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Noyes(Nois) Jones and Susan Madison Jones

 Noyes (Noice, NOIS) Jones was born in New York,  his parents were Noel Jones born about 1785 supposedly? near Albany, New York and Susannah.
1. Written in Petersburg Court House Records Book.

Their first child appears to be NOYES JONES, my(our) ancestor.  Noel, Susannah and Noyes Jones are found in the 1810 census in Peterburg, Rensselaer  Co.,NY.
2. Years of research and they are never located again in census. Other family members of that name but the ages and stages of life do not fit, and claimed by other family members.

Noyes marries possibly in Holyoke, Springfield, Mass area according to his Granddaughter Hazel  M Gritzner, about 1832 to Susan Madison b 1818 in Mass/Vt area.
3. No proof located yet. It appears they were Baptist at this point.
3. Children all say different areas for her birth and so does she change mind often on census.

They lived near relatives in  Petersburgh, Rensselaer Co. Ny until they moved to McHenry Co. Illinois.
At the time, two sons  joined the Civil War they were living in Nunda.  Other collateral kin of the Jones lived not far from them.  After one son killed and the other one seriously injured, had came back from the war and re-enlisted and was mustered out due to health, the family moves to Chickasaw Co. Iowa.
They lived at more than one home and their residence was on border of three counties. I have not learned if the oldest son was in CW yet.

children of  Noyes and Susan are:

           a.  Henry George Jones b 3 September 1834  census says NY marries 1st Kathryn Kerns 1863
                  Kathryn dcd 1890  foster daughter Elsie Donaldson moved and lived with Calvin's family.
               Henry marries Maude Stephens  25 Dec 1891 and lived in Bradford, IA
                 Maude was born 30 Nov 1858 died 4 Oct 1934.
               Children were Hubert and Jesse JONES
                4.   **information from cousin Charles E Jones on phone and later in mail. 25 May 1984.
                 more information to follow

          b.  Noel Jones  b abt 1835-7 NY supposedly died as Infant but is on the 1850 as age 13 in NY.

          c.  Arvilla Jones  b NY, marries Addison Johnson, b NY and 3 children: Emma 6 IA, Annah
                 4 IA, Charles 2 IA,
                1870 census says Arvilla is 30 years of age, Addison is 33
                After Addison's death she marries his brother Alfred Johnson. 1 more child Arthur.
                ** Charles E Jones data written by Hazel E Gritzner
                more data to follow & needed

         d.  William Harrison Jones is 19 in Nunda, McHenry Co., ILL census for 1860.
               Enlisted and was killed in Stony River or Murpheesboro, Tenn. Served in Co. H 147th
              Ill Volunteers and 36th Ill Volunteers, as did brother Calvin.

         e.  Calvin Fay Jones b 15 May 1843 Rensselaer Co. NY, marriage 5 July 1867 Butler Co., IA
               Hannah Young b 13 Sept 1850 Belvidere, Boone Co. ILL.  Calvin dies 23 Sept 1910
              Nashua, IA. Hannah d 27 July 1941 Moorhead, Clay Co. Minn, He received a Pension.
               Children: Nora, George, Alva, Walter, LaMonte Earnest, & Carl Fremont.
             Calvin was my Great Grandfather.  much more data on this  person. CW Pension & Service

        f.   Jennie Jones b 1847 NY, marries Fred Apel at Crystal Lake, Ill 1864, d 28 Feb 1874  Oak
               Park, Ill. Internment Concordia Cemetery, Forest Park Ill.
            children: Minnie and Francis Elizabeth.

       g.   Lucy Jones b abt 1848 NY, marries William Fuller, lived Montecello, IA
              children: Cora m to Frederick McLarnan  -  Waterloo, IA
                             Lillie m to Mr. Leggett  Montecello, IA
                             Lou  m W.H. Fadley  Montecello, IA

       h.  Charles Edward Jones b  1850 in NY,  dies 26 Sept 1916 Waterloo, IA
             mar Betsey Bartlett. His DC is wrong not born in ILL is in the 1850 census for NY.
            children:  Calvin Jay, Fannie, and Willie(William N).
             He gave Grandparents buggy ride to Minn to get married both Grandparents told me this.
            My Dad knew Fannie & William Drew and Carl moved to Wheatland, Wyo when
            Dad was abt 14 mos old, with Victoria Mae ( IDA) his wife.

