Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Los Angeles Library Systems in Need of Support

Save the Los Angeles Public Library! Clerks & MC's are the 1st smiling people you see when you enter the library and the last you see when you leave. They are the ones that help you get your library cards, they are the ones whom return your materials, & they are the ones that check out your materials to you. They are as important to the functioning of o...ur library as anyone. We could not do our jobs as librarians without them.!/savethelibrary?ref=nf

Taken from FACEBOOK Site requesting help spread the word and help.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday's Tombstone.... tis ghostly

Much to tired to find a picture so here is a ghost one.

It floats in the air and it skims the ground,

It fills the air with not a sound,

Now you see me now you don't.

This ghost is gone now.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday's Madness is Alive and Well at the Library

Yes, genealogy is on the move. Up the street and down the alley, a sleuth is looking for information on their family. In the trashcan, in the park, best of all is in the library.

Yup, a library is the place to be and woe is me for I am home working other adventures for the day. But if all goes well tomorrow I may be free to go and visit
the new library the San Diego Genealogy Society has in north county area way above
freeway 8.

Another great library is our own in Chula Vista at the Civic Center F St. facility.
We have lots of books from many places, The Library of Congress catalog, DAR books,
histories, genealogies, census records, Pension Census, Maps, more maps, more
information than most realize.

It is my hope our society will tour the library and learn what all the facility holds. When doing research one should look at: reference section of library, newspapers, magazines, videos, CD's, history, maps and genealogy areas.

Our library in Chula Vista has cd's of the Civil War songs and other such interesting music. The Reference section has: Who's Who, encyclopedias, medical data,
historical information, city directories, etc. The genealogical check out section has
many books that you can take home and browse and bring back for the next person.

The Genealogy Section is a non check out area but has many books on states, ethnic's (Spanish, German, Irish, Scots, Oriental, Portuguese, French Canadian, British, etc), wars, histories, maps, phone books, and much more.

The newspaper section is rather extensive for help in research. I am not sure how far back they carry them anymore. Magazine section can always help you find article's on ancestors or their professions.

Maps are held in both the genealogy (non Check Out section)and in the open area for research. The south branch library (Orange Ave) has some really great ones on the Civil War which I have used.

Mentioning more libraries have you checked out the Law Library in San Diego or elsewhere?

Have you looked at the University Libraries for data? Medical Library division for
lists of Doctors licensed in the USA.

So Madness regarding libraries on Monday is about to break away from the March Madness and enter in to April Showers and then May Flowers.

Come along enjoy the trip, gain some knowledge you did not know was to exist.

God's Blessings on all during this Holy Season.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sentimental Weekend :>) Sat, Sun, and Monday

No trouble being sentimental this weekend. It seems that it is the hot topic
weekend of birthdays in the family.

Fifty one years ago I celebrated my first birthday with my husband to be.

Fifty years ago I celebrated the birth of our first son, with husband over seas.

Thirteen years ago tomorrow we celebrated the birth of our second granddaughter.

Surname Saturday's Hannah OEN

Hannah OEN born 1826, Germany (?), died 29 April 1896 in Iowa. Hannah came to the
USA with two sisters the story goes. She came into Illinois and married Abraham D
Young Jr 1856 ?? St. Charles I think ILL.

His first wife was Eliza Grover born Pittston, ME. She died around 1850 in ILL we think.

We could use help on this elusive ancestor. My cousin in Minn is helping us to locate

We would love much more knowledge, a picture of her would be great. Tombstone,
Cemetery and family information.

Data I have is not consistent with my findings because Hannah Young was born 1850 in
Bellidere, Boone Co., ILL.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday's Following Thomas Kemps's

As always he helps to keep us posted with events and situations.

What would we do without our Thomas's?

Thomas Kemp thanks for all you do.


There is always a reason and cleaning the closet was a reward. I found many of the
photo's I was hoping would be there. Family in and family out, family in and moving
all about. In the shuffle of a grandson, mother and sister in law I had set them back
for further work another day. Now I am going to finish the project so I can go back
to the one I had started prior to my knee injury.

I heard SCANFEST was coming and that will be a plus also. I also have to get my
ducks in a row for my seminar talk April 24. I need to use some of those pictures to
accomplish my goal.

I have pictures of my family from when MOM was small to today. A few years are
missing but she has those at her home. I found pictures from my Great Aunt
that I can add to the scanning and label and get up for other family members to see.

Since we have found family all over the USA and are gathering the tidbits to share
I think it would be great to share these photo's.

Recalling that my Aunt's home burned several years ago and she lost many pictures.
Maybe other family members can scan through their files and share photos also.

Now that would or could make a great present for her children who do not have the
those pictures to share.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Genealogy and the Citizens

Genealogy and the Citizens

Yes we are different than the rest of the peoples. We look at the need to
know as important. The need to keep as critical. The need to spout off, well, for
some of us that is really important too.

Herein lies the difference, in spouting off and citing sources.

I recently read the report by Thomas MacEntee that brings this to the forefront of
reporting and story telling. Apparently, a family story upset an individual that
was somehow, somewhat involved with the story and they felt harassed and somewhat
threatened. Their peace and quiet was disrupted due to location. They sued.

On that note, we are planning a seminar to help new found researchers to
learn how to do Genealogy with ease and competence. As we discussed the opening
packet regarding charts there was a question as to the need to mention Citing Your
Sources. Ultimately we all agreed as to the need from day one to be aware of that

As I watched the responses around the table it was interesting to see how maybe
confused we still are on this topic. Alas, I was never taught to cite a source.
What today is called sources I just kept as keepsakes. When the government lost
those keepsakes ie sources it created a major void and a lot of need to find some
type of replacement. Worse along comes the learning much data was already erroneous
that in the past was taken as fact and suddenly everyone wanted some thing more than
just a story, whether it was fact or not.

So to explain my feelings I said to the members when you fill out a family group
sheet. You need to cite the source. Personal information by me, Susi Jones Pentico.
Whether it is a name, date, place or event, the citing of the source of information,
down the road may help a grandchild that has strayed away or a cousin that we have
not heard from in years who wants to get involved and learn about the family.

