and 1818. So she is my Mystery lady of this Monday.

Grandma Susan I could use some tips and hints here.

 She was my Great Grandfather's Mother. I would also love to have the JONES family in IOWA remember who has the picture of her and NOYES JONES her husband that hung in the families hall way in the early 1930s.  Anyone have a picture of her or  Noyes?

Friday, April 20, 2012

Sharing and Caring of Information

Some Urls that  may be helpful in Researching in Pennsylvania.

Jayne posted this one:Chester County Genealogy - The OTHER Chester County Site!
Thanks Jayne.

Barbara posted this one:
 I missed this one for sharing earlier.

Great site for Dauphin County data:Archives MG 212 - Umberger Family Collection at the Historical Society of Dauphin County  Family here

Hubby's line was here for a while: (107) Lehigh County Genealogy  Facebook site

Lynn-Heidelberg Historical Society
county/index.ssf/2012/02/frank_whelan_documents_200_yea.html 200 Year History of Lehigh Co.

Here is a good site for West Point  1895 information:

Berks Co. PA

Great site for many states sources especially New York & PA
Pennsylvania State Archi#3BA4AA

Northampton Records,PA

Bedford Co. PA
Bedford County  starting with using a list to connect to people. Use list for each county either single or digest format.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pennsylvania Research

Pennsylvania Research

For the last two months I have been covering research in Pennsylvania at one meeting each month in Lemon Grove, CA at their library. I have also given a talk at the Bonita Library on Pennsylvania Research over all.

Having started with the first three counties and slowly moving through the development of the state county by county we are covering lots of ground and resources are many today.

I first did this type of talk 15 years ago when the computer age for chatting on line was new.
It was done with the Golden Gate Forum on AOL.

More Information is out there today on line than ever was before but it still is less than 10% of the whole.
Can you imagine if they filmed all of Carnegie Library in Pittsburg or the State Library System in Philadelphia?

Family Search is adding more files and documents on a steady basis. Many sites have increased the knowledge on their sites. Some have fallen in disrepair but the archives will have lots  of information for you to still research.

If you live in the county you may try coming to the Lemon Grove Library 8073 Broadway, Lemon Grove CA.

Berks over view, Northampton, Bedford Counties, Northumberland Co. and maybe touching on Westmoreland Co.  time permitted.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Seminar has Past

The Seminar has Past

The day started early and the day went quick.
Just blinked my eyes and that was it.

The books were many and the smiles were plentiful.
The snacks were tempting and the dessert was delightful.

The words were many but the time was so short.
It seemed there was so  much that some was an abort.

The air started frigid but we were able to get that thaw.
The prizes were many and enjoyed by all.

From  Oil Change to Education the gifts were abound.
We hope that the Seminar  helped all around.

From  Maps and urls to roads and ships,
from Kings and Queens and landownership,

the words  still swirl in my head
trying to capture all that was said.

Thank you Leland Meitzler and William Dollarhide for a most intriguing educational day.
The thoughts you shared will not soon go away.