           He also knew their children and grandchildren.


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Sharing Family HIstory, Oh Those Jones's.

Oh Those Jones's, Sharing Family History

Our Jones lines starts a long way back in England, according to English Records. Teague's father was a Ship Owner and Fleet Owner. His mother was Josian Grey Jones of England.

American Records are very sparse in the beginning. Town Council Minutes, Judges Reports, Church Condemnations, are some of the few with Teague Jones fighting the Narragansett Indians (28 Oct 1645) with his friend Richard Berry. His wife Rahamana is mentioned seldom by name. I only found two sources for her name.

Their children married and bound the two lines together. Josiah Jones b 1652 Yarmouth Mass., married 28 Nov 1677 Yarmouth, Mass to Elizabeth Berry daughter of Richard and Alice Berry. Josiah had at least 3 brothers and 1 sister. Having found that data recently. Both passing in Rhode Island.
Josiah and Elizabeth  had 6 children so far known. 4 girls and 2 boys. #4 Seth JONES

Seth Jones b abt 1693 Yarmouth, Mass, died East Greenwich, Kent, Rhode Island.  He marries Priscilla
Hamilton or HAMBLIN depends on records. More research needed here.
Mabel Hewitt supplied some of this data from her files. Some I got from the RI Vital Records books.
Silas Jones b 11 May 1721 in probably E Greenwich, Kent, R I
Mary Jones b abt 1722 in  prob E Greenwich, Kent R I
Josiah b 1725 abt in         ditto.
(More on this line on older computer)

Silas b 11 May 1721 Greenwich, Rhode Island m 21 Nov 1741 East Greenwich, R I, to Susanna Sweet b 11 May 1724 East Greenwich R I.  They had many children. After many years in R I. they moved to New York,  first found in Dutchess Co. NY, then Old Albany Co. later named Rensselaer Co. NY.  All census shows in NY. No Census taken when in R I.
I have no death date for Susanna and most can not so far find one. Some think he remarried, but surmise they have grandchildren mixed as children.
Silas dies 14 Oct 1802  Petersburgh, Rensselaer Co. NY. I have picture of his tombstone in Petersburg Cemetery thanks to cousin in Canada. The OLD JONES CEMETERY, on Jones Rd.  I believe it goes by a different name today.

The next level is the unknown. Research by self says that either Noel, Roscomb or Abel is the parent
 of Noel Jones m to Susannah.  Noel born about 1785 in NY.
Petersburgh, Rensselaer Co. NY Records state that they are the parents of Noyes JONES b 31 March 1809 in records(1808) on tombstone, Rensselaer Co. NY. His wife is Susan Madison b 24 March 1818 (Mass, VT)? children all said a different place. They marry (according to family story written by his Granddaughter) around 1832 near Springfield, Holyoke, MASS. NO Records ever found.

Family story says after the death of their son Noel, they leave NY and go to NUNDA, ILL. Proven they were in Nunda, Ill.  All their children born in NY, that have been recorded. Other kin can be found near them from this Jones family.

 Henry George b 2 Sept 1834  Petersburg, Rensselaer Co. NY  d 25 Sept 1912 Nashua, IA
 Noel b 1835-37 NY ?? dies about 1855   aged 20 death was either NY or MASS.
 Louise Arvilla b abt 1840 NY Petersburg. dies IA as Mrs Johnson
 William Harrison b 1841  Petersburg, NY served CW with brother Calvin dies Tenn.
*Calvin Fay b 15 May 1843 Rensselaer Co. NY  served in CW twice. marries Hannah Young
 Jenny  b abt 1847  Rennselaer Co. NY  death 28 Feb 1874 m Fred Apel
 Lucy Loretta b abt 1847 Petersburg, Ny m William Fuller
 Charles E b 1850 Rensselaer Co. NY  m  Betsey Bartlett, in Iowa dies Iowa 26 Sept 1916.

