Saturday, October 31, 2009

Thomas Scott' of Pittsyvlania Co VA

Mom's visit is getting shorter and it is time we went over some new developments before she goes home. I brought out the Ancestral Binder of Thomas SCOTT's family of Pittsylvania Co. VA. A son John SCOTT mar to Sophira )Sophia MURRY moved to Cumberland Co. KY. (Old Indian Territory). John's boys heads north. One son went two years before our line did. Also some stayed in Pittsylvania and went to the Carolina's across the border. This is all data Mother never knew about. For 35 years I could not get past her ancestor JOHN SCOTT and REBECCA MORROW SCOTT. I learned much on Rebecca's mothers line but the Scott's stayed elusive.

Shadrack's brother went to Illinois and then two years later Shadrack followed him.
They lived together in ILL. for several years. Then as the families expanded Shadrack moved west to IOWA with his family. Shadrack died in Henry Co IA. He is buried there.

His son John marries Rebecca Morrow dau of John Morrow and Patience Tuttle in Henry Co., IA. John born in Cumberland area of KY and Rebecca is born Mercer Co KY from records I have recieved.

They had several children one being Franklin Corneilus or Cornelius Franklin, papers have it both ways several times. He marries a Warden and they have my Grandmother
Inez Mae Scott and her siblings.

But the fun was in learning John's parentage and grandparentage. We even recieved a picture of Shadrack's wife Harriet LEWIS. WE have her picture and MOM's site was good enough she could see the face. Harriet and my grandmother could pass as relatives, they look so much a like so we know where Grandma Inez got her looks (from a LEWIS)
:>). Family resemblances are evident throughout the book.

Now to find a picture of Shadrack which I fear will not happen. YDNA of this line has been done and we found a link but no idea through whom. My research is back to the 1740's and theirs only proven to about 1800. WE either tie after arrival in America or before or at time we came.

Their line appears to be in MASS and then to Canada, and only recently back to MIchigan.

I am wondering if our SCOTT may be of THE LOST COLONY Scott line, Only time will tell. Mom stopped doing genealogy about ten years or so and was pleased to see we had learned more information on her MOM's lineage. Mom is now legally blind and as the Dr said 89 years young. Much of Mom's family is in IOWA, Missouri and WYO area.
They are also scattered all over the United States for just recent lines from Grandmother down.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Talking about a Blogger's site try this one. New York

Recently while hunting more clues on my JONES/MADISON/MATTISON line, Bill Zimmerman from the Stephentown Historical Society, NY shared this site with me.

It is well filled out with much data, and even though it is a private site done for everyone she has done a remarkable job of collecting data, displaying data and asking for others to share data to help more people. I spent an hour and was not through looking at all the information that is here.

There are family information sections, Wills, bibles, cemetery, census records referenced to and the best way is for you to check it out yourselves. Many pictures, genealogies, tombstones, Diary's, Church records, and items I have not seen on other sites before.

Remembering that this area is next to Mass. and Vermont it may help many researchers in more than New York.

I hope those who have not found this site will learn as much as I have from it. A great site to browse through and enjoy.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday's Treasure

Thursday's Treasure is our Family and Ancestors. Without Ancestors we would not be. O, yes we can have material items, and
trinkets to behold. Yes, we can treasure them.

But they do not make us whom we are. They do not mold the mind and body to the fibers of our past. The material remind us of the past event or time but does not mold and make us be.

Reading census and then family data makes us aware that not all is as it seems. Many hundreds of times you will see in early census the comment farmer, laborer and the like. But do you really know what they labored over or with? Was farmer the normal so that there was food on the table and stored for the winter, or was it his passion to do ?

I have learned an ancestor Henry Huffman b 1803 Greene Co PA was labeled a farmer (by himself or census taker) on the files, but that is not what this man was, He fit the mold more of a Contractor and wood worker. He designed and build a staircase, new for all to see. He created bridges where others did not want to try. He build churches and schools for the community to use.

AH, you say so did his neighbors, Yes they did, it was community effort but he did the much of the designing and two of his sons at least were always helping him to do this along with a neighbor or two whom would benefit. In this time period generally all the local neighbors would benefit from a bridge, school or church.

I remember researching the Gallentine family looking for a missing GG Uncle Jacob Gallentine. (Martha Huffman's husband, Henry's daughter) It was interesting to read the history of the Gallentine family. They lived in Fayette and Greene Co's Pennsylvania and surrounding areas.

