Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thomas Trowbridge, Another Ancestor of Mine and Yours?

Thomas Trowbridge, Another Ancestor

Reading Randy Seavers' blog post stating he is related to Thomas Trowbridge brought this big question to my mind.

How many others are related to this Thomas Trowbridge line?

How many in our society in Chula Vista are related to him?

How many in the San Diego Genealogical Society are related to him?

Something I noticed in one of the books they were reading from  also mentioned my Tuttle line.

Are you related to Thomas Trowbridge?

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  1. Susi,

    Thomas Trowbridge is not my ancestor...he is a descendant of Charlemagne, as am I. That makes us very distant cousins - say 30th cousins 12 times removed or similar. I figured out that I'm related to Cindy Crawford through the Gates line - maybe 10th cousins or so.