Great Uncle Charles took my Grandparents to Minn. to marry. Both Grandparents shared that story and I have their marriage certificate.* Carl Fremont and Victoria Mae (Ida) Foulk JONES.

I have not found death of Noel JONES yet but have looked for over 40 years. b 1835-37.

I have been sharing photos on Facebook with other JONES cousins. So take a look, the family sure looks like family.  The 1903 Family Reunion in NY has all those same looking faces.  Some pretty strong genes running around.

Thanks to Sand Lake County Historian and cousin, Thanks to Jones cousin in Canada,Thanks to Melanie Richards cousin, Thanks to Lucy Jones, cousin, also her two sister in laws in Minn. Don Jones in Sacramento, Ca. and all the other Jones and Sweet cousins that have helped track down some of these results. Especially Shirley Becker as my distant Sweet cousin and computer helper and dear friend.
It seems I have more documentation than names.

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Why I Blog, it may help you in your Research.

Why I am Blogging? Because it may help you in your Research.

I am blogging to share the data I have learned with fellow researchers and with fellow relatives, whether close or distant.

Wanting to share stories, pictures and information of our common ancestors, I thought the blog was one of the best ways to reach everyone.  Ironically, many kin may read the information and never share back what they also have to make the blank spaces more filled in. Boo, hoo, hoo.

I would love to see pictures of more of my Great Uncles and Aunt’s families. I would love to hear more stories of what these people did.  It helps me to understand why my Grandparents had the situations they did and why the outcome was the way it was.

Having been blessed with some of the family reaching out to meet me whether it is by: email, snail mail, phone, books, letters, cards, pictures, etc. I have learned much more than what I knew when Dad passed away mid 1990’s.

O yes, I have data on line at various places.  Is it sourced? No, why,  a very big reason for that. Yes, it is sourced but not shown on line.. Many years ago, I made the mistake of sharing 15 years of research with a new distant cousin.  What did she do with it, she submitted it to Banner Blue as hers.  It was so obvious did she not think I could tell my own work.  I guess not, my cousin (near me) and I had many hours of crying, laughing and being embarrassed by the data that was put on line. It was a work in progress, the distant cousin new this but never said a word. She chose the wrong ancestor for the beginning of the lineage. Having it narrowed down to one of five H. H’s she chose the wrong one.  Did she say this was a work in progress and not completely resolved, NO.   Many other cousins had this work and had labeled it, as a work in sharing process. 

If you want the sources ask me, if it is handy you can have it. Some now are on the older computer that has not been cleaned of the files. Soon I hope.  Computer smart I am not. I gather I know enough to just be dangerous.  I need to reconnect it and gather 20 years of research off of this computers system.  Some information was printed and sent to immediate family, so some has been preserved on paper. 

And our web page was originally sourced at least 3 ways when we had it put up.
The sources got moved to the second follow up web when the pages were to many.
Some data since added by kin, does not show sources but you can contact them for more information.

If sourcing had been a mandatory when I was a teen I would have asked Grandparents for more written in hand information.  Would it have helped, probably not since the government lost many letters, cards, pictures and documents when we moved from Coronado, CA to Hawaii.   This was the spring of 1967 when we went to Ewa Beach, HI. for military transfer and duty.

Mother passed 2 years ago January and it is time I get this data up and out for family to see and share with their family members.  

Keep reading and you will learn more as I am able to present it. If you are a distant kin and want to share to fill in the  bare spots please get in touch with me.

Over the years I have found my kin is pretty awesome people whether 1st cousins or 7th cousins, or farther apart.


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Genealogy Program History written by Dick Eastman

Having clicked on a link that Dick supplied and he has written an interesting history on the development and usage of the first genealogy programs.  Having found it very interesting I thought I would share the link here.

But what I found more intriguing is the list of programs being presented for people to vote on which one they liked the best.

Granted I am not a computer geek or knowledged computer user. I am still so learning all this.

Every time I say that it sounds so funny.  Since I helped teach the first MacIntosh computers to students in the Junior High School way back in the 1970's.  O, how times have changed.