One Gallentine had become a legislature and a man from France came to see him. When told where to find him he could not understand why the man was out plowing his fields or working. But this Gallentine's main objective was farming. He became a great political person for the area. But when asked by the French man, why he was in the fields, he said that farming was what he liked to do and was relaxed doing it. He did government work in thanks for all his country had done for him.

Remembering this was in a time when they did it with out pay. We got real government work by real people.

So treasure your ancestors and remember they were many things more than they appeared to be.
Just as we are many more things than what we realize, depending on whom is looking at you and how they perceive you.

As for myself, I was my Great grandparents child and grandparents child and then I was a child, all at the same time.
At the same time in space I was class mate, girlfriend and helper to our neighbors. I was a sister to a sister and two brothers,
I was a and am a niece to aunts and uncles I am still a cousin to many and niece to two Aunt's and one Uncle. I am a grand niece to one Great Aunt.

I am also a Mother, Wife, Grandmother, Great Great Aunt, Great Aunt and Aunt to many.

So treasure your Ancestors for they are whom you have taken fiber from to become whom you are.

In this may you find a clue to help solve a mystery or two for as humans we are more than we appear to be.

Followup regarding Wordless Wednesday

I wrote a follow up on Wordless Wednesday on this site. I think it bears valid information for most to see.

As genealogists are we reaching out to the youth whom are our future, as we are our grandparents future.
So we are living in the present, the past and the future all at one time. Depending on whom is reading the dialogue.

Have fun with that.

Still looking for NOEL JONES b 1785 ish in NY. Also looking for his wife whom I suspect was a NOYES since first born son was named NOYES JONES b 1809 in Rensselaer Co. NY., raised in JONES HOLLOW on JONES RD by ???? Abel, Ruscom, Noel, ?????
Since NOEL is not to be found in census again.. Wonder what they may have on tax records? NO town historian has suggested tax records. What research was done not found a land record either and I think there should be one.
Now since Petersburg was part of Stephentown until 1791, records can be any where??

At least that clue is going to send me to look in other files. Any help appreciated also if you have a lowly Susan Madison/ Mattison b about 1818 probably had a brother George and she married the above NOYES JONES b 1809.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Tombstone or no Tombstone

Ah, I see that this day has arrived again. Much has happened in the last 48 hours that has me rethinking life a bit.

My DAD does not have a Tombstone so MOM does not want one.

DAD did not want a tombstone because his baby sister in Wheatland, WYO has no tombstone.

He told me if Marie had a tombstone he would have one. So I guess I am to set out to get a tombstone for
Marie JONES in Wheatland, WYO that died as new born infant. I believe she lived about 24 hours of so.

I have prepicked out a stone for parents if this ever comes about. I would not mind it for myself and husband either.

So now I guess I should think about what about myself and family? Have you thought about yours? Are you ready for the situation if it was to happen suddenly and take family by surprise.

What about a WILL or Living Trust? One thing about it being Tombstone Tuesday every week, it does stare you in the face on a steady basis for you to start getting life in order for death.

Please give this serious thought and some action because I am seeing clearer today than yesterday and sure can see
hazards in the road.

When the parent says we talked about it but we just never did it. Then get upset because of changes I wonder whom is to blame.


B 19 MAY 1913
D 12 APRIL 1995

Wish I could add more but not sure it good. Maybe Beloved Son of Carl and Ida Foulk JONES

Monday's Madness -- Harvey Edward Foulk

To see my blog on Harvey Edward Foulk.

See the write up at

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Surnames to share, From everywhere.

(Sis) Mary and I are looking for JUNG( in PA from Germanic region), JIPP( Iowa and Schelswig Holstien),, NANKE (Poland and USA), NEUMAN (PRUSSIA), CASPER(Germany to OH, IA), BROWN (USA VA to TENN TO IA etc) , TATUM (VA to Tenn to IA etc.),

I am looking for MADISON ie MATTISON in MASS, VT, NY and moved to IA. around 1812 to current. 1812 to 1818 for birth

Mary and I are researching PENTICO and variants in USA and else where.

We know that Jung changed to YOUNG and married Penticoff 1820's that changed to Pentico.

