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Scott's of Halifax- Pittsylvania n maybe Lunenburg VA

A Group is Absalom Scott in Cumberland Co. KY He was in the northern part of Cumberland Co. KY

B Group * Nimrod Sr, John, and Jacob and I am adding sister Anne Scott m to Jesse Ashlock. 6 Sept 1785 in Pittsylvania Co. VA
Isaac is mentioned as another potential brother. William is also mentioned in deeds and other data. Two Children from two of these boys married and came to Cumberland Co. KY Clement is a nephew and his sister ma William Scott. All came by wagon train 1803=1806 Cumberland Co, KY.
Nimrod Scott Sr did not arrive until around 1817 -1820. I think this is also the time that Shadrack came to Cumberland Co. KY. Shadrack* is the son of John*, son of Thomas.

They lived in the south central portion of the county and were spread early, from state line, to the north, along the Kettle Creek and on Pearidge up to at least Galloway Creek. Largest group of descendants in the Cumberand area were in this region.

C Group Henry, Thomas and Samuel were in Cumberland Co Ky prior to 1810. They lived side by side indicating kinship.
It is believed Thomas was over 45 and possible the father. They settled in the Illwill and Spring Creek area. southeastern section of Cumberland Co. KY. ILLWILL (?) spelling in book.

D Group Reuben Scott Sr., William Scott, bought 21 Nov 1806 Kettle Creek 100 acres . Rueben Sr was born in Va. It is surmised that Rueben is the son of Nimrod Sr. as they were all ministers. (more later)
This family does seem to tie into the B Group. Research was done long ago and it is thought that as of today we may
find more links with more people looking and searching.

More to follow.

Scott Information -Halifax-Pittsylvania Co VA

We are descendants of Thomas, sons are Nimrod, John, Jacob, dau Anne m to Ashlock, we believe William others.
Scott's mentioned in the book by Kenneth Scott list five famiies and I suspect at least four are linked. When reading the land
records and tax lists you get a sense of community (family). Would love to have copy of the Wills of all the there in mentioned Scott's.Also have read the deeds for other major names listed here in the Abstracts.

below is SCOTT Abstracts of Deeds for what (much) was old Halifax Co now Pittsylvania Co. VA

Abstracts of Pittsylvania Co Deeds 1783-2790 by Austin

p269 of Abstracts of Pittsylvania Co Deeds 1783-1790 by Austin
page 459 in Deed book

Walters' Deed from Shields
Nov 6, 1789, between Pleasant Shields of P and Robert Walters of P for 23 pounds a parcel of land on the waters of the upper Double Creek
containint by estimation 22 1/2 acres
Bounded: William Richardson and said Shields and Nimrod Scott and John Scott's line, being the tract ofland deeded by Nimrod Scott to said Shields.
s/Pleasant Shields
Wit: Mich'h Pinder, Chas Hoyle, Presely Carter, Samuel Walker, John Bennett, Archer Walters
Feb 15, 1790

Obviously Nimrod previously owned it . Nimrod is brother to JOHN .

O this deed regarding Nimrod Scott gives clues to Harriet Lewis parents I bet. Payne in it also.

pg 61 book
page 33 in Deed book

Sheilds from Lewis Deed
March 20, 1783 between William Lewis of P and Pleasnat Sheilds for 50 pounds, a parcel of land on the waters of the upper double creek containing, by estimations 30 acres
Bounded: on he east by the lands of John Moore, Daniel Payne, and James Grvce?, on the west by the lands of John Hall and Nimrod Scott on the north by the lands of Jonathon
Hill, south by the lands of James Grover and the said William Lewis.
s /William (X) Lewis
Wit: Chs Kennon, Flm Bates, Bens Twedel, Wm SEal, Zachaeous Scale, Jarrut Grace
August 19, 1783

pg 116
pg 554 deed book

Seal from Payne Deed
July 6, 1784 between Charles Payne of the County of Washington state of North Carolina and Solomon Seal of the County of Halifax Virginia
for 60 pounds, a parcel of land on the branches of the Sandy Creek containing by estimation 147 Acres.
Bounded: Robert Willams line, Reubin Payne's line, Hammock's line, William Durrett's line
s/Charles Payne
Wit: Nimrod Scott, Jesse Davis, Zachary (x) Seal, Gabriel Richards
Feb 21, 1785

pg 161
pg25 deed book

Harrison's Deed from Hall
March 17, 1787 between George Hall and William Harrison Junr both of P for 60 pounds current money of Virginia certain parcel of land on the water of Upper Double
Creek, containing 151 acres
Bounded: Thomas Hardy's Line, George Robert' s line, Nimrod Scptt' s line,
s/George Hall
wit: None
April 16, 1787