Yes, having used a PC and a Mac, I will tell you hands down I love my MAC. APPLE PRODUCT.
 Purchased the first one in 1980's for son in high school. Having gone on to buy bigger and more complicated ones with time.  Having even ventured up to an I PAD.  Now that is a interesting critter to play with.

So before I digress further, the reason I found the Poll List interesting is that there was a computer program left off that I think, outshines all the other programs.  Yes, each program has something special but for over all usage and documentation I think  if you have a PC you should definitely try it.
If you have a MAC, it has a companion that runs with it to make it work on your Mac.

The program not mentioned is one of many but it has been around awhile and after seeing it in use and playing with it, I am hoping you will all give it a second look.

Try Roots Magic by Bruce Buzbee.  I wonder where it would  place on that list.

Granted for Mac users, the Reunion program is great, I use it. Started with the PAF for Mac, then switched when LDS stopped supporting it.  Yes there are other Mac programs out there but if your new and getting started, do yourself a favor and enjoy the ease of use and ease of learning of a Roots Magic Program.

Dick thanks for a great article.
Early Genealogy Programs - The Humble Beginnings of Genealogy Software on the Computer

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News Flash in from Thousand Oaks, Veteran Pensions

From: C J Sheldon <CJSheldonim@Gmail.com>
Date: January 14, 2013 11:42:27 AM PST
To: nyononda@rootsweb.com
Subject: Re: NYONONDA Digest, Vol 8, Issue 5

Dear  LISTERS  with  VETERAN RECORDS / "LOST" in 1970's  very
damaging fire in the ST.Louis V.A.Storage: There IS something  YOU
can do and here is MY exzmple how one WW-1 Daughter accomplished this
so  that her Father's  destroyed WW-1  Record  was REBUILT, AND IS
is  that what I learned in a reply from my QUERY to the V.A., may
help others who are seeking these  'lost' records'  because there IS
a way for YOU to help the V.A. REBUILD your WW-1 or other burned
records for a veteran in your family.
               SEVERAL YEARS AGO, I wrote to the   St . Louis
Vereran.s Administration in St.Louis only to find that my father's
WW-1record was indeed in the "burn-section" and was missing: Also
since they could not match a missing name to a missing  I.D. Number,
that avenue would not work. {Soldiers DID have Serial ID Numbers in
WW-1. }
               Then, the Archivist wrote something like this:: "WE
would like to REBUILD a missing / :burned record for ANY veteran. DO
YOU HAVE ANYTHING  about this veteran which would  help us to do
this? If so, kindly send us COPIES and we will start to do the
REBUILD and will notify you when we finish as best we can."
                Here is my  LIST of what I happened to LOCATE in my
'stuff' about my Dad , COPIES of which I sent to the ARCHIVIST in
St .LOUIS. My dad's name was LLoyd Addison SMITH,b.1895 in Cortland,
Cortland County,New York State.

