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S N G F- My Maternal Grandfather's Paternal Line

Find a living male person in your database from your maternal grandfather's patrilineal line who could take a Y-DNA test. Answer these questions:
1) What was your mother's father's name?
         Cecil Leroy HOFFMAN b 9 May 1891 Moravia, IA --- d 24 Oct 1962, Wheatland, Wyo.

2) What is your mother's father's patrilineal line? That is, his father's father's father's ... back to the most distant male ancestor in that line?

           Franklin Cornelius HOFFMAN,  b  26 June 1860 Greene Co. PA  d June 1940 Wheatland, Wyo
            Bricklayer, Owned Company, retired in moved to WYO with children.

          Sanford Huffman HOFFMAN (name changed after CW when father changed name)
           Civil War Vet.  b 24 Nov 1834 Greene Co PA d 17 June 1903 Moravia, IA United Brethern(in PA)
            was a lay minister, Farmer , traveling minister, 

          Henry Huffman b 29 Oct 1803 Greene Co. PA probably Morris Twnshp. d 15 Sept, 1879 Aleppo, Greene Co. PA
          Farmer, Carpenter, major fruit orchard and sold fruit and sheep to region. Designed a spiral staircase never  
           before design still in use today. ( I have the newspaper clipping) Brethern

           Henry Huffman  born around 1740, Maryland ( according to tax reciept) d winter of 1811/1812. Will probated    
January 1812.  Rev War Vet., Ranger, and also served in unit in Va prior to moving to now southwest PA.
             Married more than once, possibly more than twice, not proven yet. Have all boys names and most of  girls names.

           John HUFFMAN 1715-   Will data not added since found.  LLOYD ROUPE has 
              Many of the boys names some of the girls names, we since have located.

          his father   John HUFFMAN/HOFFMAN, bible and letter confirms.  Many researchers help to find these clues.  Hoffman in Germany changed to HUFFMAN probably due to brogue by . Henry b 1803 changed it back to Hoffman. Some of his children already grown kept Huffman. Sanford  changed his.

        Cecil Leroy Hoffman's son did the YDNA for me. My only living member of Mom's Generation.

3) Can you identify male sibling(s) of your mother's father, and any living male descendants from those male sibling(s)? If so, you have a candidate to do a Y-DNA test on that patrilineal line. If not, you may have to find male siblings, and their descendants, of the next generation back, or even further.

        Due to family information and the closeness they kept we have much information on this family and we have shared for almost 30 years this information with others and in the early 1990's we, cousin and I put up a web page on the HUFFMAN HOFFMAN line that has expanded as the people shared there data. Originally, only my proven sources were on this site.  What other cousins have added I can not vouch for. Most sourcing was moved to second site for it got to big for one site.

Huffman / Hoffman Link Page

4)  Tell us about it in your own blog post, or in a comment on this post, or in a Facebook or Google Plus post.

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Sorting, Surnames Saturday.

Sorting, Surnames Saturday

 Yes, I combined them together. Surnames are a big topic for bloggers right now and sorting them out family by family is part of the game.

 This week I myself have received a manuscript on a part of my husband's ever elusive family, shared by a cousin just up the coast from here.

 Yes, Ydna played a major roll in resolving some major answers for this lineage.  Once put on the right track it was amazing the family we found so close and that fit into much of the family lore.

 So I am going to be sorting the lineages from the manuscript and sharing with others over time.

 On my parents family lineages I also have sorting to do of documents and photos.  Dad went in 1995 and Mom went Jan of 2011.  It has been a year, so it is time these things were addressed.

 A blogging acquaintance in Rhode Island posted her surnames for several generations for others to see.
 I am only going to post the ones I am currently looking at and working on, so I can be able to respond to
 anyone that may have the same lineage.

