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Something for Everyone







$59 for VGA members and $79 for non -members.

Never heard of them before and I know almost all of the presenters.
 I am hoping to join and attend as much as  I can from home.

No travel and much we can acquire after the conference also.

 I love the slogan, Virtual meetings  & Conferences. Any time.  Any Place.

Reminds me of the old GOLDEN GATE FORUM.

So family this may be something you would like to look into.  BTW some of the speakers are distant kin too.

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Rachel Plants Hoffman and some of Children.

Rachel Plants Hoffman and some of her Children

Rachel Plants (Plantz) Hoffman (Huffman) and some of the children.

Missing is Jarvis Leroy,  Priscilla Jane b-d in PA before moving west, and Harvey.

 My brain is saying: Mr Andrew Faber and Mary Hannah Hoffman Faber, Oliena Delila Hoffman Hampton and James Hampton, Elizabeth Hoffman, Rachel Plants Hoffman and Franklin Marion Hoffman.

 Knowing that Elizabeth C and Harvey were school teachers and never married.  Jarvis Leroy b two years after Frank, married Melissa Stoops.  I have a history of them here somewhere.  One of the descendants used to visit Mom,  Ruth and we exchanged letters.

Great Grandpa Frank was beloved by my MOM and she spoke about him often.  Franklin married
Samantha Abigail Duvall of Greene Co area PA. First he helped his family move and he matured to be old enough to marry. He walked behind the covered wagon and herded the animals with little brother Jarvis help at times from Greene Co. PA to Iowa.  The younger children kept track of the chickens and other small animals on the journey.   Later after wife's death he moved to Wheatland to be near some of his children and died there  a few months before my birth. They wouldn't let MOM go to his funeral due to pregnancy issues.

He and Samantha had several children that I was told did not survive birth.  They had 3 living children: Robert Walden, Grace and Cecil Lee (Leroy) my Grandfather.

Grace and Cecil Lee married brother and sister of Scott  family.

Not getting to meet these people in person but I knew many of these Great Aunts and Uncles, children.  I met all but two? maybe just 1 of Grandma Inez Scott Hoffman's line. I met Graces' down line when I was small and some we were very close to in California. Ralph Scott's ancestor.

We always went to Casper to meet the Hampton's and until most died I wrote to them.  Maybe two boys still alive but not heard from any of the girls downline since Betty died in Tenn a few years back. ( Jasper's children.).  His wife was a Scott also Ella Fern Scott.

The families were very close in many things.  I enjoyed meeting and communicating with them. Yes I have the names of their children. Funny how we loose touch with current generations.

Since Elizabeth died in 4 June 1891 Iowa this picture was taken before her death.  Rachel her Mom died in 1920.  Frank died 1940 in Wheatland, Wyo. but was shipped back to IOWA for burial.

Rachel loved canaries and made hats amongst other things.  She allowed no working on Sundays or money exchanges.  b 1836  Greene Co. PA - d 1920 Moravia IA.
She passed two weeks before my mothers birth in Wyoming.  Wheatland area.  Little Bear.

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History of Jones Ancestors, Teague Jones and Rahamana No. 12 delayed.

Calvin Fay Jones and Hannah Julian Young Jones, No. 12 will be next entry.

I am going to regress for a minute. How many of you know the early lineage of your Jones lineage?
Many years of research and England supplied me with the answer.

Christopher Jones Sr had Christopher Jones Jr. and he was raised in England. His father was a shipbuilder and owner according to what little I have been given.

Christopher was a 1/3 owner in the ship. He was known as Ship Owner.  Christopher's marriage to Josian Thompson Grey  produced Teague. He had many other children and it appears only one may have survived past 15 years of age from previous marriage. Christopher had pneamonia and died from it after his trip to the New World.  I received data from English Records to support all of this.
Much of which went when back up drive crashed.  But have some of it. I also did this with two other distant cousins that can confirm this data.  One of our researchers is trying to track down this other son that had not died.   WE have about 8 steady JONES researchers adding to our families over all data. We would love your help.

Christopher Jones was the Captain of the Mayflower.  His son Teague was born about  Nov.1620 in England and came to the New World prior to  1645 as near as I can learn. He fought against the Narraganset with buddy, later the father of his daughter in law. Richard Berry.

 Much he was accused of in the Plymouth Plantation was reversed by a Judge many years later.  I have read the Towns Minutes with much shock at how they treated their fellow citizens.