A group sheet will represent: father, mother and any children they would have had.
It also has a space for the parents of the Mother and Father so it represents three
generations. What you know as experienced and exposed to you can be the source. :>)

What a delight it would be if I could pick up a paper that would give me three
generations of data on my lineages I am seeking information on. Today since they
have become so stringent, I would even suspect notarizing the document would
make it more valid for the future.

As a beginner, would not it be a good thing to learn the method the current correct
way verses have so much done and learn you need to go back and find and cite the

So we are not the regular guy on the street we are our own breed of citizens.
Down the road as we present the learning classes we will have an in depth time to
go into the intense method of citing sources. Maybe even using MILLS' Book.

O, I think we have gotten carried away with this citing of sources so intently but
my father told me years ago the pendulum swings far to the east and then to the west.

The word of man is not accepted any more because to many told tales that were not
true. That is a sad situation for the human kind. I am to old to not remember
when word of the mouth and shake of the hand was a binding contract and honored by
all. By the 1950's and beyond it slid away down the chute. To day it is basically

I will say that there are niches and pockets in this great country where you can
set out an article and say leave the money in the jar and it is still followed. A
human's word is still as good as it ever was. But from the top of our country to
the bottom this is seriously lacking thereby creating the need for the documentation
if we desire to join many of the great organizations that are out there for us to
become members of.

So if you follow Hank Jones advise and write your story please make sure it
is noted with a disclaimer that it is as true as you know it or was presented to
you. Write your story by all means just do not cause others pain or hurt if the
topic is so near the surface of our time. We do need to be sensitive to our fellow
citizens even if they can not understand our passion for the all encompassing truth.

Which we learn some times is really not the truth. Write your story and enjoy
the fruits of your labor and share with your family as Hank Jones said," your the
author you can write it, change it, rewrite it and change it, as you feel the need."
In the end your story will be more than full filling.

Follow Your Hunches, Attitude is Everything Hank Z Jones

Wednesday was a awesome day, the sun was shining and the world was just right on
track yesterday. I so looked forward to seeing Hank Jones again, and listen to his
talk about the many things that he so delightfully can convey.

Hank Jones having had many experiences in his moving through life can relate
so well, the many great events that touched him, in so many ways regarding life.
He talked about his past friends and how they helped him to move forward in new
endeavors after Hollywood.

The many serendipitous events brought many chuckles and nodding of heads. Many
in our audience had never thought about this format of research so it was a very
enlightening talk.

Hank mentioned how people would say, " I never told anyone this but," and then would
go on to share a unique story on an event that had helped them move along the way.

He talked about his friend John Ritter who was always going to write down his
story and one day he sat down on the couch and died. John never wrote his story.
Hank stressed write the story, as the author you can always change it. At least,
start the story, and add tidbits as you go along.

He talked of David Rencher and his desire to make the IGI a viable research tool.
He mentioned Christine Rose and the ROSE family name and it's endless lengths.

He mentioned the soldier that was barracked at what is today the Court House in St.
Louis, Missouri and the experience she had when she visited the Arch in St. Louis
by looking down and seeing the court house and not going to the ball game. Touring
the court house her experience got stronger and stronger and finally she left it,
in dismay over her feelings. She later learned it was the fort he had been held in
with the need of an amputation and he would not let them do it. Yes, he survived
and lived with a limp. Jefferson Barracks is today the court house in St. Louis. MO..
Missouri. It was one of her Ancestors, if I got the story right.

Hank mentions the man who had a book, that drew him into a room and to pick it up and
opened the page to the very data he had searched for a long time. He mentioned the
person who went to the cemetery and walked directly to the ancestors stone and had
never been to that cemetery before.

He shared an tombstone saying that was this. " I told you I was sick".

Hank mentions to us getting out of the box, to do research and to follow your
hunches and intuitive leads. The most uncanny may be the best thing for answers.

"It is as if they are calling us to be found, when we can not see them.", my(Susi)
description of some of the events Hank recalled to us.

These experiences are more normal than one realizes and occur often in our

I wrote a couple of quotes that he said he likes very much.


I believe that this method is very key to our research. We need to be open and
think outside the box. As creatures of habit, we miss clues we should be using.

One of the most poignant for me was the "Going Home" experience.

He mentioned when you go back to your ancestors home or place of residence or
community the feeling that envelopes a person and makes them feel calm and
comforted, a sort of at peace. My words for I have had this experience, it was
one of the most profound feelings I have ever encountered. I knew my ancestor knew
I was there. I even had him visit me in the early morning hours and share data
about the family with me. O yes, I was awake not asleep. I learned what he shared
was true, but was rather obscure so most were not aware of the situation. They,
other family members thought it was just a story. Ironic is he looks exactly like
his great grandson Franklin. I was telling Mom about my experience and as I described
this man Mom pulls out a picture of her Grandfather and it was like I was looking him
in the face all over again.

So as he said to us follow your Hunches and feelings, do not feel threatened by
going off the beaten path and researching a different way. The same method is not
going to work for each ancestor each was their own character and mind.

"Attitude is Everything," he says also. So if you need to be aggressive with
research some times follow that lead. Be for ever watchful for I truly think they
are watching.

Hank I want to say "Thank You from the bottom of my Heart", I could spend hours
sharing experiences with you. Some of us, I guess, are luckier with the development
or given talent of these experiences. Thank You, Thank You, we all really enjoyed
the experience.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wordless Wednesday Claude and Edna FOULK

City Council Meeting Wednesday March 25th 10:00am GManagers to Report Back

Dear Friend of the Cultural Affairs and or Library Department:

The Los Angeles City Council will be hearing the report backs tomorrow on Wednesday March 24th at 10:00am from the Arts, Parks, Health & Aging Committee that was previously heard on the following dates:

Tuesday March 22 - Meeting on all things Department of Cultural Affairs
Tuesday March 9 - Meeting on all things Library

These General Managers (Olga Garay and Martin Gomez) will be reporting back directly to City Council on their budget for this current fiscal year as well as next fiscal year 2010/2011 and their community impacts.

City Council is held in the John Ferraro Council Chamber, Room 340, City Hall, at 10:00am. Here is a link to the agenda and the item number on the agenda is #15:

If you would like to attend and speak at this meeting, public comment cards are available at the back of the room. Please fill it out and direct it to the Officer at the front of Chambers. Any questions please feel free to contact me at 213-485-3337.

