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Two Degrees of Separation Margaret Mae EASTMAN

Two Degrees of Separation    Margaret Mae EASTMAN

Great Grandma Margaret Mae EASTMAN FOULK, knew of course her parents and her in laws.

She gave us information on Esther (THOMAS). Her father's mother. Very interesting story of how we acquired Indian in our lineage.  Her father was George Herbert Eastman b 1834 in Connecticut and died 12 Nov 1910 in IA.( ?) I do  not have his death Certificate.

Esther Thomas was born 1796 in Connecticut.  Her father was Indian and her mother American.
Data packed in boxes in closet. My Grandmother & Great Grandmother shared this with me as did two of my Aunts, and my Uncle and My Great Uncle.'s and Aunts.  Thankfully they way back wrote down much of the information and I wish I  could get my hands on the papers. It was read to  me over the phone by Great Grandma Margaret Mae, (which I am told much of the family called her Maggie).  

Great Grandma Margaret and I shared letters until her death in 1958, alas the  government lost two major boxes on our trip to HI via the government. The one box has all our very important papers in and was promised early delivery.  Well, some 45 years later it still has not shown up.

When my Grandmother( Margaret's daughter) lived with us,we tried to put that data back together, she was the age I am now and her mind was very clear yet.  The only thing she could not verify was whether the name was THOMAS or WOOD. That is also a name in our way back tree, not yet confirmed.

The story went like this  Esther's mother was married to a Mr. THOMAS (WOOD). I mention both but I found the Indian's lineage and the name used in papers and records I found was THOMAS.

When her husband was killed, where they lived while farming in the woods, they lived in as he cleared and settled the area. They had been there already several years. They had children. He was killed. ( Supposedly by Indian's) ( no one can verify this yet).

She refused to move back  into town with her small children and stayed there since they had a small barn, animals and farm ground tilled and cultivated.  With her children's help she survived, when winter came, suddenly she was finding wood by her door.  She found a bucket of water near the door. This continued through the winter and late in the winter she found meat strung to a tree so she could utilize it.
She did not know of a close neighbor doing this, so one day she got up very early and saw who was supplying her with  help with wood, water and food.  After a long time of watching this happen she finally opened the door to speak her thanks.

Down the line they became close and he offered to marry her and she accepted.  Because of his position in his tribe they discussed the need to move so that his sibling brother would not feel threatened by him taking on the position he was forfeiting in being involved with her.

They moved and thankfully (with the writing down of data), when I found data it was in a book
Lorraine Rainwater wrote, about various Indian's and their lineages.  It substantiated the data the family has always said.

Grandma Ida, used to share with us the things she learned from her to survive if caught out without help.
She would walk the fields with us and share with us herbs and plants etc that can be eaten. She did this with my  cousins Bob, and Don and I and my sister etc.  I recall her even going into my own back yard and saying you call this a weed but you can eat this, or you can make water by this method, lots of little things. They are written in my diary of when I was a young girl.

It is amazing how we have gotten away from what our ancestors really ate verses the modern version of that plant.

This is a synopsis of the story it was more detailed but do not want to bore you.

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My Great Uncle Claude and Great Aunt Edna Foulk

Harvey Edward Foulk was the father of  Claude Albert Foulk.
Margaret Mae Eastman was his mother.

Harvey and Margaret were the parents of 8 living children. 
Claude being one.
He was a Great Uncle that I got to know well. He lived in Wheatland, Wyo. 
near my Grandparents on the other side of family.  
Great Aunt Edna made some of the most awesome meals when we visited.
I loved her beet jello salad.  
He did lapidary work and other crafts.  He also owned a business in Wheatland for years.
He was born 28 Sept 1902 , Gales, Redwood, Minn.

Wish some one could find the video that was taken in IOWA for his 80th birthday.
I wasn't able to go but I understand a major group of my Foulk family were in attendance.
Uncle Claude played it for us when I last visited him. 

Claude and Edna lost a boy in his preteens, according to my parents.

Uncle Claude was a relative that I think of often and miss more often.
He tracked the family until the Indian showed up then he quit and burned the book.
It cost him a pretty penny when he did that. 
We ultimately had a long chat about this down in the basement the last time I saw him.
He was stunned about my thoughts on our Indian relatives and had thought a complete
different way than I did.  I so loved him and his wife. 
I have a carved letter holder he made and gave me. Dad got some of his carvings also.

