Friday, July 30, 2010

Sentiments on Thursday/ comments Friday

Sentiments on Thursday cover the thoughts of Seminars past. We are putting the final touches on our Seminar for Family History Month for the Chula Vista Genealogy Society, Chula Vista, California.
The Seminar will be held 2 October at the Norman Park Senior Center. It will be an all day affair.
Something we have not done since Mr. Bill Doty (now retired) came from NARA and gave some presentations on what NARA
held for us to learn about, many long years ago.
O yes we have had seminars but not a full day one.
Our speakers will be Jean Wilcox Hibben and Alfred Pena.
Our theme is "WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE?"
It is with great hope that we can have as a successful seminar as we did when Bill Doty came to present to us.

A web site I enjoy tremendously is for research assistance, help and relaxation.
They are a growing entity in the world of Genealogy. The people are friendly and overall want to find the answers to their puzzles. They are willing to share and laugh and smile when things are not always as they seem.
Do give them a go for in home assistance in your genealogy. You do not even need to leave your home to learn,
Vital Records, Histories, Civil War and Rev War Information. Just attend a chat that they are having on a given topic.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Vital Records Presentation Today

Today I will be presenting information on "Vital Records and Where to Find Them". 12:15 Chula Vista Library, 4th and F St.
Chula Vista, CA

Come learn some new places to look and what a Vital Record is.

Also our Scholarship recipient from last year will be present to meet members.

Refreshments and the event is free. Come join in the learning and the companionship of the day.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

No Tombstones on this Tuesday

This has been my week of wonder. No tombstones to share, though my cousin lost her husband in Kansas. It was a sudden and sad loss for us all. Carolyn my heart and prayers go out to you.

Grandson D had knee surgery finally after more than two (I think years of attempting to have it done). His injury was after mine but before they discovered mine was in need of surgery. Can not believe the company made him suffer this long. Very painful condition and surgery takes time to recover, been there done that.

Sis, Mary came back to visit also this week past. Arriving on Friday night due to the accident in the valley with a Greyhound buss all travel was delayed due to major inspections of the bus. Hurray she arrived safe even if several hours late.

My birthday past this last week and daughter bought me this delicious double chocolate cake to share with everyone. Chocolate mouse filling too.

Grandson J and his school mates came to visit and attend COMIC-CON, wow what fun we had. We rode the trolley and we went by car and we did a lot of walking to take in the event. This is the event I share with him each year, or at least attempt to. :>)
I ended up with very tender feet by the fourth day. Yes the first thing I did was buy my tickets for us for next year. Now to secure a ticket for my daughter, my goof.

Younger grandson Z was gifted with a signed picture of Chewbacca, from Star Wars, ending up with tears in many peoples eyes
and a very grateful grandson. The actor has no idea how much that picture and autograph meant to our grandson.

Grandsons W and K, had results from their fair. K took many prizes with his bunnies and W did the same with his chickens. I think K took best of show for his bunnies. They also made great money at the 4-H auction to move forward for next year.

Family from all over called or left a Happy Birthday on Facebook or email for me to see.

Thanks to all whom sent me Birthday Blessing Wishes, it sure seems we need them.

Grandson J hopes he passed his mid term today.

Grandson S is hoping to spend some time this weekend with us. He called me two days in a row and it made my heart sing.

Granddaughter to be called and talked almost an hour with me which also made my heart sing.

Mom called to. As did my other children and family members.

Seminar meeting covered lots of ground and that was a large relief.

Hubby had last day of back therapy and says he is better.

I did a Genealogy talk in Lemon Grove on Wednesday.

Prepared my talk for Chula Vista Genealogy Society this Wednesday 28 July 2010

What a week and that is not all just part of it.

Then the computer has decided to give me fits again so by Friday it will go back to whence it came last to see why again it is not working correctly.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Hoffman's Lost Lineage not Yet Found

I have decided to do something different today. I am at a stand still on my HOFFMAN/Huffman Lineage.
So I am going to start with my Grandfather Hoffman and post some data on a steady basis to see if any
other Hoffman/Huffman clan member finds us.