Teague's wife: Ruhamah's/Rahamana  1624-1661.
Ruhamah's parents, were Samoset Osamequin and Margaret Amatachee. Samoset's  father was the famous chief Wasanegin Massasoit. I am interested in knowing if other descendants of Teague Jones are also showing traces of Native American. So far I have uploaded DNA to Ancestry and MyHeritage. Looking forward to seeing other descendants match up with me in the database.

Samoset (ca. 1590–1653) was the first Native American to make contact with the Pilgrims. On March 16, 1621, the settlers were more than surprised when Samoset strolled straight through the middle of the encampment at Plymouth Colony and greeted them in English, which he had begun to learn from an earlier group of Englishmen to arrive in what is now Maine. (He was a friend of Squanto.) Tisquantum (better known as Squanto) (c. 1580s – November 1622) was a Patuxet. He was the Native American who assisted the Pilgrims after their first winter in the New World and was integral to their survival.

YES  this is our Ancestor. I so want to go to  Mass for the 400 year reunion next year 2020.
Yes some of the family married back into the tribe. 

Next post will go back to Calvin Fay Jones and Hannah Julian Young JONES,  No. 12 

Please if you wish a copy let me know so I have a track of whom is looking and helping.

**Corrected the birth date of Teague Jones also. 1620 and arrived prior to 1645.

All rights Reserved... Susi Jones Pentico - Susan Carol Jones Pentico

Jones Information Found- Noyes Jones kin, Ancestors and Descendants.

 Noyes Jones and Ancestors and Descendants. Noyes Jones kin, Letters Exchanged.

I met Janice Fiebiger of Woodburn, Oregon in the early 1980's if I recall right.  She got in touch with me via Toby Jones mother from Arizona. (Lucy Jones) now dcd. Lucy's husband was the JONES  relative Dad (Ray Dee Jones )  had looked for for years.

Dad knew he had cousins and had met them at least once.  A story I will later share with you happened on one trip, he and his brother never forgot. His family fell apart by the time he was 10 years of age.

As I am clearing files I found the letter that Janice sent me after we met and exchanged data here in San Diego as she was headed back to Oregon.

After reading the two letters she shared and hers, I can say there is more knowledge for us to share.
Maybe you Iowa JONES and MINN. JONES have this data and have not shared with we JONES Researchers.?? She shared 30 letters with JONES/APEL and other JONES  1967.
So sad she did not know Dad and Gerald Oliver were looking for them. Carl Fremont's sons.

 1. Christopher Jones Files, mine, father Christopher JONES Sr. said in English records he was NOT from Wales.  It has come to bear that he may have been JOhns from Ireland?  Totally not proven yet. Need more older JONES males to take the DNA test.  That I learned at Seminar yesterday may help solve that problem. (Implication was in these files I read they were from Wales.)

2.  In the papers found is written, by whom ever did the original on this paper (typed) that Noyes Jones and Susan Madison married in 1832 in Mount Holyoke, MASS. I  will continue looking but so far in 20 years no results.   Susan appears to have been born in VT. (SideBar) her children had her born in 3 states, then it was explained to me the boundaries kept moving back and forth so very possible for different states to be cited but not moved at all. ( Mass, VT, or NY)  This came from a descendant of the JONES that lives still or did when last spoke to them in Renssealer Co. NY as a Town Historian.

3. One letter is from Charles Jones wife, I will call Charles. He is one month older than my husband.
Would love to go visit him and some other JONES kin in that region. Carolin Forbes put me back in touch with him thankfully.

4.  That letter is to Mrs. Robert J. WILCOX, of Sioux City, IA ( in quote is written--Letter to my Aunt Helen JONES WILCOX.) 1967.

5.  Francis TAIT,  typed up a report similar to the one I got from NY but has much more writing on it that was since added by Janice F. Much added data on Noyes Jones line and is going to take some time to decipher and get each person in right place. Data I do not remember at all.  Mom must have been ill and I was traveling north a lot.

6.  Seeing names that are direct kin and had no clue of which may really help in resolving some confusion.

7.  Here are some related directly names we should be looking at for a complete family file.

PLANTS, WILDE, TITUS, NAMES  mostly associated with Henry George's line.

