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The Noyes Jones Family Puzzle, Wife's Family Missing

The Noyes Jones Family Puzzle, Wife's Family Missing

Since I have decided to ask for some help on this lineage, I am going to post some data here.

I would love the family of this man to locate the pictures that hung in Hazel Gritzner's hall in her home
in Iowa. Grandson had no idea who got the picture of NOYES and SUSAN JONES from his Grandmother's.

Noyes Jones was born in 1809 according to court records in Petersburg, Rensselaer Co. NY in court minutes. Tombstone shows 1808.
He shows on the  1810 census with his parents NOEL JONES and SUSANNAH (?) JONES.
Names were pulled from Court records in courthouse entry.

Some time around 1830 Noyes (Nois) marries Susan MADISON, family papers say near Mount Holyoke, Mass. No proof found after 30 years of digging.

Noyes JONES dies 17 April 1881, Nashua, IA area Bradford Twp.area, Riverton, Floyd, area.

Susan Madison was born around 1818 in possibly Mass or NY or VT. Children all give different places.

Her tombstone shows this 24 March 1818  for birth and 13 Feb 1881 for death.  They die in Iowa.
Their tombstones are in Chickasaw Co. Iowa,  Oak Hill Cemetery.

Henry (George) born 2/3 Sept 1834  in NY, d 25/26 Sept 1912  burial in Oak Hill Cemetery, Nashua, IA. heirs

NOEL born about 1835/7 Mass.  on 1850 census Petersburg, Rensselaer, NY (he did not come west)
Family says he dies in Mass as infant but he is 13 on this  census (yes a minor is called Infant)

Daughter Arvilla b abt 1840 NY d  Iowa marries first Alfred then Addison JOHNSON. heirs

William Harrison, b  abt 1841 NY dies 31 Dec 1862 Stones River Battle, Tenn. buried there.

Calvin Fay* b 15 May 1843 Rensselaer Co. , NY served in CW with brother Harrison, Nunda, ILL
for residence at time of service, moves to Nashua, Ia with family after war. marries etc.

Jennie b 1847 Rensselaer Co., NY m Crystal Lake Ill in 1864 to Fred Apel,   remained in ILL. heir

Lucy b abt 1848 Rensselaer Co., NY marries William FULLER have minimal data. heirs

Charles Edward  b  9 Sept 1850 d 26 Sept, 1916 m Betsey BARTLETT, both b NY, lived Ill, Ia heirs
As far can be determined their last child was born in New York, 1850,  showing in the 1855 NY Census. Some papers say F for middle initial. Took his nephew and future bride to Blue Mound, Minn to marry in 1913, told me by the bride and the groom.

* My line.

Susan Madison, b  Mass, NY, VT between 1812 and 1818 from all the data I have garnered.

Tombstone gives b and d dates.  In 1870 a George Madison shows up as a neighbor also from NY.

George Madison b abt 1823 in NY  age 47 in 1870 Riverton Floyd, IA

wife Hulda J Madison  36 

 George H Madison 10 

 1870 Census

Noyes and Susan JONES show up just above them on census. They do not show up on the 1880 census.

I also suspect that the WILLIAM MADISON in neighboring county may be older brother.

Any help appreciated. It also seems that the JONES's always lived on borders and boundaries. A trait that remains until currently. Even Dad's land was border land, Sonoma,Marin Co. California.

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