Thursday, December 29, 2016

Holiday Blues--- January Event at Bonita-Sunnyside Library. Randy Seaver

Next CVGS Saturday Workshop – 7 January 2017

Free for all to attend.

The January 7th Saturday Workshop will be from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. in the Community Room at the Bonita-Sunnyside Library (4375 Bonita Road).

  The subject will be:  “Finding Your Elusive Ancestor: The Genealogical Proof Standard and Performing a Reasonably Exhaustive Search” presented by Randy

This event is free for all to attend. A description of the presentation is:

“Are you familiar with the five elements of the Genealogical Proof Standard GPS)? It deals with information, sources, evidence, analysis and proof, and was developed by the Board for Certification of Genealogists (BCG). It is the 'standard' methodology for professionals proving assertions of genealogical facts. The first element of the GPS is 'to do a reasonably exhaustive search.'

“In this presentation, Randy will explain the GPS, take a whirlwind tour through traditional and online resources that should be included in an exhaustive search, discuss his favorite search strategies and techniques, and describe a Case Study of one of his elusive ancestors that illustrates the concepts of the GPS.”

Seems the holidays got in the way of an update. This is the correct data.  See you there.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

SWEET File or maybe mixed SWEET File

This is what I have worked on and feel is accurate but looking for better verification on whether it was Roscomb or Abel as Noels' parent.  The letter confirms Silas and Susannah Sweet Jones are the grandfather.

I am finding the Sweet files are also very distorted even in the ancient books.

Here is a Sweet File my cousin(distant) has on line.  We also link via Jones.  Anyone have Fear Jones anyone have Fear Sweet.?

RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project: Plain Sweet - not verified

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Blessed Christmas and Happy Hannakuh

May your Season be Merry and your day Bright.

 May you enjoy all that you might.

Wishing everyone safe travels and much family fun.

Enjoy the food, the chat and the mood.

May the One above Bless you all.

Have a super New Year.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

We are Related, or are we related? that is the question.

We are related, or are we related, that is the question?

Trying to remember where that ? mark goes.  Anyway, I gather many are checking their phones and their  I pads etc for information on potential relatives.

I have found it interesting at best.  But one person had a hint for a name I did not have and when I checked the census and the records by golly I just had not found it yet.  So yes we do link.

Finding two more Jones kin in the Facebook crowd.  Just learned my niece took her DNA test and will get results in about 6 weeks with Ancestry.  Not sure it will transfer over to FTdna.  Her Dad is a JONES.  We have his on record already.

Sometimes the more we delve into the clues the more confused the scene gets. Having two lines that are doing that in full force.  Yup the Folk/Foulk line and the Myers/Meyers line and yes they married each other twice.  Go figure.

Of course I have found MyHeritage and other management programs have not resolved how to solve these situations yet.

I can say that some of the data given has been very helpful and actually seems to be mine.

Have you tried the We're Related app yet for fun and maybe finding clues?

Two of the celebrities ? if one calls them that, I have met and we are definitely linked to them.
Wish I had known when I met them.

Few celebrities have the character that I like to see promoted in our times so I am blessed both have led a fairly calm life's.

Some are distant cousins that we had already connected to, on GenealogyWise Chats.

Those chats are so much fun and helpful as you are doing research. They are much like the old Golden Gate Forum Days.

Have a super New Year and find more kin.

Monday, December 12, 2016

The Christmas/Holiday Season is Here..

  The Christmas Season/ Holiday Season is here for all those whom celebrate the season.

For Jesus was a Jewish boy and celebrated his faith and brought about our celebrating Christmas.

Thanks to the Sister whom petitioned the Pope many years ago, (she was from Maine) if I remember right and after deep digging the Church agreed with her.  It is truly a special time of year.

Having received a phone call from a Myers tonight maybe we will crack open that old brick wall before next summer.

The Jones Clan is gathering more data and verifying more dates and learning more about our fellow ancestors.  They were really quite interesting people.  THE COMEDY OF CRYSTAL LAKE, 1. The Lowering of Crystal Lake, 2. The Biography of Archibald Jones by Stacy Daniels, confirms that.

The surviving of my Great Grandfather Calvin Fay Jones, during the CW is another example. I am sure as our cousins gather data we will learn many more interesting things.

Silas Jones built his home and put the date on the Chimney in Rhode Island. Then moved over to Dutchess Co. and up to old Albany later called Rensselaer Co. New York.  Dying there in 1803. Family today is pretty much everywhere.  Even in Canada where some went during the Rev. War and some then came back after trying it. Some stayed.  Yes, the married into the Indian's very early also.  Thanks Bill Nickerson for that data so long ago.