 Recent email regarding:

 Mary Ann LEE b 1770 Leesley Valley VA d 1844 Windsor Twp, Lawrence Co. Oh
    Her parents: John Lee b 1745? Francis Ward  her husband Edmund Brammer

 Susana /Lurana (Payne?) SCOTT, court records say Lurana court records of Lurana Scott vs Armisted
    Watlington, May 18,1785 Halifax Co. VA. Wd of Thomas Scott b 1730? death 1767 Halifax Co.
    VA. have his Will
 Susan MADISON b 24 Mar 1818, Mass/VT d 13 Feb 1881 Chickasaw Co. IA area. have documents.
     m around 1830 Mass/NY,  Noyes JONES spouse.

 Susannah JONES (married name) in Petersburg Court Records, Rensealaer Co. NY 1810 recording
      birth of her son NOYES JONES 1809, father was Noel JONES. Was she a NOYES?

 Abbey COOK, 1739-1784 daughter Hannah Wright b 11 Mar 1781 Lewiston, Androscoggin
     Co. Maine, Husband was Jesse WRIGHT b 1730- 1784 from Mass.

  Esther (THOMAS ?) EASTMAN b 1796 lived CT when son born,1834, died prob. Ill where husband
      moved, when land purchased 1849. husband Abijah Stoddard EASTMAN b 1778- 10 Mar 1852

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Question for you all." Are there any old GFS staffers as bloggers out there?"

   Question for you all." Are there any old GFS staffers as bloggers out there?"

  Having had a delightful surprise in a chat room this morning it prompted this chatty topic.
  I know we have a lot of bloggers out there and not many read my posts but I think it would be
  fun to see how many are still searching away and active in various hangout events through out
  the Genealogical Community.

  What is a GFS'er you ask?  Genealogy Forum Staff person, we hosted over 113 chats on a steady basis
   in the old Golden Gate Forum of AOL. We were sponsored by George F.  I met many of them at
   the NGS in San Diego in 1995 and I met many at later events that SDGS hosted that we held a both at
  for other people to find us  online.

  We all worked and shared our files and found that most of us had a connection to at least ten other
  hosts via our lineages.  We used to call "BINGO" when two people or more would match person of

  This morning I popped into the GenealogyWise chat room and run head on into a cousin I had not
  talked to in about a year or so. I know that others from the old Forum are in that chat area but they
  and I never linked family yet.  

  We would have from 20 to 40 people in a chat room at a time learning information, sharing information
   and swapping research stories.  We were fortunate to have rooms of various sizes so we could
   have large and small events.  We even had a room to do very large community events.

  I miss the sharing for it helped us almost have a Brick Wall Breaking Event at each chat, everyone
  shared how they approached a problem and many times, several in the room would spend the week
  working on the problem to get a person out of the hole.

  We had people affiliated with the National Archives, Library of Congress, Pennsylvania main Library,
  and the list could go on and on.  With the broad amount of areas represented by attendees we could
  learn where to look for information, sharing this with others whom were just starting.

 George thanks for giving me the joy of doing those great days with those great people.

 I hosted five chats each week and co hosted two more with cousins, we later learned.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday's Tip SW Pennsylvania, WVA, VA and Maryland information

Tuesday's Tip

It seems an acquaintance of mine is thinking the same paths as mine. So I will veer to the left and do a different concept.

Since joining the Bloggers group, I have found a few more distant relatives.  Of course, for me that was the major reason I wanted to blog, was to find more information and share more information.

Years ago a distant cousin and I developed a plan and created a web page or two, for sharing some of our common ancestral lines.  She does the pages and we both find the data.

She is recovery from  a major illness and back working on the web pages that got a bit tattered and torn.

Since it has a good share of my Mom's lines on the pages, I thought I would share it here as a Tuesday's Tip.

We got so large we moved the sources to the second site.  We still have some links missing and pages and pictures to replace.

So if you are interested in some of my Mom's lines you may want to learn what is here.

 If your interested in SW Pennyslvania, WVA, VA and Maryland there is many records from many sources here.
Mine accidents, church records, land deeds, links to collateral cousins site that shares a line with us also are here so take a look and enjoy.

Feed back appreciated and if related, do drop us a line. or

Our Family Histories

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Follow Friday- Cousin Tina' Site

A site I like to follow or keep track of is cousin Tina's.