We know that MR. Brown marries Miss Tatum in Tenn. elusive yes 1820's also

CASPER is Antonio and he left wife and children in Germany near Rhine and came to USA, a bad boy married another young lady and had three boys before she found he was not divorced from first wife in Europe. She divcd him in Cinncinati OH according to papers but we can not find. Her boys disappear more than appear in records. Samuel is our line. He had Sarah Isabelle .

Dvd about 1855. Ohio.

Friday, October 23, 2009

New Blog for all to See

The Lemon Grove Research Group has been meeting for about 8 years and we have put together a blog to post our most Elusive Ancestors on.
We are hoping this will help to break the ice or unbound the roots or open the door to finding the missing pieces to complete the puzzle.
We started with four members coming steady and and then two more were added. Then death took some away from attending the meetings.

We have 24 names of people that attend at different times and we have 14 active full time of late which is awesome.

As leader of the pack, I determined we needed a night to talk genealogy of each person and a night to learn new information.
This was discussed and liked by all so it has helped us to focus on the tasks at hand and help each other to move forward.

We try to do a sharing time at the beginning until everyone arrives, then we go into the topics of the night.

We share books, pamphlets and articles that we receive during the time we do not meet.

We all have a common area or two for research. Though some are distant places for the Elusive
Ancestor. We cover all ethnicities and enjoy the learning of others backgrounds.

The blog came about after I had attended the Conference in Burbank in June 2009. I went to the Blogger meeting and
felt this was the direction that we genealogists needed to go and to support each other. As a past member of George Ferguson's Golden Gate Forum and experiencing the close working relationship with other genealogists through out the
United States and England it was a natural to step into this realm.

So I hope that the genealogy community will step forward and extend to these people the same courtesy and learning experience I received when starting on the internet, way back in 1990.

We have experienced computer workers and those we are teaching as we go to help them, but reminding everyone that the bulk of our information we are lacking is setting somewhere in a library, courthouse, cemetery, mortuary, old newspaper,
family histories, etc.

Our members are from young to more advanced in age. I remember the night the 16 year old youth came in and shared his
family story with us and I was so thrilled his family had taught him so much about his background and family. The genealogists attending that night felt that the family had the young man on the right track of life.

Please pass this url to other genealogists and groups to share. Thank you all. SusiCP

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Treasures in Genealogy

Today being the Treasures department for genealogy I thought it would a good way to break the ice on a new blog to go up regarding the 14 members that attend the Lemon Grove Library Research Group.

We collectively agreed to try a blog posting of our Elusive Ancestors being Root Bound and to get all the way back to Adam and Eve. Now we know that is not possible but it was a good chuckle around the table.

Since many are only back two generations with much research and a wee more with others, it was a great ice breaker. We were deciding on a name for the group. By the way, the group is open to all whom can attend.

Some of our group has been attending for at least five years or more They can for the most part go back at least 4 and sometimes as much as 10 generations on some lines.

We all have brick walls or bound roots, or dead ends. So we decided to name ourselves the
Ancestor Seekers by the Root Bound. We will see how it goes and add as we go along. Almost all have given a name to be used on the blog. We will soon have many names to use because our next meeting will be SURNAME EXCHANGE DAY.

That event will take place 4 November 2009, Lemon Grove Library. 6 to 8 p m .
It may be that it will take up the entire month of November if enough people come and share.

So look for a new blog here called "Ancestor Seekers by the Root Bound" from the Lemon Grove Research Group.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

TOMBSTONES Graveyards and Cemeteries

Tombstones tell of a death of a departed family member, a friend, a neighbor or just a stranger.

Tombstones tell us much of the person depending on the items included on the tombstones.

Tombstones are an art of their own.

They tell us of children, parents, widows, widowers, Warriors and many other things if you can read the signs on the tombstones.

Graveyards say much also, neglected, kept up, manicured or just mown. There are many types and styles. Some are separated by religion beliefs some are separated by age. The old section and the new. Old stones generally tell us more than new stones.

Seems families saved money for a tombstone for it was the last thing to speak for them after they are gone. Today that seems to have gone by with spend now and not worry about stone later.

Cemeteries, now to me it means a huge, emmense space with buried remains of the people of the past. In other ways it is the same as a graveyard. They can say volumes or say little.
Arlington is a Cemetery. Fort Roscran's is a Cemetery.

Halloween around the corner have fun.....

Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday Madness post MADISON/ MATTISON/ JONES

I have reposted about Susan Madison ie Mattison?
b 1812? 1816? 1818 on tombstone in IOWA.
Where : MASS, NY, VT

Marr: NOYES JONES b 1809 Petersburg, (JONES HOLLOW area) NY
His parents NOEL JONES b abt 1785 NY wife Susanna abt 1785 also documented.
They show on 1810 census mother, father and son. Never to show as family again. :<( second documentation.

Marriage was around 1830-32 in Mass HOLYOKE<>

I may have found NOYES with ABEL JONES in 1830 census. A person of his age in Abel's house.
I am suspecting Abel as NOEL JONES parent, need to find Abel JONES kin to discuss his life.

I found a PHILLIP MATTISON in MASS next door in 1790 census. HE then goes away.
I think he is same as 1810 one in NY. Philip is of the age to be Susan 's grandfather.

Would appreciate contact with MADISON, MATTISON kin of this region. OR any JONES kin of this Silas JONES SR family.

YDNA shows link and lineage does and letter family has written to NOYES long ago. Held by family in IOWA. WE are missing NOEL's parents maybe Abel and we are missing all of Susan Madison's family.

O yes a George MADISON was in IOWA next to her in 1870, suspect as brother.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Favorite Genealogical Society's Winning Praise

HI everyone, seems that Randy S asked this question a while back. What is my favorite genealogical society? Well, I have several that are favorites and for various reasons, some quite obvious in fact.

Some are near and I can go share and banter with them. Some are far but have much resources that I desperately ( or so I feel ) need. I share with them also. Sharing is one of the greatest advantages of belonging to a Society.

Sharing is what makes the societies so special. One seldom to ever, fails to find a new relative or friend. I think that belonging to a Genealogical group would be awesome for most people including those whom have lost family or moved and are struggling to get through the day. In 40 + years of research I have met only one genealogist that was did not fit that mold and they were at a Library. There is something about talking about a common name, a common place, a same situation event that breaks people out of the mold and their personality comes forward and shines.

Societies carry data that a normal library does not have. Societies understand the nature of one's desire for certain information. They can even lead you in new directions to find more information about family and meet relatives if your desiring to meet more family.

I love one society for their awesome stepping to the plate when they learned of my visit. They had pulled 25 books with data waiting for me to scour through once I arrived. I had worked with this library for about four years. So I was not a stranger totally. Down the road when they wanted to go online I helped them to purchase a computer to do just that. I have been affiliated with them for many, many years. One should never expect the society to do things totally for free. They do many things already that are free.

I love our society's here in our town also. I belong to four of them. They all serve a different need and sharing of information. Which makes belonging to them worth the time and effort to
get to their events. I love to participate and help. I have held various offices for the various society's. The giving back is a major reward in itself.

You meet so many wonderful caring people. Alas this last year I was slowed down by a
run in with a set of stairs and body damage so I was not as active as I like to be. I look forward to being more active in the future again.

So yes, join a society, even one (who I hear from many say) they have nothing and they just set there and talk among themselves and ignore us. You may be the one to make the difference for them to wake up and share like I am sure they could. Start a society, you can even do that by having mini group meetings at a Library or a home to start. Down the road when large enough you may want to be a real Society and others will be their to help you. Today help is only an email or Twitter away.

I know of of a society that started that way, I was in on early planning for Chula Vista Genealogy Society and then later came back and joined when my work stopped. I missed some years in the early stages but never lost touch with the people. Remembering, my biggest
excitement of retiring was to come back and help this group of people.

So I can not say all the reasons to join they are so many if you give it a try you will learn this.
Yes, at times I commute more than 50 miles to attend a meeting. Not as much since our world has changed but I try to do it often.

O do not forget to belong to the: VGS, NGS or NEHGS for they are very large and really help carry power when we need them to fight for laws to not destroy cemeteries and various, common sense things when some politicians and developers seem to think the money is more important.

I am looking forward to when we can do mini meetings of certain topics on line to share with our members like I did on the old Golden Gate Forum. I host a chat now but it's site is secluded and permission has to be given to attend.

I do this now but I think we could do lots more of it LISA where are you??