                                          1930 United States Federal Census - Ancestry.com

                                       I also have 1910 and 1920  census also SS information.
U.S., Find A Grave Index, 1600s-Current

NameClaude Albert Foulk
Birth Date28 Sep 1902
Death Date8 Mar 2001
CemeteryWheatland Cemetery
Burial or Cremation PlaceWheatland, Platte County, Wyoming, USA
No Bio at this time.

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Cousin's and their Siblings. Can you keep track of them?

Having written about our first cousins, our Aunt's and Uncle's children, I am in dire shape for their children.  How well do you keep track of the downline?

Since our trees are not to show them time has erased some of my mental data because I have not been near many of these people for at least 5 years or even much longer.

Being able to say that Bob M had 3 children.  What children did they have, where do they live.?
I suspect that in ten years our ability to get data will be less than today.  So if any one picks up where I leave off, where will they find data.

Libraries pulled the new and old phone books.  Libraries pulled many Encyclopedia's saying people can dig on the internet. All so sad.  Wish now I had kept my 50 + year old set of Encyclopedia's.
Like words have changed and meanings have been twisted.  It will be even more difficult for the future generations to track our families.

As close as we have been I have very little information on most of the first cousins families.

On Mom's side I have met all of the children of my Aunt's and Uncles.  But some was nigh on to 50 years ago and some as recent as 1 year ago.

Dad's side is not quite the same since the military was involved.   I think I got an hour with some of my cousins on my one Aunt's side.  She had five children. I got to know 1 via my Dad and yes she talked about them a lot but for contact, last time was in Dad's back yard while they were stationed in Monterey and we were in NAS Lemoore.   My other Aunt's children I know and have met their children and we communicate often.  Reverse of what it was like when younger.  My Uncle's children I have met. Except Robin I have not seen since she was two because she was taken away and family fought for years to locate and bring her back.  Her Dad has not seen her since about a year after my last seeing her setting in her highchair.

Seems all families have their problems.

Having tried to post the names and keep track and then if you share your stuck.  In fact one tree does not post our children or myself.

So Randy Seaver was saying how far back can you track, I am asking how far down below yourself can you track accurately of your family?  Your generation of family, all first cousins information to share someday?

Monday, January 18, 2016

Cousins, yes Cousins

  Today I read a snippet about cousins and what they mean to us.  The other day I read a snippet about brothers.  My life is reverse of the snippets.  My best buddy (male) was my cousins, male cousins.
I was the oldest girl and the others all had boys.

So here is thinking of you cousin Bob Morelli, Don Morelli, and Michael Morelli children of Aunt Etta Maxine JONES MORELLI,  My Dad's sister.

Richard Hoffman son of  Donald  Le Roy Hoffman of Wheatland, Wyo. My Mothers brother. God Bless him since he went home last fall. He is deeply missed by his wife Nila and family. He was only 8 months older than I.

Hartley Parish son of Marie Hoffman Parish was the other older child.  He had two brothers, Eldon and Clarence Parish. They were all younger than I.  We shared many of adventures and many great stories as mature adults sharing time together.  (a special story here)

Later my other Aunt's had children: Aubie Dee Cooper Jr, son of Uncle Pete and my Aunt Bethel Jones COOPER.  They had more (James, David, Little Bethel and Aden) but he was close in to my age. Mom and Aunt Bethel said I taught Aubie Dee Jr to walk. I think Little Bethel is near my sisters age and then the other boys and Aden was born same day as our son was born. Her last and our second born.  We lost Uncle Pete from War related injuries.  Aunt lived in my home here many times when she would come to visit us and her brother Gerald.

Aunt Muril Jones COLLINS, they had two girls Melody and Terry but are my younger sisters age.
We lost Uncle Joe, if my records are right from Cancer and War related injuries. He was a Baker after the War.

Gerald O Jones adopted 2 boys once he married. They were her children.  He adopted them and we met them after they moved west. Lewis and James Jones.  We shared many, many hours together over the years. His wife was Jennie.   His second wife was Deliha after Aunt died from Cancer. Both boys older than I, but didn't know them until we were all teenagers. O the fun we had. Lou and Jim I sure wish we visited more often.

I played with Richard Hoffman & Hartley Parrish when I was young before coming to Calif.
My family kept close touch with these families and we went home to WYO about every 3 years.

Grandad would set us on a haybailer and tell us family stories.  Later when older he did same, but we could get on the bailer with out help.  He shared stories last time I saw him in 1958. Continued in letters until he died in the early 1960's.