                   1-Birth Certificate
                   2-WW-1 -Draft Registration-This came from the
COUNTY CLERK's office in Cortland.
                   3-HIS other POSSIBLE  Address when he entered
the Army in 1917 was in Wilkes-Barre,PA. where his family last lived
in a family-unit with  his  Mother . At that time-frame,his father
worked  and lived in Buffalo,NY. ,the family was in a state of
collapse  and,since my Dad's  Draft-card was in Cortland
County,NYS.,it seemed likely that he entered from NYS.: However, I
had no Cortland Address to include.So, putting in information from 2
places  seemed the better choice.
                   4-  Two  partial--  pieces of correspondence
between my father and my mother [ who were NOT yet married nor
engaged ]. Both pieces of mail  had return-addresses from Washington
State where he was stationed near Vancouver. ***These addresses
proved to be VERY IMPORTANT in the "REBUILD"  because -both were from
the same place  in Washington ,but  had somewhat differing addresses
from each other in the following way:
                     ............The first was a Postcard with a
Temporary Battalion Address---a U.S.Army  Engineering Battalion.
                     ............The second was an envelope -
[ minus any contents ] - but with another address which became a
more or less permanent  U.S. Army Engineering Battalion Address for
the duration of World War-1..
                    5-Lastly ,in my previous Genealogical Searches
to find out what  was  my  father's Job assignment out in  this Army
Unit  in Washington State in WW-1--I  had come across a small book on
a Thrift Shop bookshelf titled.---- "How We Won the WAR----
[ Cautionary Tale for Genealogists: Do NOT overlook information
because ""It is Too Old or Whoever Heard of This  Book", so forget
about it.Take a very objective look. ]  This book from 1919 or so was
in near-perfect condition: I thought at first it must have been about
WW-2. The AUTHOR's surname was LLOYD.
                       Because my Dad was in a TEMPORARY army
battalion--not a permanent Army Post -which  would have had a
permanent address--I had not been able to locate  information
elsewhere  about his Unit...... BUT, in this  book, there was a
chapter which told how  the then-infant -U.S.ARMY AIR FORCE HAD
indeed contributed to the winning of the War . There was a different
chapter about how each section of the armed services -ARMY ,US NAVY,
the US Marines, and the then-fledgeling U.S.ARMY AIR CORPS ALL
contributed to the final victory and end of the War.
                       My Father had told us that he helped to make
the WW-1 Airplanes and his Engineering Unit was responsible for
cutting the spruce-trees from  which the wooden- wings were made . My
Dad was  a Private but he was very proud of his service in WW-1. He
died at age 39-40 when I was 8 years old. So,I never had a chance as
an adult  to ask what his exact-job-slot was in this Battalion. and
never did find out.
                       BUT, in this little book, there was enough
information about this logging-operation and its importance to the
ARMY Air Force contribution .This,plus the stated-location  helped
pin-point  the Washington State Eng.Battalion Location.
                       5-LASTLY.,then, I copied this entire
chapter--with title page,publication date,etc.  and sent it along
with  1,2,3,and 4.

               Now--THE  RESULTS::
1-YES--I did hear back from he Archivist in maybe 5-6 weeks and that
with what I had sent, they COULD REBUILD my Dad's Folder. His Service
Number was  then located ,and All I sent went into his folder.
2-Then the Archivist issued a signed 'parchment' stating his time of
honorable service,etc. and sent this to me with a MOST unusual DATING
of 2000!.
3-As I had also  requested any WW-1  Service Medals for which my
Dad was eligible--I received a re-issue of the Medals -2- he would
have been awarded.... These came later-from Philadelphia.

               So-you see-there IS something YOU can do to help
REBUILD  YOUR VETERAN/S SERVICE FOLDER lost in the disastrous 1970's
Fire in the VA in St Louis.
This includes MANY years from certain dates to and end-date. I want
to say around 1912 to 1960.s . Maybe a knowledgeable person on this
can contribute more  exact  year-span of the destroyed Data-years ?
Remember -Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Marines,and Army AIR FORCE recordw
are all involved.
            . My husband, an Air Force Sr/ M/ SGT. of 22 years,
retired in 1963. and I am not even sure that his records  survived.

              This is an investment in the future of Veteran-
History. I  encourage ANY Veteran's survivors to  look around in your
papers ,write the V.A. to see if there is anything left, or nothing
left on YOUR veteran, and then get busy.  Genealogists are ideally
suited for this kind of Project-Search and they / you all have big
hearts for tracing unfinished business. And wouldn't this be a
marvelous gift to the memories of all these fine Veterans? While we
still have some effects  and / memories  and  data left .let's do this.

Feel free to contact me with Questions.

                        Charlotte J.[SMITH] SHELDON.........born in
Cortland Co.,NYS :A  proud USAF wife of many years including the
Berlin Airlift and living in Goose Bay, Labrador  :Years as  a Public-
School Teacher , and  now  living in SO. California  and teaching
Research Methods for Genealogy once a month or more,

                                        Happy Researching to ALL.

Dear SUSAN,  Thank you for thinking of your 'suggested outreach'. It seems a good way to reach many others with this information and I am not a proficient computer-person. Yours, Charlotte J.Sheldon in Thousand Oaks,CA.

I am sure many of us can utilize this information. Thank you CJ.  Susi P.

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Thankful Thursday, Thrifty Thursday Rootsweb.com

Seeing it is Thankful, Thrifty Thursday, sharing this information should help in one's research.