Blessings to you all, Susi C Pentico

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pennsylvania Research Trip" 1993"

OO YES I DID do research in Pennyslvania. I have done some in Maryland and Virginia also.
I did hands on in Pennsylvania meeting cousins, that my Grandfather told me were there.
Alas the one lady whom remembered Grandfather going to Greene Co PA to visit Aleppo and other areas to see kin called me the day I got home. They had played marbles together on the floor so very long ago. I met many whom knew that my Grandad had come as a boy with his father to Pennsylvania to see family. Great Grandpa Frank was about 12 years old when they left Greene Co and went to Iowa to live. This was after the Civil War and his Dad was home to stay.
His Father Sanford had been in WYO in service and seen much of Nebraska, IOWA and other places west of Pennsylvania. His brother Hague had gone west to Californian and Alaska at the same time and then coming back to Iowa where he purchased land he started to learn medicine. His mentor sent him to OHIO to school and then he went back to Moravia, IA and opened practice. Sanford and his Sister Phebe and her husband went to IOWA.
Grandpa Frank was in charge of the cattle and animals on the drive west.
He walked behind the wagon with the dog,( name I do not have at hand) once in a while he was able to ride the wagon and his siblings would work the animals but that was seldom.
The dust that blew up at times was horrid and very hard for him to breathe.

Great Grandpa Frank wanted to go back to Pennsylvania so he could see some of his old acquaintance and cousins, Aunts and Uncles. Grandad was about 5 years old but he told me
and Rich and Hartley (cousins) stories of the trip while we sat on the old hay baler in the back forty of his land out behind the barn and silo.

When I was 17 and saw him last he asked if I ever got a chance for me to go to Pennsylvania and meet the family that was left behind. It took many years for me to finally be able to visit that beautiful section of Pennsylvania. I hope to go back again some day.

I walked cemeteries, visited churches, City Hall, the Court House, many distant cousins homes and the Historical Society in it's building and the Genealogy Library in the Waynesburg Library.

Some of the cousins I had talked and shared letters with for many years. It was a real treat to see them. One family was almost duplicate in family resemblance. Jacob looked like my Uncle Dick, Violet looked like my Aunt Mae, Jacob's sister looked just like my Aunt Ruth.

Amazing genes and yes we had the funky fingers and the different toes. It was a really fun time.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

My Accomplishments with Genealogy

Exactly what does one call an accomplishment. Is it the finding the answers to the puzzle pieces? Is it the locating the families of long ago connections? Is it the keeping of the data current and correctly posted and shared with others?
An Accomplishment is really in the eye of the beholder.

For my accomplishments with satisfaction so far they are all interconnected. The finding of distant kin long forgotten and the locating of pictures and people and documents to verify the family story left to me by my Grandfather's Cecil Lee HOFFMAN and Carl F JONES.

Grandfather Cecil's information was interesting and exciting. By accident I found the link we were told of that we did not believe was real. ( HAAAY Grandpa.)

Grandfather Jones was also as interesting by what he did and did not share. ( I found IT Grandfather .)Most of my accomplishments would not have happened if it had not been for these two gentlemen. Of course, there was much work to be in finding the answers but the foundation was laid by them.

The web page ( we built) with my cousin Helen Durbin's assistance is to share with others to help them, all move forward in finding answers. Helen researched in Pennsylvania and I did mine from the west coast of California and some in WYO, NE and IOWA.

What is the most satisfying of all that I have done I would say is the accumulation of all the above. The meeting more kin, the sharing with others, the learning of our background, they all
file in the top; of course being married 50 years, raising five children and helping with ten grandchildren all fill in the mix. Helping them to understand the legacy that was left them to carry forward was and is my ultimate goal.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tombstone nah no Tombstone

Well, tombstones do not sound so good this evening. Incident happened today that made me decide not Tombstone tonite. It happened this evening.

WE had three funerals on our block last week so I m sorta TOMBSTONED out. I think Wordless Wednesday will be spent in prayers of thanksgiving.

Did you know HE HE HE HE that Halloween is coming right around the corner? It deals with Lost Souls and TOMBSTONES, and Witches and Graveyards too.

Today I set out my dancing owls from Hallmark which I love. MUNSTER THEMED and then set up electric pumpkin and other critters for cheering the spirits. Even weirder I am reading a book by Linda Leal MILLER that is about Vampires and WarLocks and humans.

Some weird comments are in the book that are not so far out of reach rather scary in thought.

HEA HEA HEA Halloween is coming.... ARE YOU READY????????????

Genealogists everywhere be AWARE :>) :>)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday's Black Sheep Lost Ancestoress

Susan MADISON/MATTISON b between 1812 to 1818 depending on what data used.
Born in MASS, VT, NY, and one son even put CT. She used MASS when her and husband alone.
Her children just didn't know or the boundaries were a moving. Which in this area they were moving often.