When moving to California for Dad to work for his sisters' husband on a dairy ranch, while Uncle's hands went to War.  Dad was color confused or blind. He worked the Coast Watch.  No one ever mentions the Coast Watch when doing research WHY?

So I met cousin Bob and Don and we were always into something and checking things out on the ranch. We feed calves and chickens and played a lot.  Having left behind Richie and Hartley I picked up with Bob and Don.  Mike came along when I was 12 many years later.

Larry Hoffman was adopted by my Uncle Dick and Aunt Doris.  Of course I did not know that until years later. Uncle was in War and stationed in various places so did not see them much until he came back to Wheatland, Wyo.  I remember Larry from the 1950's not before. Larry hope to catch you this spring or summer at Uncle's.

I really like my adopted cousins.  We think, as we were doing research that we are related anyway.

Jerry, Linda and Ken Feil came along  and they were younger also.  I used to sit them when they were small.  But when they moved next door to parents home in the 50's we got to know each other well after than. Aunt Ruth Hoffman FEIL was Mom's baby sister.  Aunt and I were not more than 10 years apart.

Susan, Maxine and Wilda were daughters of Mom's oldest sister. I saw them when small then did not see them again until I was a teenager adult.  Aunt Mae Hoffman Scranton Pemberton Crouse.  Mom was strong on us writing letters to our family away. Sis says she doesn't remember this but MOM would make us set down once a month on a Saturday and write to family.  She did not want us to loose touch with family so far away.  Her children we all older than I but she lived away from WYO also. We did get to share life as adults in HI and other places since.

Luckily I was writing to my Great Grandma Margaret Mae Eastman Foulk Archer when she died the year I graduated from High School. Government lost letters in travel we lost two major containers going to HI and one coming back stateside.

Dad lost a sister as an infant and Mom lost a brother as a young teen. He lived in a home due to medical condition.  She cared for him until he was to hard to handle.  She used to tear up  talking about Raymond.  WORD of WARNING, he was jumping on the sofa and fell off and twisted neck and slowly lost all normal function over period of time. Now they would have unpinched the nerve and he would probably lived a long time.  NO JUMPING ON BEDS or Couchs, SOFA's etc.

Of course I was Mom and Dad's oldest and my sister was born about 4 years later in CA. I do have her and two younger brothers.

So cousins were my best friends long before I had brothers.  I was 6 when brother was born and 12 when the other one born.

I am most thankful for my cousins.  And also more thankful for my second cousins too that came west and lived next to us and shared their lives with us. Ralph and Nadine Edminston Scott and family. All gone now but a daughter and various grandchildren.

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Jones Cemetery ( the old William Jones Farm later the Hayden Farm)

This is from our Eastern United States webpage. 

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Some JONES data to share but who was Noel Jones father?

Having first going looking for a Will for a NOEL JONES, none found that fit my man, what wee bit I knew about him. I dug many files and papers and over time, met many other researchers working this JONES line.  

Finally DNA became available and we did the DNA and yes we match to SILAS JONES SR, family kin.  That concurs with a letter written eons ago mentioning that our NOYES JONES was related to Silas JONES SR.  Having tracked many collateral lines of this family to find my missing link, having used Mr. Samuelsen site for data only to always learn, there is more missing than I suspected.

Attempting to find Silas JONES SR path from RI to NY was very difficult.  Learning that Dutchess Co. was involved has been an opening crack in the case. 
Then attempting to learn what the Beekman Patent had to do with Silas JONES Sr, I have learned that it also includes his father and many other JONES family members.

Right now I am doing more a collective research on all the family names that tied into Silas JONES Sr. family, suspecting  that there are some of his siblings in the muddled mix also.
Especially since I found Seth Jones mentioned also.

Blessed that one of the girls, downline kin  contacted me I was able to add another name.  Having met via writing and calls and visits many awesome, caring people digging up our roots.

I am Susan (Susi) Carol Jones Pentico born from Ray Dee JONES (Sr) to Carl Fremont Jones to Calvin F Jones, to Noyes Jones and Susan Madison. Noyes JONES was born in Renssaeler Co. NY. Jones Hollow area. 1809 according to court records supplied by his father. NOEL JONES and wife Susannah (?) Jones. 

2. 1810 census also lists NOEL and family, only census I have ever found him on.   He was supposedly born 1785 near Albany, NY.

3. Contacted Town Historians in region, found cousins doing this but not the answers needed. Data about family and names of various family members confirmed.

4. Joined Rootsweb mailing list long ago to learn more, post on my blog and on other places asking for assistance. Used your site.