Forensic Genealogy Institute Announced - Genealogy

BellaOnline The Voice of Women.  She is the Genealogy Editor.

She posted that there will be a class created and taught this fall about Forensic Genealogy.

 I think this sounds really awesome.

You may want to check it out.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Those Places Thursday Fowlerville, Mi

Church Basement in Fowlerville, Michigan where a Rotary meets.  4-H meeting was held here.
I was pleased to see this sign/flag they had on display.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012



We are about to loose a lot more freedoms if we are not very careful.

I have changed this blog page because I felt I needed too.

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Amanuensis Monday- George W. JONES son of Archibald Jones Jr

 George W. JONES
 He is the 2nd son of Archibald Jones Jr.

These people are descendants of Silas JONES SR.

They are collateral to my Noel, Noyes and Calvin JONES.

Is Archibald brother to NOEL? We are looking into it.  They lived near each other for many years in many same places.

Here is George W JONES   Obituary  sent by Stacy D. and other data on family.

BB 2(22), 1 (19 Dec 1889)
Consigned to the Tomb.
George W. Jones Passes Peacefully Away, and Is Laid t o R e s t .
On Saturday evening last, at the hour of 5:45, George W. Jones, after a long, painful illness, breathed his last, and a few minutes later the tolling of the village bell announced to the neighborhood that another soul had left earth for the realms beyond.

For many weeks his death has been expected daily, and almost hourly, but at this time it is no less sad to record. From the time that he moved to the village he was one of our leading citizens, and at the time of his demise was the Commander of the Grand Army post in this place. He was a zealous worker in county affairs, and no man in Benzonia took more interest in our section than he, always ready to help along a commendable project, equally quick to condemn a wrong. For years he was a member of the Congregational church and died, he asserted, in the Christian faith.

The funeral was held on Monday last, in the church of which he was a member. The pastors of both churches. Revs. O. B. Waters and W. H. Moore, occupied the pulpit, each speaking, briefly, words appropriate to the occasion.  The G.A.R. and W.R.C. attended the services in a body, and he was buried with Grand Army honors.

From a history of Cook county, Illinois, published in 1884 (*), we copy a few sentences, giving a brief record of a busy life:

GEORGE W. JONES. Postmaster and Dealer in Groceries, Provisions, Coal, Etc.

The business was established in 1870, by Race & Co., whom Mr. Jones bought out in 1883.

Mr. Jones was born in St. Lawrence county. N. Y., in 1838. He began business life in Sandusky. Ohio, and after wards engaged in the lumber business in Sanilac county, Michigan. In August, 1862, he enlisted in Company E. Third (indistinct), and served until the close of the war.
[May have been Company E, Sixty-sixth Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Army of the Potomac.]
He was postmaster of the cavalry department of the Army of the Cumberland with the pay of a lieutenant-colonel. 

In 1865 he returned to Sandusky City, where he served on the staff of Sandusky Daily Register until 1868, when he removed to Chicago. In this city he engaged in dealing in grates and mantels, afterwards adding tin and galvanized iron manufactures. Selling out the former department in 1870. he continued in
the Iatter until 1878. From that time until 1883 he engaged in mining in Colorado and New Mexico.

Mr. Jones was married in Sandusky, Ohio, May 30, I866, to Miss Rose M. Dewey, of that city. They have three children. George C., Irving P., the first child born in Irving Park), and Rosa M.  Mr. Jones is a member of the F. & A. M. and the G. A. R. of Colorado. He is still mayor of the town of Maysville. Colorado (*).  He has been a delegate to both county and state conventions.

After leaving Irving Park, which he did in 1885, he went to Hot Springs. Arkansas. There he engaged in the hotel business for a year, and then came to Benzonia, continuing in the same occupation and serving the public faithfully to the time of his death.
[Note:  George W. Jones did not leave Irving Park, IL, directly after the Great Chicago fire of Oct. 1871, but continued his business there until 1878, when he engaged in mining in Maysville, CO from 1883 to 1885, when he then went Hot Springs, AK for a year in the hotel business, and then came to Benzonia in 1886 (!) after his Father Archibald Jones, and other family members had attempted to build their canal.] 

