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Shared Names in Family - Mom's Side. HOFFMAN/HUFFMAN, SCOTT, WARDEN, DuVALL.etc.

Since doing a post about a share of Dad's surnames Jones etc, thought I should do same for Mom before the month ends.
ISAAC JEFFERSON WARDEN born Ulstser, Ireland Nov 1770
Arrival Year:1795;1822  Arrival Place: Ohio   Source Publication Code: 2829.20
Primary Immigrant: Warden, Isaac Annotation:
Date and place where a step in the process to become a citizen occurred. Country of nativity, whether resided in the U.S. prior to 29 January 1795, page number of entry, and other information may be provided. Extracted from Minute Book C of Common Pleas Court Records in Guernsey County, OH.
Source Bibliography:
GUERNSEY COUNTY, OHIO COMMON PLEAS COURT RECORDS 1822-1824. In Gateway to the West, vol. 3:2 (April-June 1970), pp. 73-77.
Isaac Warden
Issue Date:

20 Aug 1823
Isaac Jefferson WARDEN Sr.
Wife Jeanette McCUNE b 1782 Somerset, Somerset,  PA d 1840 Guernsey, Oh. Someone else has diff birth date. 1772? Father may be JAMES MCCUNE.

JAMES FULLER,  born Washington Co. Maryland 30 Jan 1769  d 30 Jan 1842 Peoria, Peoria, ILL
wife Catherine GIBSON  (?)
Papers show FULLER some say it was FOWLER. So far not seen any record with that name but I have not confirmed his parents yet. Which may be Thomas or William Fuller???

DANIEL WARDEN b 1831 Ohio d 31 Jan 1917 Iowa Civil War Vet.
marries Mary J LANGDON B  1835, Ohio

JOSEPH LANGDON B ABT 1800, VA, his father, Samuel LANGDON 1763-1861 and Anne CLIFTON 1765- 1815. his parents Samuel LANGDON Sr. and Mary (unk)?, jos father Joseph LANGDON and Mary Osborn PORTER, his father Thomas LANGDON 1649, 1706.

Joseph's wife Arteminta BRAMMER, 1807 VA  d Marshall, KS   b date in dispute with cousin.
Arteminta's parents Edmond(Edward) BRAMMER 1766-1822  Halifax Co. VA d Lawrence Co. OH and Mary Ann LEE 1773- 1844, Patrick co. VA d 1844 Marshall, KS
Mary Ann Lee's parents, JOHN LEE  1729-1795 d Leesville, Campbell, Va m Sarah Jane WARD BRAZILL (dec 1809. Her father Ward BRAZIL,

John Lee's father was JOHN LEE.  I have much more on LEE family got from Michigan Archives 2 June's ago. Still need to enter it.

Interesting to note that SCOTT and BRAMMER, both from Halifax Co. VA.

Thomas SCOTT b 1730 d 1767 have his WILL, was in Halifax Co. VA later turned to PITTSYLVANIA CO. VA.  wife Lurana/Susanna probably Paine/Payne ? I use both  names since there is so much arguing over her name.
John  SCOTT born Halifax Co. m Sophia MURRY, served in service had pension.

son Shadrack SCOTT Sr. b 1790 Pittsylvania Co. Va. d 1850 Henry Co. IA age 60 wife was Harriet Cynthia Lewis b 1 May 1798 VA/NC border d May 1887 IA, Her father was
L LEWIS and mother was Sarah DEVER.
 John C Scott b Sept 1817 Kentucky  d 8 Oct 1904 Henry Co. IA m Rebecca MORROW 25 May 1841, daughter of John Jackson MORROW and Patience Rebecca TUTTLE. 

Matthew MORROW b 1765 - 1840 wife Francis BURNETT parents were THOMAS MORROW and REBECCA SMALL.

James TUTTLE 1767 -1860 m to Nancy working on a date problem. James TUTTLE father  1738- 1798 and Rebecca WASHBURN mother  1736- 1779
Other Tuttle married in names are ROSCRANS, GARDINER, BAKER, LIEVERSE, 
Much taken from TUTTLE TUTHILL book LDS library. 