Suspect some of our Foulk line was in Canada for some of the same reasons for the Civil War.

Huffman/Hoffman's were active in every skirmish we had it seems from pre Rev War to current.
Fighting, Indians, marrying Indians, fighting Canadians, British, and all other countries of battle.

It amazes me the surnames that we descend from and how far back some go. The Adams' Family yes we descend from them.  Richard Higgins Family, Stout Family, DuVall, Eastman, Trowbridge, Beldon, Berry, Beal, Bourton, Brammer, Bremingham, Brothers, Brown, Bartlett, Bollen, Allen, Bailey, Blizzard, Blomgren, Bruno, Apel, Cooke, Clynton,
Burr, Burnett, Casper, Cates, Carpenter,  Chalfant, Clifton, Collins, Cook,  Cooper, Cowell, Daniels, Dever, Davis,  Devore, Donalson, Drew, Dunlap,  Ely/ Ealy, (Ihle), Fabor, Feil, Faber, Folk, Foulk, Frairy, Fry/Frye, Fuller, Green, Gooch, Groos, Gamber. Gallentine, Garrett, Gilmore,  Gibson,
Grey,Haines, Hamilton, Hammerich, Hammert, Hampton, Hannan, Haack, Henderson, Hickman, Hendricks, Huffman, Hoffman, Hudson, Hulse, Hunt, Jackson, Jeffreys, Jenkins, Jepson, Jewell, Jipp, Johnson, Jones, Chalfont,  
Keeler, Kinton, Langdon, Lamberton, Lash, Lewis, Loos, Lovely, Lindall, Madison/Mattison, McCune McNatt, McQuillen, Messenger, Miles,  Miller, Minor, Mitchell, Moak, Moen, Morrow,
Myers, Meyers, Mohr, Moyer,  Morelli, Morse,  Nanke, Neal, Noss, Nast, Neumann, Newbold, Noble,  O'Brian,  Oen/Owen, Ohlinger?, Orbin/D/Orbin,  Osborn, Porter, Patterson, Pentico,  Penticoff, Penticuff,
(Benninghoff), Phillips, Plants, Plantz,  Powell, Prather, Van Princis, Pycroft, Quamby, Van Quillen, Quintana, Rice, Richard, Ridgeway, Roberts, Ritchey, Robison, Rolland, Rood, Root, Roote, Rousey, Russell, Saylor, Scheuerien, Schwarn, Scott, Scriven, Senft, Sessions, Sharpe, Shaw, Shields, Showalter, Small, Smith, Sparks, Spooner, Spragg, Stanford, Stephens, Stevens, Stewart, Stoddard,
Stollar, Stoops, Stout, Strock, Strohschnieder, Strosnider, Snyder, Sweet, Thatcher, Thomas Thredder,
Titlon, Titus, Torrey, Townsend, Tracy, Tuttle, Unruh, Utt, Warden, Washburn, Webb, Whipple, Whitford, Whitrup, Wicke, Wiggins, Wilde, Wright, Yates-Snow, Young, Yarty, Murillo, McKnight,
 Do not forget Rahamana, Mr. Thomas, Pocahantus and many more unnamed wives.
These are off my Reunion File, wait til I post from my My Heritage or my old PAF for MAC if I can get it running.

Blessed Christmas to you all or Blessed Holiday Season to you all.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Young Family Friend is Missing in Michigan please read pass it on.

This is Danielle Stislicki, she was last seen on Dec 2nd leaving MetLife in Southfield. At her apt in Farmington Hills, Michigan her car was found. There is no indication she made it into the apt. This isMonica's best friends Jillian Stislicki older sister. She grew up in FOWLERVILLE, please share, set you privacy on public for this post so anyone can see. Pray for her and her family that she is found safe and quickly. I'm tagging my Fowlerville friends. If you have been tagged, I'm hoping you'll share. — withCindy Mathews.

with permission from Mrs Hart  ..  Please share especially all in MI and around region..  She is family friend.  Prayers Prayers Prayers please. All my blog reading friends please share and post in your region.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

More JONES family members

Having located Rhode Island Vital Records files.  It has expanded our research.
Alas the over use of same names can drive one to make sure you are doing deep breathing exercises while do this.

My files show this:   Teague and Ruhamana ( Wampanoag) Jones had at least 6 children.
Josiah,  Ruhamah,  Elizabeth,  Samuel,  Jeremiah and Teague Jr.