p 223
Pg 319 Deed Book

Shield's Deed from HallDec 4,1788 between Joseph Hall of P and Pleasant Shields of P for 80 pounds Virginia Currancy, a parcel of land on the north fork of the upper Double Creek containing by estimation 135 acres.
Bounded : William Harris's line, JOnathan Hill's line, John Watkin's line new dividing line crossing said creek
s/Joseph Hall
Wit: Daniel L. Farlery, Thomas Hill, Nimrod Scott
Dec 15, 1778
Presiller, wife of Joseph Hall, relinquished her right of Dower

p 320 Deed Book

Shields Deed from Scott
December 13, 1788 between Nimrod Scott of P and Pleasant Shields of P for 28 pounds, two shillings, and six pence, a parcel of land on the upper
Double Creek containing by estimation 22 1/2 acres/
Bounded : the old Road upon William Richerson's line, and the Shields line said Scott's line, fork of the branch
s/Nimrod Scott
Wit: None
Dec 15, 1788

Pg367 Deed book

Purcel's Deed from Hoyt
April 29, 1789 between Charls Hoyt of Halifax County and Chalrs PUrcel of the City of Richmond in consideration of 200 pounds Virginia
currency, a parcel of land on waters of Upper Double Creek and Wolfe Hill
Bounded: Gabriel Richard's line , Dan'l Allen's line, William Waddell's line, Daniel Farley's line, Nimrod Scott's line, James Woody's lines
s/Chas Hoyt
Wit: None
April 20, 1789

pg369 Deed book

Hoyt's Deed from Farley
April 18, 1789 between Daniel L Farley of Halifax Co. and Charles Hoyt of Halifax Co. for 100 pounds Virginia currency, a parcel of land on the waters of
Upper Double Creek and Wolf Hill Branch Containing by estimation 300 acres.
Bounded: Gabriel Richard's line, David Allen's line, William Waddell's line, Said Farley's line, Nimrod Scott's line, James Woody's line, Gabriel Richards line
s/ Daniel L Farley
Wit: William Harrison, Nimrod Scott, William Richardson
April 20, 1789

p374 Deed Book

Farley's Deed from Pettit

October 29,1788 between John Pettit of Caswell County, North County and Daniel L Farley of Halifax County, Virginia for 150 pounds currency,
a tract of land on the waters of the UPPER Double Creek and Wolfhills Branch containg by estimation 362 acres
Bounded: Gabriel Richards' line, David Allen's line, WAddil's line said Daniel L Farley's line, William Richardson's and Pleasant Shields corner,
Nimrod Scott's line, James Woody's line
s/John Pettit
Wit: Robert Walters, John Walters, William Harrison
April 17, 1789

Pg 495 Deed book

Walters Deed from Shields

November 16, 1789 between Pleasant Shields of P and Robert Walters of P for 23 pounds, a parcel of land on the waters of the upper Double Creek
containing by estimations 22 1/2 acres.
Bounded: William richardson and said Shields and Nimrod Scott and John Scott's line, being the tract of land deeded by Nimrod Scott to said Shields.
s/Pleasant Shields
Wit: Mic'h Pinder, Chas Hoyle, Presely Carter, Samuel Walker, John Bennett, Archer Walters
Feb 15, 1790

p 45-46
pg 237 Deed book

Murray from Martin Deed
April 17, 1784 between Peter Martin of P and William Murray of P in consideration of the said William Murray having served a tour of eight months in the
militia service in the room of the said Peter Martin, a parcel of land containing 165 acres adjoining to the land whereon the said Peter Martin
now lives on the waters of Sandy Creek and the double Creek and joining to Thomas Wynn, Robert Scott, Zachairah Seal and Nathaniel Murray's and
Susan Dupee's lands
s/Peter (x)Martin
Wit: Wm Dix, Nathaniel Murray, Wm Durrett, Wm Richardson
April 19, 1784

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Why do I do Genealogy

Interesting comment by a fellow genealogist brought up this topic. Why do I do Genealogy?

Mom started it, a good excuse right. Well MOM will be 90 in a couple of days I hope all of you that read this send her a
90th Happy Birthday Card. She deserves it, she truly does. Since we canceled the party because of a family members health,
a newspaper friend suggested we try this. I gather they idea is very popular in the mid West and other areas. I am hoping it takes affect here. What a neat way to remind her you are thinking of this person who helped get another person get involved with family research. Dorothy Jones, P O Box 352 Valley Ford, CA 94972

I can say that her influence was very helpful but I have always been a history nut. I started at one end of the Petaluma Library in the History Section and read to almost the other end when husband was overseas for 18+ months. I think Ancient History is the most exciting. Maybe because it is so distant from us.