First one needs to know that HUFFMAN was not a name used in Germanic region until after the 1800's. It
was spoke as HOOFMAN or Huffman but spelt HOFFMAN. You can even see it spelt HOUGHMAN.

We know we came early to the American land. Some letters indicate we may even be from the Germanna Group.

So here is the starting of an adventure down the path to find more kin and maybe put more puzzle pieces together.

My last Hoffman was Grandad so this is where I start and work backward over time.

My Grandfather and my Grandmother were very special to me.
Their names are Cecil Lee (Shorty) and Inez Mae Scott Hoffman. I call them Grandma and Grandpa Hoffman.
Grandpa Hoffman grew up in southeast Iowa. Monroe and Appanoose Co area.

Grandpa's father came to Iowa from Greene Co., Pennsylvania. His name was Franklin Marion Hoffman. Grandpa's Mother was Samantha Abigail Duvall and her parents also came to Iowa from Greene Co., Pennsylvania.

Grandpa Cecil was born 9 May 1891 in Moravia, IA. Grandpa had asthma really bad and he went to Wyoming to live with his mother's family members (Duvall's) that moved there. Due to drier air it was easier to breathe. He did well in Wyoming so he worked and came back and forth until they could afford to move to Wyoming. My mother was their first child born in Wyoming. The older siblings were born in Iowa the younger ones in Wyoming.

They homesteaded a piece of land near Slater Flats. He later bought land in another area.
They retired from farming and moved to Wheatland the town in the mid 1950's. I remember the farm out in the country near Aunt Marie's (Mom's sis). I also remember the home in town near his sons, Dick and Roy. Grandma Inez, grew up in Iowa and after marriage to Grandpa and some children later moved to Wyoming where the climate was better for her husband to breathe. Her birthday was 6 Oct 1892 born in Taylor township, IA.

Grandpa spent a great deal of time checking the growing grains in the fields. I walked the cornfields with him many times so I could hear his stories of his family. He loved to talk about his family and his one trip to Pennsylvania when he was about five years old to see his relatives that they had left behind moving to Iowa. He always told me he wanted to go back to Pennsylvania one more time to find some of the people he met when he was 5 years old. I did this for him finally in 1993.

Grandma passed away before Grandpa. She was very ill in bed for some months and there was much discussion on what her ailment was. I am not sure if we know today what she passed from will have to ask my Uncle Dick if he has Death Certificate.
I remember she was very ill the year I was a senior in high school and Mom went to stay with her for a couple of weeks in 1958. She passed away in November of 1961.

Grandad lived for almost a year longer. We were hoping he was coming to visit us and he suddenly passed on 24 October 1962. My second son Don was just a year old and one day when Grandad passed.

It was a truly sad day for our family, when we lost our grandparents on Mothers' side of the family.

end of part one

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sentimental on Sunday of School Friends of Old

Since we are to be sentimental today I want to share I just got word in again from an old school acquaintance.

It is so good to hear from old school acquaintances and friends, It makes us remember some real neat things of days
long past.

It also saddens the heart to hear of shape some of us have been resorted to.

It comes on a day of a Grandson thinking of marriage and the world ahead and the sky is so bright filled with hope.

When you look back on that day in our world, we could not hear the drums beating and the voices calling to slow
down and enjoy what you have before it is gone.

Then Mom reached 90 years of age and she asked, " do we really have longevity in the family?" I had looked this up
prior to her birthday to see what the past would tell us. Yes, we have long and short lives to live.

I have been fortunate in keeping a couple of life long (at least I think of them in that term) friends. One I have known
since 3rd grade and the other since I was 13. One of our classmates died in a fire in 1967 in Louisiana saving another
person's life. Actually she had already rescued three people. I still have the Obit. Carolyn I still love you. To much smoke
got into her lungs.

