Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year 2010 Thursday'sTreasure Chest Gift

Happy New Year 2010, Thursday gift to the world. A Full MOON again in December, what a send off we are getting.

I am hearing firecrackers and maybe guns blown off out doors and it is not even 12 am yet.

Today my family heard from another relative in Pennsylvania regarding very early family.
That was our gift.

Two surnames we are researching are: Keim and Schmidt families & were Lutheran and from Itllingen.

Johann Henrich Schmidt 1726 md to Anna Margaretha Kelm 1731
potential brother is:Johann Schmidt who died Jan 30, 1810 and had a daughter Elisabeth
married to John Stahl 1741-1809.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Resolutions, Enhancing my Research, Carnival Bound

Resolutions for the Carnival Bound

As a genealogist, I always have trouble deciding which item to pick, which topic to choose for the next year. One may wonder why that is but for me it becomes really apparent generally early on in the year.

I may pick a surname and area to dig deeper and learn more or I may choose to just lay back and let it happen. I have yet to figure which one is better.

Reason being is that I can choose JONES and NY and go to the library to do research and what greets me is SCOTT in IOWA or Kentucky or Virginia. I can gather my papers and bring the tools. But the ancestors do not always cooperate with the thoughts I was working on.

I am a firm believer in the concept that Hank JONES talks of often in his books. I have found more data helping others, than when trying to dig for myself. I take great joy in helping others. I am always learning something new and different. Sometimes it helps me to restructure my research or helps me to share with others.

So the one thing that I am a firm believer in is Review. January is Review month for me. It has not failed to help me each year I have done this. Our brain just can not remember all the data we have digested and stored to utilize down road if it fits and seems it will.

I believe in a Research Log,the Library, the book, the page, the date I did it. It helps me to remember which time I found what in which book. O yes, sometimes data leads me back to that book for more data on topic I was not aware of before hand.

As a member of the NEHGS group, I can readily say I believe in being a member of a society. One near yourself and at least one near where your currently doing research.

I at times rotate my membership if it is a new region and that data is needed. There are some great societies out there, with lots of helpful faces to meet.

I belong to 3 societies in my area, three in Pennsylvania and one in West Virginia.
I share also a membership in OGS with my sister in law. We have much data in that state to be garnered. I am going to be joining two more this year. One in New York state and another in Pennsylvania since that is the area of research we have chosen to
dig in this next year. Generally the cost of membership is a dinner out with a friend or lunch with two friends. I know it is very hard on limited income to join some societies and worse my heart cringes when I hear stories of joining a society and they do not assist the members or promote the data that they have. Alas, there are still some out there that way. My response to them is generally, go in and offer to do something they are not doing and see if they can become motivated.

So my hopes for the coming year are to review my past papers and data, maintain my
membership in the societies I can help or need for help, also I am planning on going to Burbank in June, and back to the Los Angeles Library really soon.

I am gathering my notes I have written over the years so I can start putting my
memories together for my younger brother whom ask that I share my early life prior to his birth and early years. He asked me some years back, so as I waited for Grandchildren to get out of school, I daily wrote more and more about our families past. I am almost up to the time he requested data on. I may actually get that completed this year but I am not going to make it a resolution.

What I do resolve is to try and be a good Citizen of this country, great Wife and Mother, doting Grandmother, Aunt, Great Aunt, a loving Sister in Law, and friend.

I hope I will be patient and kind and caring to all those whom I meet. In turn may
a kindness to another lead to the knowledge I need. May our Country be Blessed and we remain Free.

Wordless Wednesday SCOTT Family

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Loss of Friend

Since this is Tombstone Tuesday. I just want to say. Thanks Friend for all you did for the genealogy community and we will miss you but always thank you for all that you did for us.

I know your not in pain and discomfort as you were before Sunday. What a great day to go see the Lord.

May you walk in peace and comfort now. We will think of you here until we are there.

Blessings on your passing Sunday.


Monday, December 28, 2009

Saturday, Sunday and NOW Monday.. Scott's

Yes the clock is ticking and the breeze is blowing.
Somewhere an old man is snoring.