8. Henry 2nd marriage Carolin Forbes found data.

On Mar 10, 2017, at 10:34 PM, Carolin Forbes wrote:
Hi Susi
I found a source citation for the second marriage of Henry Jones. It is in the Iowa Marriage Records for 1880-1937, listed under "Mac J Stephens" instead of Mae J Stephens. She seems to also be known as Maud Mae or Mary Jane Stephens. She lived in Dyersville Iowa. She married Henry Jones on 12-25-1891 at Manchester, Iowa (spelling?) It was her first marriage and his second, after Kathryn Kerns died. I have a bunch of records on her family from England also if you want sometime. She is my great grandmother. She lived with Jessie after Henry died, from the 1925 Iowa State Census, she was a widow age 66 and he was 30. 
Susan Madison is also listed as Henry's mother on the Iowa Marriage Record, and Nois, or looks like Norris, who knows what they did to the name, listed as father of Henry Jones. 
no listing for Susan's parents, too bad. 
I hope you are well, thanks for the Susan Madison info!


9.  Noel JONES b 1835 supposedly died in NY or MASS. I have not found any data have  any of you. ??Maybe he just stayed in NY/MASS area was old enough. Looked for accident newspapers, Looked for death data or obit? nothing.  So ???

10.  William Harrison b 1841 in NY, as all children were. died 31 Dec 1862, have picture of his tombstone in Stones River National Battlefield Cemetery. The family called him Harrison so many missed him.

From: Ed Roberts  cousin.
Date: February 23, 2006 3:20:29 PM PST
Subject: Jones, Harrison

Susi, I have tried for years to document the oral history of Harrison Jones.  As you know he served with his brother Calvin Freement and was was killed in the Battle of Stones River, TN.  I am visiting my daughter in Atlanta for a few days and wanted to visit Stones River National Park in TN.  Further research today turned up nothing again until I again reviewed the Jones list of killed in the battle and found a William H Jones who signed up same time as Calvin, same unit and was killed Dec 31 1862, everything fits for for Harrison to be William Harrison Jones.  I have pasted that info below.  What do you think? or have you firgured that out also before me.  Ed

William H. Jones (First_Last)
Regiment Name 36 Illinois Infantry
Side Union
Company H
Soldier's Rank_In Pvt.
Soldier's Rank_Out Pvt.
Alternate Name
Film Number M539 roll 46
Killed in Civil War Stones River Battle on dec 31 1862.  Refer to Calvin Fremont Jones notes for additional details.

MIDDLE NAME:         
COMPANY:         H
DATE OF BIRTH:         
DATE OF DEATH:         12-31-62
GRAVE NUMBER:         N-5569

36th Regiment, Illinois Infantry

Organized at Aurora, Ill., and mustered in September 23, 1861. Moved to St. Louis, Mo., thence to Rolla, Mo., September 24-29, 1861. Attached to Dept. of Missouri to January, 1862. 2nd Brigade, Army of Southwest Missouri, to March, 1862. 2nd Brigade, 1st Division, Army of Southwest Missouri, to June, 1862. 1st Brigade, 5th Division, Army Mississippi, to September, 1862. 37th Brigade, 11th Division, Army of the Ohio, to October, 1862. 37th Brigade, 11th Division, 3rd Corps, Army Ohio, to November, 1862. 1st Brigade, 3rd Division, Right Wing, 14th Army Corps, Army of the Cumberland, to January, 1863. 1st Brigade, 3rd Division, 20th Army Corps, Army of the Cumberland, to October, 1863. 1st Brigade, 2nd Division, 4th Army Corps, to August, 1865. Dept. of Texas, to September, 1865.

