Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Franklin Marion Hoffman Greene Co. PA--- IA

*Franklin Marion HOFFMAN b 26 June 1860 Greene Co. PA
   Father Sanford Hoffman  24 Nov 1834 Greene Co. PA  Civil War Vet. proven
   Mother Rachel Plants(z)   25 Oct 1836  Greene Co. PA

      *Grandfather Henry b  29 Oct 1803 Greene Co. PA  d 15 Sept 1879 Aleppo, Greene Co. PA
      Grandmother  Elizabeth Higgins  b 16 May 1809 Greene Co. PA  d 3 Feb 1877 Aleppo, PA.

      **His Grandfather has data under Hoffman/Huffman.  His Great Grandfather is same for name.
           *** GG Henry Huffman/Hoffman  b abt 1740 d 1812. Had previous wife. REV WAR Vet.
                  GG Catrouch Fry/e  abt 1770 VA  d abt 1845 Greene Co. PA ?

Henry b 1803 moved the name to Hoffman after the children going to school learned there was no HUFFMAN in Germany at that time.  The name has moved back and forth many times thanks probably due the brogue when speaking in early times. I have copy of letter with the data of his changing it. He also was tired of walking all over to deliver male to the other family members named the same. (chuckling)

Franklin being the oldest child, ( his older  sis died as infant) herded the cattle behind the wagon when they came west he was about 13-4 years of age.  His younger brother helped and he also had a dog to help him.  The younger children herded the hens and other animals. (in his letter)

Wish I had more letters to learn more of their trip west to Iowa. No idea whom in family got the other letters except Margery Little in Chico, CA whom lived in Oakland CA after coming from Iowa west.
She has lots of information I was so hoping to get back into learning more with her information.
I would love to find her brother and her nephews that were from Chico, Ca area. 2 nephews were CA Highway Patrol. Her brother was a large farm owner in Chico.CA.   Did not find data in Moms' files but I missed a box when we cleared it went the other way and suspect much data needed was in that box.  So any of you retired CHP that knew the Little boys, give them a shout out. Or any of you Chico, Ca residents that new Mr. Little or his sis, Margery I would love to hear from you.

***Henry was born abt 1740 in Maryland/VA as near as I can learn.
His brother swapped a gun for land with him.  He had to be 18 to accept the land. Using date on Deed he could not have been born later.
Henry sold that land in 1805 in Greene Co. PA . Same land gotten from brother George.
Deed states George, Henry and John were brothers of this place Greene Co. PA.

Their  parent was a Johann HOFFMAN .  Our now deceased cousin was working this line and
for some reason when she died. Daughter never forwarded her work or shared the data we both worked on for so long.  There was a group of us and we split up the research and shared.
4 eyes are better than 2 and 8 eyes were even better. When Shared  : > )

I have much more data on these lines and their not spoken of siblings we were able to flush out.
Rudolph Huffman was related, we think he was a brother, otherwise a cousin.  That line has the same genetic marks ours do.  I hope the disc the cousin sent (now dcd) will still be openable.  He was WW2 Vet.

   Now about GGrandfather Franklin. I heard he was referred to as Frank.  My Mother, Dorothy Inez Hoffman loved this man very much. She shared many events she shared with him.  Being small setting on his lap and combing his beard. So soft and pretty she said. He was a BrickLayer with a business, Moravia, IA. Moved to Wheatland, Wyoming.  After her death he moved west.  She was young enough to set on his lap when he went to WYO.  She was expecting me when he died so could not make trip to IOWA for funeral. 1940.

Many of his siblings had gone to NE, WYO and some stayed in Moravia, IA. They're yet today they are.  His father became a Traveling Minister and farmer.  His mother loved canaries.  Coal mine back ground in her line and a canary was important to have in  house to know the air was safe to breathe.
His mother was a hat maker and taught the trade to the girls. She never allowed bartering or trade on the Sabbath.  She loved to garden and help her family.  Some of this comes from notes from Violet Hampton's letters to me. Oliena's daughter. Frank's niece.

