Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day for Many Friends and Kin

  I will start with some of my direct ancestors and move to friends along the way.
Henry HUFFMAN dcd 1811/2 probated Jan 1812 Rev War and before. Indian Wars, Rev War VA and PA 3 regiments.
Sanford HUFFMAN / HOFFMAN grandson Of Henry  Civil War  West Virginia with Reason brother and another brother Brice did PA.
Alexander DU VALL 11 Rev War
Noel JONES  Rev War
Samuel WARDEN Civil War
John SCOTT  RevWar
Matthew MORROW Rev War
Thomas MORROW   Rev War
Jesse WRIGHT  Rev War
Calvin Fay JONES  Civil War
Gerald O JONES   WW11
Ray JONES JR Vietnam War
George H EASTMAN IA Inf Civil War
Valentine MYERS   Rev War
 Phillip MYERS  Rev War
 John FOLK  Rev War
 Howard PENTICO WW 11
Fred PENTICO Vietnam War
Don PENTICO    Iraq early
 Comillo MORELLI WW 11
Robert MORELLI Korean War/ Vietnam War
 Joseph  COLLINS  WW 11
Aubie D COOPER  WW 11
 Aubie D Cooper Jr Vietnam War
Fred E FEIL  WW 11
Ken FEIL   Vietnam War
Gerald FEIL  Vietnam War
William PARRISH WW 11
Hartley PARRISH  Korean/ Vietnam
William HOFFMAN  WW11
 Larry HOFFMAN  Vietnam War
 Richard HOFFMAN Vietnam War
 Daryl PAINTER  Vietnam
 Irving COOPERMAN Vietnam
 James ZIMMERMAN  Vietnam
 Ron LUCE            Vietnam
 Hoot "Ed" Gibson from MO.    Vietnam
  James RICE    Vietnam
  Warren WRIGHT   Vietnam bil
   Wayne WRIGHT    Egypt
Blessings on All whom served.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Family Matters regarding School Abound

Since the schools shifted when school starts and ends we are in the throes of Graduations, Finals, School closing, Job Changes and more. O, not to forget a Wedding or two also.

 A Grandson with a Masters' Degree, A future Grand daughter with a Bachelor's Degree, Senior that is College bond to Boston, a grandson with a new job after many years with the old business, Niece's marriage, it is enough to make the head spin.  

 A great spin it is. O yes, a Great Grandson just celebrated his first birthday also. He is our first of that generation.

 Long ago I was in the thrust of finals and tests and had two more weeks plus to go. Not many schools do that any more. They have moved the start up to July ending and May stopping.  One gets about 7 weeks off between events.  Not enough to do much since the system doesn't give you a true 3 weeks off and  9 weeks on like our children had.  In those days I could plan a run to Mom's or Uncle's or friends.

We seemed to get out about the 17th or so of June sometimes a wee later. We started the Tuesday after Labor Day back then.   By the 1970's our children were on year round due to crowding and we liked it. We could travel four times a year when others only had Christmas and Summer. It was easier on the budget also.

As the crowding went away our local grammar school kept that schedule so our  grandsons had the same routine.

 Amazing we will have only four more grand children to get through High School after the end of this month. They should finish up in 3 years.  Where o where has the time gone?  Six done and 4 to go,
can you imagine that?

Friday, May 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Dad, Ray Dee Jones, Sr

Gee Dad, it sure has been awhile. I suspect it will be a while more too. By the way, did  Mom kick your butt?

I chuckle every time I think of that. Whenever she got frustrated because you left her behind, she said, "You wait, when I see him I am going to Kick his BUTT'.   When I left her a year ago, December, my parting shot was if she left before I got back to not forget to kick your butt.

She loved you so very much. She really loved us all.  Just as I know you loved us all with an intense concern for our overall well being.

Your childhood was anything but ideal but it truly must have helped you to live through a lot of stress and turmoil as an adult. Being the oldest you were making sure your siblings had food and wood for warmth by the stove, when you were just 8 years old.

Truly wish you had written those stories down for us all to have to share with our grandchildren.
If we try to tell them some of this, they look at us like we lost our brains. Grandma could have done the same thing but did not either.

The world has not changed a lot since you left, if anything it seemed to have slid deeper into the mire.

I just wanted to say Happy Birthday and let you know we are grandparents of 8 grandsons and 2 grandaughters. We are also Great Grandparents of 1 boy.  A an H never got lucky. It is one of C's boys that had the baby and his brother is due to give us another one in the fall. B had a boy, January after you left us.  D's wife had two boys since you left.  B and D's younger boys same age and D has one a year younger the same age as E's youngest one.  D's oldest two have not married or had children.

The homefront sets looking sad and lonely but the ability to do anything for it is not something I was left with responsibility of, so it sets sad and sorely missed.  After all the work to make it what we had brought it up to and the work to make it enjoyable, it sets pretty lonely. I keep saying if I win the lottery I am going to claim it for my siblings and I to enjoy.

Any way Happy Blessed Birthday to a Father I so admire, love and respect.  Thanks for all you did to help me to become whom I am.  Yes, I saw you when you said goodbye. So did Steve setting next to me see you.  Give Mom a hug for us. 1913 to 1996.  May 19.

Aunt Ruth Hoffman Feil was May 18 She was Mom's baby sister and Uncle Comillo Morelli was May 20. He was Aunt Etta JONES MORELLI's husband.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Indian Research, SDGS Library

Indian Research at SDGS Library was interesting.  We had approximately 6 tribes represented if they are all accurate. We had background listeners that informed me after that they also found it very interesting.