Look forward to seeing you there,

Lisa Schechter
Legislative Deputy
Councilmember Tom LaBonge
200 North Spring Street, RM 480
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Lisa gave permission for the post.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chula Vista Genealogy with Henry (Hank) Z JONES

Wednesday's upon us, all in driving distance welcome. Come see Hank Z JONES
as our featured speaker of the day. We look forward to sharing his knowledge with
you all.

He is a fun and informative speaker about the side of genealogy that I love.
Yes, I have had more uncanny events bring me the best of luck, no I do not think it
is luck. I think it is divine intervention by the ancestor.

Yes, from a book off the shelf to helping someone else, some spot other than
where I was researching, to have on the same page or next, my missing link setting
there staring back at me. I never forget to say Thank You God. Surely someone
is letting them guide me along the trodden path.

Come listen to Mr. Jones talk about the methods to keep our eyes open, the
suggestions to help us along the beaten path.

I have heard him speak before and I so do enjoy his writings and his work.

Come join us and meet fellow genealogists whom may share the same kin.

365 F St. and at corner of 4th in Chula Vista, 12 pm to 2:30 pm

The event starts at noon and a brief meeting will be presented before he

Come one, come all, come enjoy the event. It is free, with refreshments.

Wheatland, Wyo WILLIS KERNS cemetery photo

Great Aunt Alvina FOULK KERNS' husband

Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Madness being Worked On

Monday Madness is being worked on today. I have an idea the house shall never be the
same. Spring is here and I should be turning the dirt outside but I think I am going
to turn the closets upside down and delete the clutter. It has to be clutter
because the things I know I put there can no longer be seen. Alas, the closet is a
walk in.

It gets used for storage for everything almost. The extra winter blankets are the
worst offenders. Our climate has not altered enough to hide the warmer clothes and if
we were to have to go see family, many still has snow.

My genealogy data that was moved when company came has been swallowed up in the
winter events. I should really just claim that room as a genealogical one but then
there would be no place for company. We do like to have company, friends and family

Since the teenagers camp out in the living room we need the spare covers for cushion
and warmth. After all it would be no fun if they didn't do like we did when friends
came over to stay a day or two.

So off I go to find my tote bag with FOLK/FOULK/MYERS/MEYER/MOYER data and end up
with a closet with the blankets in a compressed bag.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sentiments on Sunday FOULK kin

HI, Well since the topic has been FOULK the last few days I will share some tidbits about some of my cousins. The three K's were children of my Great Uncle Dick. Even his name is not his real name but the only name I knew him by until he was no longer living with us and we had to forward mail to his daughter.

I understand they lost their MOM and a sister due to a FLU /Disease when they were young. My Great Uncle raised the boys with family help in Wyoming.

I met them when they came to visit him and they were in the service of the United States, 1 Army and I think the other two were both Navy, I know one was because we visited with he and his wife in San Diego, CA.

When I left home to go to work and start on my own. I lived with the older boy and his lovely wife. They had three beautiful children. I think of them every time I want to travel or see a bus. He drove bus after leaving the Army and marrying his sweetheart and he lived near my parents. At least close enough we could visit on

When I would drive home to see my parents, many years later with older children of my own. We planned our visits to be breakfast at their home in Atascadero, Ca on my
way to my Aunt's for lunch San Jose and MOM's for dinner Valley Ford, Sonoma Co. CA. With five children this broke up our trip and gave us a chance to visit when ever we could.

My husband's first baby to hold was their daughter. We talk of that ever so often and
we really think so fondly of them. Chuckling because we had five children and ten grandchildren babies to hold. Thanks for giving him that first experience Sylvia.

When they retired they moved back to WYO then to Montana. IT has been such a long time since I have seen them.

Satruday's Surname FOULK

John Folk born PA died 1793, Greenwich, Berks Co. PA
served in REV WAR from Bucks Co. PA Pa Archives series

married Mary Magdeline Strock (Armstong) (widow ?)

At his death she moved to Cumberland Co. PA to be near her brother.

I have found more than one now. History of Perry Co. PA shows this

p62, Will copy next trip.

Joseph and George STROCK served in WAR of 1812, under Capt David Morelands of Carlisle.
Both died in 1814 in Ohio during war. ( also learned this book is available via
Heritage Quest on line)

That clarifies why I could not find them on census.

Back to John Folk. I found this in Bucks Co Tax Records 1693-1778 by McNeally.



John pg 67, 89
Michael 47
Samuel 67,89
Theophillus 67, 89
Thomas 67, 69, 89
Thomas Jr 89
William, 67, 89
Yost 89

Interestingly, I found other families here also.

Julie arrived and we discussed FOULK and MYERS, MEYERS, MOYERS unti the trip
was to end. So I did not get to scan those pages but had them marked down for
safe keeping.

We shared FOULK - MYERS data. I gave her much history of the family from moving to
Iowa to Wyo and then scattered else where. I was able to share with her the
knowledge of my Grandmothers' siblings. {Thanks Dad for all those trips you took us on
to learn about family.}

I could tell her who had children and who did not. I met all of the siblings of my
Great Aunt's and Uncle's that were alive at the times of our visits.

John and Mary FOLK had several children: Here we will discuss Peter Sr.
Peter (SR)b June 1773 and died 4 April 1823 Rye Tsp, Perry Co. PA and wife Catherine
born in 12 July 1774 Bucks Co PA

I suspect that Peter was born in Bucks Co. but have not found it due to looking in
Berks Co.
Peter's Will Pg 97 Vol A Perry Co. PA

Their children: In no order of birth: Peter Jr. 25 Jan 1803 Perry Co.PA. Dcd 13 Aug
1885; Sarah (Jane) Elizabeth, 28 Jul 1813 d 21 March 1860; Joseph, Elizabeth, Ann,
Mary, Susannah, Catherine, Henry, Samuel and John b 1797 Perry Co PA & d 17 Sept 1869.
(2 wives)

Elizabeth ma a GAMBER. Ann m a GROOS, Susannah a MESSENGER, Catherine ma a NOSS,(Nast) These are from Grandmothers notes. Given to me in the 1960's when her mind
was sharp. Actually she always had a sharp mind until the very end.