Some also came from the Scott side of family that my Grandfather Cecil (his son) married into. Lots of inter marriages. They lost several children and had living Robert and Grace and Grandad Cecil L.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018



Having just laid down a journal on genealogy, my thoughts went to so many that can not afford to use Ancestry and other major suppliers of data.

It seems everyone wants to leap on to the computer and come up with answers.  So grateful that I was able to latch onto these quarterlies from many various eastern research facilities. thinking they may be helpful.

Shirley Becker visited this morning and scanned three of them and said, "wow."  She found several of her names she hasn't found on major sites.

I am figuring these were put together before the Internet by many, many years and the data is overwhelming.  Wills, Obits, Land Records, Probates, Tax records, and the list goes on.

For that was the way you learned data in the  50's and later until the 2000's. I started on Computer in 1990. To do Genealogy and it was to enjoy chatting with others looking for information in the same place I was.  

Sharing was so important and because we shared we learned more quickly than this stay at home and do it alone method of today.

Go find you a library that carries the Quarterlies, and pamphlets that we used in days of old.

OGS, Ohio Genealogical Society has helped Mary find much data she was not able to find previous to reading my old ones.

We know NGS creates them National Genealogical Society,

New England Historical and Genealogical Society.  NEHGS  has two versions I have found so far.

Greene Co., Pennsylvania has a great one called Cornerstone Clues.  Berkeley, Virginia has another,

Surname Books should never be removed from a library.  They will never go out of date.

It is sad the libraries removed the phone books. They were a major source of confirming living residences.

Look in the History section of you local Library, try the Colleges and Universities in your region.

Some titles:  Vermont Genealogy,, Rhode Island Genealogical Register,  OGS for Ohio Genealogical Society, (they also have county books if you join you can acquire).

The list could go on and on but if you are new and not wealthy find a genealogical library and look at what is on the shelves for answers you may have to pay dearly for otherwise.

Even our local society puts out a monthly newsletter and it carries nominal information for researchers.
Several of our local groups have newsletters.

Contact a local society and see what more  you can learn.

Of course, you can try the National Archives, Universities, Colleges and the list goes on.

We also have Library shelves filled with books at the Chula Vista Library on 4th and F St. in Chula Vista, CA.

Monday, July 16, 2018

My Heritage.com has DNA on sale

Dear Susi,

Hope all is well on your side.

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I have used this company.  : > ) 

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The Pots that are being Stirred.

Wow, gathering it is time to see  how the pots are being stirred in our trees of names and places.

Having received several emails on the JONES line(NE), it is very fascinating to read.  Then the mail box fills with HOFFMAN information.  We just did a bit of PLANTS information.  Helen stirred and found some very interesting FRY/FRYE information.

Having to read through all this,  hoping something jumps out at me that helps me resolve some conflicting issues.

As stated at the Greene Co. Facebook site.  I like to ask the same question to several kin of a specific individual because we always get a variant a bit different than another person.  Some remember more information some less but almost always they recall something previously not mentioned.

Love doing Time Lines for that very reason.

Pictures bring back memories and help eradicate myths.

Our trip through the President Ford museum triggered many thoughts that had not been brought up or broached in the family regarding information on our trees.

We have had information come on Mass, Rhode Island, New York, Iowa and Ill for JONES
 Then the skies opened up with data on PLANT's, then HOFFMAN's that cover: Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania early..  Mentions of Germany as origins.  But remembering Germany was not a state until late 1880's or about then. It has to be a ? Germanic region or another term.

Also learned that Europeans do not always have the struggles we do if the Church records were properly kept.  Sounds like some of our Southern friends that dig in Mexico and that region. If records are kept they can learn a lot quickly if not they dig like the rest of us.

In the early years of record keeping the CHURCH  kept all those records faith or religion was not the problem they were the record keepers.

One distant cousin in today Germany said in a town in Poland (old Prussia) the three Churches had all the data they were looking for in each region they were researching.

If war hit that area you may or may not get what you are hoping for, but generally you garner a lot you may not expect.