We lost some classmates right after graduation due to an accident complicated by speed and alcohol. It seemed to
be the thing of the time for many.

Many families that lived near my home still live near my MOM's home so we have known them for 60 + years.
They are somewhat an extension of the core. It was one of these I found in Burbank this year. As she brought me
up to speed on her family, I could remember some of the class mates hopes and dreams.


I wonder what puts us in homes for care at such an early age. Many of my classmates have lost much younger siblings
something I was not expecting to hear either.

Is this the normal of our society today? Are the younger ones more disabled and damaged than ours are? From a class of
32 to a class of 28 at graduation we are dwindling faster than people in the ten years ahead of us. They are hanging on and
make a go of it. The generation ten years younger is going faster than batting an eye for some reason.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Following Friday aha another JONES

I was happy to see a fellow JONES create a blog site and have visited it steady since. With 5 lines of JONES in background and born a JONES I can see this to be a happy following. It's new but go give it a whirl. Interesting writings on interesting genealogical topics.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday's Medical Genealogy Presentation

The Chula Vista Genealogy Society presented a talk by myself, Susi Pentico to the community at the Bonita County Library, at
4375 Bonita Rd, Bonita, CA today from 1 to 3 p m .

The topic covered the diseases that can be tracked, somewhat tracked,also being dominate maladies of today.

It showed how you can learn and where you can learn to get the information, that you may need to do this.

It should have given hope to those that are mired in the mud trying to find a clue to move forward.

Remember you should always reach out to your collateral family lines for information. Sometimes the more distant the lines the more willing to share they may be.

I related a story that happened in 1993 for my family search regarding genetics and diseases. (Funky fingers and Toes)

Being blessed with a Great Great Uncle becoming a Doctor at the end of the Civil War, to assist his siblings to recover from
the damages of the war to their bodies. He was able to determine that Heart Disease was obviously a serious matter for our
family. Having lost his Grandfather and a younger brother only 28, later his father and other members of the family from this
malady. My Grandfather was aware as was his father that this was a serious thing to pay attention to. My Great Great Grandfather died from appendicitis so we have no idea if he would have or not, but his son did and my Grandfather did.

We were blessed with letters written by my Great Great Great Grandfather describing his son's death at age 31 (1871). He obviously was standing next to him at death. It was stated that Great Great Great Grand fathers's Dad died of same because he clutched his chest and past away., 1811-2 . Will probated Jan 1812. So we can be assured that it was in the family genes for the pre disposition to have heart troubles.

I have had my Dr ask me of my medical history which probably saved me from serious harm some years back by doing preventative medicine and change my diet and lifestyle.

We have the power to change some of the outcome of these diseases. We can not always stop them or cure them but we can
modify the intensity of damage by being heads up and aware.

I used most of my personal experience for the information but have discussed it in depth with various medical professional's
over the years.

Allergies. Cancer, Diabetes, Renal Diseases, Alzheimer's and Heart trouble were the topic of the day. Gathering information
from the San Diego Union Tribune, medical journals, personal documents and experiences were used to show the guests what we can attempt to do, to prevent our children, grandchildren and ourselves from major heart ache.

The information was shared for over an hour with many interesting questions and comments by the guests.

We also discussed STRESS in it's relationship to these diseases.
We talked about Agent Orange and the damage it has caused, but only very briefly.
We mentioned problems that were prevalent to Omaha Beach, Normandy Beach and the African campaign. No war comes with out major damages to our selves.

It is hoped that the genetics that were shown would motivate those to find their genetic traits and track more family.
I can say I have had a really interesting time learning some of my families, over the years. One set of traits( Funky Fingers and Toes) we can track back to the 1730s but genealogical records. We had children from all the lines from those ancestors meet and share the same genetics with each other. Many were aware that the family had this genetic situation others were not. A cousin felt she missed the ability to tease siblings about being different when young. Yes, that comment came from a 83 year old cousin complaining to her younger brother and sister she could have given them as much teasing as they gave her.
We ended up with a house full of cousins that could track back to the 1730 birth time zone.