I have conversed with NOSS descendants. I think they were in Kansas???

Now we go back to my family lines. Peter Jr ma Susannah (Susan Martin Showalter) and
his sister Sarah Elizabeth (Jane) Foulk mar John MYERS.

Peter and Susannah had: William Henry b 22 Feb 1846 Somerset Co. PA d 1940 Blackhawk
Co. IA (More about other children later).

Sarah Elizabeth FOULK and John MYERS' daughter Katherine b 30 May 1845 Perry Co died 7 June 1922 Cedar Township, Blackhawk Co. IA., marries William Henry FOULK.

Harvey Edward was my Great Grandfather ( story unto itself). Marries Margaret Mae

Any kin with more information please share.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Library, Bus, New FOULK Cousin and Fun

Los Angeles Library, with Chula Vista, San Diego Genealogy & North County members numbering I believe, 25 made the trip to visit again.

Weather was good and traffic was not a pain. Driver was friendly and cordial.
We had great conversations on the bus coming and going to the library. Many talked
of their goals when the arrived to search others just chatted. Some told some
terrifically fun family stories with absolutely hilarious family names. One new member
shared data about her English ancestors and left us all in stitches. Those English
names will really get you. Thanks for sharing Linda.

She also shared the story of her hospital stay with awesome humor and wit. We wish
her a great healthy life. Other seat partners shared some funny ancestral stories also.
It is great when we can share and enjoy and not be offended by the happenings of life.

Virgina learned some great information and Ruth found a plat map with Deerman,
five minutes before we were to leave. Shirley learned some clues also in her lines.
Ruth got the maps copied and we made the bus on time. I met with my cousin from the
Foulk/Myers line and shared data.

Kris shared family stories with us on the way home as did we all share the stories
around. I hope that all those who went had as much fun besides as much success as
they immplied getting off the bus and walking to the cars.

I tried to ask some in hopes that I would hear of success and that seemed to be
the opinion of the evening.

The topper was the sunset as we pulled into the Valley and headed for our homes.

What a glorious way to end a very rewarding day. Thanks all whom went and shared and
enjoyed.. Let us do this again. Kris thanks for the hard work and planning.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Los Angeles Library Trip & Information Time

Well we are off and running to the Los Angeles Library tomorrow morning.
I hope to learn about the decisions the City was going to discuss at the city meeting on Tuesday as to status of this great library.

I also hope to find data that may give me clues to my JAMES FULLER's Parentage for factual though I think we have a great lead.

I have to find John FOLK's Will to take up to meet a cousin there. If not will have to
send to her.

I have lots of stuff on FOLK/FOULK lineage. John Folk died 1793 in Berks Co. Pa much of his kin moved to Cumberland Co PA later Perry Co when the county was split. They did hang on it Dauphin Co for a while with the MYERS kin. ie MYERS MEYERs and MYERS. :>)

We suspect they we're all interrelated, them MEYER/MYERS people. Just like them FOLK and FOULK are same in our bunch anyway.

SO we off to look at FULLER/GIBSON and FOULK/FOLK data. I might squeeze in NY too.

Follow Fridays' more names w/ FULLER/ MAPLE

I just received a web page I used to visit and exchange with but some how lost contact.

Jaime thanks for resending and responding. BY THE WAY, she has many many names that may help many people. Love the set up and format she has used.

Look enjoy and maybe find a link or clue.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wordless No More Fuller fun

Maryland archives has lots of data on FULLER and on GIBSON, if that is the correct last name. I am hoping others do not stay wordless and they also share knowledge for us to resolve the parents and grandparents of the Fuller family.

So far, three positive replies for working to resolve confusion.

Bet they were Irish, LOL I did talk on them tonight they are a tribe that loved to dispute and have fun. Glad I am a bit of Irish yup. I have a few of those Irish names.

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you all. Blessings of the Irish upon you.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Madness on the Agenda for Monday FULLER in VA and OH

I will not post here but have copied much data on the FULLER surname in Frederick Co Maryland and the Gibson in same place.

We know James Fuller was born in Maryland in 1769 which implies Frederick Co as the parent county. He died 30 Jan 1842 in Peoria Illinois.
He is in the Maryland Colonial Census of 1776.
He shows in the 1800 census of Linton Hundred Washington, Maryland.
He shows in the 1820, 1820 and 1830 Ohio census. Guernsey Co and Coshocton Co,Oh
different times of year.

I am told he shows in the 1840 census but have not checked that yet.

Margaret Fuller his daughter is born 1801 in Washington Co. Maryland. She died and is buried in Madrid Boone Co. IA. She had a son that lived in this area and must have lived with him for some time. Since her husband died in 1884. Samuel WARDEN

This is given so that you will be looking at the correct James FULLER wife may have been Catherine (GIBSON) If so she may have hailed from NJ prior to Maryland living.

Lots of guessing seems to be going on in this lineage since you can see the copying of data on Ancestry and they have no Sited Sources for family prior to James and his daughter Margaret. Not even to solidify wife's name. Those that do have data up
are not sharing sources if they do exist. A distant cousin and I have been digging for a long time and he has even visited Washington Co., Maryland and the two counties in Ohio for data.

My theory is the answer lies in Frederick Co., Maryland the parent county of Washington Co. Anyone out there with Gibson or FULLER in this area of Maryland?
I am sure there were siblings and other family members in the neighborhoods.

The FULLER and GIBSON data is a generation or two prior to James whose father may have been THOMAS.

There is a major conflict over Thomas and his wife and the lineage going backwards.
I can understand FOWLER maybe being FULLER but if one is guessing why do they not say so.

I have checked James and daughter forward but alas no concrete data on parentage.

Anyone tracking these people please contact myself or Bob Fuller and share your hypothsis in case we can all resolve these issues.

Thanks lots.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sentimental Ideas for the Day

Sentimental Day, O yes, and more poignant tonight. I love the Los Angeles City Library. Never in my wildest dreams did I know we had such a repository of Genealogy in our neck of the woods. I was given the pleasure of attending this library last December.

Others had been there before including my Sister in law.