So by living away from family here in the west coast I felt we missed a lot of family contact. Dad took us to back to Wyoming when he could but there were 6 of us after several years. I was 12 when my baby brother arrived. I remember my Grandparents coming to visit us once. I remember my other grandparents were separate and they did not come to visit us,until I was a teenager. We later learned Granddad did come by as a hobo to check us out. When we told him in later years we realized after he left the door who he was he chuckled. He said he left quickly cause he thought we may have recognized him. I was 8 when this happened. I can remember the day yet. The violets were blooming under my window sill.

So learning history told me about people in the past and Genealogy gave me a chance to do history of my own family to have for our children and grandchildren.

My marriage brought about a twist and I learned quickly to become acquainted with my in laws and it ultimately helped to save our child's life. I was in California they were in Iowa raising corn, soy beans and hogs. My Dad was born in Iowa.
My husband was flying around on an airplane chasing radar screens and bad guys a very long way from California.

So I continued tracking more and more of my husbands line and added more to what Mom had done on her line. Then she and I tackled Dad's line.

Why because it can save a life, it is fun and it teaches us much about ourselves that I think we & our children need to know.

Simulating, enticing, aggravating and for ever challenging, that is what genealogy is all about.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Thomas Scott Surname for Saturday

After 30 years of digging for the wrong name of ancestor, we were able in the last two years to move back a few generations.
Dear Robert Scott was not John's father but his brother and probably his closest friend since family kept saying he always talked about Robert so they thought he was father's name.
But John and Robert and others was the son of Shadrack Scott from Pittsylvania Co Va. His father was also a John Scott married to a Saphira Murry on 28 Feb 1782 Pittsylvania Co., VA .

John's father we have learned is THOMAS SCOTT whom died in Halifax Co. VA which is what Pittsylvania was before it was created.

Wow was there lots of members that appear to belong to this family. New puzzle pieces to sort and place appropriately.
PAYNE is related as are many other really cool names I have been watching for some time.

Land records show the intermingling of the Murry, Lewis, Payne, Shields and other names. Neighbors and kin many of them.

Will written 25 Jan 1767 Hailfax Co. Wll Bk O, pg 215-216 Inventory made May 1767 Halifax Co. VA
The fact that he signed the will and that he owned two chests of books in the inventory suggests that he was better educated than average for that period of time. That may help to distinguish him from other Thomas Scotts in records ... assuming that we find some.
best regards, Dave Seigler.

Any more Scott- Murry, Lewis kin out there.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday's Shout Out Different formating

My cousin does this on Facebook and it is with all kinds of Ancestors. Great Ideas to share with other Genealogists.
She also has web page about Greene Co. PA.

Thanks Candice Buchanan

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sunday's Outreach with Randy Seaver,

Sunday 27 June 2010 at the Chula Vista Library we will be hosting Randy Seaver, who will be presenting
"Using Effectively." The time is from 2 to 4 p.m. in the Chula Vista Civic Center Library Auditorium.

For all people whom use Ancestry and are seeing the changes, for all those who want to use Ancestry to further their searching,
please do come and learn the many great resources Ancestry has to offer.

This event is FREE. Just come join us now that your not instructing a class, or going to work.

We picked Sunday to reach out to the community that can not attend our Wednesday, day meetings.

Refreshments will be provided.

Randy is a well known Genealogist and Genealogy Blogger and writer for FGS Forum Magazine.

His talk is one of many we hope to present in the summer months.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Father's Day

I was thinking on this post for several days. Father's Day is when this will post.

My father left this world in 1995. He was a good father and also a friend. It is strange how you can still miss someone
from passing so long ago. Dad, I love you.

Now this post is for all Father's. May the Lord Bless and Keep you in His Care. Being a father is a big, tedious, long, job that
last an entire life time. The child whom turns 21 is still your child, the child that turns 45 is still your child, even though he/she may now be a parent too.

I have learned it takes a special caring to show your parenting skills. Most Dad's have it if they would just release it to
work for them. It is okay to cry, laugh, hug and show emotions. Our children need to know emotions are okay.
Teenagers need love almost more than a kindergardener does. They are not children, they are not adults they sort of mixed up
in between. In a 30 minute period they can show all three age elements. Try living in their skin for awhile. It may help
to understand the emotions you see or do not see.

So Dad's step to the plate and be the awesome Dad's I know you can be even if the child is 43.

Husband this is for you, I love you very much. We have five wonderful children that you have been able to
share in their lives with when the Military gave you a chance to be around.

You were great and always wrote the children a note for them in your letters to me. Sometimes on separate paper some times as tags on my letters. You never missed their Birthdays or Christmas either.

I always had them write you and tell you of their events, good and bad. That is what helped to make us a strong family.

Your awesome ability to listen and stay calm, (most of the time) really helped to develop a good relationship with each

Your helping and sharing with them as adults has been a great way to learn more about their world. You helped remodel two homes and helped grandchildren in college and at home.

I love you for all you do for us, for them and for our neighbors. You are a true blessing given them and I.