Tick tock, tick tock of the mantle clock
The weather in many places is playing block block.

Here is sun and clouds and forcast for future rain
Do not believe it, it is a weather game.

Friday has come and gone Saturday has too,
Sunday was catch up and Monday is new.

Genealogy is awaiting in the wings
information to share and to win.

Hunting for the SCOTT, Ydna links

Kentucky added MORROW and TUTTLE
to the mix.
Great Grandfather Cornelius F Scott added WARDEN,
Grandma Inez SCOTT mar Grandad Cecil HOFFMAN.

The HOFFMAN was HUFFMAN and before was HOFFMAN again.
from Maryland, Virginia SW PA region.

SCOTT was Pittsylvania Co VA. 1750's? gone by 1770.
Family moved to Cumberland Co KY by 1800 to 1810.
Depending on family member.

SCOTT we learned matches with a SCOTT born in Canada
many years later. I wonder if the common link may not
be in United Kingdom and one line went to Canada and the
other to VA. Though I have learned they were also (Canadians) in
NY for a stay.

Thomas Scott whom was your parents? I wonder if you will share that knowledge this
coming year.

Cynthia I wonder who was the ancestor of your line, if the link is not at that
time. It would be maybe one back one line.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Day Hurray

Christmas has arrived, whizzed through the area and moved on.
The family came, yes all of them but MIchigan which came to visit in July.

That was a fabulous event for the year. 50 years and I still am having trouble
believing it. I am pleased to say the MYERS side of family let me know that a few of them have a 50+ track record going for them. WHOOPEEE.

We are hoping everyone had a good time. Waffles, bacon and sausage were shared with coffee, juice and cocoa. Of course. there was many styles and types of cookies to
munch on.

Some went to others homes, some went to the movies, others watched the football game. WHOPPEEE Chargers won. Dad and I stayed home and kept our bark and calm with some left overs and soup.

I think everyone got something that they wanted or needed. This was a year more of need.

Today, Sunday we are both feeling much better. I think the dog bark has left me now.

Happy New Year everyone.... May God bless you all with good will and peace during the new year.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve is almost here.

The year has flown and the time has spun

The advent of a New Year is about to come.

Blessed wishes to all our family and friends

We look forward to a new year of being on the mend.

Seems as we get older we are mending more than having fun

So we must enjoy what we have for it may be all that is done.

Pray all is well, recovering and fine.

Blessings and Prayers for a great Holiday and New Year.
The Pentico's , Fred, Susi, BJ and Zack >>>

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Deceased Relatives at Christmas Time

I was not involved in this part of Christmas until I was in Catholic School and we would go to the Church and have prayers said for the deceased. Sometimes we would go with my Aunt whose husbands' family had deceased members that they would take flowers or a wreath to the grave. This did not happen until I was in upper grades of school.

Our families deceased members were in WYOming and IOWA, etc so we did not have any one to visit with at a cemetery. I am thankful that my Grandfather H.took me to the cemetery once in 1985 to show us the cemetery. He had many members already interred there. Wheatland, WYO. I have been to these grandparents cemetery when I was there in 1993.

Grandma H. never discussed her kin but a few of them. Dad's MOM's & Dad's families were in IOWA. I have yet to be to any of of their graves. I have not yet been to Grandad's(Jones) in Casper but have been to Grandma's in Cheyenne.

Advent Services We Participated In

Advent Services were attended when we had transportation and Dad was not milking cows.
We would go to the morning services if the milking was done. When I was older I would go with my Aunt and Mom while the men worked. Later we were allowed to go to the Midnight services with a neighbors family because then Dad was working from 5 at night to 1 or so in the morning. I remember sometimes he went to work at 4 and off at midnight which always meant one am.