Tonight I signed on to Facebook to learn that the city of LOS ANGELES is considering
downsizing this facility and curtailing hours etc etc. I will post here what I hope others will take up and join the Facebook page. Paula H said they need 10,000 signatures by tomorrow and they are closing in on that figure. It appears they are about 2,000 short. There is also a page you can sign into and write directly to the Library for requesting the keeping open and not downsizing or removing of data. this reaches the library and they are asking for our help.

NGS sent word out about the moving of the library and it's books. It is also posted on this web site. So more books going out of circulation for some time.

Southern California Genealogy Society is getting ready for the June Jamboree.

Chula Vista Genealogy Society will be hosting Hank Z Jones on Wednesday
March 24, at the F St. Civic Center, Library. 12 noon

More to follow as it happens

HOT off Press about National Archives in NY

UpFront with NGS

New York National Archives Plans Move, Offers Meetings

Posted: 13 Mar 2010 03:17 PM PST

The New York City Office of the National Archives will be relocating in
the fall of 2011; the exact date is yet to be determined.
Many of the records will be kept off-site.

The National Archives has just announced they will hold two public meetings
on May 4th at 10:30 AM and at 5:30 PM at the Alexander Hamilton US Custom House at One Bowling Green in New York City. Questions about the move should be directed to Nancy Shader, Director of Archival Operations at NYC NARA at

For more information please see:

As a reminder, this move was under consideration in August of 2009. Below is a quote describing the plan and its rationale from Adrienne Thomas, then Acting Archivist of the U.S., originally published at
We are considering moving from the Varick Street federal office building to the Customs House, a federal building in lower Manhattan that also houses the Smithsonian American Indian Museum, which draws 300,000 visitors annually, and is centrally located near the Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty ferry landings. A feasibility study is currently underway.

Because of the high cost of archival storage in Manhattan, we plan to move eighty percent of New York City holdings to our Federal Records Center (FRC) in northeast Philadelphia in a new archival bay. The most heavily used records and significant “treasures” from the holdings will remain in New York.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Surname Saturday What Surname is the game.

Before I left today for meeting I was sure what I was going to talk about.

But coming home and opening a book I bought at the book fair, I am betwixt
and between what to comment on.

I purchased some books on Frederick Maryland, Washington Co Maryland and
surrounding areas. On a quirk I opened the book prior to doing my write up
on the informative talks given by Wayne Anderson and almost forgot to follow

I may have found my first real piece of evidence on my own on my John Hoffman
in the 1700's. Yes I knew he was in Maryland, my cousin had much paper data
prior to her death she shared with me but it was not my data.

Ironically, I bought the book to see if there was data that was cohesive with
what I found on line, on the FULLER family. Since there were Fuller's in the book
I purchased it. A library discard from the other society.

I started re reading the index and then migrated over to the multi listings of the
Hoffman name. Then realized I needed to post today's events for others to read and
glean information from. I am most anxious to go back to the book.

So I guess instead of a name it is a place Frederick, Maryland of long ago and
the changing of the boundaries with the development of Washington County.

Or it is the mention of two surnames both connecting downline in the HOFFMAN
/HUFFMAN lineage.

Interestingly enough, the talk given by Mr. Anderson sets in to reveal a
a problem I mentioned not long ago and brought up at our brick wall meeting
on Wednesday last. 20 lineages does not make a correct answer but Citing
a source would help us all to move forward with the data that is at hand.

Ironically, I have three different supposed father's and mothers to my ancestor.

At my Ancestors birth forward data is forthwith but not back of him. Even I am
able to understand that three trees of different data can not be accurate. :>)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Follow Friday in California

As a long time resident of this state, I have family and friends from one end to the other. It is also nice to meet new faces along the way.

This Society blog keeps track of places and faces through out the state and makes it a super place to keep track of for activities and events. The society is also what created this blog so they go hand in hand. Being located semi central of the state is also an advantage for them to be able to learn and have so much available to us.

This year I am hoping to pop in at one of their meetings when I go visit family in Sonoma and Marin Counties.

So if your doing California Research check them out and if not check them out anyway may give your group ideas or help you format a group.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday's Treasures on USGENWEB

Today, yes today I went to a meeting to help plan our seminar coming April 24th. I missed Gary immensely but the meeting went smooth and lots was accomplished. Everyone voiced that we were really moving along in the right direction and accomplishing the projects that needed done.

Reason I missed Gary is he is a fellow and men think different when events are planned and that masculine thought is so good to hear. He is like the rudder that steers the boat. :>)

But as we were talking about the topics to put in the Announcement Packet,there was some interesting tidbits that surfaced.

Totally forgetting that many of our members are much younger than I and research has been more current starting for them, I expressed the need to mention non paid sites for our beginners to use that show what is available with out funds. Three at the meeting were astounded to learn that USGENWEB.ORG had what it does on most all of it's sites. Some had not even heard of this genealogy group.

To me is the master of the events. The site provides for each county in each state, either in the archives or current. It has taken a terrible hit in the last ten years with many people running to paid sites expecting to learn all that there is to know.

Good old Kentucky Gen Web started it all. HURRAY yet again for them way back then.
Bravo to all the users and workers of today. Alas, many county sites have fallen in neglect others are expanding but you can go to the archives for that group and garner so much information.

The people, you and I created this sites by volunteering to put up information for
all to share. So many were replicating research and paying for the same data over and over that some how those that are no longer with us were able to see the way to the future. Jeff, Thanks for all you did may God Bless you for your endeavors.

These sites are up today because people like you and I volunteered to add data or send data to be added to the sites. Information is shared not hidden and then it moves
everyone forward a bit. If you had a Will you could copy and send to site so someone else would not have to pay for it. If you had Bible records they could be placed on line for others to see.

So I thought I should remind people that the backbone of much of what we have today is because of what the Kentucky Gen Web created and the rest followed making it the sites of today.

It is by far my first site I go to for information and many times it is the last one I need to go to. The volunteers for queries, surname files, books people offer to do
look ups in, where the court records are and can be reached, land records, Wills, Probates, school and tax lists and the list goes on. Random Acts of Genealogy Kindness came from those who volunteered steady and work within this system also.

So today's treasure for me is to share with all the new people out there that you
do not have to start with a paid site but a non paying site may just do the trick.

I guess I should also share it with all the other users that have forgotten it is there and say go back and see if the answer you seek is not hidden within the pages of the site.

