Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Workshop Assistance for Members and Guests June 1, 10 am to 3 pm

Workshop Assistance for Members and Guests at Bonita Sunnyside Library, Bonita, CA. Saturday 1 June 2013

Beginners, Computer, Military, New York, and other topics to be covered.

The workshop has Shirley Becker, Virginia Taylor. John Finch, Susi Pentico and others to assist.

Shirley will be doing Computer Information. and New York assistance, Virginia will be doing Beginners Assistance and Ask the Question, John will be hosting a table on Military Information,  I will be covering, or attempting to cover other areas as requested.    The workshop is to help those in need of the things that have been brought up for need of assistance.

The time is 10 am to 3 pm at the Bonita Sunnyside Library.  Yes we will break for lunch.   Please request attendees to bring lap top if they have one. Probably a bottle of water also.

Susi Pentico,
 Educational Chairperson. 

Also working on having a European Workshop later this summer.  So if you need help in this area let me be aware.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Memorial Weekend, to Research or Attend Events

Memorial weekend is upon us.  Will you go to a grave site? Are you sharing what this weekend means to older Americans with the younger members.

Having attended a 4-H meeting recently, it was heart lifting to see a family member, gently address a teen youth about flag etiquette.  He had his hat on in the building, worse he did not take it off during the Pledge of Allegiance.  The person and from the looks of others they were clueless, to flag etiquette.  It is our responsibility to help the younger learn these things.

Hearing some schools no longer start the day with a pledge, frightens me for the loss of knowledge youth is not getting.

Will you be going to a parade, will you take off you hat, will you put your hand over your heart when the flags go by?

Will you instead spend time at the computer digging into files that are made free this weekend by various organizations.  The list is growing for the free time this weekend.

Ancestry.com, MyHeritage, World Vital Records,  are some available.

Have.  a Blessed safe Holiday no matter what you do.  Do try to impart some knowledge to our youth if you can.

Thank You living and departed War Veteran's for your service.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Inez Mae Scott Hoffman. 1892-1961

Inez Mae Scott,  was born in Taylor Township, Appanoose Co., Iowa.  She was born on 6 October 1892.   She is a middle child.

Her parents were Cornelius Scott and Ella Warden ( Sis has a nice picture of them. Mom thought Sis looked like Ella) Scott.  Cornelius Scott was b 31 Jan 1856, passing 4 Dec 1918.   Ella was born 22 Jan 1862 passing 4 Aug  1918.

Inez Mae Scott married Cecil Leroy Hoffman on 29 May 1912 in Centerville, Iowa.
Cecil Leroy (Lee)(Dutch) both known nicknames of Grand Dad, was born 9 May 1891.  he passed away 24 Oct 1962 in Wheatland, Wyoming.  She died here also on 14 Nov 1961.  Her illness was a slow uncomfortable passing.  Grand Dad had a Heart attack as he was making plans to come visit us in California.  Their two younger daughters lived on the west coast.

Grand Mother made beautiful crocheted bedspreads and table clothes.  I do not know if any family member has them.  Mine was sold to help pay for her Funeral.  I do have a heart crocheted sachet I was able to keep and an apron.

Dad told us this story, which gave me a different prospective on what I perceived as of my Grand mother.

Dad had taken Mom on a date.  They arrived home ten minutes late.  He knocks  walks in and grabs Grandma and danced her around the floor telling how much fun they had at the dance.  Mom said her Mom danced, answered him and never scolded my Mom for them being late.  I always was in trouble with Grandma.

The worst was in my preteens she sent me to tell Aunt Marie we had arrived. She lived about a quarter mile down the road over the hill. Sis and I first went the wrong way then we found this family
that did not fit the description we expected.  Terrified by a huge snake, yes it was longer than width of the road, larger around, than my arm.  We run, jumped over it and did not stop until we got to Grandma's house.  Out of breathe, we tried to tell them we could not find Aunt Marie's.  We did find an Indian lady and boys in the yard and this huge snake.
Well, Aunt Marie had throw back genes and was not German Scotch fair like the rest of the family.  She was dark with black hair and short of stature.

She was the Aunt who shared so much genealogy with me.  I was blessed to visit with her several times even as an adult.  But my comment about the dark lady down the road had Grandma, blow a cork.

It seemed I never got in her good graces again.  We

also learned you never mentioned Indian in any form near her.

I think the man given to the Indians off the train had been her kin, another story later.

Thinking we cousins could get together and write an awesome adventurous bio about her.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Daniel Francis Scott. 1880-1952

My Great Uncle Daniel Francis Scott was a large person of  character and wit.  His presence
was also about 6 foot 7 or 8 inches.  At the age of 11, I sat on his knee with my little sister on his other knee. My feet were about 4 inches from the floor.