One year he came home early and frightened us with worry that something bad had happened at work. No, the boss let them off early, we were all so thankful. He worked for a good company back then (Hunt and Behrens) a feed mill. Prior to that he milked cows at 1 am and ususally got in about 8am for breakfast and go out to finish, corrals or calves etc. They were back milking at 1 pm also. Changing milk hours caused a major drop in the cows delivery of milk as expected. The time change always created havoc when they started it. I remember Dad would say it would take three weeks for the milk production to be back to normal.

So Church was a given when available to attend and the Bible would be read and prayers were always said prior to us all eating together. So very very long ago, we have lost so much.

One must remember if you lived in the country and gas was rationed, the use of a vehicle very limited. Family talked about the Birth and the read the story to us.
We were at least 10 miles from town probably farther.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Advent and Shopping

Advent time is the time prior to Christmas that we people now take as a shopping frenzy time. It was a time for prayer and reflection early on. I much prefer the prayer and reflection. We are so blessed to have done to us what God did.

I tried to explain to a therapy assistant the reason they were so unhappy with the occasion. Or at least they sounded like it was just another day to wrap up stay warm and watch t v.

We have lost so much of our background of what the holiday events mean. Not just this event but almost all events.

The Sister's used to have us think about a different event each day and what the difference is with and without Jesus. We also used to have to show what it meant to us to have this event happen for us.

Today, children think Santa Claus is the reason. He is the affect not reason.
He was brought forward to reach all, of all nations and unite us in giving and caring for others. The same Message that Jesus asks us to do. Many countries have different names for Santa Claus but they have the same affect whether it is the 6 th of Dec or the 25 of December. Whether it was in England, Italy, Portugal, France, Russia, Ireland or South America or North America.

One may expect a lump of coal if not as good as one could be, or sticks and ashes in other cultures, some times the presents were in stockings or shoes or boots.

Stockings became the thing of our day. Sad to say the stockings of today are huge and out of context with the true meanings of Christmas.

So we shop for: material things, and we forgot the things of the soul, the very things we need so much to help us during this trying time. Surprisingly, many attend the church services in droves. So down deep they believe or accept that this is what we are to do. But o like the camel trying to pass through the eye of a needle we forget we are in the Season of Giving.

We should give, not so much of our funds but of ourselves to assist othere less forunate than us. IF one looks around there is always someone more in need than one's self.

Our children and grandchildren seldom understand the feeling that comes from helping someone more in need than ourselves.

That developed a duel list for shopping in our home.

A list of I NEED and I WANT, and to know the difference.
To always remember someone less fortunate than you so that you retain the true meaning of Christmas.

One Xmas our children all needed shoes at Xmas. That is a horrid expense at that time.
But each child got their shoes and one want item on the list. We were thankful for that. We had food on our table, a small tree in the family room and each other to share with. I will share that the want item was slippers and so the shoe store was the only place we shopped. Santa was able to bring a game for the family to share for everyone. We Christmas caroled with neighbors and had cookies and cocoa.
I still remember it as a more true Christmas we celebrated.

We tried to keep large financial items to Birthdays when we were only financially dealing with one or two birthdays.

I would love to see families forget the I wants and discuss the real I Needs and then set out to spend the other on the ones in truly need.

We were very impressed with the Parade Magazine article that 25 cents could water a
person for a year in another country that seldom had clean drinking water.
The power of one, I believe in. If we gave one dollar of ourselves to those less fortunate on a monthly basis think of how many we could help.

Can you imagine how many soda's you've bought or taco's or hamburgers you have eaten that would have helped others. I do not mean not to eat but give up one item at least once a month give that to a group that does true humanitarian work.

We forget how little it takes to help others while we keep reaching for more for ourselves.

Blessed Christmas to all and enjoy the shopping while you ponder the real meaning of the Season.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Advent props used in homes :>)

Since my brain went on vacation while the head was under fire, I will catch up today someway.

Christmas stockings we have always used. Our normal sock, our Dad's sock so it was bigger, that was the key when we were younger. The normal entry to the sock was a walnut or two, a candy cane and apple and orange.

