Monday, January 29, 2018

Genealogical Goals for 2018

  O, this may seem far fetched but definitely is time to do this.

  Having done research with pen, pencil and paper, binders, maps and books for almost 40 years, it was interesting in 1991  when I started working a wee bit with computers and genealogy.

Aware I had 18 boxes at one point on various lines of the family. Some  was inherited from Mom, Aunts, Uncles, cousins and friends that later became cousins.  I worked this down to 12 and have since added 2 1/2 more to the pile.

 A cousin said," take a box a day and work some until it is entered. It will take a while but you will succeed."  That was in 1994. Bless that cousin he is no longer with us. We shared on our Tracy line.

Some days those boxes hold more bank notes, receipts and data if that source.  I used to think it would be fun to catalog what was spent in one year to raise our five children.  Why because MOM used to keep account of the mini ranch and she knew at the end of each year what it cost to run the place and feed and clothe us.  Truly that is a bit of useful information.

So now comes the tolling bells, clear out those boxes and put into a program for the future generations to read and learn about their Great Grandparents, Grandparents, and Parents when they where younger and active.   Many friends have lost children and adults both. Those of us that have not are truly blessed.

Families need to know this information, also medical information is key in todays world.

So clearing the boxes and adding to the internal tree is my goal.  I have cleared five boxes since December.

Family and it's working's are very important to me. Dad so wanted a close family like Mom's, He worked hard with his siblings to bring about harmony and sharing of family.

Not sure what he would think of his family today but I hope he realizes we do care of whom we are, where we are from and what we can become.

More so our youth need to know these things so they have a drive to step up and try different things that really may not be different from what family did in the past.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Timothy JONES wife Charlotte NY Renssealer Co. NY

  Where does Timothy JONES fit into the JONES TREE?

He is not Silas Jones Sr, son, now he is probably his grandson from which son?

JONES, Timothy of Berlin. 20 Jun 1850 - 5 Dec 1850. Heirs: wife, Charlotte; daughters, Ruth M. Jones, Eunice Sabin, Phebe Bailey, Nancy Hocksey, Harriett Burdick, Hannah L. Winn, Caroline E. Burdick, & Zerua Durkee; sons, Norman, Gardner, Luther M., & William R. Jones. Exec: Charlotte & Ruth M. Jones and Joel T. Burdick 

NY Renssealer Co. Surrogate Abstracts.... by Barbara Jeffries.  

Look at all those inter-related kin names. 

Could he be a brother to Noel Jones b abt 1785 in Rens. Co. NY ?  married to Susannah, father of Noyes (NOIS, NOYCE )Jones?

I also find there is typo here Timothy was more than 6 months old when he died to marry and have children.   

Going to see if a birth date can show up or a burial site or other data.  

My files say he was born abt 1775. died 4 Oct 1850.  Berlin, Renssealer Co. NY. Some say he is Benjamin's son ??

Would love to hear from any researchers of this line?  

Monday, January 22, 2018

Foulk needs identified, Found in Ohio Thrift Shop

This is a FOULK from Ohio.  It was sent to my distant cousin whom is working Foulk/Folk also.
 She definitely fits a Foulk look. But from whom line and whom she is we do not know, do you?

The picture was found in a thrift shop and the owner wanted it reunited with it's family.  Please contact myself Susan Jones Pentico, whom's Grandmother was Victoria Mae Foulk born IA.
Betsey Hall  was the receipent of this picture. We are looking for help.

Also implied born Philadelphia, PA and I blogged this a couple years ago.
Dying probably in OH.
Since a new puzzle cropped up today thought I would toss it back out there.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Many new things coming for genealogists and historians.

Sites are upgrading and changing and it is becoming frustrating at times.

Some of our best sites that serviced us have been removed for potential hacking issues. BLAHHHH

I know we are rebuilding little by little.  Knowing that is out of commission is a rotten shame.Whom ever caused the problem was not nice.

Family Search data is more accurate than 20 years ago.  Still has issues but they try to keep up with them.

Several urls have come and gone.  Many of the Researchers and Genealogists have also.

The above website gives some clues.

Find A Grave has changed I am not sure I like it but we have no control over it.

Just wanted to share the article above in case it may explain some of our  concerns, if you have any.

Monday, January 15, 2018

The Blaine Bettinger, Ph.D.,J.D. Day Was Filled With Information.

  It was with delight I was able to attend his second conference in about month here in San Diego.
  Having heard from a distant cousin that this person was potentially related to me and what line, I
  most anxious to learn more about him.

