Tuesday, April 30, 2019

My system is Failing........ computer needs repairs.

Hi everyone,

Just to let you know my computer seems to need some help.  Having been fighting to get and receive mail. Then things disappear. I wonder about hacking but I pray not.

Having received data on new JONES information, new HUFFMAN/HOFFMAN information, DUVALL information and the list goes on. Even found another link to the Indian and Jones in MASS.

Grandson found my old AOL mail and I am trying to retrieve it and the names of kin I communicated with back then.

Alas Cox.net has been a nightmare since their fancy upgrade last summer and it is not getting better and once this machine comes from the shop, they better have fixed their broken links and damaged lines we learned about talking to 9 different Cox personal on Saturday whom are all over the USA.

BEAR WITH ME PLEASE.   Maybe after June I can replace the computer. I have learned they should be able to upgrade it a bit.

Our society completed judging the applications for the Scholarship we give.
I created a new sheet for judging the applications, thanks cousin Bethel Williams for the ideas to use.

Fred learned he lost another friend yesterday. He went by the FRA Club 289 waiting for tires for his car to be delivered to Courtney's.  This last month has been implying that God is very lonely.
We have lost friends and family some close, some distant but it's like almost daily. We bury his friend on Sunday here locally. His children went to school with ours.  No word on the new situation yet, nor on our dear friends daughter. Our hearts are hurting. Son lost his father in law two weeks ago.

Yes we have new tires on the car. I shall see how it handles tomorrow.  Fred says better and Dan is looking for tires for the pickup.  I may end up driving the pickup up for a bit. I loved doing it before he parked it. I started with a Studebaker  car then a Dodge pickup then Ford pickup. My first vehicle I purchased was a Ford pickup.

Fred's back seems to be better right now but I dare not say much because it comes and goes.

Also found a home for a bunch of binders and books and am so glad they will be in good hands.

O and the Padres won their ball game tonight.  Fred watched the game, I saw part of it.

MY phone most of you have and this seems to be working you can reach me here by replying to the blog page. OR go to my Facebook page, sorry and Thanks.

My I Pad is just not a computer.  Blessings all.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Finding Kin, It seems to work.

As I am working along  to locate connections to the tree,  I got a call from a dear friend.
 I looked up my tree because so many of my lines double intersect and sent the data to them.
 Yes we match.

  So I took my I Pad and played, finding I have 8 or 9 more connections to members in our society.
  I knew of three of them,  anywhere from 4 to 8th cousins in distance.
 For Facebook friends I lost count of the potential links and links I knew were correct.

 Do you have duel links in your tree?  I am a double Duvall descendant.  I am a double Plants/Hoffman ie Huffman descendant.  I am at least a double and maybe a triple on my Dad's Jones lineage.

Having brother and sister from one  line marry sister and brother of the other family.
Also have 1st cousins of one side marry 1st cousins on the other side.

Not quite my own Grandma but it gets fun when linking out and sharing.

In working through this tumbling mess I found another WRIGHT line.  Another ALLEN line, another JONES line not seen before and the list goes on.

The Huffman/Hoffman lines are the same family, spelling was changed but same family.

Also DNA showed lineage to another potential duplicate line.

 Have a Blessed Easter.

 My Eye Surgery went well with the left eye, My Right eye went well until after  2 weeks and I got an infection in it. They found a leaf particle or?? in it and cornea scratched so am behind in sharing data.

Tonight eye felt better so I did some reading and checking data on I Pad.

Also found that I am related to many interesting people and musicians and theater are a big part in the background of our tree. O yes we have a few politicians also, writers and playwrights.

More Scottish lines are showing also.  Not everything We're Related sends us is accurate but the ones I read this evening are.  Nice to see so many Facebook friends are really kin also.

Yup, We are all Related.  Blessed Happy Easter,  and Blessed Passover.