Thursday, October 31, 2019

A Bit of Lineage to Share. By Susi Jones Pentico

Susi Pentico 
your mother Cecil Hoffman 
her father Franklin Marion Hoffman 
his father Rachel Hoffman 
his mother George P Plants 
her father Catherine Haines 
his mother Josiah Haines 
her father Caleb Haines 
his father John Haines 
his father Richard Haines, Sr. 
his father John Richard Haynes 
his father John Haynes 
his father George Haynes 

his father  John Haynes b 1495  Much Hadham Hartfordshire, England

Susi Pentico 
You Ray Dee Jones 
your father Victoria Mae Jones 
his mother Margaret Mae EASTMAN Foulk 
her mother Lydia Eastman 
her mother Prosper Trowbridge 
her father Lydia Tracy 
his mother Hezekiah Tracy 
her father Mary Fuller 
his mother Samuel Fuller, Jr. 
her father Samuel Fuller, Lt. 
his father Capt. Matthew Fuller 
his brother Hannah Bonham 
his daughter Hezekiah Bonham, Sr. 
her son Hezekiah Bonham, Jr. 
his daughter Jemima Cowgill 
her daughter Alice Fuller 
her daughter John Marrion Fuller 
her son Marrion Booth Fuller 
his son Linna Lea Wood 
his daughter Carol Ann Wood 
her daughter on

Sunday, October 27, 2019

More on Mystery Grandma Tied to Hoffman/Huffman

  Mystery Grandma of our Past.

 Okay taking your hints I went to the tree again.  I suspected she was from Sr Henry's wives.
  But Catrouch/Catherine Fry died 1845.  She was my biggest suspect.
  We learned she may have been married to Fredrick Loughman /Loafman after Henry's death and
  I recently learned people are carrying a very different person.  More digging to do on this if time    permits.

Mary Henderson, Joseph Higgins Sr wife died in 1813 so removed her.  Elizabeth Higgins Mom.
Henry Huffman/Hoffman b 1803 's wife.

 So dropping down a generation
 To be a Grandma it had to come from Sanford's line.

  He married Rachel Plants/Plantz  their marriage date was on papers Currier and Ives Document that accidentally got left in house with brother.  We have many pictures of the Plants and Hoffman', Huffman's of this line.

 Rachel Plants, Mom was Catherine Stollar she was born1801 and d 1893.  But the picture sent me of her does not match this lady. Her MOM was Rosanna Ealy/Ely, Ihli.  Lost much on this line when system crashed.

 George Plants, Mom was Catherine Haines need to learn her death date. Was in old system before it crashed.

Not many to choose from so interesting if anyone has pictures of the potential matches to the picture.
Ely, Ealy, Ihli, Haines, or Stollar.

Unless there is more behind the story of the Senior Henry having another wife prior to Prather/Pravotor or Fry.  Since that daughter was not determined to be Henry's but Prather's?
We are lost and she would not be a Grandmother.  I personally suspect that the daughter was Henry's but still would not make her the Grandmother.

Picture on previous blog.  Look in your old pictures do you also have her picture someone that looks similiar.  Thanks.

Friday, October 25, 2019

Who Am I?? Cecil Lee/Leroy Hoffman stated a Grandmother Way Back

So I sent this again to Maureen Taylor for information on age. This a m, cousin and I blew this picture up.  She has a rose pin at her throat. The material of the dress is embossed? stamped?  It appears she has long hair and is braided and wrapped around head?  She has fingers very long and arms very long, much like my Mothers.  She is standing with hand on back of chair. She is not short.
Her waist above back of chair.
Does she have knees bent a bit?
His Father told Franklin she was of Indian heritage. Franklin, his father Sanford. CW Vet.
She has tobacco/snuff in cheek, His Father(Franklin) explained to him (Cecil).

Mother Dorothy Inez  Hoffman (Jones), Father Cecil Lee (Leroy)Hoffman b Ia 1891, Grandfather
Franklin Marion Hoffman b 1860  Greene Co. Pa, {Aleppo area}Died Wheatland, Wyo, buried in Iowa beside his wife, body went by train escorted by son Cecil Lee, (my Grandfather).
Grandpa Frank was a large man tall 6"3 or more. Wide shoulders, went in doors sideways many times. I have a picture of him blocking a doorway. He walked the cattle (animals) to IA  from Pa. behind wagon, with younger siblings help, after the CW. Someone in family has the records he wrote of it.  Younger children helped keep track of chickens and dogs etc.

His Father was Sanford Huffman/Hoffman, served CW and cousin sent me his Medal,  born 24 Nov 1834  married Rachel Plants (Plantz)   Her mother was Catherine STOLLAR 1801-1893. Anyone have picture of her?  Two generations back would be: Catherine Haines and Rosanna Ealy/Ely (Ehli).

Sanford's mother was Elizabeth Higgin's and I have picture of her young and older.  Married 9 April 1826  Greene Co. PA to Henry Huffman/Hoffman. b 1803-1879.  Brethen. Built bridges, barns, churchs, schools and farmed. Sold fruit etc. Also built the first free standing spiral stair case for a family member. It fell about 1991.  I have newspaper article.

His letter passed around family after the  CW stated why he changed name and it was because there were no HUFFMAN's in Germany prior to 1880. They were all Hoffman's.  Teacher told his younger children and he then wrote and shared with family.   He was also tired of getting other peoples mail.
The younger children went generally by Hoffman, Sanford changed his over time to Hoffman.