We had a Computer Genealogy Meeting yesterday led by Shirley Becker.  She is my computer mentor, and a distant Sweet kin. She is also a very dear friend.

We keep talking about places to get information without running up a huge bill and paying more fees.
She took " The Bull By the Horns" and talked about only this page, on the internet.

RootsWeb.com Home Page

She discussed the many, many free pages of information that can be accessed from this site.

Having used this site since Brian L got it started and his messages boards before hand. I knew there was much there with out fees.  Because it was an ongoing project for Brian L he was not sure exactly when it went on line, in this format.  It was a work in progress for him and our community.

He came to our society, in the early stages and did a great presentation and I have been an avid user since.  When it required to many engines and more fees, Brian moved it to Ancestry's care.

When you click the link, be aware of where you click, if you want it to be a free search.
Read what your doing instead of just clicking the buttons.   There are books for free to read, worldgenweb project, websites, family trees, surname lists, place lists, index of search engines and databases, message boards, and then there are many archives on this site page.

The list goes on. Please take the time to scour through what is here and you may be amazed at what you can find. I always seem to find something new.

I am thankful for Brian Wolf Leverich for creating this source with Karen as his support and am glad that Shirley spoke to the Computer group about it for a thrifty way to locate data.

It even has free newsletters you can sign up for.

Yes, for goodness sake join some of the lists, either place or surname and maybe break a brick wall.
Read a book and find a clue. Just enjoy this free information that is so full of information.

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Unusual Sources One Seems to Forget

Unusual Sources One Seems to Forget

Again today, I opened an email to again see someone sharing my dark secrets in Genealogy.
Several years back, more than 20 a Farm Bureau in my home region did a Cook book, as I did my talks locally around the region, I mentioned the old Grange Cook Books, Farm Bureau books and other community, church cook books for references to family and distant kin.

In 1993, I grabbed the Cookbook done by downline ancestral potential kin in Pennsylvania.  Did I have results you bet I did.  So in 2001 when my daughters neighbor had a spare family book for sale I grabbed it.  Yes, there was family in it distantly.  But there were also some great recipes from a time when people actually cooked meals and planned community and family events.

It seems we city people have forgotten a lot of that.  A small community of 24,000 still does this type of thing. The smaller communities even more, for they hold each other up and care for each others needs more than large city communities where many do not even know their next door neighbor's name let alone anything more.

Today NGS, brought about the Telephone books or old Address books that of course I still use. I kept all of my Mom's, as she discarded them to me. Why, my goodness my deceased ancestors were listed in there and Mom generally would put the death date near the address.  My Aunt had her Mom's and we am not sure who received it, but again it applied to people from PA, IA and other  midwest regions the family had migrated to.  I read it long ago as a young person.  We had family Grandmother kept track of in many states, of course states we was not aware of yet.

Having my old address books, except what the government lost on that shipment to HI. we were able to have information to put in our research papers.   By loosing that book we lost touch with the people who introduced my husband to me and other family type members we thought of as family.  Fortunately, Mom's family has a desire to work the family history back in time.

Now, what about BabyBooks, I am not sure when they became popular but Mom had one for each of us that the Hospital gave her. It was only about 6 pages for mine. Having 5 living children, we put together a book for each child for their future.  Find that Baby Book and do not throw it out with the bath water. Our children's book were far more elaborate and filled, if you filled them out with much more information than the free ones from the hospitals in the 1940's etc.

We found in Grandma H's Recipe books she had hand written all kinds of information on the family. Who cooked or baked what, what each person was known the best for.  My Grandmother's Cinnamon Rolls recipe was guarded for many years but shared before she passed.  I have the copy Mom made for my family in my Recipe box.

Grandad J was a cook at one time and I have a couple of articles he shared with me orally. I wrote them down because I did not see him often enough to be able to remember it like he did.

There are more not talked about sources I will share with you in the near future.

Button, Button who has the Button.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christmas Cookies for the Senior's

Yearly, they make Cookies for the seniors and take them these brightly decorated critters.   Yes, these shapes and get lots of comments and the Seniors really enjoy it.  A different twist that is looked forward to each year.