Monday, February 15, 2016

Cleaning Files and Finding Old Clues

Yesterday I started cleaning files and found a few old clues.  Alas nothing so far a startling revelation of missed information.  ( I would have been happy to have had that happen).

Today I will continue on attempting to get files sorted and trash dumped.

My dream is to find that paper that holds a clue to John Myers kin. Somewhere in the LDS Library system is a book that has his parents and kin listed and story of their past. Some was so interesting I remember it still.  Why is the  LDS people look at me dumb when I tell them that, dear Sister Ruth helped me to find the information and I need to have it refound and they do not know what I am talking about.  I need to know what she knew to look where to find this information.  Her husband was transferred to SLC soon after with a promotion and I was not able to contact her again.
We were still in the Robinson Center off 163 when we found it, down in the basement area where the society existed.

My only other clue was a lady wrote me from Illinois saying she was sure she descended from John's sister and she was in the area next to where he lived in Troy Grove, Ill.

Another goal is to verify whom was Noel Jones b 1785's parents.  By reason of elimination we are down to Abel Jones who lived next door to him at one point or his brother Ruscom(Ruscomb), though others say his father was Noel.   It appears that he lived or someone of Noyes Jones age lived with Abel in 1820  and 1830, when his children were already gone. Truly looking for more clues on Ruscomb,(variant) history and family members.

It intrigues me how some lineages appear to fall together easily and some stay so deeply hidden in the past.

Not like my Great Uncle whom was ashamed to learn of Indian in our tree. Back in the 1950's he had his line done and when he read the Indian heritage, G. Aunt tells  me he burned the book in the fireplace.  Years many years later we chatted about this and I explained how proud I was to know we carried Indian lineage.  Many times our Indian ancestors saved the lives of the invaders.
Having Indian heritage on almost all major lines of family I am not ashamed to say I have Indian heritage.  Grandma taught us(Siblings & cousins) some of the things her Grandmother taught her.

I am so pleased with Esther Thomas' parentage and what it shows can happen if we remember to think first and respect others does not mean we need to like them but give them their due respect.

So back to cleaning files and realigning what I save.

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