Thursday, April 30, 2015

Chula Vista Genealogical Society 2 May 10 am to 4 pm

Workshop Saturday, Bonita-Sunnyside Library 2 May 2015

4375 Bonita Rd. Bonita, CA  across from Chula Vista Golf Course and next to Sheriff's Station.

Working Workshop Saturday 10 am to 4 pm

 2 May 2015  Presented by CVGS,  Educational

Bonita - Sunnyside Library 10 am to 4 pm

   10:15 to 11:15
   Randy Seaver   Exploring FamilySearch Records
  11:15 to 12:00 Workshop

  12:00 to 1:00 Lunch/ Doorprize.

 1:00 to 2:00
 Shirley Becker  Overcoming Scotoma! Starting Over!
 w/ workshop

 2:00 to 3:00
 Bethel Williams  Southern Research

 3:00 to 4:00
 Susi Pentico       Archives, Libraries and Societies

Hands on Event for all, with help.  : > )

Please bring your: Brickwall, a laptop, pencil and paper and questions. 

Be ready to do hands on events for each topic to learn more methods of research.  

If you do not have a lap top come anyway you will learn a lot. 

Breaking for lunch. Coffee and Water will be provided.

Bring or go out.  A door prize to be provided.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Missing Family Member, Berry (Tyler) Allen Student at Boulder Campus, University of Colorado

His picture is shown in the url above and below.

Student Missing Berry Tyler Allen (goes by Tyler)

Age: 20 Height 6’0” Weight 150 pounds

Hair Noticeably blonde hair with a “moppy” style

Eyes Blue

Last seen: On University Colorado - Boulder Campus Monday evening April 13th, 2015. He is passionate about music, and funk is his favorite genre. He also likes classic rock, R&B and Phish is one of his favorite bands. Tyler is part of the student choir. Tyler enjoys hiking, camping, running and national and state parks. He also has a drive for community service. Tyler may have an acoustic guitar with him, which would be in a soft black nylon case, and a backpack. He does not have a car or bike and has hitchhiked before.

 If seen, please contact Boulder, CO Police Department at 303-441-3333 or Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) with any information immediately. Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers is offering a reward for information leading to his whereabouts and safe return.

If you read this I am asking for Prayers for the all involved: family, friends, acquantainces and those looking for him.

Thank You, through God all things are Possible.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Barry (Tyler) Allen of CU, Boulder, Co. URGENT

Tyler Allen was at school and suddenly has disappeared. Our son notified me of this  today.

This is a family member of ours: please keep eyes and ears open, for any clues.

I wish that all will go to this page and read about it and please say a prayer that he is found soon.

Find Tyler

His picture and data is on these pages..

Contact the police if found please or seen.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

George Madison brother to Susan Madison Jones

Posting a note on Susan's brother George. Last name was Mattison/Madison or version there of.

On the 1870 census in Iowa, we find George 2 doors down from Noyes and Susan Madison Jones.

His wife's name is Hulda, his sons name is George H. - 1870 United States Federal Census

George is 37 wife Hulda 36 and son George H 10.

Many children of Noyes  Jones and Susan Madison Jones are also on this page.

Then this was found in Pownal, VT.  VT - Vermont, Vital Records, 1720-1908
regarding her birth and parents.

A distant kin potential then found George H in Connecticut I think about a year ago.
No reference to his parents.

I keep finding one time only census records on these lines.

Noyes Jones father appears once on census I can verify is him. He also wrote in Town Council book the birth of Noyes Jones.

It seems to be a habit with this group.

Would love to know more on this line of the family if anyone has more knowledge?

Thanks ahead of time.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Ray Dee Jones Sr son of Carl Fremont Jones

Our Dad was born Waterloo, Iowa to the parents of Carl Fremont Jones and Victoria Mae (IDA) Foulk Jones.  His Iowa life was very short moving to Wheatland, Platte Co. Wyoming when very young.

He worked on a ranch by the time he was 12 and carried out duties of an adult. His employer did let him go to school through 8th grade. Mr. and Mrs Morris Thomas were caring adults that helped to mold him into whom he became. His children got to meet them when we visited Wyoming. Each time he would visit, to  see how they were.  One trip Mr. Thomas gave us a grand tour of his ranch.

After he met and married Mom he then was hired to work for the Diamond Tail Ranch in Greybull, Wyo. working for Howard Flitner. Mr Flitner and his wife Maureen became my Godparents when I was born. That ranch is now part working and part Dude Ranch when I contacted them a couple years ago.

