Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday in Michigan 2011 Sept 26

Monday, Michigan 2011 Sept 26

 Hello, world, are you still out there? If your are over whelmed and need a break come to Michigan.
 The winds blow, the leaves speak, the grass is green. The ponds are low with a need for water.

 Have you ever heard the leaves when they speak in Michigan?  I recieved two emails today from family members previously not known. Not one, two can you believe.  One on the Hoffman/Patton line which I was not aware of but should have been and the other on the Folk, Foulk, Eastman line. 

I have asked for help on Uncle Roy Hoffman's family for months and someone finally responds. WHOOPEEE.
I have been blogging a bit about the Foulk /Eastman line once in a while also.

See "Blogging" pays off.

Now, I will share I also found a misplaced niece via her finding my blog. A lost along the way cousin also
got back in touch with me.

Our worlds move so fast, I have changed some things I do when I meet new potential kin.

I give them my name, address and home phone number because so many move and change emails and
phone numbers, the good old address is generally though not always stable. Especially if your looking for
specific information and some one has come forward with some clues and news.

I am enjoying today. I have been here a week.  With the help of health better, item from store, the computer that when power stays on I can access some of my mail and files. Google plus HangOut just does not want to work but I can access Google plus and write on my blog a bit. 

Someone is sleeping now and that is surely needed. Pictures are next on the agenda.

I took some awesome shots flying into Chicago last week. 
Did you know clouds look different on the top verses on the bottom?

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Follow Friday also on Saturday

Having met many new genealogists around the world. I want to share with you about
Ebruce Klemm from Australia. He has finished a book on some of his family also.

Klemms across Australia

Let Ebruce know you found out about him from my Blog, so we know Google + is working.
 Thanks  enjoy this everyone.

Shopping Saturday -- Found in the Mail JONES

  Shopping Saturday----Found in the Mail  JONES

I opened up my mail and what to my wondering eyes did appear?
A letter from a query posted quite some time ago regarding my DAD's JONES Family.

As I collect all the cousins and the uncles and the aunts, here is hoping the unknown JONES
in my file will have a name. We have it narrowed down to two names but due to close in births,
and not enough data found we are not sure which was the father.

Letter tells us Silas JONES Sr was the Grandfather but not whom was the father.

You know, You start a letter Dear son, way back then, Dear Don is how I write today.
 But then we also learn the letters were shared with other family members in the community at the
 time and they would have to guess who was original reciever. tee hee

 So by timeline and letter and other family bits and pieces, court records, land records, yes, cattle brand and
 other information we are down to 2 sons of Silas Jones Sr.

 The real upside of this message was they moved to Michigan and created history of their own.
 Archibald JONES, Benzie County, MI, "The Man Who Pulled the Plug at Crystal Lake".

 This is in Frankfort Co. so the map says. Almost directly north of my son in Fowlerville.

 So this makes me wonder,"Do you have letters that were addressed, "Dear Son" or"Dear Daughter" instead of the real name? I even saw in Mom's letters one that said Dear Niece to my MOM.

 Ah but I know whom that was.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Follow Friday Romania Genealogy

Following Friday     Tracking Genealogists around the World.

Romanian Genealogy,  They are really working on their genealogy history. Met a
man from Romania last night whom shared all kinds of good news. Glad to hear other countries are
working on Genealogy.

 Iceland thanks to a family we met from there we learned about how Iceland is helping their
 people research and track down their family.

 Netherlands are working on their genealogy also.

Ireland some can go back 10 generations on the female side. Now that is a feat. Struggling I hear on the male lineage.

  Some countries are far more active in research activities than I ever dreamt.

  Hurray for the peoples of the world who care whom they are and what their ancestral
  lines are that made them who they are.

  Side bar is today sorting many books we found one that had lots of data on
   a famous Indian lady and it seems the other person with me is also related very potentially to this
  famous Indian lady.  Woooeeeeee   maybe three in our society. On the other side of the country too.

  Can not understand why people aren't leaping all over the seminar to learn more Indian knowledge because their dead end or brick wall may be related to the Indians or to the Scot or to the Irish people whom came to this country early.