Now years later the Xmas stocking means such a different thing. Our Christmas events put people seriously in debt and spoil our children more. Fruit in the late 40 or 50s was expensive in the winter it was generally shipped in from Florida or Arizona or southern CA. We had a winter pear tree which was awesome for us to share with others.

We sometimes got a roll of Lifesaver's in the sock if we had been good. I suspect it really had to do with the afford to purchase than our being good.

As our world commercialized Christmas more, people bought little things to toss in the stocking as surprise gifts; if you were to put a lump of coal or fruit and nuts in the stocking children would have no idea of what it implies. Today people put large expensive items in the socks. It does not make it a better Christmas just shows how things have changed.

As a parent I used to always put a new toothbrush in the sock each year. I also put walnuts, apples and oranges and a favorite candy.
Generally we made fudge and divinity and did not mess with boughten unless it was Ribbon Candy which my husband loves. We also made Peanut Brittle when all the children were older and it was okay for them to eat.

The children helped roll out cookies and decorate them. We exchanged cookies with neighbors and friends.

We did not use an Advent calender as such at home a neighbor from Germany had one and we shared what they said about it. The Church always kept us appraised of various events.

I used a Advent calender one year because husband was due home right after Xmas and it helped to keep the children focused on when he would arrive. Alas I think he was extended and still did not arrive until mid winter. We talked about it but it never sparked us to get overly into the calender. I guess marking our calender and coloring off the days until Xmas arrived was much the same thing.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Advent time at School when Young

All my schools had events at Christmas time. We either did the Nativity scene or we sang Carols and recited poems. I think it had more to do with age than anything. But no school would have been without an event for this time of year. Yup I remember we said a prayer every morning before school started and we saluted the flag also. I remember they would check for clean hands and ears and necks. I remember we were responsible for the cleaning of our room. To make sure our desks were clean, the chalk boards and erasers cleaned and the trash emptied out in the trash bin out side. The Janitor would mop and do major work but the basics were ours. When a play or school event happened it was our responsibility to show we wanted the event by our doing these deeds. It gave us strength and character and responsibility we learned to have you, need to give. I wish schools still did this today.
Fortunately many places still have Winter events so to speak but it has more to do with Christmas than any snowstorm that came about. I remember one year I even sang solo for Xmas.
I got to watch my grandaughter do this last week at her high school. So neat to see students envolved. Fa la la la, la la la

Chula Vista Genealogical Society Christmas Event

Today we held our last event of the year for our society. We had close to 40 people in attendance. Two sets of sisters, were there.

We had Honey Baked Ham and Turkey, and all the trimmings by the members, mashed potatoes and gravy, scalloped and sweet, Green Bean cassarole, fruit salads, jello salads, pickles, olives, bread rolls and butter, scalloped corn and cranberry and applesauce.
The desserts were out done this year. That chocolate cake was exotic to look at let alone attempt to eat. Red Velvet Cake like it should be also was shared with Apple pies, cherry pies and cookies. Starbucks coffee and punch as chasers.

We received a nice selection of gifts for the Salvation Army and food items were also gathered for them. Nancy thanks so much for taking the items to them.

Tonight I will represent our society for the last event of the year at the Lemon Grove Library with a small meeting and the setting of goals for the New Year.

I am serious about a 3 day trip to L A Library. So get in touch with me if interested.

To have on that large in our back yard sure beats trying to find money to go east right now.

Thanks to all whom came and shared and helped today it was deeply, truly appreciated very very much.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Advent Birthdays

Advent Birthdays in our House

Our Grandchildren have a father whose Birthday falls on Xmas. We gave him his first Birthday Party separate of Christmas shortly after the marriage. The marriage did not last but we still recognize him and the two events. They really are two events and no reason to short someone for the day given as a Birthday. Remembering that Christmas is a chosen day and not the real day of birth.

We have a grandson born in early January and we always activity so it is a true birthday with normal events, friends cake, ice cream and fun.

I have a nephew whose birthday floats in and out of Thanksgiving also. my first nephew. We have son and grandchildren that float in and out of Easter events also.