Dad met Mom when working the irrigation ditches with her father, Lee Hoffman, near Slater. Dad was the oldest of 6 children. He had 3 living sisters and 1 living brother, loosing a sister as an infant new born.

Dad was a  bronc rider (until I was born), ranch hand, hunting guide, ( took the Fathers from Boys Town on hunts for meat for their Home). When we moved to California so he could help his brother in law, he became a dairyman.  Years later when we had moved to our own home in Valley Ford, he was still milking cows but got a job working for Hunt and Behrens Feed Mill. He moved up the ladder as the years passed and run the night shift by the time I graduated from Tomales High School.

Ray and Dorothy had 4 living children, I was the oldest, then my sister B, followed by two living boys.  Mom lost 3 children in between myself and the last botn.   I was old enough to remember each event.

Dad retired and they did some traveling back to see their family in Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, and Kansas. They also traveled to Washington to see my sister and San Diego to see his brother and our family here in Chula Vista area.They went to Idaho to see the youngest boy and his family.  They also went to various family reunions on both sides of the family. He helped raise several of the grandchildren at various stages of their lives.

When he had a heart attack, we sent our oldest to help him on the ranch and go to school there. So he graduated 20 years after I did from Tomales High School also. 1978. Our second son got a year with him and came back to San Diego for his senior year.   Our middle boy moved back in after graduating in San Diego and worked in Sonoma County for awhile.

In various years my older brother or I went to the Reunions with them to help drive. I went in 1994 to SLC, Utah to see his sister, then to Wyoming to see family (both sides)and then to Colorado to see more of his family and then to Nebraska for Duvall reunion and then to McPherson Kansas for a Myers/Foulk Reunion, back to Wyoming to see kin and head to Idaho to see youngest brother and family. Idaho Falls, is a very pretty place.

When we were young Dad would come home from work and we would have all the chores done and Mom would have engaged the neighbors to take care of animals for 48 hours and we would climb in the car or the truck and go to Dallas, Oregon to see her baby sister, and family. Those were always fun adventures. We would stop at Road Signs for Historical significance and tour some of the sites when time permitted.  We went up the road to Oregon probably every quarter of the year and they came down to our place as much. Finally moving into house near us. Of course, the people near our Aunt and Uncle had all come from Wheatland, Wyoming area so they saw lots of familiar faces.
I remember one time we went to my Uncle's Dad's funeral.

Other times we would climb in a vehicle and head to San Diego to see our Uncle and his family in Lemon Grove.

Dad tried hard to strive to make the family understand how important family was for the people in it to survive. We found his Dad and when that happened we quickly drove to Wyoming and seen him after all the years of Dad looking. We spent times scouring the local communities for his Uncle that he knew lived in northern Ca supposedly not far from him.  To many JONES's but we found them after he passed and his brother and other family members got to meet Don Jones and some of his Uncle La Monte's family.  Don passed this last year and that saddened me greatly but was grateful for the relationship we had.  The same applied to his other Uncle's children we hunted for in Iowa and
Minn,  My Uncle and I got to meet some of them but it was after Dad passed.

As you can tell from the story Grandpa and Grandma got a divorce after the last baby was born and died. The death destroyed the family.  Ironic they both told me they loved each other but just could not live together.  Grandad never said a bad word about Grandma never. Grandma stopped after I
told her what Dad had said about respecting my Grandparents.

I loved them both,  I am most grateful that my Dad tried by example and words to make us as children understand that family is the most important thing besides God that should be in our lives.

Dad used to say, "God is everywhere, you can talk to Him when ever or wherever you want. You
do not need a church to speak to God, He is with you Always."  His faith was very strong and I have
Mr. and Mrs. Howard and Maureen Flitner and the Father's from Boys Town to thank for much of this, along with Mr and Mrs Morris Thomas in Wheatland for the guidance he got after his family was broken apart. Also a deceased Aunt of his that he saw often in Wheatland that could not have
children. She sorta adopted the children as much as she could.

Mom also helped with some of the molding for a family since he never really had much of one.
She shared some great stories of their adventures with me,  sometime I hope to write about  them.
I know my siblings have heard them like I have but I do not want them to disappear when I am gone.

Dad we lost you, yes, That is what MOM said:"Susi I lost your DAD today"  well that was a standard joke between them when shopping.  Of course they always found each other but on this day  on 12 April 1995, setting next to MOM in his favorite place to eat in Santa Rosa, he moved on to stay with the Lord. He ordered his favorite sandwich, teased his favorite waitress and smiled and went to the other side. 9 Doctor's were in the building but they could not revive him. His heart had exploded.