My records indicate we are from Josiah.  b. 1762 Yarmouth, Mass died 1744 East Greenwich, RI.
Wife was Elizabeth Berry from Richard Berry and Alice (? ) Berry.

Sojourners Web Site  She helped me alot.  We talked weekly often for years.

 Having recorded 6 children for them: Dorcas, Jeremiah, Ann, Seth, Elizabeth, & Sarah

 Again records say we are from Seth 4th born child.  Wife was Priscilla Hamilton or Hamblin?
 Depending on paper, suspect same varied spelling?

Mabel Hewitt has his first born as Silas Jones Sr. She also said probably 3 children. Because I originally was tracking direct line I did not watch for siblings.  Being this was done in the 80's and 90's when some of these early researchers were alive and I spoke with them on the phone several times.

Since later learning I have a brick wall I have been tracking backwards and also tracking forward from Teague for clues.

We have done DNA also.  Thanks Zak Jones for all your assistance.

Silas Jones Sr  was born 11 May 1721 Greenwich, RI. m 21 Nov. 1742 East Greenwich, RI. to Susanna Sweet. Daughter of Benjamin Sweet  and Margaret Hammert.
ID: I659
Name: Susanna SWEET
Sex: F
Birth: 3 MAY 1725 in E. Greenwich, Kent, RI 1
Obviously this Susanna Sweet married at the very young age of 16. She went on to have ten children, all of whom seemed to have married and had families of their own.

Some of the many sources.

1790,1800 census records NY
RI vital records 1750 and later
Mabel Hewitt and Hulda Allen data
Rensselaer Co Historical Society files in drawers
family stories
Bennington Co Vt files in library drawer
Melanie Richards data shared
information orally from Sand Lake Historian NY Jones descendant

american Genealogical Bio grahicl index b 1720 RI vol 93 page 238

1760 Kent  CO> RI  East Greenwich- Ratable  
 1777 kent Co East Greenwich  p 007 RI 1777 Miltary census index
1790 Stephen Town  Albany NY
1800 Petersburg NY Rensselaer Co NY   to be

1790 Silas Jones Jr in Stephen TOWN NY

Marriage 1 Silas JONES b: 11 MAY 1721 in pr. E. Greenwich, Kent, RI
• Married: 21 NOV 1741 in E. Greenwish, RI        2 3 source no.'s.
1. Abel JONES b: 16 MAY 1743 in E. Greenwich, Kent, RI
2. Roscum Rescomb JONES b: 18 MAR 1746 in E. Greenwich, Kent, RI
3. Noel JONES b: 14 APR 1748 in E. Greenwich, Kent, RI
4. Martha "Patty" JONES b: 19 OCT 1749 in E. Greenwich, Kent, RI
5. Salmon Zalmon JONES b: 3 DEC 1751 in E. Greenwich, Kent, RI
6. Norman JONES b: 1 JUN 1754 in E. Greenwich, Kent, RI
7. Laban JONES b: 15 AUG 1756 in E. Greenwich, Kent, RI
8. Abigail JONES b: 26 JUN 1758 in E. Greenwich, Kent, RI
9. Silas, Jr. JONES b: 26 APR 1760 in E. Greenwich, Kent, RI
10. Samuel JONES b: 9 NOV 1762 in E. Greenwich, Kent, RI
11. Benjamin JONES b: 23 OCT 1765 in E. Greenwich, Kent, RI

 I have picture of house Silas Jones Sr built in RI. He put date of building on the chimney.
Thanks to a cousin in Los Angeles area.  Who spends time in RI in the summers.

1. Text: A. Children of Benjamin and Margaret (Hammett) Sweet, births and birthplaces from Vital Records of R.I., 1636-1850, Vol. I, Kent Co., by James N. Arnold (Prov., RI: Narragansett Hist. Pub. Co., 1891). Many other Jones records are also found in this volume of Rhode Island Vital Records.
B. Children of Silas Jones and Susanna, his wife, from the above source and from the original copy of vital records sent from E. Greenwich Town Clerk, RI.
2. Text: Marriage of Silas Jones and Susanna Sweet, dau. of Benjamin 21 Nov 1741, E. Greenwich, RI; m. by Dotor Mowry, J.P., Record from Division of Vital Statistics, R.I. State Dept. of Health, E. Greenwich Town Clerk's Office, E. Greenwich, R.I.
3. Text: A. VITAL RECORD OF RHODE ISLAND, 1636-1850, Vol. I, Kent County, by James N. Arnold (Providence, RI: Narragansett Hist. Pub. Co., 1891), p. 75 - Entry 3-162, states m. by William Hall, Justice, May 11, 1721.
B. Same record, same page, for marriage of Susannah Sweet and Silas Jones, Nov. 21, 1741. Entry 3-147.
C. Same record, p. 158, for births of children of Benjamin (of Richard) and Margaret - names: Benjamin, Susanna, Susanna, 2d, Thomas, Margaret, and Jeremiah.