5.  I am sort a, dangling here now with some information that was not given supported as fact.  :

My story : By reason of elimination, I have learned lots about this group of people and many scattered as did my own line left  Jones Hollow area around 1855 and headed towards Illinois,  (Nunda) , boys joined service for Civil War. My ancestor survived his one sibling did not.
They then moved on to Nashua, IA area to reside and expand.  My Dad was born in Waterloo, IA area.  

Family story from each of the lines down from Noyes and Susan Madison Jones was their son Noel born 1835 was killed in NY/MASS after 1850 and prior to their coming west.
I thought I could find data looking for OBIT or his Tombstone, nothing ever showed up.  But with all the siblings carrying this story and he no longer on census something happened to him.

Noyes Jones tombstone says 1808 for birth but court records say 1809.   We have no BC of course to early for that. Baptist Church records do not show him in Petersburg area records either.  Very few records.

Process of elimination brought me down to Noel JONES b 1785 (?) was probably the son of Abel JONES.  He also could be son of Ruscomb (spelling varies alot)  
Silas JOnes SR. had: 
Abel 1743 East Greenwich RI d 1 July 1835 Jones Hollow, Petersburg, Rensselaer Co. Ny, married Ruth Green.;
Roscomb/Ruscom  b 18 Mar 1746  RI   he marries Susannah b 1779 Dutchess ,Ny  a son Benjamin b abt 1810 Rensselaer Co. NY
Noel b 14 April 1748   m Whitford   (also  recorded as MOWTH)   

I first researched the oldest known children of Silas back wards to these three.   
What I learned watching the census was suddenly Abel had a younger child in his home, was it Noyes? Also when NOYES would be of age that person dropped out of Abel's 

I found only one item on Ruscom/Roscomb but was recently notified that he was the father of Noel JONES b 1785 but no information was given to say why or what they had to confirm this.

Noyes also on census is near Abel prior to Abel's death. Of course Jones Hollow as filled with family. Worked with Mabel Hewitt and Hulda Allen data, Town HIstorians that were and weren't related.

A side bar: I found a NOEL JONES of Rensselaer Co. NY who died in western NY. I have a lot of information on him. To many non fits to apply.
1. Noel Jones went to Utica area then down to 88888, he took with him one son Noel b 1813.  No mention of wife. no mention of Noyes Jones or others, he marries 5 times and his death was a real mess. I have court records on this man.   If it was him where was Susannah where was Noyes,  Why would he take one child and not another.  This is all on microfilm LDS library. This one was out of Rensselaer Co. by 1820 it appears.

2. many had a Noel Jones having to watch birth dates closely.  

3. Kin found all around this region and over in VT. Some may have been even in MASS. Rumor was Noel b1835 died there.

I have tried other sites for data, read many trees,  acquired many new family distant kin and it has been fun but this is frustrating.

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Caleb Duvall son of Eli and Elizabeth Richey Duvall

      Cyclopedia of Fayette Co Biographies, Wiley and Gresham, Chicago, 1889 p 545 Caleb B Duvall, one of Luzerne townships steady and reliable farmers, is a son of Eli and Elizabeth Richey Duvall, and was born in Luzerne township, Fayette county, Pa, February 17, 1831. His grandfather, Alexander Duvall, was a native of Fayette county and lived during the latter part of the eighteenth century. He was a hardworking farmer and resided on the Monongahela river below Brownsville. His father, Eli Duvall, was born in Redstone township, reared on a farm and made farming his life-business. He was a whig and afterwards a republican. His family consisted of five boys and three girls: John, Eli, Caleb, Eliza, Robert, Harrison, Abigail and Rachel. Caleb B Duval was trained to farming when a boy, and attended subscription schools in the last years of their existence, where they were succeeded by the common schools. He engaged in farming and stock raising and has continued successfully in that business ever since leaving school. January 22, 1857, he was married Miss Elizabeth, a daughter of Andrew Porter. They have had four children: George (dead); Eli C., a school teacher and clerk; Jennie; Maggie, wife of John Harne, a clerk in Kansas; Haddie, Osie, and Leona. Caleb B Duvall is a republican in political affairs, and has served acceptably as school director of Luzerne township. He owns a valuable farm and employs his time in its cultivation and improvement and stock raising.

