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Arvilla JONES Johnson daughter of Noyes and Susan JONES

Noyes Jones and Susan Madison Jones children:  Henry George/George Henry,  Noel,  Louise

Arvilla* b abt 1840 NY,  William Harrison CW Dcd,  Calvin Fay**,  Jennie b 1847 d 28 Feb 1874 m

Fred Apel,  Lucy b abt 1858 m William Fuller,  last is Charles E Jones in Petersburg area of Rensselaer

Co. NY as best we know. He is in the 1850 census for NY, prior moving to Nunda, ILL with family as infant/child.

We are going to talk a bit about  Louise Arvilla*.  Calvin and Arvilla was the recipients of their parents home. I believe they purchased it.  Have paper work here somewhere.

When Addison died she married his brother Alfred Johnson. The Johnson's were also from New York.
Addison Johnson dies 1875  in Iowa and is born 1838 in NY

Lois (Louise) Arvilla Jones Johnson wdw of Addison married Alfred Johnson 8 June 1876  aged 39.

Alfred dies 20 Oct 1880 buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Nashua, IA.

Seems sad to read she has buried two husbands that were brothers.  A web page says that his parents were Thomas Johnson and Sarah Thurston Johnson.  I am hoping to hear more from the presenter on this family.

1880 census  Alfred is alive yet, and they have one child.
1880 United States Federal Census
Name:Alfred Johnson
Birth Year:abt 1837
Birthplace:New York
Home in 1880:Riverton, Floyd, Iowa
Relation to Head of House:Self (Head)
Marital Status:Married
Spouse's Name:Arvilla Johnson
Father's Birthplace:New York
Mother's Birthplace:New York
Neighbors:View others on page
Cannot read/write:


Deaf and dumb:

Otherwise disabled:

Idiotic or insane:
Household Members:
Alfred Johnson43
Arvilla Johnson42
Emma Johnson15
Anna J. Johnson14
May Johnson12
Charles F. Johnson11
Arthur J. Johnson3

So one child shows from  Alfred and Arvilla, Arthur J aged 3

The others are Addison and Arvilla's children.

I am hoping we can find some of the down line kin of these people.

I can look for Clark Gilmore for starts, and Charles F Johnson to locate girls names.

Where is May Johnson she does not show in 1870 census?  But does in 1880, maybe working for some one? Terribly young for that. Or was Charles born before May???

Addison 33 NY, Arvilla, 30 NY , Emma 6 IA, Annah 4 IA, Charles 2  IA census

This information from Written Family History. Hazel Jones , Alva's daughter.*

*Charles had daughters

Anna single

Emma married Jackson Gilmore son Clark.

Arthur married Emma Shuefelt, adopted daughter

I have their old home address, in Cedar Falls, IA.  This was all written by Alva's daughter many many years ago when many of these people were still alive. 

1900 United States Federal Census

She has four living children, 2 are living with her as she is a widow,  Anna L 32 and Arthur  21. She is in Bradford, Chickasaw Co. IA.   aged 59. b Jan 1841   Hurray a birthdate.
She is also listed in the 1910, 1920  Iowa State census 1915 Blackhawk Co.


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Henry George Jones Family, NY, Ill, Iowa, and Minn.

Henry George Jones the oldest child of Noyes Jones and Susan Madison Jones

Henry George and at times written George Henry Jones was the first born son as we know it of Noyes and Susan Madison Jones.  He was born 3 Sept 1834 in Rensselaer Co. New York.  Probably on Jones Rd in Jones Hollow area of Petersburg,

He is in the 1850 census with his parents at age 14 in New York with siblings.

He moved with his family to Nunda, Illinios and after the Civil War, whom two of his brothers fought in  (William Harrison dcd and Calvin Fay) were out of the service, they moved to Nashua, IA.

The were in the Nashua, Iowa area when he marries in 1863,  Kathryn Kerns,  who's step daughter (Elsie Donaldson), ? at Kathryn's death in 1890, goes to live with  Calvin and Hannah Jones.  Henry
weds Maude ( nickname) Stephans  25 Dec  1891 and lives in Bradford, Ia.  They have two boys, Hubert Noyce and Jesse Marion.   Maude (MaryJane)? Stephans Jones dies 4 Oct 1934.

At some time Elsie Donaldson marries John Miller,  lives somewhere near Independence, Ia.  Marriage between 1901 and 1906 according to family records. Need to learn more about her.

1900 United States Federal Census shows Henry 65, Maude J 41, Hubert N 7, Jessie M 5 Bradford,Chickasaw, IA.

Compliments of Carolin. Here is his picture.
Hubert Noyce Jones, born 10 Oct 1892 at Nashua, IA, marries "Mary" Maren Christine Nielsen.
Hubert dies 24 Nov 1970 in Marshall, Lyon, Minn. USA.  There were three children:
Hazel E., Ethel B., & Glenn.