For 5o years you have been a Father, Dad and friend. For 25 years you have been a Grandfather and friend to your Grandchildren. As Dan said, "Wow I quarter of a century I have been around."

Thank you with all my heart for your generosity and love.

Saturday Surname Ely

I have near to nothing in my database on Rosanna Ely/ Ealy.
She married Andrew Stollar.
they had Catherine Stollar whom mar George PLANTS ie PLANTZ.

Most of the research was done in the 70's and 80's and is in binders in boxes in back room. LONG before
a computer came along.

I have emptied two of the boxes have 11 more to go.

I remember they crossed the Sckullkyll River coming west to then Westmoreland later named Washington Co. PA.

Much on PLANTZ PLANTS and others but on the Reunion tree nothing.
Old Mac for PAF disc much more data. Can no longer open it.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Mom's Birthday event 90th

A card shower is what is now planned. She will be 90 on 29 June. If you would like to help her celebrate the event, please send a card to this P O Box.

Dorothy Jones P O BOX 352, Valley Ford, Ca. 94972

Her Dad was a HOFFMAN and her Mom a SCOTT.


Lineages are from Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Georgia, & Mass.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Burbank Jamboree Day 3, 2010

A tour the the maze of vendors and out the door to Susan Kitchens' talk on " Tools to Capture Family Stories: The Interviewer's Brain, Ears and Mouth. Some how with a title like that I knew this was going to be fun.

As I promised self to see new lecturer's Susan was selected to start this day. Great talk, great ideas, fun lines and loved the interactive question period. I like interactive events.

Then I listened to LIsa Cooke "Tap Into Your Inner Private Eye: Seven Strategies You Need to Find Living Relatives.
Chuckling this talk brought about a question and answer period afterwards with roommates around me. A Side Bar event.

I was excited to see how Lisa used the Google Earth program to zero in on Petaluma, Ca. Now she did not know I grew up there.
Old Chicken Capitol of the World in the 1950's. Now they grow grapes and let the apple orchards rot. What a shame and waste.

Yes Petaluma is Artsy type of place today. Half the old banks are Art Museums now. Antique Shops on all most all corners.

Her finding her missing kin was a great thing to see. I am working with some one who is trying to find her Aunt's and Uncles.
So really appreciated the data she shared.

Missed Hairsteria: Hair in the Family by M Taylor. Seemed everyone was contacting me about a win in the hall.

Yes, I choose 5 CD's, I was already going to purchase two for future knowledge I missed when classes clashed.

So Yes I brought home 7 CD's to help in research. Paula it is okay it makes the selections more interesting.

Then we went to train stop and I found a classmates older sister from home setting on the bench. Actually Gwen found her
and share knowledge with me. I have still forgotten to tell MOM or my siblings.

Side Bar is that the Kitchen family appears to link to my husband's Kitchen family.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Jamboree, Burbank and Genealogy Day 2

Jamboree and more adventures to be experienced and enjoyed. Alas the refrigerator never came but we did finally get a spare ice bucket for in room needs.

The day started with Breakfast with David Rencher talking about the upgrades, changes and hopes and dreams he has of making the family search experience more meaningful. Randy S. had been to SLC and brought back this news but it was great to hear it from the man himself.

Next event I attended was Blogger 1, prior to that I talked to Lisa C. briefly and we agreed to see each other Sunday. Then I spoke to Maureen T. about the picture she had me bring and the dating and potential placing of this Grandma GG+ in my Genealogy. We will be working more on her later.

Blogger 1 was very different from last year. I enjoyed the group and the presentation. Staying in the room, I then attended the more advanced Blogger 2 event. Again it was great to see the speakers and the news they imparted to the attendees.

After this concluded lunch was shared and we split into our own agenda's again and I went to see a dear old friend
George Morgan talk about:" Bits about Obit: Reading Between the Lines." As always he is articulate, easy to understand and so full of lots of information. His ideas are refreshing for the newbies and the feed back I heard was what I would say was '"right on the money". Biased maybe but I do not think so.

Shirley B. went to William Dollarhides" Primary New York Genealogical Sources: Census and Substitutes," one other went to
John Humphrey's talk on "Pennsylvania's Land Records An Indispensable Resource for Genealogist". Alas that one did not
tape so I was not able to order his talk. Virginia promised me she took good notes. I do not remember where Mary K went.

We all felt that the talks we heard were excellent and would really help in our research. I lastly attended "Neglected History by Smolenyak." What a great topic to present.

We all split for dinner since many had sandwiches from Lunch to munch. I walked over to Denny's to get a breathe of fresh air and to have some pancakes and eggs. ( Old Denny's Employee, old habits die hard :>) ) I saw other Blogger's and their friends there enjoying food also.

Went back to read a book I had retrieved and to decide how to proceed for the last day of the event. I also started to formulate what cd's I would like to purchase to help me in my research for the talks I had missed.