Blessed Birthday to all that celebrate it during this time.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Advent's Fruit Cake

Fruit Cake Fruit Cake FRUIT CAKE

The joys or groans of Fruit Cake. I have eaten Fruit Cake that tasted nothing
like that store bought Fruit Cake so crammed full of raisins and citrons one could hardly stand the odor let alone the taste. I have eaten Fruit Cake that has melted in the mouth and has no taste like many Fruit Cakes, One was a Texas style they called it another was Lousisana style.

I suspect it is a varied topic liked and disliked by region and ingredients.
A true Fruit Cake has Fruit in it, it also has nuts and some alcohol generally for mellowing the fruit and keeping the cake moist.

My Aunt shared a Fruit Cake made with Zuchini and apple and nuts and some pineapple and cherries. NO CITRON which leaves the bitter taste.

Now I like the Fruit Cake cookes made with the candied fruits that are mostly
citron but I add extra fruit candied. I add Coconut, chocalate chips some times,
banana another. It is mostly the citron and excessive raisons that create a wild taste.

I like a good Fruit Cake that has aged and mellowed and has not been unindated with citron the main ingredient. I think we got off on a bad foot when manufacturers took over making and did many short cuts to call it Fruit Cake.
The same applies to Mince Meat.. it is truly minced meat and fruit added. It was a way to preserve the meat.

So read old recipe books and talk to the elders and see what they can tell you about Fruit Cake for the area your in.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Advent Travel during Holidays

Traveling during the holidays was between families homes, when I was young in Marin and Sonoma Counties, CA. Our family lived on Red Hill Rd in Marin Co and we later moved from Uncle/Aunt's dairy down the road to another dairy. When I was 7 + years old we moved to Valley Ford in Sonoma County near the coast. So we traveled to Red Hill Road or they traveled to old School Rd, in Sonoma County. Sometimes we would meet at a dear family friends in between in Marin County. These three famiies were our total sum of family because we were transplanted from WYO.

About the end of the war, Mom's cousin whom worked for United moved to Palo Alto and we added them to the group of four. I miss these cousins greatly now, they are all gone but two children(adults) or the children's children.

In 1957 (?) my Mom's little sister moved next door to us and then to Santa Clara County so we had more family to share with. They generally came to our home because we were in the country and could use tents and spread out more. Those who lived close would go home to milk and then maybe we would rotate to their house for dessert the next day if it was the right holiday time, regarding how the weekend fell.
Aunt Ruth family could stay, no animals to care for same for cousins family from city.

I have to say some of my fondest Xmas memories when I was small at Uncle Comillo's was
he would hook up the massive train set and we could sit and watch it move through the long house for about an hour or so then have cookies, cocoa and go home to bed. We lived next to them on the dairy ranch then. Ollimac Dairy

Later years marrying a Navy man we traveled back from Lemoore or San Diego to visit with family at Xmas time. We tried to get home for either Thanksgiving or Christmas every year. Luckily with children in year round school we could go home for 2+ weeks and enjoy everyone.

With my Grandparents so far away in Wyoming I wanted our children to know their grandparents and see what kind of life I lived before I moved away and married and raised a family. The older boys loved the ranch and working with the animals.
The younger ones just never got the hang of it but their Dad had retired by then
and so we only went home for shorter periods due to different school routine and work.

Grandad told me about going to relatives homes by sleigh and horse and MOM did also when in Wyoming. Snow would make car travel near impossible and not practical.
I have always wanted to go on a snow sleigh ride and I have always wanted to learn to ski.

My Aunt Etta made the best Divinity I have eaten besides Mom's and Aunt Ruth made awesome Fudge. That is what they sent us on our first Xmas away from home in candy tray's I still have. These people are all gone but my MOM.