[There appears to be a period of time following the Tragedy of Crystal Lake in 1873 and the paddleboat fiasco in 1874, that Archibald Jones did not immediately leave Benzonia, but stayed around town to resolve his legal problems in 1875-7, before moving back to Marengo, IL (1880 U.S. Census).  The house that Archibald Jones bought from Dr. Walker remained in the Jones family together with another house down the street that was later rented by George W. Jones. He managed the Park Place Hotel from about 1886 until his death on 14 Dec. 1889.]  His father, Archibald Jones, returned from Ivy, Kansas to Benzonia, MI, in April of 1889 to visit his son George W. Jones, who had been ailing since early 1889.]

BB 1(18), 1 (22 Nov 1888)

Also 29 Nov 1888), 4 Dec 1888, 27 Dec 1888, 10 Jan 1889, 31 Jan 1889, 14 Feb 1889, 7 Mar 1889, 4 Apr 1889, 30 May 1889, etc.  Advertisement.

Park Place Hotel
Very pleasantly located. First class in every respect. Good livery and Sale Stable.
GEO. W. JONES, Proprietor. (no picture or illustration)

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52 Weeks of Abundant Genealogy- Free tools

52 Weeks of Abundant Genealogy- Free tools

Free tools, my favorite, always my favorite: USGenWeb-Search.Us Home Page.

My next favorite which is a part of now Home Page  is queries and lists etc.
Brian and Karen I still thank you for doing this so long ago.

Why you ask? I tend to like free things, I think volunteers do a more thorough job than paid employees, they put more heart into it. Just more careful with transcriptions and information. Prime example is when Ancestry shopped out the census's. Mom's home county is still in the wrong state.

USGENWEB.ORG has the list of each state and then it breaks the states into counties and the basic data for most all counties is there.  Alas some are not as well kept in the last few years but some are better than any I have ever seen.

Do not forget to go into their archives for older data not showing up front. Some of those sites are better than current sites.

You can get the basic information of the court house, documents, whom to contact, who will help with research, who has asked for help on surnames or places, many share data from their books if your willing to wait until they can answer your questions. These people are absolutely super people.

The lists and other data that is on can let you reach people's organizations to request information or to guide you were to get help. I have found hundreds of distant cousins using these lists. Yes, they may be collateral or distant but if you leave no stone unturned you ask them all as you find them someone is holding that jigsaw puzzle piece.

Think I am wrong, no, I listened to Dr. T Jones yesterday and he said it as eloquently as I have heard.
The days of only doing the direct line is long past.  One has no idea who holds the missing piece of the puzzle.

Families of 15 shared those remnants of the parents lives and 100 years later and 3 generations farther down. You have to ask the distant kin whom used to have sibling relationships to the past generations.

One line alone of mine in 1850 had 14 children, 3 did not live to have children, but one did reach adult hood of these three.  11 had children  I counted that there was near 150 grandchildren.  Gee, we only have 10.

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Following Friday Where to Explore Next?

Following Friday   Where to Explore Next?

Liking my change of thoughts on what I should be sharing on my blog,  Deciding to pull things from the dark and bring unto the light.  O yes, some may be in your light but others have not seen them so I wander around in various areas and have come up with some neat places to haunt for a while.

Having joined a writing group, a theme group(again), and wandering around looking for clues,
suspecting that someone else may enjoy these tidbits too.

There are many new start up social type groups, new blogs about content when you write, how to score a job and not even be looking and the list goes on.

 Here is some of the haunts I found this week and last.

True Miracles with Genealogy

It is a newsletter format regarding genealogy and events affecting them. It comes from Utah.

The other one is:


The Pros and Cons of Comparing Yourself to Other Writers

A guest post by K.M. Weiland of Wordplay: Helping Writers Become Authors

Thursday, January 12, 2012

How would you encourage someone to read genealogy blogs?

