Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday Chatter was abound, my heart is heavy I have found.

What a beautiful start of the day, the sun was out, the breeze was a bit strong but warm. Took my A /B student grandson to Starbuck's on way to school for Strawberry drink. We had a nice breakfast and then the chatter began.

A neighbor called, a grandson called, another grandson called, a daughter called, a sister called, that was not the end.

I took a break and fed the birds, they are so much fun to watch. Some are afraid of the least bit of sound the others just stare at the window to see if they should stop eating. The hummingbirds are now 6 again for some time there was only 4.

With the wires still on fire I called my Mom to see how she was adapting to her oxygen system. She seemed to be handling it well considering the chatter in the background.

So I gave up on chatting and have my nose in a book attempting to digest everyone's comments on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

I read the Facebook page and my heart just aches so much more. No word on some of my friends situation and hopefully good news on other friends situations.

Obviously, when the Pastor said we need to pray more he was not kidding. It seems
prayer is needed on every corner and every crevice.

To all whom read this may you have blessings abound.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Aproaching: Ghosts, Books and Expenses

Halloween is approaching and I wonder if the gremlins are at work. When we are at the library we are checking for books and the numbers to be aligned. Over a month ago it was found we had some seriously expensive books not on shelf where they were expected to be.

Tonight we searched, us all three, and again a book that Virginia wanted to check was not in the Genealogy Section, then we learned it was supposedly over in the check out section. NO, NO, and then we learned they could not find it anywhere.

Ghosts and Gremlins, on our nickels and our dimes. I think it is sad that first our hours are limited and the times are moved. O yes, I understand the budget cuts.
I do not understand the humans that think because a book is there it means they can walk away with it. The lunch is not free anymore people. And temporarily borrowing a book that is not to be checked out is not nice. Please return books taken by (accident).

I am wondering how much in revenue is walking out the door with the new gizmo's that log your books out. Sometimes less costs more. We love our library we do not need to have it desecrated in that manner.

Now just to figure out a way to help the library and the funding and salvage what we the citizens have in this great library.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wednesday's Genealogy Event. Chula Vista Library

Hi everyone, I am copying what Randy S had on his meeting notice for all whom may want to come and listen. Since next month it will be 100 years since the Mexican Revolution this should be great timing.
Thanks Randy

Subject: CVGS Meting on Wednesday, 27 October
Date: October 25, 2010 2:58:01 PM PDT
To: Undisclosed-Recipient:;

Hi genies,

The October general program meeting of the Chula Vista Genealogical Society will be on Wednesday, 27 October at 12 Noon at the Chula Vista Civic Center Branch Library (365 F Street, Chula Vista) Auditorium.

The speaker will be Alfredo I. Pena on “Exodus: The Reasons for the Massive Immigration from Mexico to the U.S.” He has given two earlier talks about Spanish and Mexican genealogy research in the last two months - this is the third talk in the series.

In this program, Mr. Pena will describe the effects of political events such as the Mexican Revolution and the religious war against the government (Cristeros) that fueled a massive migration from Mexico to the United States.

Alfredo Ignacio Peña was born in 1969 in Los Angeles. He has a degree in Graphic Design and has 25 years of experience with publications and advertising. He has worked with the Ahora-Now, Frontera San Diego, El Informador newspapers and with the PennySaver. Mr. Peña has experience designing publications, editorial design and advertising, and is a member of the San Diego County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. Peña has studied his genealogy following a family tradition passed down for several generations and has been able to trace his ancestry all the way back to Charlemagne. In 2003, he joined CorGoMiUri, the family’s group of genealogists. He is a member of the National Genealogical Society, Genealogical Society of the Valley of Mexico, Genealogical Society of Northern Mexico, Society of Hispanic Historical & Ancestral Research, the Association of Professional Genealogists; is moderator for three of those associations; and is working on his lineage papers to join several lineage and hereditary societies. His biography was recently featured in the June issue of the Association of Professional Genealogists Quarterly.

Mr. Peña is the director and founder of Ancestros, Investigaciones Genealógicas (Ancestral and Genealogical Investigations). He was invited by the San Diego Family History Center to collaborate with them and is now helping with the Hispanic/Mexican research and history section the first and fourth Thursday of every month. He is a new member of CVGS.

Guests and visitors are welcome at all CVGS events, which are free to attend at the library. Please enter the Auditorium through the Conference Room door so as to register your attendance, pick up a handout and a program, and have a snack. For more information about this program, or any CVGS program, please contact Barbara at or 619-477-4140.

I hope to see all of you at the meeting!

All the best -- Randy

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday's News Wills and Reasons to have and not have them.

Sunday was Will day at the Library in Chula Vista.
Shirley Becker gave a great presentation on Wills.
Some of it was awesomely funny and very poignant.
I believe she listed 6 reasons for not having a Will and
the joy the government gets from that.
Like we are ready to have the government be in great joy of taking more of
our funds.
The flip side is it is really all true if you do not have a WILL.
She then went on to talk about the knowledge we can learn from looking
at Will's for our genealogical research.
She mentions to always find the original to verify for transcription error.
Ruth H mentioned that a naming error was found in a Will she thought was her
But until she saw the original and seen the name spelt correctly she never was
Wills can be a great source of information on family links and relatives.