Tonight I am going to give a link of one site that shows what a site can have on it.
There are many that are filled like this. If the one you seek is skimpy maybe you can help them to be more full especially if it is an area of your research.

I just spent an hour reading through the Virginia State site of Lunenburg County.

The site also shows the rootslist for that county for you to join to help in your research.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday's new Adventure

This Wednesday will not be wordless, for we are starting our evening sessions at the
F St Chula Vista Libary in the early evening.

We plan to be in the genealogy section of the library so that we can help anyone
whom comes in to do research.

It will probably be awhile before to many come in but hopefully once they learn
we are there to help them they will come by.

We also have a Afternoon one planned for Sunday's around 2 to 4 pm. Both will be twice a month.

Wednesday's will be 2nd and 4th evening of the month.

Compliments of the Chula Vista Genealogy Society

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tombstones are missing

Alas, My tombstone pictures are missing. I photographed all but 12 graves in the Windy Gap Cemetery, Aleppo, PA. Think I can find them because I want to use them. Nah, they are in hiding. I also have pictures of the Centennial Cemetery over the hill from there with more of my family buried there.

Henry and Eliabeth Higgins HOFFMAN are there. Reason HUFFMAN is there his son, Margaret is there, Libby is there, Laton HUFFMAN is there.

Kings,Martha Gallentine, Spraggs also and Evans, all are children of Henry and Elizabeth HIGGINS HOFFMAN. Also family's collateral for these people.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday's Mad Mess Day

Wow, it is Monday, well really it is almost Tuesday. It was a mad mess day.
So much happened but at least not bad stuff just stuff. But I understand we did
the last box of the estate papers for cataloging. Now that fun begins in the next

I did not find grandsons papers he needed. Alas

I did go to the San Diego Lapidary Society Club this evening and cut a few rocks.
Well, most people call them rocks but they are semi precious gems once cut. I am
laying out a pattern I want to attempt to put together. Maybe even enter into Fair.
HA ha.

Came home to the computer being down again tonight. This is getting old, so guess a
trip back to MAC store is in order.

I got a Birthday wish list item today. A little deeper into the month I may have an ' answer. Three more birthdays to go this month, Hubbies, oldest son and his youngest

Now to see if someone taped the Generations program tonight. I received two
letters back from Seminar speakers already today.

If I do not get to bed Tuesday will be here before I am in bed.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sentimental Fun Days


O many days are sentimental fun days, watching the Awards tonight reminded me of when
we watched it some years ago and the top picked to win was sidelined also, though I
heard that Avatar and Hurt Locker would be the two closest to win.

I have not seen one of the new movies mentioned but thought several worthy of potential-
ly seeing. I sorta gave up on them in a theater and the noise so loud it drowns out the
vocabulary they are saying. Noise does not make a good movie. It is the people them
selves and the script and scenes put together that make it work right.

We did start something new tonight by having a female win in Director category.
Many new faces were given honors in many areas that have not won before. Maybe they
should run them early always in the future.

I loved to go to the movies as a youth, it was a special time for us. We lived in the
country and we did not have tv so a trip to the theater to see ALAN LADD, JOHN WAYNE,
CLARK GABLE, TIM HOLT JR, GENE AUTRY, FRED ASTAIRE and others was a real treat.
We loved westerns and we watched several war movies since my cousin was married to
Myrna Loy for quite some time. He was in many war movies as an extra and part bit
player. One time he was a sidekick to Charleston Heston.

My cousin that lives in the valley has a son that was in the credits for
(THE RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT) great outdoor scenes and movie. I have a grandson
now that is hoping to break through with a good script to go to film. He also
has had bit pieces in films.

So in being sentimental with old films and fun, remember RED RIVER VALLEY,
BEN HUR, SHOW BOAT, OKLAHOMA, STALAG 17, THE ROBE, and those loving adorable
comic runs they did at intermission. The Road Runner I think got his start there.

O I almost forgot the ground breaker for films with the author not allowing changes,

Surnames Abound Fuller is Around.

Fuller is around, Fuller is abound. Fuller makes my head go around.

Margaret Fuller WARDEN is buried in IOWA near my Pentico in laws in the WARDEN

Cemetery section. Yup I forgot to source the name when I sent my sister in law to
take pictures. Great Pictures. Now to ask my self and her the name of the cemetery
in the town MADRID, Iowa where my husband grew up. I could have looked myself 30
years ago, had I known she was buried there. I now have two lines of kin buried
near where my husband grew up.

Margaret FULLER was born in Washington Co. Maryland in 1801 on the 16th of May.

She has siblings listed on the census. Her Father was James FULLER.

They moved to Guernsey Co Ohio when she was young.

She died 29 Dec 1897 Madrid Boone Co. IA. Her husband served in the CW, Ohio
Regiment. He died 18 August 1884. Place of death still not located.

Her son Daniel was born 1831 in Ohio, his wife was born in OH also.

Still delving into facts on this family due to many interesting situations.

Randy said for Saturday Night fun who would you choose and this is one line

that I would choose for additional help.

So much is left yet unanswered in the FULLER line and in the family of her son
Daniel's family.

I also have Fuller in VA very near this line and wonder if not related. That line goes to the Mayflower Fuller.. wonders wonders wonders.. odd things never cease.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Follow Up on Saturday's FHC Fair in Escondido, CA

Saturday has come and about gone. Had a super day in Escondido at the Family History Fair. The weather was kind and no rain going north but a few gully washers on the way home.

Shared the booth early with Gary, our President and met some nice people. I then toured the area meeting more interesting people and scanned the talks about to be presented.

Wow, Sons of Norway was there interesting to see, many of the normal service organizations were there in attendance. Many of the Societies that reside in San Diego County were there. It was good to see the Hispanic Group in attendance. Of course, we missed the German Research Group that passed away last December.

We hope all had a great time and learned a lot. Ruth was there with a clip about the bloggers and things our society is doing. John had the area set up and Randy had the computer plugged in showing our society data to all who wanted to look. Some of our new members came along and we also got to see Connie whom moved to Escondido last year. Connie it was a real treat and we miss you.

Starting the events was David Rencher, I liked his clean speaking and easy to understand presentation. I will say that the sound system was so we could hear the
presenters and actually enjoy the event with out straining to hear the speakers.
Thanks FHC presenters for that.