 Of course the Indians came way before the others.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wordless Wednesday=NOT but an Observation GOOGLE +

 Wordless Wednesday==== Not but an Observation  Genealogists Become Heads Up

As Google+ expands and contracts and shifts and splinters, I have been able to observe humans in the
most interesting of forms. I have met young and old and old and young. Many people of many professions are within these hallowed halls.  Remember this area is in Beta Testing. Some days the Longest Hang Out is up to snuff and others you can not stay in the room or chat or share. Funny things are still happening there.  But the people you meet are worth the time spent there.

Photography is breathtaking, advise shared and freely given. Bloggers and their ideas and thoughts are
expounded on.  The news from around the world takes on a new dimension. ( I think for the better).

The technical powered peoples here that share their knowledge freely and explained so this lay person can grasp or almost grasp it all. Even technical people are learning from technical people. The interaction between the humans is so refreshing. There is hope for this human race.

We have talked of good and bad foods, diets, and well being methods to be come healthier. Some really great talks happen on this topic with some very interesting people giving their knowledge and exposure to what the changes have brought for them. Talk about a quiet advertising campaign.

The biggest thing I have seen and found is: people from all over the world walk through these doors, from Kenya, Ghana, Egypt, France, Sweden, Germany, UK, Scotland, Ireland, Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, Argentina,  Bahama's, Puerto Rico, Iceland, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Nigeria, Zambia, Israel, Palestine, NewFoundland,  Russia, China, Bahrain, India, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal,  Netherlands, Denmark, Columbia, Peru, several islands in the Bahamas, Trinidad, and the list goes on.

What is amazing is the ability to share and communicate via English, broken or British, or google translate.

 The man from Russia who shared knowledge about a family name I had given up hope of every learning anything about.  The lady in southern Germany who gave a synopsis of the surname I am tracking in my husbands line.  She was of a linguist background.

The neat GOOGLE+ Longest Hang Out, friend Moritz who found my husband's name in his
 local phone book and shared with me.

 Those of us who started early like day one have become like a family with in the system. Helping those
 who ask and sharing with others and hoping expanding the horizons of humanity to discover we
 really are one peoples.

  If the HangOut ever changes I hope it is moved to the title of International Welcome Room.  For everyone to learn to about each other and share. Daily life, recipes, education, work and the fun of learning about each other.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sentimental Sunday==== 9/11 Rebound

 Randy Seaver said in his Saturday Night Fun Game that we should tell what we remember and were doing on 9-11.

 Well, I was just getting to the computer to start my east coast 9 am chat. The members in the room
  said "Susi, is your tv on?"  I said,"no" and they said," I must turn it on fast. "

  I must say I a stood in horror at what I was seeing. I could tell what was going to happen and had
  no way to stop it.  Just like watching an accident about to and happen.

  Then my mind kicked in as to who was where. Then I heard a plane was out there and headed to
  WDC.  My heart went wild, for family was there. Then they later said the plane was out there headed
   west and was turning around to come back on the capitol.

  The plane hit the Pentagon, I had a adopted son there and my daughter in law had a sister there.
  I had cousins there.  God blessed us we had no deaths. We did have much heart ache.

  My daughter called to say her boss's children were in the Twin Towers. Agonizing we waited to
  to learn they were late for work, 2 checking in and one still on the way.  We still have them.

  I knew my son was headed there that day. I called my daughter in law he was on way to airport and
  she got in touch with him and he was headed back home since the airports then were being closed down.

  My son had many business events in these buildings.  Thankfully for forgetting a tool, being late and
  being in the right place at that time for what God had in store, we survived.

  Our family still felt the brunt of the horror of the event. I know have family members whom do not
  want to fly. I think it is safer now than ever been.

 I also think it is really not our decision when it is our turn.  Can we postpone and put off this
 death, I am not sure. We all say," don't jay walk", "don't drink and drive".  They all make sense but
 this really says," Walk on the Right side", and "be prepared" for we know not when we will not be here.

  May all the people affected whether a helper, a neighbor, fireman, police officer or general John Q Public be blessed to recover from what is not recoverable.