Helen found a group of letters written by deceased cousins we never got on the web page when she got ill so we are hoping to get that data that was confirmed put up on line. I need to locate all the old records we had that verified our data for the site.  Some were on hard drive that died many are in Avon boxes with lots of other names and papers.

I just find it hard to work in the sticky heat with paper and think clearly.

My Sweet Cousin and I are thinking of putting up a page on Facebook for a specific name. Still mulling over the work involved.

With no Refrigerator and Ice it really gets hard to think.83 degrees and humidity the same again. Sky looks like rain but it probably won't happen this close to coast. Mountains Alpine area got some earlier today. But then they almost burnt to ground the other day too. Fireman saved bulk of the town.

If you have information on these above lines, add to our  pot and we will keep stirring to see who else may bring information to verify stories and events.

Share your data please. It helps everyone.

NE is New England.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Celebrating Celebrating and Celebrating

Yes, it is our Anniversary today..  Yes, it is our Grandson's birthday today.  So we are Celebrating.

 Met this marvelous man via a friend at NAS Moffitt Field. Was introduced by my friend  Ed (HOOT) Gibson, to him.  He was also Ed's friend in the service.

 Having gone to the Club to break an engagement with an interesting  man that met with parents approval but not mine. Our mutual buddy Hoot, met me and we shared chat and life and family while waiting for the soon to be ex to appear and  Hoot was waiting for his buddy to come in.   Hoot was very married to a marvelous woman and I had hoped to meet her some day.  His "Hoot's"room mate was my classmates brother in high school.  So I had known him for a few years already.

Well, time moved on and I told the ex to go enjoy the buxoming blonde he was dancing with and have a great life.
Shortly after, as we, Hoot and I were talking about his family, I was drawn to a person that had entered the Club.  He didn't see that person come in.  But my reaction was startling.
I said to Ed," Wow my brain is gone nuts, it just told me that, that was the kind of guy I wanted to marry."
I was laughing so hard at the thought and having just broke up with a person, it was hysterical.

Ed HOOT says, It's Okay Susi, I think you will enjoy my friend.. He is a confirmed batchelor  but a very nice person.  I said,"great not looking to get involved right now."

Well this was mid February. We married in July and were engaged Memorial Weekend. He even went to meet my parents and get Dad's approval.  Which was given reluctantly.  They still wanted me to marry that other person.   No, they did not come to the wedding but other relatives that lived near did.

Mom in later years, told me that they thought if they did not come I would not marry him.  The loss was my sister couldn't be my bridesmaid and my siblings were not able to attend the wedding. I am the oldest of them. Fortunately Vivann Myers stepped in and I gave her the dress to keep. It was my prom dress. It looked stunning on her and I hope she wore it to other events before the Hurricane hit LA.  (My last contact was after their second child and they were worried about the Hurricane, she called me and Cal was out on a boat working.)  Cal did not stay in the Navy like Fred did.

Many years later after having 5 children, our second son had his 2nd son born on our Anniversary.
 5 seems to be a good number for us.  Oldest grandson born on a 5. younger grandson born on a 4 just couldn't wait, middle one on a 5.

Andrew Pentico the delight you have brought us is overwhelming. Your growth as an adult and preparation for your marriage is suburb.  The adversities you had to overcome were many and some you will still battle, as we all do.  Maturing some times is the pits but I have found it to be the most rewarding thing we can to is mature and reach out to others as they have reached out to us.

We have ten grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.  We have three marriages coming up.

My, I wonder what all that will bring.  All our Grandchildren have graduated High School, some have graduated college, some in college. But College is not always the answer. We still need technically trained humans in our world.  Mostly we need them to be alert, caring, and considerate of others, to remember we believe in God and go forth with satisfaction in what you have accomplished in the past to carry into the future.

Our past gave us great people to remember, that fought to create this country, that shared their country with the new comers, to create what we are today. Never forget that the past helps to build what your future can be if you want it.

Looking forward to what the other grandchildren are going to do with their lives and share with us.
We are so proud of all of them and what they have already accomplished.  More stories to come.