Some of the more interesting elements was the discussion of the 5 Medical situations we must watch for.
Traits that descendants of the tribes carry I think was the 2nd most interesting that drew everyone into the room.

Shared some families stories about my ancestors. Yes, alive in 1993 and gone now.

They asked when I would be presenting more information.  I left a message with those in the building regarding same.

We started by crossing the Isthmus to going to bottom of South America. So we covered a greater percentage of the tribes than I thought we could. No, we could not talk about them but made them aware of the tribes.  If the American (US) Indian did not renounce their sovereignty they are not a recognized tribe as I understand it.

One of the larger tribes in the USA are not recognized and still squabble with government.

There are Major tribes that have divisions under them that are independent from the larger mass.

Mulugeon's were discussed and their traits were also mentioned.

You might want to check this site out regarding some data on them, Pictures included.

Melungeons - What Is A Melungeon?

 Indians were all over the USA. Mostly settling along coast lines and rivers for transportation access.
 Many Eastern Indian's ended up in the Mid West due to being pushed west by the European Immigrants.
 Did you know that the  SOUIX were in Virginia and PA early very early. Today we find them in the plains and they have been there for more than 150 years.

 Indians on the west coast did not get the direct shove like on the east and most are within a hundred miles of where they were many years ago if not in much the same area.  Some did co mingle with other groups due to the loss of people. We then are no different than people of today. Survival was the important thing.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Taking on the Big Guys, Lots of Questions? NBC

Lots of Questions for the Big Guys.  Of course we can read your mind and we know why your canceling the show. Right viewership is down. That keeps being posted compared to previous shows.

 There was great hope that the program would move into the real world and then viewer ship would explode.  

 Have you looked at some of the top common Genealogical Names being searched? Or have you looked at doing a program doing with ethnicity problems, Indian research ( America), Portugese, Italian ( yes you have touched on Italian).  Yes, you addresses some Black Heritage research and shown that there is an ability to succeed.

It would be awesome of you would back up regroup and address some of the topics mentioned above verses canceling the show.

Another topic would be covering the data various countries have be going there and filming some of the buildings,(such as what you have done be doing a surname). You have only touched the tip of the Iceberg for countries.

Since the program started you have settled a lot into the same areas for research. Yes, that is easier we know as researchers how the knowledge of knowing the lay of the land helps us to find what we seek.

When presenting about Migration and Traveling, Greece would be interesting, some of the small countries in the mid Europe, Palestinians, Iranians, Estonia, Russian communities within their country.

Did you think about Cambodia, Laos, Pakistan?

With Ydna and Mtdna becoming to the forefront we are getting more markers in these regions because if we traveled out of Africa we came north through Mesopotamia and on into Asia and Europe.

I loved the  Episode where the Black man found kin in Africa because both had done DNA tests.

It was a full circle event with finding of linking across the water.

Having learned a lot, but more getting to travel to the various places was an enjoyment for our family.
Yes, even my family members were watching it this year.

Thinking there is enough fodder in here for the,"WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE" show to continue.

 Please respond if you agree, would love to copy it off and send to NBC.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Blessed Happy Mother's Day

Blessed Happy Mother's Day

To all the MOM's in the world.
 May your day be calm and peaceful.
May you have food to eat and water to drink
Share laughter and joy
May you be Blessed for all the things you do.

Many hugs to heal the mind and mend the soul.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

An Ancestor I Most Admire is Calvin Fay Jones

An Ancestor I Most Admire is Calvin Fay Jones
By Susi Jones Pentico

           Calvin was born in 1843, at Rensselaer County, NY.  They moved, pre 1860 to
          Nunda, McHenry Co., Ill. 
          His brother and self, enlisted in the Union Army*. His brother killed at Murphysboro,
          Tenn. and he seriously wounded, buried, found and later walked back to Illinois. Listed
          as dead, retired medically from massive injury, he re-enlisted and lost his pension for
          30 years.  He served six weeks and mustered out healthwise.***
          Moving to Chickasaw Co. Ia, marrying in 1868**, Hannah Young. They farmed  & raised
           horses for the Army & six children. Death came in 1910 my Grandfather almost 20.

** Marriage record in my files.
*** Medical records in NARA Files in my home.


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Those Places Thursday

Those Places Thursday

This morning between 9 a m and 12  noon, we traveled to many places, Bavaria, Estonia, Upper New York, Upper Maine, Germany, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Baja California, Mexico and Spain,  even New York City.

Yes these were the areas that the Beginners Class is looking at for information. All had very interesting tales to tell. Of course, Susi was right there saying," where for that name, we will talk later."

But there were others that had an interest in other names also.  MC KENNA, someone has McKenna,
GOODMAN, Davis, three seemed to have a DAVIS somewhere, SMITH. Yes, there were some of those too. LEWIS was another mentioned name. DUNLAP, BLAND in (Va), O'NEIL in New York City, Roff in NY, JOB and many others. O yes, Saunders in NY from  Mass. :>)

So it was a great morning had by all. Learning to fill out a Family Group Sheet and why. Then learning to fill out a 5 Generation Chart that works with the Family Group Sheet.

Members had early passports, German letters, pictures to share and in need of learning more about them.
Hispanic backgrounds and French, Canadian, English, Irish, Welsh, Germanic, definitely a bit of Prussian too, was added to the mix.

Some had done some research in the past and many had done no research but gathered data and wanted to know how to put it in Research Format.

A fun morning over all..

I am sure I missed many of the names mentioned but next time around they will be on paper and easy to capture.