How would you encourage someone to read genealogy blogs?

Dear Mr. Bill,
Thanks for asking that question.  Here is my reply. Showing them that this is what a blog can do for you.

1. blogs were created to be large queries that the new mega engines? could catch when surfing the web.
2. the old query message was to be short and concise and limited for internet space, new engines find it hard to catch.
3. a blog can give a better detailed synopsis of the problem
4. blogs for me are generally written in a larger type than the old query.
5. blogs are more educational over all about the topic.
6. blogs share, the history of area at times, the time line possibly, the collateral names maybe mentioned, collateral places or events shared.
7. it only takes a tidbit here and there to find the answer and the blog creates bigger tidbits to read and learn.
8. I had forgotten how much fun it was to read a full story instead of a brief: name, place, date, event.
9. As you know your one blog borders on an area that family was from so I am slowly learning more about that area of Iowa and I do not have to go to library or to state to see or learn.
10. Blog reading is mini stories and adventures and creates happiness, sadness, excitement and jumping for joy at times.

I have attempted to get every person I know to blog their query but have not had luck.  But we first need to help them not be afraid of the computer and how to use the computer and that it is their friend. This we recently learned at our Research Meeting, led by Randy Seaver.

Our world is really not as far into the technical world as we would all love to think. I did a blog on this the other day. To many areas of the USA does not have access to utilize and or are cost prohibitive on a retired pay.

 My hope is we do not speed forward and leave some of the best researchers behind due to technology and yes I still encourage people to use paper and pencil.  Since books have been a round a few hundred years or  more and the technical stuff changes on almost a daily basis.

52 Weeks of Abundant Genealogy - Paid Tools

52 Weeks of Abundant Genealogy - Paid Tools

As we go through the 52 weeks of writing it will be interesting to see others responses.

My first thought was, "What tools do they mean?" My computer is a tool and I paid for it and I use it.
My camera is a tool and I paid for it and use it. My genealogical programs I have paid for and I use them.
 I have membership in societies that are used as tools for information.  I also have Ancestry and Fold3
 and two more subscriptions about to run out until I have more time to use them.

 Like using for sharing with other researchers, it there by, is also a tool.   I use Reunion mostly on  the  computer which of course is a Mac. So one is stored in the sky and one on computer.

 The list could be really long but you get the idea now.

Genealogy and DNA Tidbit

    Genealogy and DNA Tidbit

As we amble through various blogs and posts between Facebook, Google + and Bloggers, we
 can gather many new acquaintances and thoughts and ideas.

 I recently run across, oops found, do not think she wants run over, a new blog with today a
 great chat about DNA.

 The approaching method of discussing the DNA was  enlightening and fun.

  I want to share Judy G Russell with you and her post about DNA.

  The title was, "DNA and paranoia."


Judy, Thanks for letting me share this.  We had a chat on discussing DNA today and would have loved to have read this to the members round the table.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday's Thoughts on the Past Week

Sunday's Thoughts on the Past Week

 As we get older we get maybe Wiser, much has been fluttering by in the Genealogical World of late.
 Some of it really is so not necessary and some only makes it flutter more. Attention it does give us,
 whether it is good or bad.  It is always best to iron our wrinkles before they split.

 I truly do not believe that blogging by anyone makes them an expert no matter what they blog about.
 But the blogging person can become or can be an expert in some particular area of the realm.

 I truly believe the quality of a blog is the reflection of the person. I am not great and probably not good
 but the knowledge I  have, I love to share with those who do not have, to help them move along the way.

 Wishing when younger I had been exposed to a mentor to teach me things I am now correcting.
 Then many things weren't needed for you to do your genealogy.  Primary was to record the family stories and save them for the future generations.  No one said," O cite that source or we can't use it." The need of the information carried a greater weight than the now needed data.  My Grandparents were alive and much of my work came from them first hand, they had lived it or remembered it and were involved in it.

 When I helped to develop the CVGS way back in the 1980s with Geni Powell, and others I am grateful for they helped me  learn more and I shared with them what I had learned as I moved along the path.

