Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesdays Count Down, Wednesday's Meeting Paula Sassi - Handwriting

Tuesdays Count Down, Wednesday's Meeting Paula Sassi, Handwriting Expert

I do think this will be a super fun event. I dug into my old saved cards and got some hand writing pieces of my ancestors for her to look at. We even found one for Mary to use.

This event takes place at about 12:15 at the Chula Vista Civic Center Library on F St. in Chula Vista, CA.

Ah yes, I remembered the refreshments to check and have the data pulled for the seminar on Saturday.

The best part is Mary is here to enjoy it with us.

Sad news,our grandsons father was in critical accident is in ICU. Prayers Requested.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Topics new fun in Blogging

The world keeps us busy but others keep our minds sharp. Some new adventures are being tried in the blogging world. Seems people wanted to change the thoughts for topics and wow do we have them.
New Topics: MAPPY MONDAY, Now that sounds like fun. Map hunting and sharing.

MARITIME MONDAY, Well that is pretty self explanatory. Ocean going
MILITARY MONDAY, Our family,our ancestors,our defenders of all.

MOBILE MONDAY, For the hi tech is the best I am going to say.

MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY, goal related activities planned by us to succeed.

MYSTERY MONDAY, says related to Monday Madness which was our
current them, but more of a mysterious air about the
MONDAY MADNESS, the one we are familiar with.

Lots of topics now to choose from.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Sunday's Madness

Themes abound they are all around.

Yes, was awake and read the message from Thomas and went wow, I was seeing
more choices, this may end up being fun after all.
Black Sheep I have some, LOL I am one.
Church Records yes I have them and some churches share nicely.
Sentimental Sunday, in many ways every Sunday is Sentimental.
Supper on Sunday, yes I have eaten many of them and shared them with family.
Sunday Obituaries, yes Sad to say I have some of them too. I doubt there is a
genealogist around that doesn't have some of all of these topics.

Oh, as I ponder what to write about, the feeling I gather is we will do a Sunday
Supper, which was more often after noon event.

Sunday's were a day we set aside to have time for family. We were so blessed that
some of Dad's family and later years some of Mom's family moved near us.

We lived on my Aunt's ranch with her husband when we first came to California.
We shared many a weekend meal, mostly on Sunday's. Though Uncle would move it
to Saturday's sometimes because hired hand would have Sunday off. He hated to
take a break and do this but he so enjoyed it when it happened. Years later I
asked him why it was so hard to stop and visit and he said he never really knew
why because he really enjoyed the time spent with family. We always enjoyed the
time they spent with us also.

When I was older I would go chat with him and my Aunt and remind him he had told
me he enjoyed the sharing and it was time to do it again. It was really great to
do in the spring because of the birthday line up in MAY.
We celebrated Aunt Ruth's (Mom's baby sister) Dad (Ray D JONES SR), and Uncle
Comillo's (Dad's sister Etta's husband) birthday all together. They were one day after the other in May.

It was almost always with chocolate cake, loved by all of them and fresh strawberries and Whipped Cream. The meal was varied over the years from fried chicken, roasts, to a few B-B-Que's (later years). Lots depended on the weather at that spring time of year. Ir raining there was more chores regarding the animals.

We moved a couple of times and finally had our own home and later when I was older this is what I remember the most. I was 8 when we bought the ranch. I was 14 when I did this.

I remember when Mom finally gave me the chore of making the chocolate cake.
Yes, it was the one on the back of the Hershey's Cocoa can. I was delighted it did
not fall and get soggy in the middle as so many of mine did then. But we had
just switched to a electric oven stove. So we did not have to watch and adjust the
wood burning to make the cake come out right. Biscuits I could do in the wood
burning stove without a hitch. I had been making them since about 9 or 10 years

The soggy cakes always called for home made pudding to go over the cake.
Dad actually got so he would say. No soggy cake no pudding, I think it was the birth of the pudding cake and there must of many households suffering the same. I actually know how to make a cake soggy today. Talk about a reverse.

But I remember these times and the great interaction between the families and the fun that was had. I think it is one of the most profound things I miss in today's world. It seems families and friends so seldom set time aside for family and friends.

We were always excited for a birthday of an adult because it meant we would gather together. It was like they knew that time was passing and they were all they had with each other. Our families were almost all in Wyoming and Iowa.

Which meant trips to visit which will be another story some day.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Adventures of the Day, Genealogy and Computer Knowledge

Genealogy and Computer Knowledge Day

After a short night of sleep, bed finally showed up at 2 a m, I arose at 7 and made it to Shirley's by 8 am.
We went to the Computer meeting at the University. Donna Ritchie did a great job explaining some features that are within the Reunion program and some are now different than before last upgrade. Thanks Donna.
We then hurried back across north area to CRYWOLF on Clairemont Mesa Blvd.to attend a couple more learning events about the MacIntosh Computers. Two separate topics and well presented and a break in between.
It was one of the more educational days I have enjoyed in quite some time. Thanks to all that created and presented them. Kevin the presentations are excellent and so helpful.
Home then to take daughters shopping. That was interesting event. To many changes in stores to make the experience fun.