So when doing research do not forget to ask about the medical history and you may help yourself, your children and grandchildren from suffering as much as we do today. You also may find a relative you were not expecting to due to
the genetics that you share.

It is like DNA pre DNA time line. Any one check cowlicks to see if they are genetic? I have been asked that so many times and I do not have the answer. The Funky Fingers and toes I do have answers for. The Shovel teeth, the ridge in back of the head,
and other traits that certain people carry are all clues in this giant puzzle.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Medical Genealogy to be presented at Bonita Library

Medical Genealogy to be presented at Bonita Library
Medical Genealogy to be presented by Susi Pentico of the CVGS on
Saturday 1 to 3 p m.

Why learn about" Medical Genealogy" you may ask. There are many
reasons for doing so.

The first may be it can save your life or a member of your families

No, you do not have to loose your privacy to do this.

It may amaze you to learn what it can do to help you and your family.

It may also help you to locate more kin, even if it is a back door

San Diego County Library Bonita Branch
4375 Bonita Road
Bonita, CA 91902

Susi can be reached at or through her blog at:

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tombstone Found on Find A Grave

Arthur Pentico's Dad's stone. A cousin found it and sent to us.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Sentimental Sunday moved to 51st Anniversary Monday

Whoopee, yuppers, yes ma'am and hello Sir,

We have made 51 years as of 4 p m today. Who would have thought we could survive?
It was a matter of one day at a time, one hug after another, one smile of forgiveness,

It was not keeping major secrets from each other.
It was not spending major money with out consulting each other.
It was lots of prayers, lots of cares, loves of love and appreciation for each other.

Communication was a major key, of course we hid little surprises from each other but
never a major situation,

We lost a house purchase because I did not act with out checking with him but did it matter,
No what matters is that we always checked with each other and consulted each other.

O yes, we did surprise each other once in a while. Like I gave him a Trip to IOWA.
He gave me a couple of trips to home.

Did we do without, you bet we did, Did it hurt us absolutely not.

Today is built of want it yesterday, needed it last night and I do not have it yet today.

Yet it does not help you to move forward in the world of love and compassion and
respect. It does not help you to understand your mates needs, wants or desires.

Do you really know what your mates wants, needs and desires are or do they know yours?
Having money and fancy things and going places and doing things is not the answer to the puzzle.

It is sharing, caring, praying and listening to each other. I mean Listen not just hear words.
Do you know what they want by the little hints that are given in daily life?

We are so blessed to have a great relationship and that God has blessed our family and children.

May those struggling think about the real, needs of life and happiness and maybe redirect your course to
have a long prosperous, caring, loving relationship with your spouse and then your family.

It was set out for us if we follow it. Husband, I so love you and thank you for all that we have shared.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Saturday Surname MORROW

MORROW, JOHN is born 1793 death ? 29 Dec 1849 but why in KY? His wife and children are still in IOWA.

Morrow, John is the father of Rebecca Morrow b 1821 in Kentucky.
John's wife was Patience TUTTLE born Elbert GA m in KY 1820 on 18 May, Wayne Co. Kentucky

John's father is Matthew MORROW b 1768- 1840. mother Francis BURNETT.

Matthew was born in Halifax Virginia and died in 1840 in White, Tennessee.

Father is Thomas MORROW b 1743 Lower Norfolk, Norfolk, VA. Parents were in Albermarle Co. 1772 yet.

Thomas Morrow
Birth Date:
Page Number:
Historical reg. Of Virginians in the Rev., soldiers, saliors and marines, 1775-1783. Ed. By John H. Gwathmey. Richmond, Va. 1938. (13, 872p.):567
U.S. Pensioners, 1818-1872 Kentucky

There appears to yet be confusion on this line. Any takers out there?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Following Friday is Saturday but Blog great here.

Love photos, love photos and history of photography and photos.

Thursday's Treasures

A family that lives away. A family that is sorely missed. That is today's treasures.