Inez Mae SCOTT da of Cornelius Franklin SCOTT, and Ella D WARDEN  marries
Cecil Lee Hoffman (Leroy)  29 May 1912 Appanoose, IA

Cecil's,  Grandparents were: Franklin Marion HOFFMAN and Samantha Abigail DuVALL.  
born Iowa and  he died WYO, she died IOWA. 


Samantha's parents were Robert DuVALL and Harriet DuVALL. cousins. 

Henry Hoffman(HUFFMAN) and Elizabeth HIGGINS were Sanford's parents. 

Henry Huffman/HOFFMAN  jumped broom with Catrouch Fry/e {previously married to Mary Provator. possibly one girl.} ( Ohio data) happened in VA.  Hampshire Co.

Henry and Catrouch or Catherine had probably 7 children. Can verify 6. His father was John Hoffman/Huffman.

Elizabeth HIGGIN's line b 1809 Greene Co. PA da of Joseph HIGGINS SR and Mary HENDERSON, 1773-1813. 

Joseph HIGGINS Sr father was James HIGGINS and Sarah STOUT, 
James parents were JEDIAH H HIGGINSs 1691- 1722 and Hannah STOUT. 1694-1779.

Jediah I HIGGINS 5 Mar 1655 Eastham Barnstable, MASS d 1715 New Jersey, wife Mary NEWBOLD b 23 May 1661 Eckington, Yorkshire, England d 23 April 1715 Somerset, Middlesex, NJ.

Michael NEWBOLD, 1623-1692, Ann Topping  parents of Mary Newbold.
Michael's parents were Thomas NEWBOLD, and Jane Joana SYMS.

Still working to clarify Capt John Henderson 1740-1813 and mary Polly Obrien born DOWNARD
as parents for Mary Henderson. 

Hannah STOUT b 29 Mar 1694 New Jersey d 14 July 1779 New Jersey,  parents are Jonathon STOUT and Hannah BOLLEN.

Hannah BOLLEN parents are James BOLLEN and Anne VAN QUILLEN. 

DuVALL line I will do separate.. I am a duel DuVall. 

Randy Seaver and I link on the HIGGINS line.

New Jersey, Wills and Probate Records, 1656-1999, indexed database with digital images, ( :, accessed 7 September 2015, no longer available), Somerset County, page 16 (penned) (image 339), Jediah Higgins will, 1715.

Jediah Higgins (1657-1715) and his wife, Mary (Newbold) Higgins (1661-1715) married in 1684, and had 11 children:

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Glenn was and is a relative. Are You Related? just sent me a message.

John Glenn is and was a relative.  I am sure that would please Daryl Glenn our deceased member.
We tracked for three years and just did not find the answers. (I have to look but think he spelt his first name different, He has been gone a while now.) As are most of the others that started in the beginning with the development of the society.

 We're Related app's keep saying we are related to lots of people. But they leave many gaping holes in the chain so I ignore those.

I know the DuVall line, Jones line and Hoffman/Huffman line fairly well and generally do not even have to check it to agree or disagree.

Besides hard work the old way which connected me to 9 other Genealogical society members, the WeRe Related app says there are three more that belong to our society that are related, two I agree with completely even if we haven't talked about it.

Amazed at how many people have the Haines line, Stollar, Plants,Plantz, Plance line. I am learning that the Stollar line is also Stotler, names did get twisted.

Learned that the OEN is really BOHN from relative that found me and I shared with Shirley Lee.
She married a Jones.

Found another Gooch, yes in our line. That line tied to my dear deceased friend from Germany.
Friedel Gordon,  Now will this Gooch tie in also??

Lots of turmoil with the WRIGHT's line. At least two of them. And some said JONES was tough.

I have four proven Jones lines.  Mass, Maryland, Pa and New York.   Do any intersect that I have yet to learn.

How about Young, Cook, Cooke, Barnes, at least two of those lines.