Hubby's family lived in IOWA and they came to visit us once in 1963 ?. Years later after their retiring, they moved here to California, when the children were young teens & smaller, we could split holidays with them, also. One Holiday we were all at Dad and Mom's together. So all the grandchildren had both the grandparents and much of both families together. Hubby's sister spends Thanksgiving with us and back for New Years Eve.
Hubby still has a brother and a sister and 5 nephews and 2 nieces plus lots of cousins & 1 Aunt over 100 in IOWA.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Tradition Some May Follow

Christmas always brings to mind the Boys Town in Nebraska. My Dad knew the Priests and helped them hunt each year to bring meat home to the boys that were in Boys Town.
I have always sent them funds except the year we had none.

Dad's life was not perfect as a child and many days they went hungry, so he was well
aware of the need to assist the priests when they went hunting.

I suspect Dad was more hungry and in need of clothes than some of those that
were at Boys Town when small. His family was finally assisted and they were split so everyone would have a good home. Neighbors, to day we know some were relatives who took some of them in. Some were just neighbors doing the right thing.

Dad was about 11/13? years old when he went to live with neighbors and his brother went to live with another neighbor. His sisters stayed with the parent and neighbors
helped them to cope. The girls found awesome husband's when they were very young.

Yes, they were great husbands and super Uncle's. I knew each of them and one really well. My Uncle's are all gone now but not all my Aunt's.

My Dad and his brother kept in touch with their supportive families until they died.
I was able to meet Dad's and I helped my Uncle to write to his when ever he was ill.
Some remarkable stories came out of those events.

To teach younger children the true meaning of Xmas it would be nice if everyone chose a program (Charity) and had their children help pick out something to help another family. Another words instead of getting for yourself your learning to give of yourself.

Some people work soup kitchens or are kettle ringers or phone callers to contact elderly, offer rides to those who can not drive, there are so many things one can do to
make Christmas a real meaningful time.

I am very pleased our Genealogical Society helps the Salvation Army with toys, and food to give to families in our community. I am also pleased at the way Starbucks
works to help the families in their communities at Xmas time. We are happy to be a part of those events.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Smile for the Camera

50th Anniversary, only one in family so far found for generations.

Advent's Christmas Gifts

I remember the doll and clothes my Aunt made and Santa brought. I still have her.
I recall as a sophmore my Great Uncle gave me a beautiful Rhinestone necklace set and I still us it and share it with others. The greatest thing we are given is our parents love and respect. The same goes for the love and respect we give our family. There can be no greater gift than giving. Over the years I collected earrings for presents from around the world because of family members in the military. I have kept them even though they were not costly it was the thought and the place they came from. Who knows maybe some are more valuable than I imagine.

I remember the year I graduated my Dad bought me what he said was my last doll. YES, I have her also. He brought my sister the same doll different colored hair. I have always loved dolls and could have collected them but they took up space for military traveling so I did not. Remember the dolls that came in polka dotted boxes from many countries I have 3 or 4 of them. Scotland, Ireland, can not remember the other ones.

I bought my parents a record album DAD wanted one year and MOM still has it. I think I have it copied to my reel to reel. My husband and my Dad enjoyed music sharing.

Wordless Wednesday for sure.

Wednesday was wordless computer was very ill. It has been repaired and I hope to not be so wordless any more. But I advise all to reach me at

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Help Pennsylvania Researchers please

> A Pennsylvania Genealogical Cause

Hello Susan

Here is the link to the website about the grassroots effort to have Pennsylvania make its older state death certificates much more accessible and also available online similar to how they have started to do in other states: We hope you will join in on this effort and if you would pass this information onto anyone you know who is into Pennsylvania genealogy and history including out of state residents. Every letter, phone call or email helps.

This effort will only succeed with your help. Otherwise we could be stuck with the same old existing archaic system forever. There are millions and millions of people who are into genealogy but unless we speak up we are allowing those who don't care about genealogy decide what records we may or may not have access to.

By the way four more states have recently made their older state death certificates available online making it a total of twelve that do: North Carolina, South Carolina, Massachusetts and Michigan. Six other states have extracted data available online: Washington State, Alabama, Louisiana, New Mexico, Idaho and Florida. The links to the various states can be found on the Death Certificates for Other States, Etc section of our website.

Our apology if you have already received this email. We would appreciate it if you would let us know the state or country you are from when you email us.