 I am not sure  I like the idea of whose blog is best, and who's counts the most. Sometimes I think it only adds fuel to the flutter.  Maybe it should be which topic did you like the best and learn the most from, but then we all have our ideas on that too.  Some may need information on New England some may need information on how to cite a gravestone information to the genealogical program, for each the field is varied so we must watch our fingers as they move across the keys and promote everyone to do their best of their ability.

 Being a lover of mentoring and sharing, grabbing a partner to work with has helped me over the years.
 It helped to develop what we today have as a Brick Wall Research group in our society, which many now do also use in some format.

 I only wish with the start of this year that everyone can break at least one brick wall down and find a connecting link to more relatives and family of the past and present.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Words of Wisdom I hope we Heed

  Genealogy Moving and Moving Too Fast Maybe?

Recently I responded to the comments on," Blogging making one an Expert" and on "What is the meaning of a Genealogical Community".

 These comments can be found here:Defining the Genealogy Community - Comments and Thoughts - Genealogy Wise

 The feedback was interesting, but my thoughts  differ a bit.  I think the Genealogical Community is going to experience some growing pains but not for what was mentioned.

 But here is  my reply back to my original blog

I definitely do not think because one Blogs your an expert.  Nor does it make one an expert of any thing but the ability to blog ie talk in writing format. 
What has frightened me is the way the  techie people have taken off and left the rest in the dust so to speak.
I wanted to learn how to do this feature but there are so many doing it, I think it would be a waste of my time now. I can not keep up with all the lessons,suggestions and ideas being put out by so many people.
So I have somewhat withdrawn myself back into more of a shell regarding these features. I brought these features to our society because I wanted them aware, then suddenly we are drowning with them.
I learned many areas of the USA are not up to this techie stuff yet so we are really sweeping them off the feet and running full steam ahead and away.  Shucks some areas can hardly get internet or cell phone reception yet the USA acts like we are all living down town major city with all amenities.

This I know from personal experience  in two different areas of this great  country we are not all up and running on the internet or on cell phones due to lack of access. Since then I have learned of other areas that the cost is prohibitive to have Internet or Cell phones. 

 So Genealogists take heed. New ways are great but do not give up the old ways until this country catches up electronically.  Maybe that is why I still prefer a book instead of Kindle.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year-- 52 Weeks of Abundant Genealogy

Happy New Year-- 52 Weeks of Abundant Genealogy

We are off and running and the new year is already making strides to move us genealogists forward.

Amy Coffin has set up a new series.  The first topic is Blogs and why we are thankful for a blog, is it a new or old one and what is so special about it which really covers the last one that asks why should others read it.

 I have been at this more than two years and I have read many interesting, informational, fun, sad and
 quirky topic blogs.  But as I kept searching some how I found a blog I can really relate to.

 Top Posts on Writing, Ideas, & Making a Difference in 2011 | Goins, Writer

 I believe is also listed in the top ten bloggers out there. I know he made the list.

 Jeff Goins, writer, has the ability to share knowledge, easily understood and almost always his topics can apply to genealogy or any number of other topics. He has been writing for some time and I have followed him for about a year now. His tips and hints and comments are always helpful to me and I am sure they will be to many of you.

 Since being Educational Chairperson means to help others more and share the word, even though I
 majored in English and History in college, I felt I needed to brush up on my skills.  

 It is amazing how some Hawaiian, Tagalog, Spanish and other languages can creep into your thoughts and processing can change what you print and suddenly you say. DID I SAY THAT?  

 I love all the Genealogy Blogger blogs that I have read. Picking a favorite is really not a good way to start the new year and offend someone else. I have learned more from some and laughed or cried more with others. 

  I believe as a genealogist that blogs are critical for assistance in research.  In days of old, a short quick 
  query was accepted and wanted for space. A blog is out there and in your face if you so wish to see it.

  You can give more information and that helps to narrow down whom you are looking for.

   Wanting to thank Thomas M for making all this happen.