Remember I commented on Facebook this year I would branch out to see different speakers which I worked on doing so some of my favorites, I apologized to and tried new ground for new ideas.

Today was David Rencher and then Andy Pomeroy.

Andy Pomeroy spoke on: " Connecting Families Through Social Networking". I was really looking forward to this talk and
was hoping it was a pick up on the Blogger's and Facebook participants.

Part of his talk did address the Blogging community and Facebook Genealogists. He also addressed a bit about
"" and what it offered. I raised my hand and offered that GenealogyWise is as close to the old
Golden Gate Forum on AOL of long ago as what I could find. I am an old AOL GFS member.

His comments on security were good but wish he would have shown slide by slide the ways you could change your settings to
be password safe. Because I had spoke up about the past history of being a old Golden Gate Forum member later I was asked
questions regarding this issue being more specific to security changes.

The one thing that amazed me is the fact that people still do not realize what you put up, is there. So only put up what you
want someone to be able to read. You can make your sites, as secure as you desire and you do not have to answer all the
questions that are asked, when you sign into many places. He discussed the youth and use of these sites and advised parents
to make sure they keep an eye on what the student is doing when he is on line, in any forum. I great piece of advise for

What everyone seemed to miss this year was the mentioning of the Groups under these programs that are genealogical related. They were eluded to but not addressed. On Facebook if you click the link to groups it will take you to the area where you can see the 100's of genealogical groups that are there to use for free. I have had five linking cousins found by using these groups. Information is shared and exchanged with a real caring on helping each other. Did you know that NEHGS, Ohio Genealogical Society, and almost all major societies are now on the Groups area of Facebook? I even saw links to the Library's of various states and historical societies. They are free to be a part of and share with. is also free to use and they run the learning chats like AOL did on various topics each week. They also have Surname groups with in these programs for various regions of the world.

Andy did mention that as a family group it can help you put your research up for all to share and add to and make it a more
filled informationally used area.

I personally like the regional ones most and also the surnames ones have helped. By now I have found many cousins and broke two brick walls by using these new methods for genealogy.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

More News of Burbank's Jamboree

Yesterday I gave the duel highlights of the my beginning and ending of the Jamboree. Though I do not think it really ends, I think we just put it on hold to carry on with more learning and sharing later.

I met with the Thomas M and the other Bloggers in the Bloggers area and retrieved my goody bag. Wow, what a goody bag that was. I had only asked Thomas to please bring me a Blogger button. I do not do PayPal so was really stressed on how to acquire one. Thomas brought myself and other Bloggers, the button, beads, flashlight, and many other terrific things that were donated by various business groups. Bruce B thanks for the Roots Magic data. I am so waiting for the Mac version, so patiently, NOT. :>)

I must say the Bloggers bag is causing the retirement of the Ancestry tote. hee heee. I love that Black Bag. Thomas I thank you so much for bringing me the Blogger Button. I also "Thank You: for all the great items you were given or chose to give us at Jamboree. Thanks to all the Bloggers who helped Thomas get the bags ready and available to us. Thanks to all the vendors whom added to the goodies in the bag. I think I got them thanked while there, I hope I missed no one.

Then I helped Paula with getting things finished for the Jamboree that morning (Friday) it was fun doing it because then I hoped I would remember where the various booths were at when we officially opened. Stars the people said:" what did we do to get them?" My reply was a "Just Because" which was what Paula had stated. Then I delivered the round balloons to other booths, at this time I was finally seeing some familiar faces and getting some hugs. Awesome way to have a day.

After we opened I went to Curt W talk about Indian Research, which was as informative as I expected. I would love to go back to Ft Wayne and spend more time there someday. Guess I will have to hint loudly to my son, he lives in Michigan not that far away. It is how I got there the first time.

Then I wandered around because the event I wanted to attend was filled, the next alternate event had the same closed doors filled. So I spoke to various vendor booths and discussed various topics relating to their expertise.

My rock hound friend called me while I was in Curt's talk so when I called him he was in a lecture.

I went back to the Bloggers area and saw Thomas and Amy C, and Steve D. As they appeared deep in conversation I went out to explore more.

My room mates ended the day and we went across the way to eat Greek Food with many familiar faces and I introduced them to the rock hound friend and we all headed to the Food Court, suddenly we were with Steve D, Randy S. Linda S, Susan Kitchen (probable cousin of my husband), Gini and Steve and many other faces I was introduced to last year.

I am terrible with names at times. I can see the faces but the names just stay hidden. I have always been good with faces. So I do not blame it on age but that does not always help the matter. It was great to share the time reflecting and enjoying the company.

Steve D. I loved that choice of beverage I brought the top home to find some here. I really love Greek Food. Greek food makes a nice light meal in the evening if you choose well.