Marriage to: Susanna Susannah Jones (born Jones Sweet) Spouse: Silas Jones Nov 21 1741
Wray Family Tree, MyHeritage [1]

Jones Genealogy Facebook Group:
Jones Surname Study WikiTree

Not everything seems to be factual but I have posted where I have been.

Our situation is who was Noel born 1785ish near Albany, NY parents. 
He claims himself as father of my Noyes Jones b 1809 in Record Book I have copy of his note in the Vital Records book. 
We find Noel, Susanna and baby Noyes in the 1810 census.  

Never again to find.

Now the town historian cousin said we were from Noel Jones, not found that factual yet.
Another cousin said Noel was from Roscum/Roscumb.  Still not proving it to my satisfaction. - Rhode Island, Wills and Probate Records, 1582-1932 is the only item I find on Abel Jones for Will data. But I can find the potential of Noyes being in Abel's home in 1820 thru 1830.
His children were raised and suddenly he had a child under 12 in his home in 1820. Did he raise Noyes.

There is a NOEL JONES that left this area went to Utica, New York then to Alleghany Co. had 5 wives and his oldest was according to papers Noel Jones b 1812.    

Noyes grew up in Petersburg, NY.  We find him and wife prior to his moving to Ill then to IA.

Today I got a note from someone looking for Susan Madison(Mattison) Jones nephew. George Mattison, her nephew and Horatio N Mattison is the brother..   I did find her brother was in Iowa for one census and moved back to NY/VT area.  Any one with Mattison would love to hear from you.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

7 December 1941,, Do you Remember, Did you ask your Parents?

  Many times Judy Russell and I are thinking along the same veins.  Suspecting because so many of my family served I did ask and many gladly told on the 7 December Anniversary date.

  For myself I was only 19 months old. Had already been in the hospital and had major surgery and radiation.  For my parents it was a heart wrenching time. We lived in Greybull, Wyo shortly after the War started we moved to Petaluma, CA.

  Dad's only brother was in the Navy at Pearl Harbor when this happened. Dad's brother in laws, if not already enlisted were enlisted in the service.  Mom's brothers both went into the service. I have one Uncle still alive and he jumped from the plane's in behind enemy lines.  All the others are gone.

 But it seemed everyone in our family was involved in the War. If you could not fight you covered so
someone else did.  Dad was a Coast Watcher.  We moved to CA so he could help his brother in law with a Dairy as Uncle had served his time already. I remember him in Uniform when I was about 4 years of age. The husbands of the sisters were all in the war also.

Somewhere Mom wrote what her parents were doing when the War broke out. But I accidently left a box at Mom's, hoping brother kept it and it has that data in it.  Mom was the original Genealogist or maybe it was her Dad.  Probably was Grandad who lit the fire.

He would always share stories with me about his parents and grandparents and ask me to go find some of this kin he met when at age 5 he was taken from Iowa to PA to meet his Dad's family.

His Grandad came from PA and his Dad being 12 walked behind the wagon bringing the animals with working dog.  I have folders of various stories Grandad shared. Some are so funny and delightful others of course are sad or scary. Of course his younger siblings (he being the oldest) took turns helping walking in the dust of the wagon and the animals on the road from Greene Co. PA to Monroe/Appanoose Co. Iowa.

Grandad's father is one of the men I would love to have an hour with. One other is that Grandfather's grandfather. We know lots about the man in the middle and I have his Civil War Pin?Badge?

My Uncles' spent time at the Army Hospital in San Francisco and the wives and children would stay with us during recuperation.   I remember one trip and my Uncle handed me Dad and his favorite record and as I went to put it away, Mom called me to the kitchen. I set the record down and minutes later we hard a crack and were flattened to the floor.  Uncle sat on the record it broke and he thought someone was shooting at us.  The Great Speckled Bird  was the record. I have never found it to replace for my DAD. Now of course way to late.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


1923, Why is it Important?

Just off the press was another neat blog from Judy Russell, reminding us why 1923 is important to Genealogists, and writers everywhere.