Jeane Isreal and I attended the talk given by Daniel Bartosz on "Tracing Your
American Indian Roots" both presentation 1 and 2. It was a great duel presentation by a very knowledge person on Indian heritage and history. His maps were excellent and requested by all. He did tell us where he found them. I liked that his sources were
sited in the Syllabus. He also shared some links and much Indian History data on migration and displacement and inner marriages, wars. food raised, census data and much more.

It was amazing to hear, but not shocking to learn that there were 55 Million to 100 Million Indians in the America's pre European Invasion time. Some thing I had heard
in family he confirmed that the Scotch Irish were the early trappers and traders and intermarried with the Indians. Mr Bartosz, Thanks for all the work you do to bring us this great information.

After his talk we had lunch, a very nice sandwich and fruit and dessert, w water to drink. There was enough time to relax and eat and share with friends what we had heard and where we were headed next. Everyone seemed to really like the talks that they had attended. I then headed off to hear Barbara Renick.

Barbara Renick presented a talk on (5 C's to Success in Genealogy Today). As always I love to hear Barbara's information. I always learn tips and hints and ideas. She in the end shared a matra she learned from another on how to remember to site the source before you get excited and forget to note it.

She showed how to use the five C's with a synopsis of a problem that she had solved.
Presentation was clean and clear and refreshingly presented as always. I found it very interesting because some of those names run in my files and in near same and same places. Alas with only five hours sleep and right after lunch my eyes did not want to stay awake so I did not always appear as alert as I should have. I apologize for that.

One always learns many ideas and suggestions when we listen to Barbara speak.
I loved her statement "NOT sharing is NOT an option or your life's work dies with you!"
I grasped her 9 mile radius for research because someone else I enjoy listening to speak used to say go 50 miles from center around. This is closer in and easily understood. The graphic lay of land and streams and rills and mountains make the terrain and different distance for many areas. Flat land like Ohio etc Nebraska you can go farther than steep terrain.

Barbara it was excellent as always. Thanks so very much, for your time and hard work by sharing with us.

Then it was time to walk, get oxygen in the lungs and blood to circulating to stay awake and enjoy the knowledge of Jean Hibben's. I wanted to stay for the newspaper talk but also thought Jean may be able to share some new thoughts for research and so
I then attended her talk on "Deduction v Induction in Genealogical Research: Applying Logic Theory to Family History".

Jean is always presenting data in a fun and educational serious way.
Her presentation was around "Family Historians need to be: Critical Thinkers, Analysts and Investigators."

The discussion of jumping to conclusions and being tempted to use current data with out proof is dominate. She states just because it is written does not make it fact.
She also showed how sometimes with it not written it can still become fact.

She made one aware of the arguing for and against an item of knowledge which will either prove it belongs or prove it may not yet belong and or may never belong.
Time sometimes is the key to how much you learn to what the answer may be and time can in some cases change the answer that you have already acquired.

This talk reminded me of a item someone once said and I can not remember who but:
to learn if it is yours or not is still learning, whether it is negative or positive you still have moved one step closer to the answer.

Great presentation as always, pulling in the audience and making the concept real.

I stayed here also with Virginia and Gary and listened then to her on the topic of
"This is not your Grandma's Genealogy: Making the Move from Paper to Electronic
Record Keeping."

Her comments on the old computers we worked in and the computers of today we work on was fun. Her relationship with her husband has to be awesome. YUP, He plays the saw and he wasn't even there today.

She talked of the advantages of using a program in our research verses paper and pen.
The ease of adding or subtracting is quicker and cleaner than days of our parents.
One can send and receive data and share pictures and information at a quicker pace than a letter in the days of old. Information can be input by the click of a button or stroke of the key to your program.

One item she used I had used but not like she did was an eye opener to me.
She took the report and colored in the names with out data so you could see the
areas that data was still missing easily. That chart just popped right out at me.

She talked about the costs of computers and computer type hardware. She mentioned size and space and ease of seeing and to small to see. :>) She mentioned many of the new forms of gathering information with from hand held devices to large desk top units that are much harder to move around. She mentioned the cost of computers going down over the years with the size of memory and program expanding to a much larger size.

One has to remember it is the add ons that run the price of a computer up. Her suggestions on window shopping and price comparison was good. Now to find if they have a computer fair like Los Angeles in this area...mmmmmmm.

She mentioned that computers do have drawbacks such as a "CRASH". I can attest one only needs one of those to become a back up believer. She uses two back up systems. and some times more.

She talked about scanners, the types and what is best for genealogy, yes a flat bed, but then she mentions that a digital camera can replace all that. Maybe so but I have both so does she. She just wanted to show that either will work to help you get up and running in genealogy.

She talked about megapixels in Cameras for the quality of picture how much is best for different activities. She talked of printers and cell phones and Ipods and jumpdrives, memory sticks, Compact discs, and PDA devices.

A great fun talk with reality interjected. Jean I so enjoy your talks. Thanks for the work you do to bring us this information.

Thanks to the LDS Stake for putting on this great show. I filled out my report and somehow came all the way home with it. Thanks to everyone for a very informative day.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Saturday's Adventures

Today has been a whirl wind day. We were blessed with a quick surprise Birthday for our oldest daughter, her son and his fiancee', & our oldest son and his family minus the swimmer, :>) this evening.

I went to pull up my banjo to take with me in the morning for Jean Hibbens and alas I can not figure where we moved it at Xmas time to make room and keep it from damage.

I found the other musical instrument but not my banjo. I tend to be on the leaner side of musical talented part of the family. One child said," BANJO what is a Banjo.?"
Ironic my husband played drums and I have played a Trumpet, Coronet, French Horn, bells, glokinspeel? harmonica, guitar, and banjo. O Dad taught us how to play spoons as youngsters when they would play harmonica, guitar and fiddle as a group.

As far as I can tell one grandson learned to play the saxophone, 3 learned piano, one attempted guitar and I hear another talks about playing guitar but have not seen him play yet.

So I will go with out my banjo to Escondido, to the Family History Fair and
just bring my Squeeze box with me.