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Surname Saturday -- more on Pentico variant to Benninghove /Bennighoff

  Well as I wait for family to get well, I will chat a bit about some more recent news we received.

  Long ago and far away,  gee, you ever hear that before, yes way over there in Pennsylvania
  around 1800, plus or minus a year a birth happened.

  That was enough to start a major journey across the state and into the mid west region by many.
  Some are known relatives, and many were unknown relations.

  After 50 plus years of research and back to basic bare bones research, Mary  and I started   over.
  We started with what we could prove. Not what we were told or heard but the bare fact of a census.
  Yesk a census, the ever not to be trusted document, but it was closer to the truth than the family story.

  The 1830 census shows John Pentico in residence with wife and children. JerseyShores, Lycoming
  County, Pennsylvania. Williams
1830 census Lycoming Jersey Shore, PA
2 1- -- 1 ------------1
Jacob Young beneath John Pentico  His wife was a Young
jacob Plantz beneath him  Ironic but kin on my side.

Census has name same rather Ironic, papers do not. Land and other records indicate name variant of Penticoff.

Alas, he has moved  in 1840 and in same region in 1850. Then Scott Co. IA in 1857.

1840 Burnside Clearfield Co PA

1850 Burnside Clearfield Co PA

Name:John Pentico
Estimated Birth Year:abt 1801
Birth Place:Pennsylvania
Home in 1850 (City,County,State):Burnside, Clearfield, Pennsylvania
Family Number:1542
Household Members:
John Pentico49
Catherine Pentico44
John Pentico20
Henney Pentico18
Simon Pentico15
Peter Pentico13
Susannah Pentico12
Matthew Pentico10
Catherine Pentico6

Now next to him is the NEFF's, YINGLINGS and potential other kin.
 The page before has  much more family listed for interlinkings. YOUNG, Rorabaugh, McQuillin etc.
1857 Pleasant Valley, Scott Co IA  death

Tracking name variants in other papers and family stories did not help much but we did learn his name was probably
Penticoff  type spelling.  So who were his parents? Did he wander far from home? We did not think so, no idea why just didn't seem to fit the mold his data gave us.

So we did a search for any name in region of Lycoming Co that would sound like PENTICOFF PENTICUFF PENTICOPE.

WE found about 20 miles away the Benninghoff family and they also have all these variants in their lineages.
They also have a few holes that needed filled. So YDNA was in order. YDNA gave us answers.

Watch for follow up.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Follow Friday-

A great site for Scottish  Information

Post a new tidbit daily.

Genealogy Tips Tricks & Tidbits


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wordless WEdnesday=== It was Not

Wordless Wednesday it was Not.
 Probably better had it been.

Wordless Wednesday  come again
Round the table words did spin

Wordless Wednesday it is done
 Putting words to bed and having fun.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Mystery Monday--Census Reports and History Books

Mystery Monday--- Census Reports and History Books

 As I was chatting with a friend, I heard another say," the History book says that he was a farmer and a lay pastor, the census says a Farmer. What am I to believe?"

 I will share a story told me by a distant kin of mine in Greene Co PA whom is related to these story people,  mentioned here in.
 It seems we had a Mr. Gallentin, who was a farmer, he was also a statesmen, and a certain dignitary from  Europe had come to see him. Mr. Gallentin, Gallentine was out in the field plowing to prepare to start another crop to grow. The European was flabbergasted, is what the written dialogue says in an antique scrap book.

I also thought when I first started research that the Census records were accurate, after all they were
government records. But as I wrote to family (distant) and read history books and talked with more and more collateral kin I learned that the data put on the census page just may not truly reflect what a person
did in the 1790, 1800, 1820,1830, 1840, & 1850's.  It may not reflect what we do today either.

Then the Census changed more information was written more names were shared and many times you could fine the linking families next door following the full families names and occupations.

 With inheriting 17 letters written in 1850's to  1880's, I was able to learn even more about some of
 my ancestors.

 Henry( b1803)Huffman  later changed to HOFFMAN was a man of much character. He built bridges, barns, homes, churches, covered bridges and a freestanding spiral staircase.