After the meal we shared taking some pictures which I will post soon.

We went back to the hotel and discussed the events of the day. I crocheted & the others read their books. We mentioned Ruth's comments about a shaker while there and since we were on the 8th floor were hoping it did not happen.

We then talked about where everyone was going to be and what about lunch for the next day.
I wanted to attend the second day. BLOGGER 1 BLOGGER 2 etc.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Jamboree, Burbank and Genealogy

Burbank, California 2010 June Jamboree, Yes we did it again. What a great adventure! We met many old friends and made some new ones. We enjoyed a really great Greek eatery. We being Shirley B, Virginia T, Mary K and I. We met with Randy and Linda S. Joan L and dil, and the rest of the group from San Diego Genealogy Society and many acquaintances from Carlsbad.
O yes, Ruth H and Ann D were there too. HI Gwen!

At the Greek eatery we met many other bloggers and friends. Introduced my rock hound buddy to my Genealogy buddies.
He never shared he did Genealogy also.

We attended many sessions and observed many interesting events. Sometimes, setting and watching can be more fun than participating and joining in.

The topics were relevant to our research and very informative. The speakers were excellent and the helpers were awesome.

Because I knew so many of the speakers I felt like old home week meeting dear old friends. I started with the topic on Indians and moved through the topics as time allowed, generally. Curt W had given me tips in Indiana a few years ago so I started with his topic and came away knowing I had done the homework he had suggested. We both discussed a potential new line of research we need to locate for referencing. Because my Great Grandmother and my Aunt had experienced this first hand he felt there was a record to relate to it filed somewhere. I had not thought about that avenue until we talked.

Chatting over incidents really brings a better perspective to fore. I also learned some information about the BIA ( Bureau of Indian Affairs) which was very interesting.

So my 3 days started out with a great feeling of doing something right. Later, I will talk more of this, on a steady basis.

Fast Forward to Day of Return

When we left to catch the train to come home. Gwen introduced me to an acquaintance she had met helping to the train station.

She related the story I had told her about Petaluma that Lisa Cooke had given, She retold this story to this new acquaintance whom said she was from near Petaluma.

So when we arrived at the train pickup she told me about her and I spoke to this person. :>)

She says," I am from Petaluma area but no one ever knows where that is at". I said to her but I grew up in Petaluma area and was trying to catch Lisa to tell her what I knew, (Never caught up to her) and the lady then shared she was from a town near Petaluma and then she said," BLOOMFIELD" and I said," WHO ARE YOU?" I am from VALLEY FORD. These towns are about 5 miles or so apart and we all attended the same schools back then and they still do today.

This was my classmate's older sister. When she took her shades off she looked just like whom she should have. :>) What a thrill!

I had not seen any of this family since a very early school reunion 40 years ago. So we talked about our old classmates and what had happened in her family and mine. She was going to call her sis Barbara when she got to where she going since Roger is in a home for care. I was able to share about some of the classmates she was not familiar with any more as she did with me the same. Alas the train ride separated us so we did not get to visit on the way to Oceanside/Carlsbad area. We did swap addresses and she is also doing genealogy.

What a way to begin and end the Journey I set out upon Friday morning ending on Sunday evening.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Friday's Shout Out

Dae Powell's web page. Give it a try.

Thursday's Treasures

Thursday's Treasures are many. I only have time to mention a few. A pile of rocks from my Uncle which make into gems.
This is an on going treasure find. Some are now not on the market since he started collecting since I was 9 or 10 years old.

I have a few pieces he made for me that I treasure a Fire Opal necklace pendant. A turquoise set of earrings he made from my sisters and my bracelets after we out grew them.

His life stories of his experience in Pearl Harbor during the attack. His many other stories of rescuing stuck yes lodge in the ground stuck ships from various bays in the east coast. One is really funny.

I have earrings and necklace that my Great Uncle( Grandma Jones brother) made for me when I was a teen. It seems the rock hounding is strong in the family. Mom on the other side of family has also always collected rocks and shells.

Anyone remember a scythe? My grandson was asking me what was used before lawn mowers and push mowers. He is the one whom prompted these thoughts. So I told him how we cut the grass around the house and the weeds and the other areas that needed trimmed. He saw one of these tools in someone's possession but was not sure what it was used for besides representing death coming.

Dad was most insisting that if we cut a thistle then we had to dig the root out so they did not come back.
I broke a scythe on a hidden rock in the ground debris. Did not make my Dad to happy. :>)

Chuckling because many of you have seen the rock near about 20 feet from MOM's house that is the biggest one she has collected.
It used to be three stories tall and wider but was blasted away to make road rock for the community before parents bought the land and house. It still is over 30 feet tall.