Following Friday AnceStories by Miriam Midkiff

I have been following Miriam Midkiff's blog: AnceStories: The Stories of My Ancestors

She mixes her information up from interesting information, to family data and posts
Data that I like to have for information. Here below is an example.
With her permission. Thanks Miriam.

On Thu, Mar 4, 2010 at 8:01 AM, susi c pentico wrote:
May I post this on my blog also??

On Mar 4, 2010, at 10:34 AM, AnceStories: The Stories of My Ancestors wrote:

Here are the FeedBlitz email updates for

WDYTYA? Guest Appearances and New Book
Fearless Females Prompt 3
Fearless Females Prompt 2
More Recent Articles
Search AnceStories: The Stories of My Ancestors
WDYTYA? Guest Appearances and New Book and more...
WDYTYA? Guest Appearances and New Book

I received a press release from Ancestry stating that people from the Who Do You Think You Are? show will be appearing on various television shows this week to promote the series. No information on exactly who these individuals are, perhaps Lisa Kudrow, producers, or some of the celebrities highlighted. The information below may correct some of the information I have on my Calendar of Events post, particularly The Oprah Show:

* Wednesday, March 3 - Today Show (NBC) 8-9 am; The View (ABC - check your local TV listings); The Joy Behar Show (HLN - Headline News) 9 pm ET
* Friday, March 5 - Today Show (NBC) 10-11 am
* Monday, March 8 - Martha Stewart (check your local TV listings)
* Tuesday, March - Oprah (check your local TV listings);Craig Ferguson (CBS late night)
* Friday, March 19 - Bonnie Hunt (check your local TV listings)

Additionally, I received the following information from Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak:

I am thrilled to announce that my new book, Who Do You Think You Are?: The Essential Guide to Tracing Your Family History is being released tomorrow! The book is a companion piece to NBC's ground-breaking new genealogy series, Who Do You Think You Are?, which premiers on Friday.

Since the show is the first of its kind on primetime TV, I'd love to hear the thoughts of those in the trenches of the genealogy community - you! Be sure to share your comments on the show (and the book) with me on Facebook and Twitter -- and please spread the word!

P.S. Amazon is currently selling the book for $16.47 (list price is $24.95). A great bargain!

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Fearless Females Prompt 3

March 3 — Do you share a first name with one of your female ancestors? Perhaps you were named for your great-grandmother, or your name follows a particular naming pattern. If not, then list the most unique or unusual female first name you’ve come across in your family tree.

As my first name is fairly unusual, I was surprised to discover many years ago that I actually did have several ancestors with the same name. One of my maternal 6th-great-grandmothers was Miriam HALL (1757 - 1823), who lived in Mansfield, Tolland County, Connecticut and Duanesburg, Schenectady County, New York. Her mother was Miriam WOLCOTT, of whom I have no information.

I was not named for any of my ancestors. My parents liked the name and picked it from the Bible. When I was nine months old, my parents and I traveled to Michigan from our home in Alaska to spend time with my parents' families for Christmas. I met my great-grandmother, Lillian Fern (STRONG) HOEKSTRA for the first time. She loved the name Mary so much that she used it as a nickname for herself. She asked my mother to change my name to Mary, but my mother gently told her that I was already used to my name, and since Miriam is the Hebrew variation of the Greek Mary, it was nearly the same thing.

For more on the Fearless Females Blogging Prompts, visit The Accidental Genealogist.

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Fearless Females Prompt 2

March 2 — Post a photo of one of your female ancestors. Who is in the photo? When was it taken? Why did you select this photo?

This is a photograph of my 3rd-great-grandparents, Anna (CROTHERS) and John H. YORK, taken in the 1860s, probably in Genesee County, Michigan. I chose this photo because it is of my oldest female ancestor ever photographed, or at least the oldest one of which I have a photo. I have photographs of three other 3rd-great-grandmothers, but Anna was the oldest one of them. She was born 11 December 1825 in Erie County, New York and died 14 February 1905 in Goodrich, Genesee County, Michigan. She is also the daughter of the woman who made the cross-stitch sampler in my previous Fearless Females post.

For more on the Fearless Females Blogging Prompts, visit The Accidental Genealogist.

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She added in her reply some new blogs she has created and I will post those here also.

Yes, of course! And see my March 2010 Calendar of Events for the fine details:

Miriam Robbins Midkiff
Spokane, Washington, USA
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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday's Treasures Inez Scott Hoffman's work

Today I am going to mention some of Grandma Inez Scott Hoffman's work. She did beautiful hand crocheting. She made and gave to all her children a bedspread quilted, a tablecloth crocheted. As a grandchild my night gown when I was 9 or so was lace trimmed made by her as was my sisters. I have a apron she made that I have displayed at the Genealogy Fair at the Society meeting.

The work she did was awesome clean, refreshing, not over complicated but also nicely colored for use. I have one piece of lace I am going to attach to another fabric and enjoy longer. I have doily's and chair protectors that came from another relative.

I have a beautiful table scarf her daughter Ruth made for us when we were first married and it tied the furniture together in our rented home, which they visited. My mother still crochets, scarf's, stoles, lap robes, and baby blankets for family gifts.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wednesday was not wordless, Again.

Both a Genealogy meeting in Chula Vista and later in Lemon Grove left the day not wordless. I am about out of words now but, I think our seminar planning is coming along nicely for Family History Month in October and our miini event in April on the 24th.

We look forward to helping people learn how to start doing genealogy and have fun while doing it. WE are also looking forward to our new extended activities that the society is going to be doing in the coming month.

Now I am out of words for the night.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday Less the Tombstone

Valley Ford, California, at one time had a cemetery. How many know where it lies?
Does anyone know whom lies in it?

O, I know where it lies, but I know not whom lies in it but 3 names.

Those names were shared with me this last week by a Sonoma County Historian.

Ironic that the cemetery lies in Marin County. As I child I could see it daily.

Later the dairy ranch was sold and the new dairy man took out the fence and plowed
the field over.

I believe Dad felt that there were about 12 families buried there that he could recall.

It was not large but it was not so big the rancher/farmer had to destroy it.

If any Ex Valley Ford family members see this I would love to know if you have more

There were about 150 families in this town in the 1950's.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Moday's Madness.. Census records......

Talk about Monday Madness, here is the data on the government and the upcoming census information regarding Government intervention and destruction.