Spelling as we know is always a concern for genealogists because there was no
set form for spelling in the 1600 or 1700's and also early 1800's.
Shirley has a document with a name spelled four ways on one page.

She went over the various types of Wills there are: what they mean and what
you can and can not do with a Will.
Chuckling she says a Will is no good unless your DEAD. It can not assist or help
or care for your needs until you die. Ironically, Probate is the same way.

Wills are documents set by the states rules not the federal government.
There are codicil's to Wills. They can have many codicil's as long as written
by the person who wrote the WILL. She mentioned a Will that is four Volumes long.
Now that is one long WILL.
She mentioned that minors can make Wills but are not recognized by the state but
the state and family can take the information into consideration when a death
occurs by said minor.
She mentioned that the wife is not always the mother of the children in a Will.
I can comment that a husband is not always the father of the children in a Will
also. Children do take the stepfathers name and sometimes your not aware that
a change has taken place until you dig deeper. Some times many wives are
represented in a marriage of many children. If lucky you will have only one.
One of my Ancestors had 16 children and she lived to tell about it.
Shirley's talk was full of tidbits and hints. I understand that it will be
due noted on our Society webpage.
Also if your a senior and you are in need of a WILL, the Senior Center can help
you to get the situation resolved. Many asked where to go with out spending
thousands of dollars. We just know that they help seniors to get this resolved.
Norman Park Senior Center on F St. in Chula Vista, CA.
So if you are near a senior center in your area you may check with them for
information also. I also think you can call the Bar Association for the county
you are in and get some good advice also.
Shirley we enjoyed the talk and sorry more people did not attend.
We also enjoyed our guest for the event very much. Wondering if he ever got his

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday, is another Chatter Day John Scott Family

Chatter Day on Saturday
I am going to just ramble around on many things I think.
Having not had much time to just expound on things I think it is about time.

First, having received a note from a distant SCOTT cousin that was a happy dance
Here is some of what she said.

Saw your post on Ancestry, but it goes back to Dec 6, 1999.

Dallas E. Scott, son of John and Rebecca, was my g grand father. He married,
Eliza Helen Van Cleave, daughter of Hiram and Mary N. (?) possibly Carter, on June 28, 1868.
Eliza was born Jan 1,1849 Iowa
d. July 2, 1921 (72 yr) Ottumwa, Iowa at Shaul Cemetery.
Dallas was born in 1846 in Iowa (Brother to your Cornelius Franklin)
They had 4 daughters
1) Minnie Bell Scott b. March 9, 1880 Grant City, Mo (my grandmother)
d. April 14, 1955 Cedar Rapids, Iowa (buried at Shaul Cemetery, Ottumwa, Iowa
md. (May 2, 1907) John Ira LaBelle b. June 15, 1880 Ottumwa, Iowa
d. Feb 21, 1952 Cedar Rapids, Iowa
buried at Shaul Cemetery, Ottumwa, Iowa

2) Mary E. (Ella) Scott b. 1871 - 1925 md unknown Giles. Buried at Shaul Cemetery, Ottumwa, Iowa.

3) Rebecca A. (Annie/Anna) 1872 - d. May 25,1953 (81) md (Dec 9, 1891) Otis E. Harrow 1871-1929 Both at Shaul Cemetery in Ottumwa, Iowa

4) Inez M 1883 - d. April 8,1957 md Charles Toole (1881 - 1945) Both at Shaul Cemetery, Ottumwa, Iowa.

For the 1880 US Federal Census, Dallas, Eliza, Mary E, Rebecca A and Minnie B. were living in Fletchall, Worth, Missouri.

I was told by my cousin, that Dallas had up and left his family. 1900 US Fed census he was still listed as married. 1910 listed in Ringgold Co., Iowa single also for 1920 in Ringgold (mother and father, Cornelius F, Druscilla, James & Harriet are in Ringgold and on find-a- grave). I don't know where Dallas went to, or buried.

If you have any info on Dallas, I would greatly appreciate it.

I just started attacking the Scott lineage. With them having 4 girls, it sure doesn't go very far!! LOL

Hope to hear from you.


So we are looking for where Dallas Scott died and is buried and if there is any more kin out there we are not aware of.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wednesday's Wisdom carries over into Thursday's Chatter

Thursday's threads of chatter are left over from Wednesdays evening of profound wisdom, deep thought, shared concepts, tweaked ideas and a National Geographic Map.

National Geographic was a source topic for part of yesterday evening. We are human's or so we are told. Human's have always appeared to have hunted, gathered and followed the herds. So why not take what the NGS had put into play and say that the two legged animal followed the four legged animal and moved around following the trails. Clayton, I found that a very interesting idea. Thanks for the thought.