Elizabeth's mother was Mary Henderson Higgins 1773-1813.  Henry's mother was Catrouch Fry. ie Catherine Fry.1770-1845       This was whom I thought this might be but know I have learned more about Fry/Frye , I am at a loss.  Though Fry's in area since 1750's.  Fryes, VA. MD and WVA and PA.
more on our web page on Fry's

I do not think it would be Mary Pravator (Prather) though she did have a girl child, implied by him???   if her line found DNA would help.

If you have pictures of any of the mentioned mothers it may help.  I have pictures of Rachel Plants, Elizabeth HIggins, Elizabeth Duvall,  she was Frank's wife.

Everything told me implied it was someone before Frank married so the Duvall line has been left out.
Thanks for any help.., or contact Helen S Durbin or Matt C. at Heritage site.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Mildred Huffman Russell

My friend and my cousin, she convinced me that Greene Co., PA would be nice to an outsider.
So I was preparing to go east and meet all these people my Grandfather had talked about when he was alive.

 My last visit 1958, with him he, Cecil Lee Hoffman, asked, if I got a chance for me to go to Greene Co. PA and meet the family his family left behind when they moved to Iowa.  His father my Great Grandfather Frank took him to Greene Co. just before he started school so he could meet his father's family. He was about 5 years old he said.  Now at this time, 1958, lived in Wheatland, Wyoming in town giving up the farm due to age and healthy a few years before.  He left Iowa to go to Wyoming because of his lungs where he had kin living before MOM was born pre 1920.

His father  Frank, walked the cattle and animals behind the wagon when they left Pennsylvania to come to Iowa.  Frank's father, Sanford Hoffman,  had been in this area during the Civil War and after the war they moved to Iowa from Greene Co. PA.  He had a brother who was learning to be a Dr and he also had a brother in law, Thomas Neal, badly injured and needed more treatment so they moved to Iowa. So there were at least 3 wagons in this trip and I think it was about 12 wagons or so. Still trying to track whom all came with them.

Anyway, I had written to the Library for assistance on locating kin and they put me in touch with Mildred Russell.  What a treasure she was.  Alas she got the flu then pneumonia and died so I postponed my trip for another year, in hopes of developing a friendship with other kin.   I talked to her when she went to hospital because she called to let me know if I couldn't reach her where she would be.

So the next year after contacting her sister and other cousins, I flew east to meet the family.

I was sad she wasn't there but the family was awesome.  I understood why Grandad Hoffman wanted me to make contact with them. He tried but was limited on how to find them.

So Dear Mildred, Thank You so much for all you helped to start and complete.

I will write more on family I met while there and some I still hear from and one I especially work with.  Blessings All.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Stumbling Around in the Trowbridge, Sharpe, Wood files.

Stumbling Around in the Trowbridge, Sharpe, Wood files.

Well, Grandma gave me some of my Sharpe, Sharp, data and in the 1970s it was the best I had.

For some reason today as the heat piles on this evening and the breezes die down I m setting
here trying to make sense of a hint I received from

 I have Prosper Trowbridge 1808- 1850 m to Margaret Sharpe, I seem to have lost some files when back  up system went 4 years ago.   For her I have John Sharpe as Father no mother  but born NY

Prosper Trowbridge was b 15 Oct 1808 - 1807 Shelbrune, Chittenden, VT
He died 14 July 1850 in Edwardsville, St. Lawrence, NY  41 years of age.

It appears they had two maybe 3 children one being Lydia Trowbridge 4 Sept 1841 d 12 Sept 1900.

She is my ancestress:

More information on these lines.   I wrote my Great Grandma for 6 years before she died the year I graduated high school in 1958.  Margaret Mae Eastman her daughter



Earliest  I have is John EASTMAN b 1579 supposedly Roger EASTMAN's father. 

Roger Eastman m Sarah ? Smith

Joseph Eastman m Mary Tilton 1650-1692  and Mary 1647 - ? 
                                 Mary's parents: Peter Tilton 1620-1696 and Elizabeth Frary (Frairy) 162-1692
                                            Peter's  parents: William TILTON 1585- Ursula PYCROFT

Peter Eastman 1684 -1764  m Mehitable ROOT 1688-1760   
                                 Mehitable 's parents: Hezekiah ROOT and Mehitable FRAIRY
                                           Sampson Frairy: 1642-1704 - Mary Daniels
                                               her parents: Robert DANIELS and Elizabeth MORSE
                                               Sampson's parents: John Frairy  and Prudence TOWNSEND

                                 THOMAS  ROOTE:  16 JAN 1604 - 17 JUN 1694  HE IS 90 at death.
                                  Elizabeth  d 25 Nov 1691
                                        father John ROOTE 1576-1640  Mary Ann RUSSELL


                                                                       b abt 1722 d 1777

Azariah Eastman
Birth Date:
New Jersey
Page Number:
Gen. Column of the " Boston Transcript". 1906-1941.( The greatest single source of material for gen. Data for the N.E. area and for the period 1600-1800. Completely indexed in the Index.): 4 Sep 1935, 248; 20 Sep 1935, 880; 26 Sep 1935, 909

son: Vespasion EASTMAN  wife Eunice STODDARD

son: Abijah Stoddard EASTMAN and Esther THOMAS.