The Legal Genealogist: That 1923 date

Have you figured it out before reading the blog?   Have a great day.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Early William Brown (Jr) Family in VA.


Fred Pentico
your husband

Rhoda Ann Brown
her mother

Robert Brown
his father

Leonard Brown
his father

William Brown
his father     
And his father was William Brown Sr. also. 

Other information can be found here:
Sources: GBNEALOGY OF THE BROWN FAMILY OF PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY, VA by James Edgar Brown, 1930 Northern Neck Warrants & Surveys 1710-1780 by Peggy Shomo Joyner Fauquier & Prince William Co., VA Records Harrison, Lewis & Braxton Co., WV Records

So husband has a very early American line .

Data found on  

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Working Winslow/ Latham are you related?

Susanna Winslow Latham was born 1629 and died 1695.  Mayflower Passenger Descendant.
Direct Ancestor  10 Generations.

Susanna Latham (born Winslow) link to tombstone.

 Direct ancestor 10 Generations.

 Her father was John WINSLOW b 1597-
 11 Generations
 Her mother was Mary Chilton WINSLOW b 1607
  11 Generations.
 Remember the tangled web we weave???

 I suspect this lineage is going to connect with some other lines.  Seeing a WASHBURN here as a husband of Hannah Latham. b 1704  Ours, brings about Tuttle and Morrow and Scott.

Dorothy Inez JONES (born HOFFMAN)
your mother
Inez Mae HOFFMAN (born SCOTT)
her mother
Cornelius SCOTT
her father
Rebecca SCOTT (born MORROW)
his mother
Patience MORROW (born TUTTLE)
her mother
her father
Rebecca TUTTLE (born WASHBURN)
his mother
Ebenezer Washburn, Sr.
her father
Hannah Washburn (born Latham)
his mother
Susanna Latham (born Winslow)
her mother
Mary Winslow (born Chilton)
her mother
 Also seeing Elizabeth COOKE born Latham  b 1665.

 Will have to check the Cooke data at this point I have minimal on Cooke except in Maine which was early Mass.

Working Winslow/ Latham are you related?

Susanna Winslow Latham was born 1629 and died 1695.  Mayflower Passenger Descendant.
Direct Ancestor  10 Generations.

Susanna Latham (born Winslow) link to tombstone.

 Direct ancestor 10 Generations.

 Her father was John WINSLOW b 1597-
 11 Generations
 Her mother was Mary Chilton WINSLOW b 1607
  11 Generations.
 Remember the tangled web we weave???

 I suspect this lineage is going to connect with some other lines.  Seeing a WASHBURN here as a husband of Hannah Latham. b 1704  Ours, brings about Tuttle and Morrow and Scott.

Dorothy Inez JONES (born HOFFMAN)
your mother
Inez Mae HOFFMAN (born SCOTT)
her mother
Cornelius SCOTT
her father
Rebecca SCOTT (born MORROW)
his mother
Patience MORROW (born TUTTLE)
her mother
her father
Rebecca TUTTLE (born WASHBURN)
his mother
Ebenezer Washburn, Sr.
her father
Hannah Washburn (born Latham)
his mother
Susanna Latham (born Winslow)
her mother
Mary Winslow (born Chilton)
her mother
 Also seeing Elizabeth COOKE born Latham  b 1665.

 Will have to check the Cooke data at this point I have minimal on Cooke except in Maine which was early Mass.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Rottweil on the Neckar (Germany)

 Looking for information on this town.  Google gave some  interesting pictures and wee bit of history.
 But looking for more historical or genealogical information.

Here are some interesting links:Images for Rottweil on the Neckar, in Germany

Rottweil - The Black Forest in Germany

Rottweiler - Google Books Result

Error: 404 Article not found   see I went to

Puts me back on main page.

 WorldGenWeb Archives - WorldGenWeb Project  This opens in the archives.
then nothing  opens with information afterwards. grrrrr.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Rotweil on the NECKAR in today Germany

  Is there anyone on this Blog System that has contact with this place in Germany.?

  We are looking for answers and it seems they lay in the town of Rotweil on the Neckar.
   That is or was a river in 1840 .

   We can find it on an ancient map, current maps do not show it. LDS can not locate it in their      system.
   Surprise surprise.

  Need to go back to Google Plus and do talk with friend that attended chats from Germany.

  Please reach me at if you have any information on this town or region.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Fred E Pentico AMSC and his Great Grandson Wyatt

This person was Sailor of the Quarter and was nominated for Sailor of the Year.
He designed a tool for working on their aircraft that saved them thousands of dollars.
He served nearly 25 years in the Navy, on planes and ships and land.