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Elizabeth Duvall Ailes Sells Land Daughter of Alexander Duvall

Duvall Land Records

    Know all men by these presents that I, Elizabeth Ailes of Franklin County and State of Indiana, daughter of Alexander Duvall, late deceased of Fayette County, and state of Pennsylvania, being on of the lawful heirs do agree to grant bargain and sell and forever quit claim all the write title claim and interest to a tract of land belonging to the heirs of the said deceased lying in Jefferson Township, Fayette County, State of Pennsylvania, adjoining lands of Eli Forsythe, William Forsythe, and the Monongahela River for and in consideration of the sum of Ninety dollars to me in hand paid by Hiram Duvall at and before the Sealing and delivering hereof the receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge have remised released and forever quit claimed and by these presence do remise release and forever quit claim unto the said Hiram Duvall, his heirs and afsigns forever. As Witnefs wherof I have hereunto set My hand and seal the 11th day of April 1842
    Elizabeth Ailes (Seal)
    Charles Martin
    State of Indiana } ss
    County of Franklin}Personally came before me Charles Martin, on of the Justices of the peace in and aforesaid County, Elizabeth Ailes the above grantor and the full contents being maid Known to her she did of her own accord sign seal and acknowledge the above instrument to which this is annex to be her voluntary act and deed for the use and purpose therin contained without co-orcian or contraction from her husband. In Testimony whereof I have herunto set My hand and seals this 11-Apr. 1842
    Charles Martin, Justice of the Peace (SEAL)
    Recorded and Compared 9th December A.D. 1845

Duvall Link Page

Data compiled by myself and Helen Durbin & cousins in the late 1990's and later.

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William JONES of ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY, dated 1 May 1705

Harrison Duvall Data From Our Web Page

Crest compliments of Eddy Duvall, who's links appear below. Thank you, Eddy!

Harrison Duvall

    Nelson's Biographical Dictionary and Historical Reference Book of Fayette County. pp 1174-5
       HARRISON R. DUVALL, a worthy and well known farmer of Luzern township, was born June
    6, 1829, in Luzerne township, and is the seventh son of Eli and Elizabeth (Richey) Duvall. Eli
    Duvall is a native of this county, but in his earlier years removed to Washington county, where
    he remained for a short time, when he retruned to Fayette county, in which he spent the rest of
    his life. He was an industrious and honorable man and acquired considerable property. He owned
     two farms which increased in value under his skillful management. He married Elizabeth Richey, 
    by whom he had eight children, three of whom are living. In politics he was a Whig, in religious 
    faith a Quaker, and died at the age of eighty-one years. Eli Duvall was the son of Alexander Duvall,
    a native of Franace, who emigrated to this country about 1719. He came at once to Fayette county
    and located near Brownsville, purchasing a farm of one hundred acres, which he improved and 
    beautified and upon which he lived all his life, rearing eight children, seven of whom were sons.
    He lived to an advanced age. Harrison R. Duvall was reared and educated in Luzerne township and
    has always lived on the farm, which he now owns. He has followed in the footsteps of his ancestors
    and made farming his business, of which by close application he has made a success. His first
    purchase of real estate was made in 1838, being a farm of one hundred and ninety-seven acres of
    first class land. Mr. Duvall, while not a member of church, carries out the principle of the Golden
    Rule in his daily life. In politics he is a Republican. He was twice married. First to Miss Ruth, 
    daughter of W.G. Crawford, in 1850, by whom he had five children, only one of whom is now living, 
    Harrison Duvall. Mrs. Ruth Duvall died in 1880 at the age of fifty years, and Mr. Duvall's second 
    wife was Miss Lizzie, daughter of Bartholomew and Minerva Lancaster, whom he married September 
    17, 1884, and they have one child, Anna E., born in 1886. Mrs. Lizzie Duvall was born in 
    German township in 1850.

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News Today, Felt like Spring. DUVALL Information to Share.

The mail man came by this morning and dropped a package in our box.  I retrieved it promptly but was sort a side tracked by a phone call.  (Another story)  Later this afternoon I was able to set down and semi quickly scan what was in this marvelous packet by a cousin in IOWA.  H J thanks cousin.

I want to scan the documents and show the world some of the things family has saved. So as the wind blew and the rain fell I felt like spring.  Promptly took self to Staples and to preserve what I received,  using my gift from son, thanks Alan.

Now going to share with others, so more in the family can have the information that a multi group
of family has worked hard to save.  Mom worked on this line in the 50's til death. She attended many Reunions over the years. I went to one with her in Torrington, Wyo.  1994

So as we move towards spring lets think good thoughts and learn more and share more.