  Saturday he was able to add to the information he had shared in December.
  The topics were: "Introduction to DNA", "Using Autosomal DNA for 18th and 19th Century
  Mysteries", "Using Third - Party Tools to Analyze your Autosomal DNA", and "Phasing and  Mapping Your DNA."

 It was like reading a murder mystery resolving the diagrams and graphs to understand many things we have not heard much about before.

 Being familiar with Ydna and Mtdna I could grasp it very well in principal. Now Autosomal DNA is so much more exciting and learned it made sense immediately, sort of a crazy feeling.

Having felt like it was an Algebra problem.  You are just looking for the missing piece.

The Third-Party Tools were exciting to learn about.  was one which I am trying to grasp.

One-to-Many Matches Tool very fascinating instrument to master.

There was so much to absorb and conquer.

His web page is:  all underscored.

His email was shared also.

If given permission I will write more of what we learned.

There was a nice group from Chula Vista Genealogical Society in attendance.

Bethel Williams, Heather Goebel, Diane Gordinez, Randy Seaver, J Paul Hawthorne,
Shirley Becker, Sharon and Ken Robison, and I.

Looking forward to seeing him in Grand Rapids, MI with my daughter in law.
Unable to make the program in Washington, PA.

He has some awesome charts and many he gave people permission to copy.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

The Year Begins,,,,,,

The Year Begins,,,,,,

Yes, we lost a cousin John Thomas, Aunt Marie Pentico Thomas' son,  and our Hoffman Aunt lost a brother in Colorado, to be buried in Wheatland, Wyo.

Brought to my attention I do not have her maiden name in my file, shame on me.  See these are the types of slips we should not do. I know I have been told this name before. I suspect it all on my old paper files.

On Dad's side we still have a Great Aunt alive in Greybull, Wyoming.  Shasta you are so blessed to still have your Mom.  I love her so much.

So we have one(GAunt) on Dad's side and Uncle on Mom's side both still with us.

Not getting cards mailed this year, but reading the notes we did receive, made me wonder how much of our immediate family keep track of their Aunt's, Uncles and Great Aunt's and Uncles, cousins etc.

Our Great Grandchildren (2) have some living distant kin.  I asked many did you write a card to our Aunt and Uncle a Hoffman in Wyoming. Or just think  of immediate family. We are so blessed to have them and all the stories he can tell about his time in the WAR and afterwards.
The great stories he shares about his growing up memories of My Mom, Your Grandmom, Great Grandmom or GGgrandmom.

Have you told your children about these people? The sacrificing things that our past ancestors did to make us whom we are?  Small is not to little to share these stories, teens it is more important so they can be more grounded about themselves,  adults even are excited to learn things their ancestors did.

Did they found a college?  Yes, one did. Were their any Doctors? Yes. Nurses Yes, Farmers, yes,
Writers, Yes. Opera Star, yes, she sang at the pier when the boats left to go to war in WW2. What about our Famous Painter, Yes.

So when you look at your children and grandchildren you can see why some are into theater and plays, health care, politics,  agriculture, and the list is even longer.  We have some rather well known writers in our lineage, a few presidents of old, a couple of famous Indian lines.

Do your children have knowledge of these things?   Sometimes knowing others have accomplished it give the youth the strength to stretch their wings and become someone like our ancestors in our past.

This  applies to all my cousins, nieces and nephews, brothers and sister.

I so thank my cousin Don Morelli for the photo's he sent.  Wondering if he remembers Dad chased us from the Dam back to the house yard so many years ago.  We were chasing pollywogs, about 4 and 6 or so in age.  O yes it was a dangerous thing but we wanted to see if they had grown since we had seen them last.  Don had banty chickens and many, many kinds.  They are tiny little full grown chickens.   He is my Aunt's son, he has two brothers and we all grew up near each other.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year One and All.

The NEW MOON is out.

The clouds are to the west so we can see the moon from the east.

I made black eyed peas, ham and cornbread for family and neighbor.

Dinner was a slice of pie.

It has gotten very cold all of a sudden.  Hubby agreed.

Praying all traveling are kept safe and arrive all in one piece.

Trusting God that this year will be calmer but ask Him to give strength
to deal with what comes.

Truly want to travel to see some older family and our son and grandchildren.

Not been home since our old home place sold.  

Health issues have already popped up in family so we shall see.

I hope family is logging a bit of their lives for the families of the future.

Contemplating how things were in 1950 compared to today.

The changes are huge and overwhelming.

The younger ones need to at least get a grasp of what it was like then.

Blessings and have a Great Life.

Blue Moon end of month. One on each end.