So We all Lost him on this day back when life was different than today. Dad I love and miss you.
12 April 1995.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Sibling Saturday,,,, some of Pentico, & Jones

Somewhere in these files I have a picture of my siblings all together, think it wants to show itself today? No it does not want to.

Here is a picture of our children and their siblings.50th Wedding Anniversary for us.

 back row : Don Pentico, Candy Pentico Murillo, Alan Pentico, Fred Pentico and Ed Pentico
front row: myself Susi, Mom Jones and Billi Jo Marie

Here is a picture of my siblings taken at Memorial for my Mom Dorothy Jones

Younger brother M D (Dale) Jones, myself (Susi), Bertie or Bobbi, (Roberta G)Jones Wright Davis and Ray Dee Jones Jr.

You are all loved.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

50 Year Service Pin, FRA 289

Last night my husband came home from his FRA 289 meeting in Imperial Beach, CA. with a quiet silly grin and said,"I received this award tonight."

He also received a Certificate, we will frame.  He has worked and been a member of this group for
50 + years now.  Presently serving on the Board of Directors.

He received this pin from the Ex National President of the Association. Also a member  for FRA 289.
His new card is Silver the old one was Bronze. He is looking forward to the Gold card in ten years.

Having always been pro military for education and knowledge and growth, he was blessed with one healthy child that served in the USNavy. Not that the others did not try to join because they all did.

The oldest got a Tiger Cruise and wanted to be a Pilot so bad.  The youngest one wanted the Coast Guard and again it did not happen. At these times standards were very high and they did not need bodies.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Mary Burgess of Virginia Wife of John Brammer ?

Having spent some time scanning files and trees in Ancestry, I still can not locate records or files to my satisfaction. Having looked at files at LDS Library, it appears I have a ways to go.

My curiosity was peaked because I was back in Pittsylvania Co. Virginia, which was old Halifax Co. VA.  Where our Thomas Scott line dead ends at also.
Thomas Scott died in old Halifax Co. VA at the time it separated and his area became Pittsylvania Co.

 Scoured files on Burgess, Brammer and  Lee, plus other families of these same last names.  Some great sources for some of the names, others very shallow.
splish splash 

General opinion by what I found is this.  Mary Burgess born 1725 Patrick Co., VA
died 1810 Patrick Co. VA  reunion program says she was 85. 

Many John Brammer's have to be careful, very careful.

John Brammer born 1720 Patrick Co. VA death 4 Dec 1814 Patrick Co. VA aged 94

I found one source that gave me some clues that was about it.

JOHN BRAMMER (1740-1813) in 1780 was granted 248 acres"lying in Henry County, formerly Pittsylvania", on White Oak Creek.
The land was located in the portion of Henry County which became
Patrick County in 1791. He may have been in the county some years
before 1769, the date of his first survey. It is believed that he had
brothers named James and George. His wife was Mary Burgess (1725-1810).
His sons included Burgess, Edmund and John Jr. John served in 
Capt. Owen Ruble's Co., Henry County Militia, Virginia in  the Revolutionary War.

Data I have collected on Mary Burgess's husband is as follows:

John Brammer
6 Nov 1759
Spotsylvania Co., VA
500 a. in Spts. Co.
This land record was originally published in "Virginia County Records - Spotsylvania County, 1721-1800, Volume I" edited by William Armstrong Crozier.
Thomas Coleman of Spts. Co. and Sarah, his wife, to John Payn of sd. Co. 135 curr. 500 a. in Spts. Co. 3 Dec 1759.

This is ironic again because the reference runs back into the Payne's. Which is the odd end of my Scott line also.  

John and Mary had several children. My link is down from Edmund  and his wife,
Mary Ann Lee b 1770 Leesley Valley, VA d 1844 Windsor Twp. Lawrence Co., Oh.

Daughter Artaminta Brammer, b abt 1797 Virginia died Marshall, KS. 
Data found in files for family in my husbands side.   She mar 13 Mar 1823  
Marriage  Index books 1-3 H-M April 1817. July 1843 Lawrence Co. OH
Langdon, Joseph    Artametta Brammer pg 54

My ancestors.

Stumbo and Settles Lineages.  hubby's kin  sent by Carl Murdock  June 23, 08

Anyone with more clues to fill in the blanks?