Thank you for your help.

Tim Gruber &

Roger Schuler

Christmas Cookies A Family Affair

Christmas Cookies were a family affair when I was home and very young. I made cookie making a family affair for our own. It is what I call a bounding time.

Everyone got to take turns cutting out cookies, tasting the raw dough, decorating them and sharing with their friends.

I recall as Cub Scout Leader the group made cookies one year. Some of those boys had never been in a kitchen. All my children were taught to sew, cook and fend for themselves for fear they would move away and not afford help.

A favorite Christmas cookie would be the rolled out SUGAR COOKIE that they could decorate. The second favorite cookie which we eat year round in spurts is the CHOCOLATE
OATMEAL DROP COOKIE.. We made them with or without raisins or nuts or coconut.

It was fun to watch a child master the rolling pin then they could go on to make pie crusts. Sometimes the cookies were thick other times wafer thin and would burn real easy.

We used the Sugar Cookie recipe out of the Betty Crocker cook book.

It will be more fun to tell you about the Xmas the boys Ed and Don helped to make Taffy. OOOHH oooh OOOH.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Party during holiday

I never thought of our get together as a Christmas party it was a family gathering on either Christmas eve or Christmas day. Sometimes due to weather and when the day fell we had it on another day. We lived on a major dairy farm and weather and animals had priority for events of any kind. When we had our own home we still were at the mercy of the animals and weather because the invited would be the same relatives and we had our own animals to care for.
We left the bulk of our family in Wyoming when we came to California for MOm's health and Dad to help his new brother in law on dairy since the workers kept getting sent to War. Dad was color blind and they wouldn't take him yet at that level.

My uncle was Swiss Italian and we were exposed to many other dishes besides the normal ones. Turkey and stuffing but they liked oysters (argh) in stuffing Aunt changed it to two stuffings and put chestnuts in the ones for us children. We also learned to eat goose, duck and other side dishes that were of uncle's culture.

We had awesome mincemeat pie the real stuff not this in jar fruit stuff. It was venison and apples and fruits and suet etc. If you have eaten Canadian French Pork Pie it is very similiar. That is a NYE tradition in Canada. Pumpkin pie and plum pudding were also on the table.

We called it our family Get Together. Everyone's life was so busy that was time to stop and chat and share and plan the next event for everyone.

I have only been to Christmas Parties since I joined clubs and other organizations.
We never had that term applied to our Get Together's ie for Christmas, Easter and
normally 4th of July.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

More on Santa and Xmas

I remember a Santa and a coke ad that came out one year and that created quite a buzz.
I remember when I was 8 and the war was over my uncles had returned home to hospitals and family care. I remember money was very thin then. This year we got a larger doll each and my aunt had been told about it and so helped Santa by making some clothes to fit the dolls. I remember this Christmas very well. I had a stocking with an apple and orange and two walnuts in the sack with a peppermint candy cane. I still have that doll.
I am not sure if any clothing survived.
Yes Santa exists in the hearts and minds of many, God is very good to us.
We need to be a more thankful nation. I was blown away to read in the Parade magazine that 25 cents a year would give some country villages water all year.

IT is truly a time for real giving not wanting.

Visting Santa Claus

Now this is a topic I can prattle on for some time but will try not to.
First, yes there is a Santa Claus. From that it will depend on how your brain thinks.
The idea of giving and sharing has been around us for a long time.

The fact that Santa out comments Christmas and Nativity is a sad thing.
For Christians God gave his only SON to us to help us move forward. That is one huge
Santa attempts to touch the hearts of all young children and those in dire need.
Many countries celebrate this on varies days December. Santa has many names in many lands.

I remember an early trip to visit Santa with my little sister in Petaluma, CA.
We had heard he was coming from Thanksgiving time until we went to see him about a week
before Xmas. Santa's name was not mentioned until about 2 weeks before Xmas. Newspapers did not have big adds or displays until after the 1st part of December and stores that advertised (?) to early were somewhat ignored for being to fast to jump the gun.
My parents and Aunt and Uncle had a huge discussion about this when they thought I was asleep. I had pretty well figured out the situation already but I found their thoughts very long lasting.