I found this concept presented to be very interesting in thought. We know birds migrate south in the winter and there must be a smatter of truth to the fact that various free species of animals migrate around the lands they maintain. Goats are high on the mountains and low on the mountains depending on the time of the year, the same for most of those critters. We have learned bears literally crawl in a hole or cave and stay down til spring. Geologists are finding more various places
where our species has been and earlier than thought of before.

To read a city is built upon a city is saying why? There was so much ground to use, why on top of the old. Was it to cover and hide? It could not have been structural safe.

So to do genealogy how much should we learn, how much should we know? Where is the
defining line of what lineage you are? I am hunting for an early European map that listed early lineages on it. For they would be the basis for the peoples of those places now even if some migrated on to other areas and became other beings.

After looking deeper at early Europe I want to study more on the continent of Africa.

Any one else interested?

Read my blog Ancestors Seekers for more data.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Great News for New York Researchers that are near

Great News for New York Researchers.

I just received this note from Dick Hillenbrand regarding the
New York State Library and it's hours.
He posted a url to check out the new hours for research.
They will be open on SATURDAY's.

I only wish I was close enough to enjoy it.
Thanks Dick.

The New York State Library will be open Saturdays.

Read about it here:

Dick Hillenbrand
Upstate New York Genealogy
Schoharie County GenWeb page is located at

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wonders never cease, Genealogy bound Wednesday

Today is a Genealogy Bound day for myself and friend. At the research meeting it seemed that many had a happy moon smiling on them. Karen found three boxes of goodies, Shirley organized her data and may have found more clues, Jaye was the recipient of great information from Ruth and her journey to Kansas.

We had new faces and passed out 3 more applications and one asked for a Beginner's packet having recently joined the society.

We upgraded our Beginner's Packet. We took out two pages and added different ones that are more consistent with what a beginner needs to learn to work with to make their research easier to follow and keep track of.

We upgraded our Library packet, with data on what is where, to find in our local library and help in your research. Many are not aware that a Genealogy Library in a
library does not hurt your research. One needs to look at the Reference section of one's library to learn of the "Who's Who books of many topics, the Encyclopedia's, the newspapers, the phone directories, Gazateers, Maps, videos, history section of the library, country areas of the library, etc.

It would probably take months to ingest the data in your own local library that can be an asset to your research.

I spent 18 months in 1960-61 combing the Petaluma Library in Petaluma, Ca and I read almost every history book they had from A - Z. I also read many other books relating to time periods of history from ancient to current. A background in
the history of the country, county, state, or region is a big help in research.

Today it was brought up that old maps are also critical in research in earlier time period. In the USA as well as other countries boundaries were changing as the country was developed. One could live in a house and never move and have lived in as many as four different counties.

So enough chatter about some of what I witnessed today and off to the library to scour another half dozen books for some clues.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday, Again, How can that be? Ahhh It is Genealogy

Monday Again, Ahh it is Genealogy Day. How can that be you say? A Federal holiday makes it that way. No school for the grandson, no work for the adults. At least most of the adults are off this day.

Traffic was light on the way to Balboa Hospital at 6 am. We were home by 8:30 and had breakfast out. Good news is neighbor is getting better. Our family is fine.

Awaiting word from a traveling family member, I suspect is still asleep. So I can set here and get caught up on the notices to be sent and to check a few spots for a buddy genealogist acquaintance.

Will it drive me into Madness, no, but frustration yes. Cemeteries have listed parts of themselves but not other parts. Almost like a backwards event.

Now I have researched New York for several years and the confusion never ceases to amaze me but to find it relates all the way into cemetery records, rather fascinates me by they way New York may be thinking. No put down since I have much kin that migrated from New York. Aha, maybe that is why they migrated.

So I am going to hunt for a Random Acts of Kindness person in of all places NYC.
I gather economy is worse than worse there since they(cemetery) will charge me to answer a basic question on the phone on the information of a plot we already knows exist. Already checked the cemetery's web page for data.

My my is not genealogy fun on a Monday.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Seminar's Serendipity Event

Serendipity Event at our Seminar

Just wanted Hank JONES to know that Serendipity is still alive and well at our society. Of course, I am sharing this with everyone. I just love when these events happen.

Saturday morning as we were hastily setting up for the start of our seminar. A member accidentally spilled the creamer for the coffee. Another member promptly went to get a replacement for it, Thank You.

Blessed we were because they purchased extra creamer for the event, which in all respects was a true plus. By the end of day the creamers were all gone so we would have been way, way short of creamer if this had not happened early when it did.

Normally I take the extra creamer home so this was a real surprise and it made an
incident into a major plus.

Thanks to all whom helped and participated and shared in the chores and event.
We came out on top with some supplies for surplus for Christmas time and our other monthly meetings. Did I say Christmas, my my I do believe it is Pumpkin and goblin time and then comes Turkey and then the Tree. Wowee, where did the year go?

It is drizzling out side again second time in a week, how could we be so lucky.