Then finally home to scan today's mail and finalize some more information for our big event in 2 weeks. Confirmations are going out as I speak.

Chula Vista Genealogical Society is having a Seminar to celebrate Family History Month, on 2 October 2010 at 8:30 doors open and 4:30 we close them.
Where Do We Go From Here? is being presented at the Norman Park Senior Center
in Chula Vista on F St. Catered lunch, information tables and 3 speakers will make this a very fun and informative day.

You can not miss with Jean Wilcox HIBBEN and Alfredo Pena presenting their information on some very exciting topics for the times. Jean will talk of
many great advances we can do from paper and pencil to computers, camera's and scanners. Just for some of the fun. She has other topics to present also.
Alfredo will be talking about Mexico and the time period between 1600 to 1900 and
the research in that time frame.

Do come join us and have a great time meeting others and learning more to
share with your family in time.
There is a cost of $25 for the event. Please mail by 20 September because it is a catered lunch and the fee will go up $30 for late entrees due to the catering.
We have had bag lunch before so we are sure you can understand the need if numbers change late. They can be done, just post mark it by 20 September 21 September.

Learn about graveyards, learn about Conquistadors, learn some new things about the community and have fun.

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Conquest of Mexico: Finding Your Ancestor Among the Conquistadors

Mr. Alfredo Pena, did a presentation on," The Conquest of Mexico: Finding Your Ancestor Among the Conquistadors", Saturday at the Bonita Library in Bonita, Ca.
We learned some very interesting things about Hispanic research.

1. Spanish Archives are free for research. That is a huge plus.

2. Church records are pretty stable for research results.

3. The time line of your research will determine, as with any place,
what type of information you may find.

4. Interesting is how the church records record 4 generations of family on
an event.

5. Their records are more linearal conscious of family lines.

6. Many of the conquistadors were inter related to each other.

7. Mr. Pena could show lineage to five of the soldiers.

8. He also explained the confused naming pattern that is non consistant
throughout the lineages. MONEY TALKED

9. It appears that if you were wealthier than the spouse your name went forward,
if you were less wealthy the spouse name went forward.

10. He had a super great chart printed out and the naming patterns shown
about 7 or 10 generations and the signs for the names moving around.

11. My thoughts were if you could find data in Spain's archives you would be
able to muddle through the transitions.

12. We worry about the misspelling of a name and they completely change the names.

We had 5 guests and 9 members attend this talk. It dealt with pre 1600 time line
dominately and then how the records changed coming to the 1900th century.

Members from the audience asked some great questions so we could better understand some of the confused system used by the Spaniards.

So looking forward to the next step in this process.

Monday's are meant to be Fun Days.

Monday's are meant to be Fun Days. No sense looking at this day as a non fun

Monday means the beginning of things. We wake up we are still breathing. The
sun is actually shining and the fog is folded in around our edges.

I see the birds are arguing over the crumbs I fed them and the hummingbirds
are at their normal routine. It seems we have two types of these birds. One is
green bodied and sleek the other one is heavier and a odd shade of grey. My
bird card for the county does not show the one.

We get to see Jays, sparrows, bluebirds, and about three varieties I have not
yet identified. They do not seem to set long enough. The one with the white
edging on the wings and body is very unique. It even has a long thinner beak
much like the hummingbirds.

I needed that after the trip on the freeway this morning. Now to contact
a couple more libraries and senior centers.

In need of promoting our FAMILY HISTORY FAIR SEMINAR 2 OCTOBER 9 TO 4:30

Had a super phone call from a grandson whom is back to work and getting back
on track after a lay off for a few weeks.

Plan on cookies for Wounded Warriors tomorrow. May get away to the Rock Club
tonight wouldn't that be fun.

Midge wrote a neat event of for her family. I enjoyed it. It is always wonderful
when split families remain families instead of become outlaws. It I think
makes a more rounded child of the family to see them work to resolve instead of
condemn and create hate.

Being blessed with my husband of 51 years my family is not split but my child
rens & siblings familes both are so fractured I have lost touch with some of
them for a long time only recently relinking. Hurray for Facebook.

Savour the day, enjoy the minutes, once gone can not get them back. Thinking
of friend whom is traveling with her father and his wife. Hope her journey is
joyful and fun and so full of information for her.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Jean Wilcox Hibben- PhD,MA.CG biography

Our Seminar Keynote and additional Talks Speaker
She can make you laugh until you cry and get the information to you in such a marvelous dialogue you definitely do not want to miss her talks.