Home to the squirrels and snakes and birds and bugs. It used to have lots of poison oak on it so we could only climb one side of it to stay out of it.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wisdom on Wednesday thoughts

I first saw this topic and said mmmm, selective days for Wisdom. Then I decided it may be a great new way to get information out and about to the genealogy world. The knowledge can be from primary or secondary experiences or processes learned in classes, seminars or jamborees. hee, hee, hee

See we have a Jamboree coming up this weekend in Burbank. It has a fabulous list of presenters and topics to discuss, share and learn about.

I am sure the Vendors area will be as excited as it has always been. I love to hear of all the vendors that are there that we can
actually communicate with.

Last year I had a chance to talk to Ancestry people about some frustrating methods they had changed to for research.
About 8 weeks later the system was finally more compatible for the research. :>)

I volunteered in Leland's booth and met many nice people. Learned many ideas and topics to share with the people that I
teach. They really needed the help the line was all around the area for the articles to purchase. So as much as I helped them
it was a learning information for me and I really like these people too. He and his wife and William Dollarhide are some of
my favorite genealogy people. Of course they are not the only ones.

I met William Dollarhide in 1995 and have been thrilled to be able to learn what he shares when he speaks. His knowledge is
endless for me.

I will miss my long many years friend Pat this year, but other old AOL Golden Gates Forum people are attending.
Dare I mention, Maven, Smith, Morgan & Mello for enjoying working with them and the knowledge they impart.

I a few years ago had the pleasure of meeting Curt Witcher at the Allen County Library in Indiana. He is my PERSI go to man.

Other people that I have enjoyed their talks and would recommend them to try are: Jean Wilcox Hibben, Craig Mason, Christopher Child, Lisa Louise Cooke, Arlene Eakle, Gina Ortega, Randy Seaver, Tom Underhill, Thomas MacEntee, Bruce Buzbee, & Bennet Greenspan.

With all those names I may have even missed a few so I am going to try a few new ones this time and see what more I can learn. I just hope you go and enjoy and soak in the atmosphere of a fun learning event.

I am wanting to spend time with Lisa Cooke, Kathryn Doyle, Paula H., and talk more with Maureen Taylor about that elusive picture we talked of last year. I also want to talk more to the people from NEHGS on my still standing brick wall.

That is my words of Wisdom on the Wednesday before the Jamboree on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tombstones, Destroyed and damaged

I just read about how the coal mining operations are digging up old cemeteries and the stones and caskets and it all goes to
the coal mine refinery to make coal. Pretty sad state of affairs the government can't even stop them from this it seems.
Seems they are not able to even get them to slow down. They are not making them follow the rules sad sad sad.

Genealogy in the Neighborhood, South Bay area of San Diego, CA

A follow up on the information posted yesterday. The Seminar Committee met and have chosen the topics for the Seminar.

We filled in activities, for the rest of the time posted for the year. This was an event started in Feb/Mar to expand the

Society to reach out to the people in our community that may want to be able to learn more about genealogy and their family background, history & stories.

We took the topics that the program chairperson had picked and have tried to build a A to Z program in continuity with the
programs chosen to present to the community at a time other than the during the day general meeting.

It was our hope to have an event at least one a month to match the Wednesday General meeting event, in the evening or on the weekend.

Due to the success of the mini seminar we have had a Beginners Class taught and I think 19 people got certificates. This will be offered again later I believe after summer time ? for others to learn more also. Though if we are to reach teachers they are free during the early summer not late, mmm point to ponder here.

We have added people to the library to help the library with people whom come in asking for information. It seems at least once a week we gain a new name of a person interested. Sometimes twice or more we gain a new contact.

Since John does Monday's and I hear MaryAnn H is now helping him and Dearl is coming back too this is a real plus.
Virginia and I do Wednesdays on the days we do not go to Lemon Grove. Shirley and Phyllis and sometimes Gary helps on
Sundays or Wednesdays also. We hope Barbara will be able to come back and do the opposite Wednesdays part time and we look forward to meeting new people and have more people from the Society to share this adventure.

It is a great time to become familiar with our own library and all the data in it. I have found sources on three families so far, that was not there when I did this in the 1999 and 2000, 2001 time frame. We have signed up 3 people from meeting them at the library and sharing our knowledge with them.

Randy will be doing an Outreach talk on Ancestry the end of June at the CV CIVIC CENTER Library.
We are reaching out to our community libraries to see if they want help. It seems they are very excited about us
doing a presentation and sharing our knowledge with their clients. We can only find out if we try.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday's Reflections Genealogical and Otherwise

Much has been happening in our lives here and so blogging has had to stand down for a bit. It has been a very
interesting month and it has hardly started.

We have Jamboree coming up for those who will attend. We have our own monthly agenda's we like to attend and be a part of.

As a genealogist, I want to say I belong to a very good society that is reaching out to it's community neighbors to help
more people learn how to do genealogy. Our society has representation from all over south bay we like to say we cover the
area south of 94.