This man hired the neighbor to come care for his crops and set out to walk to Waynesburg for a court hearing in the early light of a morning. Reaching Waynesburg and learning the court case was canceled, he ate his packed lunch and headed back home getting there about the time the neighbor started to feed the animals for him. This was a man of major character. He lived in the WindyGap, Aleppo area.

This man also had a huge orchard and grew many different fruits but mostly, varieties of apples.
The growing of apples fascinated him and was the reason he had so many types.
These were sold at market to help cover expenses during the winter months, in his notes.

 I was blessed with a copy of the write up in the paper about the staircase in a relatives home.

 So when I am asked who was Henry Huffman later Hoffman I do not answer what the census said.
 Yes, he was a farmer, but farming was necessary to have food and survive, but to build the freestanding
 staircase and to build the other buildings he was really an architect of some dimensions.

  When family talks about someone, listen to what is being said.  As I slowly work through files and
   I find more and more relatives were farmers by need and business people, tradesmen and lay ministers
  and not mentioned as such in the census.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Society Saturday-- Chula Vista Genealogical Society

Society Saturday is Today

We are meeting at the Bonita-Sunnyside Library, Bonita, CA  1-3 p m

Pennsylvania Research is the name of the game.

Here is a list of urls for Pennsylvania Researchers to share.

The Pennsylvania State Archives:

Pennsylvania County Maps and Atlaseshttp://

Pennsylvania Sessions Laws:  Formerly Footenote. enjoy  this one.
 - Cached
Official site. Includes attractions, activities and calendar of events with information on lodging, restaurants, Amish culture, and shopping. Free visitors guide ... - Cached
30+ items – A directory of online Pennsylvania death records indexes listed ...
                • Beaver County: Beaver Cemetery Burials
                • Bedford County Historical Society: Pioneer Library Obituary Index
                • Cambria County: Grandview Cemetery Burials (Johnstown, Pennsylvania
 Joe Beine shared this - Cached › United StatesStates - Cached
Information on Pennsylvania — economy, government, culture, state map and flag, major cities, points of interest, famous residents, state motto, symbols, ...

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thankful Thursday, Pentico-Pentycofe-Benninghoff

  Yes, I am so thankful for this agency and the work they do. Also we are thankful that distant family
  shared YDNA with us regarding our potential relationship.

   The results are in, after 50 + years of research, we have a real clue to the origin of my children's
 lineage from their fathers side.

   I did the paper trail and again was missing a generation.  Common Sense finally kicked in and I
   realized that I was looking at a clue and not seeing it.

  Gee, you ever look at data and not see the information?  I am sure we all have.  We see something
  we expect but we do not see what is so in front of our face, ie eyes.

  Taking the family story and printing it, credit goes to a distant cousin from Missouri. Not accepting the
  left papers at her death my error.

  She had a small group of papers where their data sent in did not match everyone else story.

 How I wish I had, had the foresight to ask for those 28 letters that did not fit the 100+ others.
 It would probably have resolved this issue in the 1970's.

 If relatives read this I hope they still have them in storage somewhere.  I know these people are long
 since gone. The letters were written in the 1920's & 1930s. Yes, I know there is kin still alive from these

 She did the book with the data from the 100+ and I suspect the 28 had the facts straight or closer.
  No offense meant or implied, just what recent research has brought to the front.

  Yes John was born in Pennsylvania and we suspect and can about lay to rest that his father was only
  about 20 miles down the road, which fits into the normal. But the name was a variant that we did
  not have in our group.  We knew it was changed and we knew John also changed it again coming to

  What brought  this about was the information supplied by the Family Tree Ydna we had done. Also
  what another distant cousin in Missouri had done then a potential distant cousin in Pennsylvania
  contributed.  I am sure that Bryon's ancestor and ours share the same father. If not it would only be one
  more generation back.  I will bump the tests up to the Missouri level but do not think we need it.

  Paper trail also indicates we slide into a empty hole in their lineage for the Benninghoff family.
  Our family has just grown, better yet Google + has given me the ability to locate kin in Germany
  with the help of  Germany's Google+ Moritz Tolxdorff.  Also to the lady who gave me the linguistic
 data about this family name. Lost her name on my desk top.