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Tombstone Tuesday IOWA WARDEN

Notice Flag and Veteran marker

Monday Madness Harvey Edward FOULK

The lineage of Harvey Edward FOULK

John Folk fought in Rev War died 1793 Berks Co.,PA have WILL
wife Mary Madgeline STROCK m Philadelphia if I found correct marriage
Peter Foulk Sr b June 1773 possibley Bucks or Berks Co PA. I found John in both areas Rev War.
wife Catherine {Ohlinger (?) }she is of Indian heritage b 12 July 1774 Bucks Co PA
Peter Sr died 4 April 1823 Rye Township Perry Co PA she died 7 June 1855 Rye Township, Perry Co PA Peter will p 97 Vol A Perry Co PA
son Peter Foulk Jr 25 Jan 1803 Perry Co. PA d 13 Aug 1885 Blackhawk Co IA.
Wife Susannah Martin SHOWALTER b 9 Dec 1805-6 Martindale, Lancaster Co PA d 3 May 1886 Waterloo, Blackhawk Co. IA

Now the fun begins: read carefully to be able to follow the duel relationship:
Sarah Elizabeth (Jane) FOULK b 28 July 1813 Perry Co PA d 21 Mar 1860 sister of
Peter Foulk Jr.

She marries John MYERS b (?) Dauphin Co PA between 1793 and 1809. I think church records are accurate and data written in bible was guess when they filled in book. I have much more on MYERS. (to follow below)

Sarah Elizabeth Foulk Myers has Katherine Myers b 30 May 1845 Perry Co PA d 7 June 1922 Cedar Township Blackhawk Co IA.

Katherine MYERS marries William Henry Foulk son of Peter FOULK JR and Susan SHOWALTER FOULK. cousins

William Henry Foulk and Katherine Myers has Harvey Edward FOULK.

Valentine Myers (MOYER) b 27 May 1731 Oberhochstadt (Today Germany wasn't then.)
wife Maria Christena had Phillip He did supply wagon for Continental Army Valley Forge

Phillip b abt 1737 died 1811 m Maria Catherina UNRUH dau of Valentine Unruh
Phillip did service with his father and with Capt George Miller Co of Berks Co Militia

Philip and Maria Catherina Unruh MYERS had Valentine Myers b 1762 died 1823 Dauphin Co PA. marries Catherine JONES

They have John Myers whom marries Sarah Elizabeth (Jane) FOULK. Her home was across the street from JOHN MYERS MILL. Family has been there and FOULK people were still living in the old homestead in the late 50-s 60s when kin went on research trips.

A note also Phillip b abt 1737 was the only child I found alive for Maria Christena m to Valentine MOYER/ MYERS. Valentine remarries and has other children in USA and maybe some in Europe.

Phillip served in Rev War more than once . First helping father with supply wagons then as private and later buried (?) as LT. Philip Meyer 6th Battl PA Militia, Rev War found at Zion Lutheran and Reformed Church Cemetery, #89
Capt George Millers Co of Berks Co Militia being on duty at South Amboy 5 Sept 1776 mustered out Dec1780. Stationed at the mouth of the RARITON River while the battle of Long Island took place.He was at Trenton Xmas night, Valley Forge etc. German Regiment of Continental Troops member
held 2 commissions the other one 1st LTin 1777 for Militia,8th Co.6th Battalion.
1799 built house near Womelsdorf Canal it burnt, rebuilt#17
furnished stones for original Zion Union Church of Womelsdorf

Harvey came from good stock. I know his personal family life was rife with major stress and a
not so discreet situation. This from his daughter, my grandmother. Family has verified this situation also. WHERE IS Harvey Edward FOULK buried and did he have more children?
Did he go to Australia, Russia or is the one I found in California census with lady from same town as his home, him?

Regarding Genealogy of the future retake

Regarding Genealogy of the future

Since the url messed up here is a retake of the url..

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BlackSheep Sunday Harvey Edward Foulk

Black SHEEP o o the poor black sheep they are getting blamed. I wonder why not the brown sheep or the almost white sheep.

Black Sheep family member is My Great Grandfather FOULK. Who disappeared at the time he sold a load of wheat to Russia in the I believe 1930's. Born and raised in IOWA family still in the home of residence then today. I have written of him before. Prior to this he had moved to Wheatland, Wyo and did not like it and moved back to IOWA. Many stories going around about this mans disappearance and I suspect I may have found him in southern Ca in census with another woman from the same area of IOWA.. Gee does that story sound familiar. A million novels and mysteries have used that ploy I wonder which one he read to do this if it's really him.


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Regarding Genealogy for the future. please read


Very powerful talk by a very brilliant young lady and group.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Distant cousin

Jacob Miller HUFFMAN is my cousins ancestor and my collateral kin.
Huffman / Hoffman Link Page on my genealogical page of over ten years.

Lots of new things coming .....

Jacob's father is Jacob 1795-7 d 22 Jan 1879 his father was

Henry Huffman and Catrouch ie Catherine Fry..( our common bond)
b abt 1740 died winter 1811 have Will lived Morris Tsp Greene Co.PA
Catrouch later married Frederick LOUGHMAN of Morris Township.
Greene Co PA

I have email for connection to direct descendants if you would like to
recieve them. Webpages add for them are obsolete.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ramblilng Genealogical Mind (TIP)

Rambling around the neighborhood looking for some clues, my mind was thinking and brooding and came upon a clue. Then as I was attempting to digest this information I was given a boost by the FTDNA people saying they had found a kin of mine. It seems we have a near perfect match all the way to 37 markers. Now to find the link. It appears this relative may have had their work research all done. I will have to determine what line we come off from. Elijah Scott your to new, my Thomas Scott is much older than you.

Then today as I was reading my mail my mind rambled away and came up with another clue.
Sometimes it is best if we just let go and let the mind work through the muddle and sort the
seed. I suspect if we rush it we miss many things and I am learning genealogy is not to be rushed if you want to arrive at the right door and the right place. Patience my mind and heart. Patience.

That is my tip or clue for the day. Still the mind and reflect the data, give it thought and share with others so that it becomes instilled. Let the mind wander and sort it through.
Then maybe it will also come to you.

Tombstone Tuesday IOWA

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday's Treasure

Mother's Day Flowers for MOM just before she turned 89.

We are so blessed.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Thursday's Scramble

Thursday should be as much fun as Monday Madness, Tombstone Tuesday, Wordless Wednesday, Blacksheep Sunday, and what I call Frantic Friday's.

Thursday's should be to get organized to complete the week or prepare for research at the Library on weekend. Scramble to find the papers you need to complete. Or Scramble to organize the papers to put into the system or your file for the weekend.

Some days Thursday's are for Muddling, some days Thursday's are for Organizing, some days they are for Scrambling to complete what you started before you start something new.

Thursday seem to be the changing day. Decision makers and non are at the cross roads of what to decide to do for the rest of the research week.

Sometimes we get data in, that changes our intentions or courses. Sometimes we send data
that creates the same atmosphere.

If we do Thursday's Scramble right we won't have a Frantic Friday.

Land deeds, Warrants, Grants, Patents, Wills, Probates are all key 1st place sources.
Have a great Thursday's Scramble.

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Monday Madness and Tombstone Tuesday

I posted Monday Madness and Tombstone Tuesday together over at this site. under Susan C Jones Pentico

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