The closest I found was a PHILLIP MATTISON in 1790 census in MASS on border next to Rensselaer Co NY. I later find what may be him in 1810 in Renselaer Co. NY. He is to old ? to be her father but could be a grandfather.???

Susan according to family lore was born in MASS and they married near HOLYOKE
around 1830 1832. I never found a marriage record. 10 years ago I scoured what was available at that time. I talked to some MATTISON researchers and they felt they knew what line she was from but I can not determine any more information.

Her second son NOEL JONES b 1835 in MASS, first born in NY. He later disappears and family says he dies around 1855 and did not make it to ILL and or IA. It was an accident.
I find no data on his demise either. I would have thought if accident a paper article would be written. Knowing that they were Baptist was hoping there were records, NOpe not found so far.

Her last child was born in NY in 1850. I actually know almost as much about this child as my ancestor I gather they were close. His name was Charles he married a BARTLETT that was also from NY. So that family came west with them or followed them.

Susan marries NOYES JONES b 1809 Petersburg Jones Hollow, Rensselaer Co NY.

They married where?? I have not found a record yet.

Any help suggestions appreciated.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday Evening Memories

Memories of long ago or just yesterday. Time flits by so quickly we can not say, if it is today or it was yesterday. Memories of our youth. Memories of our young adult lives. Memories of our marriage and our children and grandchildren.. MMMMMM where does one begin.

One of my never forgotten memories was after I had scrubbed the kitchen dining room floor and waxed it, my sister fell off the tire swing and split her lip on a brick that was near by.
She and her brother come screaming to the house blood going everywhere. Lips bleed folks yup they do.

I grabbed a towel and put on her mouth to slow it down and asked my brother to help hold it there while I called our neighbor a retired nurse to come check it out since the Folks were in town doing the weekly shopping and I being the oldest was left in charge of chores and watching the younger ones after their work was done.

Gladly the people we called Grandma and Grandpa Cunningham came and she washed my
sis up and pulled the lip together with a butterfly type badging of tape. Then we did a major ice pack to cut the swelling and not pull the tape off that was holding the area together.

All was well by the time MOM and DAD got home but I had not gotten the blood off the back porch floor yet and area re mopped in kitchen. Grandma Margaret was reading a story to them while I was cleaning up the rest of the blood off of the cabinet and floor etc.

Only other time I saw that much blood was when that brother split his head open and we again had to call Grandma Margaret Cunningham to assist. This time we iced and then Dad and MOM took him to town it was a very jagged nasty gash. He was always falling down and
hurting himself. Mom said she was that way as a child also. He even was playing with friend at the other house we lived in before we moved and his buddy beaned him with a hoe and they had to rush him to hospital with stitches. It seems they were fencing and were using the wrong end and it hit his head. We then lived much closer to town and I was not in charge of that time event. Mom, Dad and their friends were all standing at the garden gate talking about the garden when it happened.
Memories o the memories. Grandpa and Grandma Cunningham were awesome neighbors and my class mates grandparents. When she moved away and they moved I was very sad.
Time frame early 1950's

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Family Treasures

Thursday is Family Treasures day, but what is a family Treasure. It can be an item or it can be an event. It can mean many different things to many different people.

I have a treasure, a MOM whom is 89 years young Dr said. She is stable and has her faculties in order. Sure she forgets but that is something we all do. Since she doesn't punch a clock knowing the day of the week is a non necessary thing. She calls many things we do "clutters for the mind."

Her prospective is interesting and her thoughts are intriguing. Since the Dr's in 1981 said she would not live for more than five years I call her a treasure.

I imagine that is the feelings of many whom have elder family members.

Many teenagers I am around at school have no parents or grandparents let alone a Great Grandparent. It was because of that I became known as Grandma on the high school campus.

They (Students) wanted a grandparent and a hug or a word of caution to guide them on their way. They do not always think parents say the right thing but when a grandparent echos or comments an opinion it helps them to know the direction they need to consider.

I have held a Senior boy in tears and I have held a Freshman girl in tears, what ever it take to help them get through. Many parents are so wrapped up in life that they miss some of their most precious time with their children.

So some of our best Treasures are our Elders. So MOM is my Golden Treasure for always.