Monday, October 31, 2011

Michigan Monday & Halloween

Michigan Monday and Halloween

Today I read that Bill Smith asked this question regarding how we preceive events so differently yet we all experienced the same event.

First it, depends on one's perspective of the event. Did they go expecting certain things or not expecting any gains?

Second, did they go with high hopes of resolving something and were they met with resistance?

Third, Goes back to the first. We all see an apple tree with apples.  One says it has lots of apples, one says it has been partially picked and not many apples, and another may say, I do not see but a few apples.

How we look at the event, situation is what helps us shape how we look at that situation.

A cup is half full and a cup is half empty.  Ironic, it is still the same cup.

So Halloween in Michigan is a day of cool beginnings and some sun and some breeze which almost always picks up in the afternoon. The day will end with darkness falling and probably not any trick or treaters since we live in farm country.

It was called Beggar's Night by my Dad and we were not allowed to beg.  We could attend parties and functions but not go door to door. I also learn here that the town sets the hours when people can go out to ply their wares.

I just hope that everyone has a good evening and no one is hurt or injured or damaged by those of scrupulous thoughts.

Happy Halloween or Blessed Holy Evening, for it is the night be for All Saint's Day.  A mixed holiday of both pagan and christian beliefs.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday, Following- Cousin's Found/Shared Information on Silas JONES Kin

Jones, of old Albany, today, Saratoga, Rensealaer Co area of New York.

Suspecting that due to large families there is more than many realize linked to Silas JONES Sr of old
Greenwich, Rhode Island to then Albany, New York. The area is then split into more counties and I suspect kin in at least three if not more counties early.  Some day maybe get to play with the other names.

A cousin of distance sent information that was found and shared. Land comes from Van Rensaelaer Patent?
It confirms when we purchased and can establish residency for this area. I have data but it is not all filled in.
Blanks here and there and names sometimes are missing, that is first names are missing for a father and last names, for a couple of mothers.

There are many names mentioned in the papers she copied and sent. Many I am familiar with and have done some research on. A couple of new names that are now confirmed into the family also. 

When I have access to mail again I will share the names.  I am hoping those whom are looking for kin of Silas JONES Sr family will contact me, regarding any of his siblings or his children.

The Sand Lake Historian was sending papers, Some were helpful some led off to another line of family not  mine. They were like the German's they liked to reuse the names over and over and almost every sibling then had a (favorite?) sibling/child named for them. 

I understand the JONES CEMETERY has been relocated and there are a few non JONES in Cemetery.
Why not they did marry into other families, of course.

Noel JONES,b abt 1785 NY what was your wife's last name? You had to know it. Was it NOYES?

Susan MADISON JONES b abt1818  who were your parents?  I am sure George was a brother or cousin but suspect brother.

Silas JONES Sr how I wish you had, been able to fill out a paper with all your grandchildren listed on it for the family to retain. At least up until the point of your death in 1803?

So bloggers do you have a list of the names of all your grandchildren on it? Since we can not print living people how are the future generations going to know whom was family if you do not have this data somewhere shared and stored. What about married in last names of spouses since they are also living?

The list should go to a library, and each down line child of yours for safe keeping. Families in this day and age scatter as badly as 150 years ago. 

Jones kin would you kindly share your, not known where they fit in, information so maybe more of the puzzle pieces can come together.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday -- O How I Wish - ALEXANDER OF N.C to Georgia and Arkansas and Texas

Alexander at this point starts for family in North Carolina.  With the use of census we have tracked the direct line back this far and some collateral have helped us learn the mother's first name.

So we start with Mr. ALEXANDER  married to a Martha whom is the mother of James Alexander and Grandmother of Charles Alexander. 
With these clues we share,  The line we are digging is James brother "George Baron DeKalb Alexander".
George was born around 1820 in Georgia, both his parents were born in North Carolina.

George marries 15 Sept 1853 Phillips Co. Ark. to Susan E. Owen. Documented.
George and Susan are in Ark for 1860, Phillips Co. Independence Twp 1860.. p 135 Slave schedule,
1860 Federal Census, lists George ,Susan, Mary 3 and Edward 1, also a William Mason, Carpenter b VA.
Side bar Robinson family just below him and last name of  Allen, Allin before him.

1870  Federal Census Hampton, Monroe, Arkansas  lists George, Susan and 2 girls 4 & 2  and children from Powel. .  Fanny Powell 11, Garland 4 and Ayn 15
Sidebar  Owen below

1880  Federal Census  Florence, Williamson, TX age 60
Susan middle intial on this census E.
Zula E 14, Annie 12, Sue G 9, Birdie P 5, Charles E. 3 and Charles D 29 (nephew)
occupation is Physician

1900 Federal Census under D G , Justice Precinct,4, Williamson, Texas . Susan E. marr 47 years

1910 Federal Census George Alexander, aged 90 , b GA, father born North  Carolina
. mother b North Carolina
Spouse Susan E   age 73 lived Snyder Scurry, Texas

Bertie Alexander 31
Z E Coates 42 and Oma Coates 25

George Barron DeKalb Alexander died 5 July 1912 Snyder Texas, Allopath ( Doctor)

By tracking Charles D the nephew to his father we also found George's mothers name to be Martha.

Further Research implies???? Martha was a Robinson and her husband may have been Amzi Alexander
b 1788 Mecklinburg Co. N C Martha Robinson b 1790 Mechlinburg Co. N C.

Looking for anyone researching Amzi Alexander and Martha or anyone researching his parents
Moses Alexander.  This last tidbit found on the Alexanders of Georgia site by William Alexander.

Looking for proof that George and James were children of Martha Alexander as census implies.

Amzi Alexander just does not show up any where but story implied that her husband died not an old man.
I found many Martha Alexanders' and no Amzi Alexander on censuses.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Seminar Up Date 24 Sept Event

Seminar Up- Date 24 Sept  2011 Event

 Due to my being away. I am referring everyone over to Shirley Becker's Blog page for a report on this seminar we held.

Donna and Anne sounds like you really hit the spot with the attendees. Thanks so much.

Read and enjoy everyone. You missed a very informative event.