*1930 Federal Census: Hubert 38, Mary 30 Hazel 8, Ethel 5, Glenn L 2 1/2, Lake Marshall, Lyon, Minn. He is born in Iowa, she is born in Denmark, children in Minnesota, a carpenter.

* 1940 Fed. census shows: Hubert 48, Mary K 40, Hazel E 18, Ethel B 15 and Glenn 12,  living in Marshall, Lyon, Minnesota. He is a Carpenter and works Construction, had 1 year of High School. At this time he was renting.

Hazel E.  born Arco, Minn, 17 Sept 1922 area marries Kenneth Nelson, b 17 Sept 1918 his death, 19 Aug 1993 Baudette, Lake of the Woods, Minn. Hazel Evelyn Jones dies 8 Sept 1995 in Baudette, Lake of the Woods, Minn.  All data sourced.  They had  seven children but will not be listed here due to privacy.

Next family member had  3 children and last had three children.

Jesse Marion Jones b 11 Jan 1895 Chickasaw, IA, dies 7 Jan 1975 Nashua, Chickasaw, IA.
His wife is Bernice Plantz. Owned his own farm in 1940 census.

They had two children, 1 boy and 1 girl,  whom both had children.

His mother lived with him in 1920. Federal census. He is 20 years of age.

Iowa, State Census Collection, 1836-1925
Name:Jesse M Jones
Birth Year:abt 1895
Birth Place:Iowa
Marital Status:Married
Census Date:1915
Residence State:Iowa
Residence County:Polk
Locality:Des Moines
Mother's Birthplace:Illinois
Father's Birthplace:Illinois
Neighbors:View others on page
Household Members:
Jesse M Jones20

Yes, he did register for the draft also.

 If you are family contact myself for further information.  We have information on the two other children but contact us if related.

Henry Jones
burial date:
26 Sep 1912
burial place:
Oak Hill
death date:
25 Sep 1912
death place:
Bradford, Chickasaw, Iowa
birth date:
New York
Retired Farmer
marital status:
father's name:
Noyes Jones
father's birthplace:
New York
mother's name:
Susan Madisn
indexing project (batch) number:
system origin:
source film number:
owa, Deaths and Burials, 1850-1990

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Ray Dee Jones and Mother (Ida) Foulk Jones, Thankful Thursday

Ray Jones was born 19 May 1913 in Waterloo, Iowa.  He and his mother moved to Wheatland, Wyoming area when he was about 13 months old.  His father is listed in the 1910 census for Salt Creek,  Natrona, Wyo.  His father was Carl Fremont Jones and Victoria Mae (Ida) Foulk Jones was his mother.  

Ray added the Dee to his name when he got his Social Security due to the amount of Ray Jones in the system. This was in the late 1940's or could have been early 1950's.

Ray and his younger siblings lived in  Wheatland, Wyoming and then Casper, Wyoming, coming back to Wheatland as a teenager. His family was split and raised by nieghbors and friends, except the two youngest girls whom stayed with their Mom whom then moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Dad worked for Morris Thomas from the time he was 13 until he married and moved up to Greybull, Wyoming working for Howard Flitner at the Diamond Tail Ranch, in Greybull, Wyo.

Dad (Ray) married 3 September 1938 to Dorothy Inez Hoffman of Wheatland, Wyoming.

Having always enjoyed the story he told of seeing Mom for the first time formally I never tired of.

He worked part time with her Dad on the Culvert (water ditch) for the area and often rode past Grandad's home after working, heading to his bunk on the Thomas Ranch and had seen Mom and her siblings from a distance.  One day after a hot day of moving water for the ranches crops he and his future Father-in-law rode up to the Hoffman homestead. The ladies were cleaning and preparing tomatoes (by large tubs full) to can for the winter months. Mom's sibling, Marie had a huge crush on my Dad and tried to impress Dad with her antics. She implied she could get a date from Dad if she washed Mom's face with tomatoes, which she attempted to do. Attempt is all I can say because Dad said Mom totally bathed her sister in tomatoes.  Mom was embarrassed and livid. (Mom was not near as forward as my beloved Aunt Marie, so she was very embarrassed)  After they cleaned up and served the men Lemonade, her father introduced his coworker to Dorothy(Mom).  Ultimately, the rest is history.
Their courtship had many rocky points because her sister did not give up easy but she never knew she was never in the running. Years later, I was with them when they all shared the story with me about the Tomato Fight Day. They all had a good laugh.  Aunt Marie had an awesome husband in her future, she just did not know it yet.