I remember standing in line holding my sisters hand and my MOM near us talking to neighbors whom had brought their children to see Santa also.

When it was my turn he asked me to set on his knee and asked me what I wanted for
Christmas. A doll was my answer. He was very pleasant and friendly. I do not think
I had ever seen Santa before that Christmas in person. I was about 6 years old.
We had lived in the country in Wyo and Christmas was not commercialized back then.

Santa gave me a candy cane and then I got down and my sister he lifted up on his knee.
She was excited also and wanted a doll and carriage. I remember we both recieved a doll that year.

I only went back the next year to help my sister with her visit. more to come on this topic.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Wreath's

A Christmas Wreath was always hung for Holidays. We grew up with homemade from bottom branches of the tree. Then one year gf worked at tree farm and we got a boughten wreath.
Not much difference but bow bigger on wreath.
I have hung old and new wreaths, homemade and store bought. Some years I light them up others I leave with out lights.

We just always have a wreath on door.

Since we bought our home we have hung lights outside on rim of roof along front of house. We have moving lights, stationary lights, blinking ones,& rotating colored ones.

I liked the one year we had music and lights from the system 12 different settings.

Not many lights out there this year watching from bus from Los Angeles to San Diego tonight.
Even Chula Vista where they had parade tonight the town is much darker than normal.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Cards for Advent

MOM has some of the most delicate lacy intricate designed cards from the 1940s and on. She even has I think three from her MOMs from the 20s when she was a girl.

They do not know how to make a card today. Or they would be $5 a piece I am sure.

The colors are clear and clean and bright almost 80 years later. The paper is delicate but sturdy.

I used to save all my cards each year but it finally got to much and we moved and I had to watch weight for shipping household goods. I finally kept cards grandparents gave me and great grands and my dcd gfd's. Now I save only the one from hubby and my much older relatives that may be cherished by the younger group some day.

Maybe next time home can take pictures of some of them.

Season's blessings on all.

Pumpkin Fudge Brownies

Pumpkin Fudge Brownies 9 x 13 pan 350@ oven

4 eggs
1/2 C Oil (I use Lite Olive or veg Oil)
1 16 oz can pumpkin
1 1/3 C sugar (I have made with less/more sugar)
2 C Bisquick
1/2 C cocoa pwdr ( we prefer the dark cocoa pdr but hard to find Hershey's)
2 Tsp Cinnamon
dash of nutmeg Optional
1/2 to 1 C Choc Chips to batter last.

combine in group order given. I beat the egg and oil and add pumpkin and work my way to bottom of recipe. pour in pan
time varies but about 30 minutes start checking after 25 due to different oven temps.
I use toothpick.
Depends on how much chocalate flavor you want or don't or how sweet you want or don't.

It has been a huge hit at many places. Enjoy it with a pumpkin mocha latte from
Starbuck's. Susi Pentico

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Ornaments for Advent

data here.. Our son's first Christmas and the ornaments.

Thursday's Treasuers :>)

Lady is now 103 years young Husbands'

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wordless Wednesday Well, maybe

Wordless Wednesday my friends may say, wordless ?, not Susi she always has something to say.

We had 10 members at the Lemon Grove Research Group tonight and we all shared map marking.

It was a eventful evening with maps, pens and markers and our genealogy to guide us where to make a mark.

This brought to light the topic of boundaries and changes and not moving and some actually moving :>).

Let's do a map, lets mark the families in different colors, see where they intersect so you can see where they maybe met and or married. I think it would be fun string art.

Wordless no not today.

Tuesday Tombstone

No, It is not the computer for some reason it has been responded in part since threatened with termination.

We talked about Tombstones and where they are lost and forgotten today. One on a lone hill, another in a gully, one in a maybe cemetery of old, Tombstones are around. Some are very young and some are very old.

So we do not have a tombstone of a computer in our yard this day.