So if you live in National City, Imperial Beach, Coronado, Spring Valley, San Ysidro, Nester, Otay Mesa, EastLake, Bonita, etc we would love to have you come check out what we are doing and let us help you learn your family history.

Chula Vista Genealogy Society has many events for many people. We have expanded our hours to cover the times when
some people would be working and not able to attend regular speakers meeting.

O we do not have it perfected yet but I sure hope it is a step in the right direction. We now are attempting to cover Wednesday evenings from 5:30 to 7:30 every Wednesday . I actually cover two of those Wednesday evenings with Virginia. We have Sunday afternoons between 1- 4 covered depending on whom is doing the shift some like 1-3 others like 2-4.
Shirley Becker, Phyllis Learned and others are doing Sunday's. So far we have had Shirley Becker, Phyllis Learned, Virginia Taylor, Barbara I, Gary Brock and I as helpers.

If your a CVGS member we would love for you to come in and learn the set up so you can help too. IF you would like to learn
more about genealogy and would like help drop by so we can assist you in getting started, solving your brick wall, learning
new methods, programs and webpages free and non free to help you in your research.

We are working on our Outreach classes that will supplement the Monthly speaker's meetings for our day working people
who may want to attend a learning event. All of this takes time and some effort on everyone's part. We have a new
meeting venue for Outreach Classes to not burden our home library. This is going to happen in July, with the first event.

I know the Society is planning more Beginners Classes and How to Events to help new people and bring others up to date
on current topics and events. Some of these events are scheduled and with summer coming you may want to take advantage
of some them.

Our newsletter is posted on the web page as are many of our members surnames that they are researching. Check it out.
You may find a link your looking for. Lots of various articles are placed on the web page.

You may contact board members by going to this site:

Sunday, June 6, 2010

D Day Normandy Invasion

Here is hoping everyone took time to remember the forgotten fallen and the servicemen that fought so hard to help England and Europe overcome the Nazi Regime. Utah Beach & Omaha Beach so terribly hard hit for losses. To have air strikes called down on our own advancing men, everyone was in a hurry to get the enemy pushed back to whence it came. Our men advanced faster than hoped and did a super job the losses were horrendous but it kept England and us free ultimately.

For all the servicemen gone and forgotten my you always be remembered by some one at some time and for all of you reading this may you take the time this week to tell your children or grandchildren what this was all about.

It is no wonder they do not understand what we are doing now. May the Lord Bless us ALL.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Veteran's Park, Imperial Beach, CA

Monday we went to the Veteran's Park Memorial Day event in Imperial Beach, CA. This is an event that has been put on for 42 years of this societies existence.

It started early with the gathering of the volunteers and the setting up of the event. The occasion started at 10 AM.
The Presiding Officer Mick Fulton did a great job of presentation of the various events and the introduction of the guests and
the winners of the essay put on by the FRA. All the members of 289 did a marvelous job of making this happen and Bill Landry is the Memorial Day Chairman. Thanks Bill.

The guest speaker was the Commanding Officer, Center for SEAL and SWCC, Captain Christopher R Lindsay.
He gave an interesting history of his life and where he was at this time last year. He commended the efforts of all the fallen servicemen in all services and also mentioned the efforts that were done by the wives and mothers of the family members of the military community. it was interesting to note that he said the military found that families that were close and supportive had stronger military careers. Now those are my words for his saying. His was more lengthy and soft and so appreciated by the mothers, wives and friends of the servicemen.

In all my years with the military community he is only the second person to ever say that openly for my ears to hear.
I first heard that we were their backbone when I first joined the Navy Wives Club in Lemoore NAS many years ago as a young wife of a serviceman. Now having been married to my serviceman for more than 50 years I suddenly hear a Officer say those words again. It actually gave my heart a lurch. Sir, I thank you.

It was nice to see the City Counsel of Imperial Beach and Mayor Janney attend this event. Imperial Beach is a place that has grown and changed a great deal since I was first exposed to it in 1950.

The Placement of Floral Tributes to the fallen was presented and were to be given to the sea later in the day.

Taps was played by the 82nd Airborne Honor Detail.

I want to thank the: Fleet Reserve Association Branch 289, Ladies Auxillary FRA Unit 289, Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 5477, Ladies Auxiliary VFW Post 5477, American Legion Post 820, & Ladies Auxiliary American Legion Post 820, for their
presenting this event, with the City of Imperial Beach.

I also want to say Thanks to all those at the FRA Branch 289 for the food afterwards that we shared with our families and were able to expose our children and grandchildren to what Memorial Day is all about.

Have you exposed your children and grandchildren to this event? Do they know what Memorial Day is about?
It really is secondary to have a BBQ or beach party it is truly a day of reflecting on our past service, family members and what
they endured to keep us free.