He told us stories of his youth and family. Remembering only pieces, I have wondered about being
hypnotized to bring the stories forward.

He was born in Mount Ayr, Iowa 12 Jan1880. He spent his late years in Wyoming near his sisters, one being my Grandmother Inez Scott Hoffman.  The other was Fern Scott Hampton.  Another brother lived south in Ft. Collins, Colorado.  Great Uncle Harrison Scott, I hear from his son at random, but before that GU Harrison's daughter and I exchanged letters until death took her.

Great Uncle Dan died in Wheatland,  area  11 Jan. 1952,  3:10 pm.  He is buried in Valley View Cemetery, Torrington, Wyo..

The document even gives the lot information. He was interred on 14 Jan 1952 at  3:20 P.M.

Two stories he told me, I hope to be able to verify some day. They stuck solid in my mind but
want to make sure they were true before revealing.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Jones Memories, revisited on Mother's Day

Did your Mother'sDay bring back memories?  Have you stopped and wrote it down for family to share, at a future time?

Even a line or two is better than none.

Received a phone call from a very life long dear cousin. Not having heard from him in more than a year, it was sheer delight.  After hello, he says," Do you know who this is"?

He was my big brother from the time I was 3plus years old.  I would not ever forget his voice.

Also with him being oldest living male in Dad's line he is the Patriarch of our Jones line, from Carl Fremont Jones.  Bringing to mind, I am the Matriarch of this same line.  What a jolt that carried, so on Father's Day I will see what I can do.

It reminded me of all the Mother's Day's we celebrated together, which was probably more often than not.

You see his Dad and my Dad and Mom's Sister all had there birthdays on that week.
His Dad was married to my Dad's sister, and when Mom's sister left Oregon, she was included in the group.  18 th, 19th and 20 th of May were the dates, it generally meant a big picnic if weather was warm. If no, it was a indoor event.

Home made  Hershey's Chocolate Cake with fresh strawberries and whipped cream was the standard dessert. The food could be Baked Ham or Pork Roast, the first Potato Salad of the spring,  3 P Salad,
Asparagus. Munches were always celery and carrots, fresh radishes, black and green olives. Do not forget the home made Pickles.

All this came flashing back, bringing me near to tears.  So our Mother's Day was also Birthday celebration day.  Five in cousin's family over the years, five in my Aunt's family and we ended up with six over the years.  Adding their dearest friend  to the mix it was five more.

Yes, a neighbor became like a sibling to these three families making it four families.  After Mom's cousin moved to California and joined in from Palo Alto,Ca it was 28 people.  Lots of fun, time went quick because most had to go back home and milk cows.  The most we ever slept at Mom and Dad's was 38.  That is another story.

Write something about your Mother's Day.
Family's here in mentioned, Jones, Morelli, Zimmerman, Feil and Scott.  Zimmerman was the friend.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Scott Link Found

Scott Link Found

Two distant cousins, shared, our farthest back ancestor Thomas Scott deceased in Halifax Co.
Va. has a sister Ann Scott, whom married William Scott.

It is thought William is a cousin. We still have lots of loose ends.

Are there other Scott's in this region we have missed?  I surmise Thomas born about 1725 - 30,
Where is unknown?

My link is Thomas Scott, son John who moved to Old Indian Territory, Cumberland  Co, KY.
Died there Rev War Veteran.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Saturday Challenge, Mother's, Mother's Father Cornielus Scott

Scott lineage at this time, starts with a Thomas Scott who lived in Halifax Co.Va, dying there.
His son John , amongst others moved to Cumberland Co. Area, then known as Indian Territory, having served in the War.  John dies there as does his wife.

John's son Shadrack and his brother move to Illinois. After some years the land wouldn't support both families so Shadrack and his large family moved to Iowa.

Shadrack's son John C. Scott born in Kentucky, moves with family.  John C Scott marries Rebecca Morrow, in Iowa.  They raise there family in various areas of lower mid Iowa.

Cornielus Scott, is born in Iowa, marries there, dies there.  He is my Grandmother's Father.

His last residence was in Iowa-Missouri border town.  I have read he died in Missouri
and buried Iowa.

Story also heard ??  Was the house sat on the border, one door to Iowa, the other to Mo.

I have learned a lot about the Scott's in the last five years.  Four days ago cousins, said they found,
Thomas's sister Anne Scott whom married William Scott.

We have tried to find the link to her a very long time.

Some years ago a dear deceased cousin did the YDNA for the Scott line

Oh, yes Thomas Scott was a learned man.  He owned many books.

Halifax Co was split making Pittsylvania Co. the area John moved from leaving Va.  Thomas's Will is in Halifax Co. Va.

I am looking now to find Rev War  records for Thomas Scott.  In hopes, we can learn of his parents and other siblings.