Sunday, March 15, 2015

Victoria Mae (Ida) Foulk Jones Norris, our Grandmother

Grandma Ida was born 6 Nov 1897 in Washburn, Ia, according to her own story to me at my dining table.  Her parents were Harvey Edward FOULK and Margaret Mae EASTMAN.

She was born on a Saturday.  Verified by  Year 1897 Calendar, I may have it in a salvaged letter but doubt it.

At Historical Events for Year 1897 |, it states that "Peter Pan" opens in NY at the Empire Theater on this date.

Also the first Indoor Fly Casting tournament opens, at Madison Square Garden.  Mmmm wonder if they are still doing this?

Aha back to google and found this:
  1. Chronology of the Dreyfus Affair - Georgetown University
    The English press is circulating the false news of Dreyfus' escape from Devil's island. ...November 6, 1897 ... November 12-13. 1897. At his home, Scheurer-Kestner has a meeting with Matthieu ... Entitled as a full page headline "J'accuse.

It is interesting to see in December of that year, was the letter written by Virginia O 'Hanlon. Do you remember what it was about?  I Do. Now I know why Grandma talked about it.

Interesting I think I have done this before because there was no one famous born on her birthdate.
Nor death or marriage.  Rather boring day in history.  Except for Peter  Pan
making it to the Empire Theater.

Her family has a famous painter and an opera star both in her background.  So Peter Pan makes sense to have happened.

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