Mattison/Madison oh that is a fun line to guess and play with.  56 years and no definite answer to my satisfaction.  O yes, the children had her from four states they didn't even know???
Last information received says father was John Mattison and she was born in Vermont.
I did find her brother when he lived near her in Iowa for a few years and had a son.  Yes his last name was Mattison making this a wee more accurate.  Obviously they did not like Iowa because the son went back to Vermont and eastern New York. After 1880 or about then.

Have a long list of FOLK, FOULK  and EASTMAN kin, and TROWBRIDGE kin,  SHARPE, TRACY, ROOD, FULLER  a tidbit of KEELER, BELDING/BELDON, LOVELY, LAMBERTON,  then we move to the other side of the tree.


We have at least two FULLER Lines, one Mayflower and one in Maryland with another JONES that may link back someday.

These names come off of my Dad's side of the true and are not all of them just primary ones I semi track or have tracked in the last 30 years.

I will share some of Mom's soon.  She also has FULLER. Some tie back into some of Dad's early in country development./

Wish back up drive had not died.  But that is life.  Now two back updrives and one tree in the clouds.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Sunset in Valley Ford, CA with my tree.

Years ago there was a long shrubbery of Cypress that made a wind block for the fruit trees in the orchard that is to dark here for  you to see.

But one year they finally said they were wore out and a fire hazard and they were cut out due to no longer living and dangerous.

As children we played in that hedge and run on the top of it playing hide and seek. When they were going to cut down the trees/shrubs one tree on the end was green and growing and I convinced Dad to let it stand. All these years later it was always my tree.

I visited that tree and really enjoyed the beauty of it, no idea now if still there or gone.
But Pete Merga, Alice Merga, Norma Bordessa, and other neighbors once in a while would come and we played in those trees that were cut like a hedge and made a great base to run on, on the top of the deceased trees.  Once we got stuck and had to have a neighbor come help us down because we played later than we had sun light to see our way down safely to the ground.

Other neighbors were Donna Maxwell, Jane Kirkland, Kay Cunningham, and others. I am still in touch with Norma Bordessa and seen Pete Merga at Mom's funeral.

Oliver Illia, was the son of Oliver and Mabel Illia which were close friends to our parents. He also came to the services.  The Del Curto's both brothers lived near. It was their grandmother that taught me how to knit the European method.  Her husband was a butcher at one time.

Of course back then we also had the Rossi's, McFadden's, Brown's, Titus, Caselli, Bianchi's and many others.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Do you have a Doomsday Book?

So you have a Doomsday Book?

I learned this tidbit this morning on the news.  It seems that we all need to have a Doomsday book.
The book contains information genealogists would go nuts over. Some of our elder parents families had mini forms of these books. But seldom was it carried down for the family to understand it's importance.

You ask, "What is a Doomsday Book?"   It is a book on what you have, where you have it, what do to with it and when and how to carry out these requests.

It is so much more than a Will or Probate of Trust.  It truly is a guide that talks about your past and your present and your wishes or goals for the future.

You record where the records are held for the items you mention. You list what all these items are.
You list your request for future of these items.

You are covering these things that deal with medical, money, land, property, investments, gifts handed down for generations.

It covers Legal Records, Births, Death Certificates, Social Security Information, Insurance Policies (car, house and land), Car Registrations, and any other pertinent information your family will need if you are to become disabled or incapacitated or deceased.

It should also cover key pictures of the family that should be passed down to the next generations to remember one by.  Information about a special made blanket or quilt, a piece of jewelry, who made it and what it is composed of and the significance to the family and it's historical future.

This all goes so much farther than a Will or Trust.

It seems some one did this for his family and it made the news because with all the grieve and process they had to go through, the Doomsday Book guided them to accomplish what the man wished and was accomplished with ease because he stated where the  items were at and what do to with them.

I hope this gives you food for thought and helps you to prepare for your future.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

NOEL JONES dcd 1804 Rensselear Co. NY ???

Having found a copy of a NOEL JONES 's  Letter of Administration granted on the estate of Noel Jones Deceased, record?    October  12,  1804

The People of the State of New York by the grace of God, free & Independent

To Archibald Jones send greetings; Whereas Noel Jones of Petersburg, Dec. ) I ? say? as is alledged, lately died
Intestate,' having whilst living and at the time of his death goods, chattels or credits, within this state; by means where of the ordering and granting

signed on bottom
In testimony where of we have caused the seal of the
(to be bequests affirmed,  Witnes bequests appraised   Witness Jerecurah Odom F?  hunaagate???)
office of our surrogate of the county at Troy, the twelf day of October in  the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred and four.    signed by ? OSBORN?