SERVICE.-Duty at Rolla, Mo.,till January 14, 1862. Expedition against Freeman's forces November 1-9, 1861. Curtis' Campaign against Price in Missouri and Arkansas January to March, 1862. Advance on Springfield February 2-13. Pursuit of Price into Arkansas February 14-29. Battles of Pea Ridge, Ark., March 6-8. At Keitsville, Mo., till April 5. March to Batesville, Ark., April 5-May 3. Moved to Cape Girardeau, Mo., May 11-22, thence to Hamburg Landing, Tenn., May 23-29. Occupation of Corinth, Miss. May 30. Pursuit to Boonevilie May 31-June 6. Duty at Rienzi till September 6. Moved to Covington, Ky., thence to Louisville, Ky., September 6-19. Pursuit of Bragg into Kentucky October 1-16. Battle of Perryville, October 8. March to Nashville, Tenn., October 16-November 7. Duty there till December 26. Reconnoissance toward Clarksville November 15-20. Reconnoissance to Mill Creek November 27. Advance on Murfreesboro, Tenn., December 26-30. Battle of Stone's River December 30-31, 1862, and January 1-3, 1863. At and near Murfreesboro till June. Expedition toward Columbia March 4-14. Middle Tennessee or Tullahoma Campaign June 24-July 7. Occupation of Middle Tennessee till August 15. Passage of Cumberland Mountains and Tennessee River and Chickamauga (Ga.) Campaign August 16-September 22. Battle of Chickamauga, Ga., September 19-20. Siege of Chattanooga September 24-November 23. Chattanooga-Ringgold Campaign November 23-27. Orchard Knob November 23-24. Mission Ridge November 25. Pursuit to Graysville November 26-27. March to relief of Knoxville November 28-December 8. Operations in East Tennessee till January, 1864. Regiment Veteranize January 1, 1864, and Veterans on furlough till March. Atlanta (Ga.) Campaign May 1 to September 8. Demonstration on Rocky Faced Ridge May 8-11. Buzzard's Roost Gap May 8-9. Demonstration on Dalton May 9-13. Battle of Resaca May 14-15. Adairsville May 17. Near Kingston May 18-19. Cassville May 19. Advance on Dallas May 22-25. Operations on line of Pumpkin Vine Creek and battles about Dallas, New Hope Church and Allatoona Hills May 25-June 5. Operations about Marietta and against Kenesaw Mountain June 10-July 2. Pine Hill June 11-14. Lost Mountain June 15-17. Assault on Kenesaw June 27. Ruff's Station, Smyrna Camp Ground, July 4. Chattahoochie River July 5-17. Buckhead, Nancy's Creek, July 18. Peach Tree Creek July 19-20. Siege of Atlanta July 22-August 25. Flank movement on Jonesboro August 25-30. Battle of Jonesboro August 31-September 1. Loveioy Station September 2-6. Pursuit of Hood, into Alabama October 1-26. Nashville Campaign November-December. Columbia, Duck River, November 24-27. Spring Hill November 29. Battle of Franklin November 30. Battle of Nashville December 15-16. Pursuit of Hood to the Tennessee River December 17-28. At Huntsville, Ala., till March, 1865. Operations in East Tennessee March 15-April 22. Moved to Nashville and duty there till June. Moved to New Orleans, La., June 15-23. Duty at Headquarters of General P. H. Sheridan, Commanding Dept. of the Gulf, to October. Mustered out October 8 and discharged at Springfield, Ill., October 27, 1865.

Regiment lost during service 11 Officers and 193 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 1 Officer and  127 Enlisted men by disease. Total 332.

Stones River National Battlefield  


National park in Tennessee
Stones River National Battlefield, a 570-acre park along the Stones River in Rutherford County, Tennessee, three miles northwest of Murfreesboro and twenty-eight miles southeast of Nashville, memorializes ... Wikipedia
Address: 3501 Old Nashville Hwy, Murfreesboro, TN 37129
Area: 351 acres
Hours: Open today · 8AM–5PM
Established: March 3, 1927

I need to recheck but thought I saw a marriage for William Harrison day before shipping out??? Has anyone looked.

#My Note: remember Calvin was with him. Being wounded in same battle that killed Harrison. He walked back to ILL when healthy enough and rejoined as my records showed. He had been declared dead??  Have a story about this situation, as I understand all family has a copy of the letter he wrote.??

11.  Arvilla Jones b 1841 NY m Alfred Johnson and then married Addison Johnson
I have more data but when external drive died I now need to re add to my Reunion files. There may be more on my My Heritage site.

12. Calvin Fay ( my line) b 1843 Rensselear Co. NY. died 23 Sept 1910. lived Nashua, IA.
m to Hannah Julian YOUNG b 13 Sept 1850 Bellidere, Boone Co. ILL-- m 5 July 186 Butler Co. IA.
I have marriage certificate. Her family from Maine.

Condensing data for now. Calvin and Hannah's children: Nora m to Iver Jepsen ( killed in sawmill in Fl). A Joyce, Lois M, and Esther L names in my files and Esther L have census data and Newspaper article of Iver JEPSEN's death/murder. Dad had some association with Nora Jones Jepsen.

  1.  George E Jones, b 1872  m Belle Fox , 20 Dec 1893 Riverton, IA
children: Hellen M. and Clarence L. 1900 census data. taken from Family Search.

I am stopping here and will start second section . Starting with Calvin Fay Jones lineage again, very large files.  Calvin Fay Jones and Hannah Julian Young File No. 12..

Please ask permission for data so I know whom is working with me and others . or  also on Facebook.
Some of you have my phone number also.