A very special person he is.  Thank You for all  you have done and do.
A true Veteran of our country. A member of the Fleet Reserve Association 289.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

LDS Library hunting for Antonio ie Anthony Casper. Kimbrough popped up.


Today Mary and I went to the LDS Library in Mission Valley in hopes to see the records of Anthony or Antonio Casper's Naturalization data.

 We found the exact same thing that was shown at the meeting.  They hunted for the book and page and LDS for some reason does not have it. So we write to OHIO.

  As we were trying to see if other data would show up on the family, a line popped up that takes her back to the BROWN/KIMBROUGH line and those two lines go back farther than where I stopped long ago.  Additional names are GOOCH, SEALES, GRAVES, ETC.

 We printed it off on a fan chart and it is so light I can not read it so we will go back to get the data.
 We found some ? data on one group the lady just scratched her head.  Do not use that some thing    wrong which I was totally in agreement.

  We have searched pretty heavily so now I suspect we go back to newspapers for clues.
  We also wanted to look at a 1820 German Census.  LDS does not have that nor did their Ancestry.

   Next trip we will see what happens on Neumann,  variant lines.

    We will keep you posted.

    Mary Pentico Nelson and Susi Jones Pentico

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun My Way. First Election

Born in 1940 and turned 18 in 1958, my first vote for President was in 1960.

I think I missed one election being to ill to go vote.  Today we can vote many ways besides going to the polls. We can vote early, we can vote by mail. We can vote and take it to the Library for them to give to the polls. ( I learned that last Wednesday).  It is the one right I have, that I feel I need to voice my concerns in.

 My husband and I like to go to the polls so that people(neighbors) see we feel voting is very important and our right to let our neighbors know, how important we feel it is.

As we know many people do not exercise that right.  We still get: " why bother, it does not matter", as a comment back.

I suspect my parents voted from the first time they were able to. It was a very important event for them.

I remember the family voted for Dwight D Eisenhower, both times and the many discussions of why he was the best for the job. Major military back ground and influence within our family. Everyone did something during WW2 and many cousins were in Korea and we lost some in all of these and others.
I still have my I LIKE IKE button.

Family was in Rev War a major percent, family again involved in: War of 1812,  Civil War, and other skirmishes that came along. WW1, WW2, Mexican American, (San Juan Hill), etc.

My husband served 25 years USN. Korea and Viet Nam,  A son served in USN. Mid East Wars

1960 I voted for  John F Kennedy and have his button also. Our family was conflicted that election.
 LOL, being raised Catholic, my vote went to Kennedy much of the family voted for Nixon.

The next election 1964  I did vote for  Johnson,  1968 voted for Nixon. 1972 Nixon. 76 Ford,
Reagan next, Reagan, Bush, etc.

I wish we could vote for the best person verses the party.  I do not like party voting.  Having belonged to two party's and learned lots about others, parties are not productive for the common citizen.

I remember Dad and Mom talking of switching parties but I can not tell which was which or when except it may have been with Ike when he first ran for office. I know they changed again later but not sure when.  We used to have great debates regarding politics. It was worse than religion.

Dad was born a Baptist and raised me Catholic.  Think about that.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

FOLD3's Native American Collection

Are you looking for Native American Heritage?  You may want to scan some of the
records that are free from 1 Nov to 15 November 2016.

In honor of National American Indian Heritage Month, get free access...
Then explore Fold3's Native American Collection for free November 1-15.

Lots of data listed here in.  

Sure wish it covered more tribes but give it a look.

Thanks Marti for the heads up.  

Friday, October 28, 2016

John Adams, Scots Irish Immigration to North America

A Medieval Ethnicity Map of Scotland | Scottish Origenes: scottish ancestry, scottish genealogy, scottish clan map.

John Adams Scots Irish Immigration to North American Colonies one of our Ancestors

I was sent this data and think it may need more research even if it come from Royal Records.

We  also descend from Queen Margaret of Scotland. 

When Saint Margaret Atheling of England and SCOTLAND was born on September 8, 1045, in Szabolcs-Szatmar-Bereg, Hungary, her father, Edward, was 29. She had 10 sons and 10 daughters with Malcolm III King of Scotland Canmore. She then married MALCOLM III "Canmore" (Mael Coluim mac Donnchada), KING of SCOTS dkr1 and they had seven children together. She died on November 16, 1093, in Loth, Sutherland, at the age of 48