Dad told me he knew the first time he ever saw Mom out in the fields working with her Dad that someday he would marry her.

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Calvin Fay Jones Family Wordless Wednesday

Almost wordless but not completely.

 Carl Fremont,  George H(?),  Nora, Walter, Alva
  Calvin Fay Jones, LaMonte and Hannah Young Jones  not sure if Alva is George or George is Alva.
  Taken about 1899 - 1905

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Calvin Fay Jones son of Noyes and Susan Jones

As the Jones saga continues, we will jump to child number 5, awaiting data on 1. Henry George's line from his descendant. 2.  Noel dcd young no lineage, 3.Arvilla's will be fun, 4.William H dcd from CW and no heirs, 6.Jennie's line will be intriguing, and 7. Great Uncle Charles I felt I knew from all Grandparents said about him, so have much on them to share. Both my Dad and Uncle knew this family well.

Recapturing the data of Noyes and Susan Madison Jones of New York to Nunda, McHenry Co., Ill. to Chickasaw County area after 1865, probably closer to 1867, father Noel Jones and Susannah Jones of New York. Silas JONES Sr line., Teague Jones line.

Calvin Fay Jones is listed as Calvin Jones in the 1860 census for Nunda, McHenry Co. Ill
1860 United States Federal Census
He enlists with  his brother William Harrison Jones to join the Union Army.
Name:Calvin F Jones
Residence:Cuba, Lake, Illinois
Congressional District:2nd
Age on 1 July 1863:20
Estimated Birth Year:abt 1843
Marital Status:Unmarried (Single)
Place of Birth:New York

After several campaigns, he looses his brother William Harrison and almost looses his life in Tennessee. He walks home after being nursed back to health by a Black Family that heard him moaning in the dirt after the skirmish ended and the troops had backed off. (Makes one wonder how many were not dead but were buried in the lose dirt.)

By 1868 he has moved to  Chickasaw County area, marriage to wife is in her Father's home at this address. Butler, Butler Co. Iowa.  5 July 1868. I have copy of certificate.

(Lucky me, I picked 5 July for my wedding date, suspect he was talking to me :>) )(another story)

1880 shows them living in Bradford, Chickasaw County, Iowa. 1880 Census. His father lived at this time in this area and may have been same home. His Father according to Will divided the land between Calvin and his sister Arvilla Jones Johnson. The others were taken care of.

1885 Residence Bradford, Chickasaw Co. IA. State Census

1900  Bradford, Chickasaw Co. IA, Federal Census. Grandad Carl Fremont is listed here. age 11.

1910 Bradford, Chickasaw Co. IA Federal Census  At this time he was 67 and he died that 23 September 1910.  Grandad Carl F is on this census as age 20.  He and Grandma marry in 3 years.

Calvin had horses, and sold to the government, for his was a fine breed some papers imply.

Iowa Cemetery Records -
Name:Calvin F. Jones
Page #:63
Cemetery:Oak Hill
Comment:son of: Noyes; son of: Susna
Level Info:Gravestone Records of Chickasaw County, Ia.

Iowa Civil War Soldier Burial Records
Name:Calvin F Jones
Unit:IL 36 Inf H
Cemetery:Oak Hill
Cemetery Location:Nashua Chickasaw IA
Comments:Lot 24; s/o Noyes and Susan

The irony of some of his dedication to his country was, he was given a Pension when he came back from Tennessee and then 8 weeks or so later he re enlists. Losing everything for a Pension. My file is full of the letters that it took for neighbors, family and friends to write to verify he was who he was and why he deserved a Pension which he finally started receiving late in the 1890's near as I can figure.
What a shame he could have had it from 1868 on.

U.S., Civil War Pension Index: General Index to Pension Files, 1861-1934
Name:Calvin F Jones
State Filed:Iowa
Widow:Hannah Jones
Roll Number:T288_247

Calvin and Hannah had: Nora, b May 1870 whom married Iver Jepson; George b 1872, married Belle Fox; Alva b 15 Dec 1874 Chickasaw Co. IA area, died 30 Dec 1963 Charles City, Floyd Co. IA, married Zelia Noble, (dau Hazel wrote the family history); Walter b 1880 IA d 10 Dec 1946 m Elizabeth Spooner;  LaMonte ( Monty) b 14 Aug 1882 Pearlrock IA, d 1 Feb 1939 CA. m Lulu Maybelle Torrey; and Grandad Carl Fremont Jones b 10 Oct 1888 Iowa, d 12 March 1962 Casper, Wyo.

If you are related please contact me, Thank You.