 ( ) is squeezed in between.

Whose NOEL JONES is this. It is not my direct ancestor  ??? He died 1804 and mine had child in 1809 and is in the 1810 census Petersburg, NY.

NOEL JONES born about 1785 near Albany  married  Susannah, and had Noyes JONES b 1809 in Petersburgh, Rensselear Co. NY.  Entered in court records in his hand in court book.  ours

There is also a NOEL JONES b abt 1812 to a NOEL JONES who moved to Alleghany Co. NY from this area also. FHC has quiet a bit of data on tis person. They do not fit with my Noel and son Noyes Jones either.  Much implies related, though. This one left this area then went to Utica, NY then sw NY. He had 5 wives.  Lots of interesting stuff about this man and the crooked Judge at the hearing over his Will and the very crooked last wife, who dropped all association with his children. Got to read this great story. Amazing this could happen then. Nothing changes when people want to be crooked. One could write a detective story on this man.

Worst case would be this is my NOEL JONES in Alleghany Co. NY and he left his son NOYES with Abel JOnes his brother and went to Utica then to Alleghany taking his son Noel with him. b 1812.
If that is the case, Susannah is not mentioned, not in Utica or as far as I could learn in Alleghany and he had several other wives.  But still who is his father. All the Silas Jones Sr. children seemed to have a Noel Jones, including NOEL JONES.

Abel died 1835 Petersburg, Rensselaer Co. NY m Ruth Green
Ruscomb  b 1746 wife Susannah b Dutchess Co. NY very little data,
NOEL (MOWTH) b 1748 m Millicent Whitford
Zalmon b 1751
Norman 1754   RI VRecords says 1751. Silas gave us date in his data.? Mabel Hewitt
Laban 1756 m Sally Whitford   *sis of Millicent
Silas Jr 1760 m Mercy Scriven
Samuel 1762  d 1859 m Polly Allen
Benjamin 1765

Left out the girls
Martha b 1749 m Thomas Phillips
Abigail  1758  ?

 I do not believe Lindell, Timothy and James are siblings. I know one is son of one above.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Blessed Anniversary to my Husband Fred E. Pentico

  Dearest Husband,

  I want to thank you for all that you have done to make our family a good one.
  Wanting to thank you for all your caring and help with life as it gets muddled at times.

  Want you to know, my heart beats for you day and night and when ailments come along,
  My world closes in on  me.

  I wish you a speedy quick recovery from the last heart tripping event.
  You have stood by mine so many times, I can not count them.

  Wanting you to know how happy we are with the time and effort you put into help
   making America Great by serving 25+ years in the US Navy.

  For designing and making a tool that saved the government lots of money and time.

  For being designated Sailor of the Quarter and Year so very long ago.

  For being a super Scout Master and leading many students to being better humans.
  Often wondered how many became Eagle Scouts, 1 know of one and probably more.

  For leading more by example than words.

  Thank you for holding me in your arms when I am beyond stress attempting to deal with
   what life has given us.

  Thank you for our Five living children., Ten Grandchildren and 2 Great Grandchildren.
  Thanks for being a caring Dad and setting so many examples for them to follow.

  Thank you for a terrific Mother and Father in Law.  They were the very best. I could not have
  asked for better second family parents.

  I was so blessed when you smiled at me and we became friends and then a couple.

  I am still so blessed by all your caring, words, thoughts and actions.

 Thank you for the last 58 years. Would love to do it again for another 58.
 Looking forward to hitting 60 and making it to 75 at least.

 God Thank You for all this you have given us.

Susi Jones Pentico

Lastly ED "Hoot" Gibson, thanks for introducing him to me.



                                       A BLESSED

                                                           HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY 2017.


                     DRIVE WITH CARE,

                                                            HAVE FUN.