PROFILE, July 2010

A Board Certified genealogist, Jean Wilcox Hibben has been involved in family research for over 30 years. She is a member of the National Genealogical Society (NGS), the Genealogical Speakers Guild (where she serves as secretary), various societies in the areas where she does research, the Association of Professional Genealogists (serving as president of the Southern California Chapter), and the Corona Genealogical Society (where she serves as president). She is also the Membership and Meeting Coordinator for the Riverside Folk Song Society. Jean maintains a website with information about her presentations, CDs, projects, etc.: www.circlemending.org.
Jean is a volunteer at the Corona California Family History Center where she trains Family History consultants and is also the genealogy instructor for the Soboba Band of the Luiseño Tribe of California Mission Indians. A native of the Chicago suburbs, she moved to Southern California in 1973 and obtained her bachelors and masters degrees in Speech Communication. She worked as a professor in the field for 13 years before leaving academia to pursue her passions, family history and folklore, and holds a doctorate in the latter. Jean is a national speaker in both areas and is known for her entertaining, as well as informative, presentations. She is a bi-monthly contributor to the on-line magazine, GenWeekly, and a frequent writer for other genealogy publications.
Jean has been playing guitar for over 40 years, learning a variety of other folk instruments along the way. She sees a connection between family history and music because, in learning about our forebears, we try to piece together the various elements of our ancestors' lives in an effort to create a complete (or as complete as possible) picture of who they were in their homes, families, occupations, religions, and activities. Their musical interests/involvement should be considered part of this whole picture, or circle, of their lives and that is the primary focus of her blog: www.circlemending.blogspot.com.
For 25 years, Jean worked as a square dance caller with her husband, “Uncle Butch” Hibben; they live in the Lake Mathews area of Western Riverside County, California and have 4 children, 24 grandchildren, and 9 great-grandchildren. Jean’s philosophy is that “who we are is a compilation of our experiences and associations as well as our biological connections. When we understand our ancestors we can better understand ourselves. By doing this, we can complete our personal family circles.” This connects to her mission statement: “My goal is to assist others in their efforts to connect generations (past to present), completing the family circle.”

Printed with her permission

Alfredo Pena's Biography

Alfredo I. Peña

Alfredo Ignacio Peña was born January 31, 1969 in Los Angeles,
California. He has a degree in Graphic Design and has 25 years of
experience with publications and advertising. He has worked with the
Ahora-Now Newspaper, Frontera San Diego Newspaper, El Informador
Newspaper and with the PennySaver. Also, with the 107.7 FM radio
station taking pictures of their events. He has experience designing
publications, editorial design and advertising. Also reporting,
photographer, covering events, and writing articles of interest for
the newspaper. Also as an editor and public relations and promotions
assistant. And is also a member of the San Diego County Hispanic
Chamber of Commerce. This experience has led him to start The Martel
Group Advertising, an advertising agency.

Since 1986, Alfredo started to study his genealogy following a family
tradition passed down for several generations and has been able to
trace his ancestry all the way to Charlemagne. In 2003 joined
CorGoMiUri, the family’s group of genealogists. He is also a member of
the National Genealogical Society, Genealogical Society of the Valley
of Mexico, Genealogical Society of Northern Mexico, Society of
Hispanic Historical & Ancestral Research, the Association of
Professional Genealogists, the Plazola Family page, is moderator for
three of those associations and is working on his lineage papers to
join several lineage and hereditary societies. His biography was
recently featured in the June publication of the Association of
Professional Genealogists. He's the director and founder of Ancestros,
Investigaciones Genealógicas (genealogical investigations). He was
invited by the San Diego Family History Center to collaborate with
them and is now helping with the Hispanic/Mexican research and history
section the first and fourth Thursday of every month.

Alfredo has written several articles on genealogy that have been
published on-line. He is currently working along with two cousins on a
book about families from the state of Jalisco and is scheduled to be
published next year. There's another book he's writing by himself and
is programmed to be published this summer.

Alfredo is married and the father of three children.

Printed with his permission.

The Conquest of Mexico: Finding Your Ancestor Among the Conquistadors

Alfredo Pena, presenting at the Bonita Library 11 September
1-3 PM -- Bonita Library Conference Room

"The Conquest of Mexico: Finding Your Ancestor Among the Conquistadors."
Description: "Myths and realities about the conquistadors; some of the
families that descend from the them and what sources can be used to
find a link to one or several of the conquistadors".

We look forward to Mr. Pena's enlightening talk on the information that he
is sharing with us regarding the events that led up to and transpired
during the Conquest of Mexico.

This is also to inform you that this is going to be a three part series learning
the information on the development of Mexico and it's impact for the genealogy

Mr. Pena has given talks at the Latter Day Saints Library in Mission Valley and
is well known in the Hispanic community.

The second talk he is presenting is part of our Seminar at the Norman Park
Senior Center, 2 October, Chula Vista CA. "
Coming to the New World after the Conquest 1600-1900. 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm

The third part will be presented at our general meeting on a Wednesday 27
October, Chula Vista Library in the Auditorium. 12:15 to 2:30 P M
"Exodus: The Reasons for the Massive Immigration from Mexico to the US."

Thursday, September 2, 2010

September Events for Chula Vista Genealogical Society

September Events for Chula Vista Genealogical Society





CONQUISTADORS 11 September 1:00 PM TO 3:00 PM


COMPUTER GROUP 15 September 11:30 AM to 1:30PM COMPUTER LAB


GENERAL MEETING 29 September 12:00 PM to 2:30 PM AUDITORIUM







contact: Virginia Taylor at Irishdoll@cox.net for reservations or the Society