Monday, September 1, 2014

Degree of Separation Trowbridge

It has taken me a couple trips to figure this quiz out.  My Great Grandmother Margaret Mae Eastman Foulk, and I wrote to each other for many years right up until the time she died in Jan of 1958. This was the year I graduated from high school.

Having kept her letters, my heart was very heavy when the Navy contracted to move us to Hawaii and when we arrived an entire box was missing. Yes, the letters, many pictures and family heirlooms, not able to replace. This was in 1967 late winter before spring.

The mother of Margaret Mae Eastman Foulk b 1874 BlackHawk Co. IA was Lydia Trowbridge born 1841. Edwardsville, NY. Very old line and goes long way back.  Married in Black Hawk Co. Iowa  28 October 1860.

I can remember some of the stories but must are gone forever unless someone else recorded them from her way back then.

I am not sure if I ever met her in person, I probably didn't since they (Margaret Mae and her husband) lived near my Dad for a period of time in WYO 1920's.  I know I have a few pictures that Mom later shared with me after the loss of the container.   This is my Dad's side of the family.

Interestingly when Josh Taylor did a presentation at Burbank Jamboree, he actually shares some  of the same line that I do.

Some of Margaret's stories are in my Diary from when I was young.  For some reason it was not in that box with the other items lost.

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  1. Don't you wonder where that box went? I experienced a similar loss with an Air Force move. Someone somewhere's got our photos!